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Chapter 5 .

"Would you like another drink sir ?" The man asked .Roman waved him away ..I was surprised yet again looking at the amazing night view .What stunt me was how the tend decorated with lamps and candles .The night view was amazing

After our dinner i felt like walking on the beach  barefoot .Roman protest but i begged him to let me .He won't let me go anywhere alone .He never did let me anywhere near locals .Yes ..we shopped ..a lot .But i never got the chance to explore the other areas .Hands wrapped around my waist and he rested his chin on my shoulder. My body went stiff ..but then relaxed just a bit ."I don't want to take you home ." he said .

I bite my lip as he kissed my neck ."What did i say about biting your lips " i tensed up .My heartbeat picked its pace and his eyes glared into mine as soon as i turned .

Suddenly his phone rang and i leave a relief sight ."WHAT !!" i flinched at his voice .
"If anything goes wrong ...i will personally kill you " Roman spat ..I look at him in disbelief. He was the man of word ..He could kill ..and nobody will even suspect.I look down fidgeting with my finger as he lets out curses on the man talking on the phone ."I want him to be ready as soon as i get there " Roman barked and takes my hand.

"R-Roman .." he was too fast .He suddenly slowed down .."We are leaving .." he talked on the phone with someone and pulled me in the room ."Change love , we have to leave ..." i never took any chance of getting him more mad .Even if his voice to me lowered ...i still feared him at this stage .

As soon as we were done the car took us to his private jet .I look at him to see him running his hands through his hair ."Roman " i called ."What is it " he asked .
"Are you alright ?" Of course he isn't. "Ya ..." he said and leaned back .

I look through the window  disappointed...He never tells me anything. . It makes me feel more weak ..worst ..even illiterate"Ava ..." i look at him .He sighed and stood up .He pulls me into the bedroom ."Strip .." my eyes went wide .What !?? "W-What ?","I said strip ...NOW !!" He barked .No ...Does he think of me as a stress killer ? Does he not respect my decision! !??? He just wants to claim me over and over !??

"A-Are you forcing me !??" I asked with shaky voice .Tears formed in my eyes ..He sighed .
"I am not doing anything love ...i just want to sleep ..." he said taking off his shirt .What ?

"Strip babygirl ..don't make me repeat again " he said harshly .Does he really think i am going lose my self respect?  For him ? I am his wife ...not some whore .

"No " I said .He looks at me in surprise .He stalked towards me and smirked "You said no ?" He stated .My fear took in .I felt my blood drain from my body as my eyes met his .They were filled with anger ..furry ..rage .I let out a shaky breath as his finger tips trail from my arm to my chin ."You said no me ?" He stated  I never spoke  His fingers then touched my cheek and went to my neck .

I let out a low scream as he fist my hair and pulled them back .I put my hands on his fighting to stop him ."All i asked is for you to remove your clothes and lay down with me  ." I whimpered as he bites my lip hard .

Tears leaked from my eyes and my feet trembled ."Can't you see how stressed your husband is ?.can't do what I say !?? " i whimpered as he pulled it again .I let out a cry ..
"LISTEN TO ME !!! ...AND DO AS I SAY ..GET THAT !??" I started sobbing as he removes my dress and unhooked my bra .Picking me up he laid my trembling body on the bed and laid besides me .He brought the covers over us and pulled me closer harshly ."I love you ...but i hate it when you don't listen to me " he stated .

So am i suppose to just listen to you ? And let my self respect be thrown away ?Am i suppose to just sit down and see  how you treat me as your wife ?"I am sorry i hurt you " i gulped as he said that .Things can't  be mended by the sorry Roman ..You should know that .I wanted to say it ...loud enough so that he could here it .

But for dad's sake i won't. I know what he might do if i ever go against him .And i don't want it .I am trying ...trying to change him .But i fail yet again .

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