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Chapter 6 .

I close my book and sigh.This isn't that easy ...I still have to design the entrance.

"Would you like to design interior for me ?"

I was happy that Emma asked me to design interior of her store .She has a good sense of fashion but she was confused about her interior. I was not officially a interior designer. But i was learning it .Its been 2 days since we got back home .Ken was mad at Roman for ending our honeymoon so soon .But i was actually happy .He has been busy with his work since we got here ...which leaves me alone ..At least this work distracts me from all the drama .After finishing my work i get and walk out to the kitchen. Making a drink for myself i step out to the backyard of the house and sit on one of the benches.

"AVA !!" I looked over at the front surprised ."Crystal! ??? Hey .." i hugged her and she chuckled .
"My dad had some business so i tagged along ...thought i would meet you " she said ."How about we go inside. ...i want to know all about your honeymoon !!" My face dropped almost instantly. She noticed it and dragged me inside ."What happened ?" She asked .

"Roman isn't it ?" She stated .I nodded ."Did he force you into stuff ?" I nodded again .
"He ...he always being rude ..i don't understand. ...i tried to ..but ..its useless " i said ."He was like this since child-hood " Ken stated coming in the living room

She sat in front of us and continued ,
"When i met him , he always used be so conservative. ...quite  ..but when he spoke ..he would scared his friends ..his only friend was Alex ..who ..shifted 3 years ago ..leaving him lonely " she stated .I never knew about his childhood ."Was he that harsh ?" I asked ."Not that i remember " she replied. "He is just like his father though .." Crystal said ."One minute he was telling me he loves me the other he was pushing me to the wall ..." my voice crooked .

"Did he hurt you Ava ?" Ken asked .I shook my head .He didn't raise a hand on me ...yet .
"I  just think he is stressed ...he won't be rude to his wife ...and he loves you" Crystal said .Stressed?  So was he stressed from the ...beginning? ?? From the point where he claimed me as his ? Please...

"Ava ...just ..give him some time like him never open up that easily " Ken said .
Open up !?? Open what up ...He just wants to keep me a prisoner here .
"If he loves me ..then why in the world would he be so rude to me ?" I stated  They both look at each other with no words ." Miss Ava !!!" We all look at Mary .She was breathing heavily. "I-its Sir ..he ..he ...i think you should go in his office "I instantly stood .

Is he okAY ? Is he hurt ..? What am i thinking so much !!??

I immediately ran upstairs to his office. I was a step away from knocking when i heard a glass being broke ."HOW DARE YOU TRY TO LAY YOUR FUCKING HANDS ON HER !!??"
What .What is he talking about ??

"Mrs . Charles " i instantly went nervous being called by that name .I look behind to see Lincon
"I think you are the only one who can stop him ...otherwise he might kill our suspect " he said .The first thing i caught was the word kill .He has to stop killing people. I open the door and my face went pale .I was horrified A man unconscious on the ground with his body covered in blood .Glass shattered on the floor as Roman stood there with a murderous glare .

He never noticed me standing there as he continued to torture the man by kicking him .
"Sir we can't let him died !!" One the men behind him said ."SHUT UP !!" Roman barked making him take a step back .I gasped as he kicked the man over and over .I don't know how ...but i walked to him and laid my trembling hand on his shoulder .My body was shaking but i could see the man die before me .Roman instantly stopped and turned ."S-stop ." I requested. His hand wrapped around my waist and pulled me into him resting his face in my neck ."Who brought you here ?" He asked ."I wanted to ....see you " i stated ."Lie " he mutter and kissed my neck inhaling deeply and i shiver .

He lifted his head but his hold was still tight ."Take him and clean in mess "He ordered The floor was cover in blood and glasses making me fear him .He suddenly picked me up bridal style and carried me out to our bedroom .He sat on the couch with me on his lap ."Who brought you in my office? " he asked sternly.

"I ...came ...myself " i said clearly ..but still with shaky voice ."Don't lie to me Ava ...i don't want you there again ...there are people who look at you ...which i .DON'T.LIKE " he said .
I gulped and nodded .

My hands fist on his shirt as he kissed my cheek "W-Why ..did you that ?" I asked .
He never replied insisted just kept looking at me .."W -why  ,why did you ..hurt him ? .." i asked again .."Because he was about lay his hands on what was mine " he said .

"On ....on w-what ?" I asked .

"You " he replied.

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