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Chapter 7 .

My eyes go wide...On me ? Why would a man want to lay a hand on me ?
"B-but why ?" I asked myself .I received a kiss on my forehead and his hands wrapped around me tight ."Because they want to hurt me ..." he said .Then why lay a hand on me !??? They can go kill you right ? Why me ? "Because they know i love you ...they know that i would go insane if something happens to you i can't let them have it .." he muttered .

I lowered my gaze and fidget with my fingers .
"Don't worry love ...i won't let them anywhere near you " he said kissing my lips .He picked me up and sets me down ."Mother will be joining us for dinner with dad ..tell Mary to be prepared by 7...i'll be in my office " he said and walked out .

For some reason. ...i felt good .That he cares about me .But then my subconscious mind kept bring me back to reality  He can never change ...Even if i try will be in vain .I make my way down and told Mary to make something good and dressed up in something presentable

Ken and Crystal decided to go home .An hour later Roman's parents arrived ."Hello Ava " Darren said I smiled ."Its good to see you Mr . Charles " i said ."No need to called me that Ava , i am now your dad " he said .I smiled .Roman is nothing like his father  Darren is kind and soft spoken 

Roman definitely won't be like that  ."Hey " Emma chirped ."Hi " i said and she hugged me ."I heard you came early from your honeymoon ...what happened? " Emma asked ."Unm ...he a important call  .so we had to make it short " i replied. she pouted and nodded  ."That boy has no sense of Romance ...even if his name is basically speaking it " i giggled  .

"Mom " i tensed up as Roman descended down .He walked behind me wrapping his one hand around my waist ."Son we have to discuss. .." Darren started but was stopped by Emma  "Oh no business talking on the dinner table " she said .Darren sighed and sat down

After Mary had served us we dig in ."So ..i heard Ava was designing Emma's boutique  " I look up surprised  as Darren said .Ummm ...just the entrance and the main ...chuck it"Um ya i ...i am " i said ."You never told me ?" I gulped as Roman spoke up ."Oh ..i asked her just 2 days ago ..she must have forgot " i mentally thanked Emma for it  ." I would like to see it " Darren states .But i haven't even started it properly. "Y-Ya sure " i replied.

"You never told mom asked you for this " Roman taking for his shirt .I look up from my book and gulp "Well ...she did ..umm ..and i-i ...R-Roman i don't want to just sit in this room ..i-i want to work as well " i said .He raised his eyebrow. I look at him confused. "So ?" So ? ...what so ? Are you gonna say no ?He seriously wants me to be a housewife ? I am well educated. ...i don't want to waste my life sitting and listening to you .

"S-So ?" I felt nervous as he came and sat besides me .Taking the book and keeping it on the table he got in the covers ."I am impressed that you complete your education online " he comments. Oh please. I would've being in top ranker if you would've just left me alone .And i am good in studies .

I never spoke a word ."You will have to go with mom to see her boutique ....which i won't allow " he stated .I look at him wide eyed ."Roman ...please. ...i-i want to do this ..please let me .." i request. I look at him and regret .He had eyes filled with anger 

"Rule no . 1 won't talk to any men " my eyes lit up in expectations.
"2 won't touch anyone , 3 will call me for picking you up , 4 ...i want you home when i call you ..." I nodded .
FOUR rules ? ..i will go there twice or thrice ...Seriously.

"And ...a female guard will assist you " What the...... !!!! Why ?? His intense glare already made me quite ."Come here " he commands. I scoot closer to him but he pulls me too close ."Roman "i called ."Hmm " he hummed in response. "W-Why you get so mad ? me ?" I asked ...He lifted his head .

"Because you never listen to me " I raised my eyebrows. "I-I do listen to you " i state ."Do you ?" I bite my lip but stopped as i heard him groan ."Stop doing that if you want to sleep " he said .I lower my gaze and I make my hands lay flat on his chest ...

"Please don't yell at me ..." i request. His hold went tight ."I-I get scared ...y-you are always forcing me ...i hate it ..." i confessed .He never spoke ..I look up to see him looking right at me .He flipped us over and slipped his hand under my shirt kissing me .His tongue mould with mine ...He brought my hands to wrap around his neck and kissed me deeply .

"All i want is for you to love me back ..." he muttered ."But " i moaned as he touched my core ."Never do that " he continued.I will if you give me the chance Roman .I will ..

"Ava " Roman called .I make my way in the bedroom ."Tie this for me " he said handing me his tie .Huh ? He is tying a tie ? For work ?"Where are you going ?" I asked ."I have a meeting with some business associates ...i have to expand my company .." he said texting on his cell phone .I wrap it around his neck and straighten out his collar .

This seems typical .
Suddenly  i remember watching a movie in which the girl does this for her husband and slaps him .I hold back a laugh but a smile make  its way on my face ."I want the car to be ready and the papers ..." he kept talking as i knot the tie ..He hung up and wore his blazer ."I will be back by midnight " he said .His fingers held my jaw and brought me closer kissing me on my lips deeply.

I moaned slightly and he pulled away "Won't you say something? " he asked  "Tell me you love me " he demand. My husband is forcing me to say 'i love you '
"I-I love you " i said ducking my head embarrassed"I want a kiss " my eyes went wide as i look up at him .What !!???

I stood up on my tip toes and laid a kiss on his cheeks .His hand on my waist went tight as he kissed my neck lightly making me shiver ."See you soon my wife " he said and walked out .I think i'm gonna faint .

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