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Chapter 9

I felt a soft kiss on my cheek ...
"Ava wake up we're here " Roman spoke .
I opened my eyes and yawn left my lips .
I found myself on Roman's lap and my hands were wrapped around his neck

I pulled away and tried to stand up but he pulled me closer .
"Still sleepy ?" He asked .
Hell ya i am !??
Take me to the room and let me sleep please.

I nodded slightly ..and to my surprise he chuckled
This man can chuckle.
He puts me in my seat and buckles me up .
The flight soon landed .
We made our way out and Roman pulled me into a matt brown audi A5

Does he own this or his uncle stays here or something ? 

The car drove of the airport. ..
Roman wrapped his hand around my shoulders , i looked out as the car passed by many strees .

It finally stopped and we got out .
We walked in as soon greeted by a man .
"Welcome Sir , we were expecting you ..allow me to guide to " he said and we follow him in the elevator  .

He took us to our room and thanked before leaving .
The bags soon came after him .
I didn't care about removing my dress but just fell on the soft bed and closed my eyes .
But then Roman spoke up .

His hands came around my waist pulling me to face him
"Oh no love ...change .." he said .
"I wanna sleep " i said in a sleepy state .
Why am i feeling so tired and sleepy .

"Sit up " Roman commands .
But i never did .
But my consciousness suddenly made me tense .
Will he force me again ?

Suddenly i felt being lift and he sat me on his lap .
Pulling my dress over my head he left me in my underwear.
I blushed slightly as he kissed my cleavage.

He then pulled another shirt over me .
When did he even open my bag ?

He then lays me on the bed brings the covers over me .
I looked at him as he takes off his shirt and unzipz his pants .
I avert my gaze hating how i blush for him .

He slids into the sheets besides me .
His hands came on my waist and pulled me towards me .
My hand in involuntarily rested on his bare chest and my head on his bicep .

"I will leave early tomorrow morning. .." he said .
I heard it but never replied.
"You don't have to come ....but you have to come with me for the next one "
Huh !???
Can't i just stay here !??
I feel so tired .

Tired ...
Tired ...
Holy shit ..

I get up swiftly and he looks at me with stern eyes
"Ummm ...uhhh ...excuse me " i said and tried to stand up but he pulled me back .
"Where are you going? " he asked as sat up holding my wrist .
"B-Bathroom " i said .

He raised his eyes
"Why were you so alarmed ?" He asked .
For heaven's sake ...
"I-I ...have to go ..." i tried to talk but blushed again
Got dammit.

"I know you are lying love ..tell me what happened " he demanded an answer .
"I just have to go to the ...bathroom " i said .
"Lie " he stated .
Uurrrggghh ...
What are you a mind reader ..
"Tell me now Ava ..whats wrong? " he said .

"Mmmm .."i shut my eyes ..
"Iamhavingmyperiod"i said gritting my teeth.
I wimpered as his hold went tight .
"Speak clear love " he said .
"Uhh ..i-i ..i am having my period !!!" I said out loud .
His face was expressionless ...neutral

He lets go of my hand and and rubbs his face .
What happened to him all of a sudden. ..
I make my way in the bathroom ..

I am kinda happy that i had my period. ...for the first time ..i am .
I can't imagine having a baby ...
I am scared to have one right now .

Walking in the bedroom i saw Roman's eyes closed .
Well ...good for me ..i can finally sleep alone .
I took the pillow and took a step to the big couch when his angry voice rang in my ears .

"Where the hell are you going ?" He asked
I turned to face him .
"T-The couch .." i said .
He stood up and grabbed my hand pulling me towards the bed .
"Why the fuck would you sleep on the couch? " he asked .
"Umm ..because i am ...on .m-my period. .??" I came out as a question.

"You don't have to will sleep with me no matter what " he said .
I feel awkward.
He brought the covers over us and rested his hand on my waist closing his eyes .


Thank god he let me stay in the hotel ..
My cramps are killing me .
"Love ...are you having cramps ?" I nodded slightly.
He kissed my forehead .
"I'll ask some one to get you some medicine " i immediately stopped him .

"Its.... alright. ...t-this happens every time ..i don't like ..taking medicine " i said .
"I want you to called me if you feel unwell " he said sternly .
I nodded slightly laying my head back on the pillow .

"I'll send in the lunch ..." he said and kissed me before walking out .
He is being nice ...
I like it .


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