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Chapter 8 .

"Hi " Ken spoke through the phone .

"Hey  ...." i replied

"So ...umm ...i know Roman is never gonna tell you i am is his birthday "

Huh ? So he was born ...? Oh he never came from hell ? Shut that Ava ..

"What ? !?? ..and you are telling like 12 in the noon ?" I scolded .

"Sorry ...he never celebrates it that good .. he doesn't like being wished though ...but ..maybe he will like it if you do " she stated .

Are you throwing me in the kick ring Ken !??? If he doesn't like being wished ...then i won't wish him ...Simple .

"Thanks for telling me ..." i replied adding sarcasm

"Ya ..bye " and she hung up .

I don't care if its his birthday. ...i don't want him to get more pissed .He looked stressed this morning. ...and i never asked .I sat in the library for 10 more minutes. Uurrggghhh ...that's it My mind is stupid !!!I make my way downstairs to the kitchen. He hasn't eaten since morning. I started making something when Mary came in ."Oh mam ...need some help ?" She smiled ."Umm ..ya " i gave her a smile back

After placing the plate on the tray i make my way to his office. Wait ...He hates me coming to his office. ..Should i ? But he hasn't eaten all day ..

I gulp and hold the tray in one hand knocking on the door ."Come in " i heard Roman say I slowly open the door and peek in .Roman was sitting on his chair working .

"Umm .." He immediately looked up ."What are you doing here love ?" He asked .
"Umm ..y-you haven't eaten all day i made ...something " i said .I never missed the surprise in his eyes .

He walked towards me and i nervous rub my nails on the tray .He took it from me and took my hand leading us to his sofa .He then pulled me on his lap and opened the lid .

"Pasta salad ..its ...its ..good for ..since you never ..ate " i said nervously .."Thank you  " he said kissing my neck lightly ."Umm ..R-Roman " he looked at me , i shivered as his hands rubbed on my thigh .

"Happy birthday " ...Shit ...why did i say that !.?? I instantly regret it .."Who told you ?" He asked calmly shook my head and opened my mouth ."I...i am sorry ...i..will get going " i tried to stand up but he pulled me back harshly ."Why are you running away ?" He asked in anger ..I looked down to my lap where his hand was .Is he mad ? "Thank you my lovely wife " i look up at him surprised .He wasn't smiling as i expected. .but neither was i expecting this .

"U-uhhh ...y-you should eat " i said trying to calm myself down .His lips hovered over my cheek as i take in deep breath .He lips finally met mine and he brought his one hand to my neck pulling me closer .

I shut my eyes close and fist my hands on his shirt. His kiss was bit harsh ..but passionate. My hair was brought to one side and i moan as he sucked on my sweet spot .

I tried hold myself but i couldn't. Again ...those different feeling filled my body .Suddenly it stopped .I open my eyes to see the fork to my mouth ."Open " he commands. I did and took a bite .He started eating like nothing happened. "I wanted to tell you soon ...that .." I look at him .."We have to visit some one in San Francisco. ...we are leaving tomorrow "

What !?? But i have work ....I have to go see the blue prints and decided the entrance and stuff ."Umm ..Roman .." he looks at me ."I don't think i can " i said ."I never asked you my love are coming with me ...its my decision " he said .I frowned. "B-But ..i have work " i protest .And i am not in the mood to go anywhere now .

"You can do your work there as well " he stated ."I-I ..don't want to ...i have to stay here " i said .He eyes showed he was angry .."Pack you bags .." my mouth hung open .Why won't he listen to me ? "R-Roman please. ..i.." i tried but he stopped me ."Ava ...we . Are . Going . That's it ..don't make me repeat myself ... " he said gritting his teeth. What is wrong with him ?One moment he is being nice and the other he is practically shouting at me .

My jaw clenched  ."I-I want to stay " i said .His hold went tight .I squeak as he lifts me up on his shoulder. "R-Roman  ...put me down " he started walking out the door .I was dropped on the bed and he made me straddle him .I squirm but he slapped my ass cheek.

"Stop struggling baby" he said and kissed my cheek hard ."I-I don't want to go " i said .He grabbed my jaw and made me look at him ."You are coming and that's finally are wife are to accompany me in my business meetings. .." he stated 

I felt like my mind was turning two sided .One side i felt good that he thought of me accompanying him made me feel good and not completely blank about his work On the other ...i felt being man-handled again .

I lower my gazed but his fingers on my chin brought my face up ."Look at me " he demands .
My lift my eyes to meet his .He sighed kissing my forehead .
"I don't want to leave you alone ...and i won't let you " he stated before kissing me hard .

"How about we go shopping when you come back ?" Ken asked trying to cheer me up .I dropped my clothes in the bag and sigh.
"I really do not want to go ...i mean ..Emma's project will be held for 4 days .." Ken chuckled at this ." know ..he loves you and cares for you " Haha .

"He doesn't want to leave you at home because he needs you there ..." she said ."For what ...taking out his stress on me !??" I shout .She raised an eyebrow .

"No ..he is taking you with him because he knows that he needs you ..and he needs you because you help him calm down "We both look at the door to see Mary .She walks in and started cleaning the room .
"What are you saying " I muttered .
"She is right " Ken said .Thanks for taking her side Kassandra

"You should be happy ...and don't be so boring ..besides. ..i heard he is expanding his company means you will have to accompany him every time he goes out ." Huh ? "Why ?" I asked .
Ken sighs."Because. are his wife !!" She practically yelled out of frustration.

I laid back on the bed ."I hope this goes well " i mummer and close my eyes .

I was still sleepy when we got in the jet .I slept half the way..
"Love ..would you like to eat something " Roman asked .I shook my head negative.

Why do i feel like the week is going so fast ? I didn't even meet dad since last two weeks .Roman's hand came around my shoulder and pulled me into him ."Sleep love..we still have time to reach " he said .I didn't care about what my mind said .I just hooked my arm in his and rested my head on his shoulder I just want to sleep ..I felt a kiss on my forehead before i closed my eyes .

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