Shipwrecked and Stranded Short Stories

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A collection of short romance stories about people who have been left stranded of shipwrecked. Requests accepted.

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Ship Wrecked (mxf) Part 1

29th May 2017

We are doing last minute checks before we catch the boat to the mainland and have a much anticipated break.

More than half the senior class is in Honduras, volunteering to build a school for an orphanage.

I'm Kiya - pronounced Key-ya - Dales, eighteen. I didn't want to come but my parents assured me it would help me come out of my shell.

You see I'm only five foot one and put weight on really easily. I have been bullied since middle school. Making me very self-conscious. Tammy Adams, also eighteen, big boobs, five foot seven, honey blonde, grey eyes. She is the most popular girl in school and my bane of my life.

A tubby child, she gave me the nickname Tent - because it the only thing that'll fit her. Her words echo in my head.

She is the reason I starve myself and refuse to leave the house without my huge padded coat with hide my body - even in summer. If I can't wear my coat, I make sure to pile on large, baggy clothing.

In my head it makes sense and makes me feel better. No one can see me horrible body. But my parents think I'm insane. They even hired a shrink for me to talk too. He doesn't care. He just sits there on his phone while I speak, grunting every now and then.

I have school friends, but not close. They know nothing about my personal life and none would stand up for me if I'm being bullied.

Mainly because they would be bullied as well.

I was sweating in my coat. I stood on the deck, swiping my dark brown hair out of my hazel eyes.

Normally I have my hair glued back with hair gel or spray. It's drastic, but it does the job and it is just another reason to be bullied.

As I said, normally is slicked back but a storm hit the boat and drenched me and everyone else. There was a small outdoor roof on the boat, but it did nothing to protect us from the rain.

I'm started to get worried. The boat rocked furiously, wave after wave hit and the sailors were yelling in Spanish and running around.

Unluckily for us the teacher in charge had a virus and stayed behind on the island. Meaning none of us could speak or understand more than a handful of words.

It all happened so fast, one second they were loading us into life rafts - the main boat was sinking. And the next darkness.

The next thing I know I'm laid on a beach.

I sitting up coughing my guts up when I hear a voice.

"Thank God! I thought I was alone."

It was Airon Glover, the same age as me but in a completely different social circle. He is a rich boy. Very popular and Tammy's dream guy. But from what I heard, they didn't get on. Well built but not jock, but hangs out with them. Six foot, with perfectly styled light brown hair, brown eyes.

I'm not going lie, he's beautiful, but so far out of my league he's on another planet.

We are in different classes, I doubt he even knows my real name.

"Hmm, Kiya, right?" I nodded surprised he didn't address me as Tent.

"Are you alright?" He is even more handsome up close.

I nod again.

"I've been all around the island, it looks like we are alone."

"What? What do you mean? How long have you been here?" I asked sounding very unlike me.

He held out his hand and help me up. "Hmm... Only a few hours, the islands pretty small. I walked around it completely in those hours. You're about where I washed up. You must have washed up not long after me and just woken up."

I nod once again.

"It looks like it's just us. I'm hoping they'll look and find us soon. But until then we should locate drinking water, food, find shelter. It's hot now but it'll get cold at night. Oh and make a sign or something so they know we're here."

He was right. He was a lot nicer than I expected, he never once mentioned my large coat i still wore as we walked.

"By the way, I'm Airon."

"I know." He grinned.

"I guess everyone knows my handsome face." I'm not sure if he's joking or just that vein.

"The edge of the island is sand and rocks. But the middle seems to be covered in forest. So I'm certain we'll find something."

We gathered rocks and moved them to create the word 'help' in giant letters.

Leading me into the forest, he placed his large hand in mine and helped me climb over an old fallen tree. He didn't let go as we moved further in.

Both of us had our backpacks securely on our backs. So as we passed brushes and trees with edible fruits or vegetables, we collected some and bagged them.

"Food, done. Now, water and shelter," He thought out loud.

"Is that..." I say stopping him.

"What is it, Kiya?"


He stopped and listened smiling. "Water... Running water." Hoping for the best we ran hand in hand in the right direction.

Then the most magnificent sight. A waterfall and a pool of water below.

I didn't wait. Releasing his hand, I leaned down and tasted the water.

"It's fresh!" He quickly joined me, chunging down pints of water and rinsing the salt from our faces.

"Hang on..." He ran, climbed up some rocks near waterfall and I watched as he disappear.

"Come here," He called out reappearing. I quickly followed. I was hot and sticky and seriously consisting removing my coat.

I mean, I'll be self-conscious, but at least he won't bully me... I hope.

"I was actually going to look behind the fall. But this is better." He had found a cave.

"It has a narrow entrance, so we can easily find something to block it. But it is bigger inside, about ten foot by ten foot. We can collect leaves and pad the floor," He told me his plans.

"I have a towel in my bag too, we could use for bedding. But it needs drying." He was too sweet. I knew he was known to be a good guy, but seeing it first hand was amazing.

I swallowed the lump in my throat. We were likely going to be here days maybe longer. I couldn't hold back.

Pulling off my bag, I pull out a small blanket and towel. Then removed my coat. My t-shirt and jeans clung to my skin. I know I'm skinny. Alright, very skinny, but I've seen worse.

I notice sadness in his eyes as he looked at me, but then he covers it.

"We can used these," I hold out the things for him nervously and he smiles brightly.

"Thank you, Princess. This is great." My heart skipped a beat. He called me princess. Not even my parents do that.

Taking the pile, he places them back near my bag and hugs me.

I stand frozen and stiff.

He is so big and strong, it felt so good. But I was too scared to react.

"Thank you for trusting me." I didn't know what he meant until...

"My sister was bulimic. If you need help or just want to talk I'm here for you."

I'm not bulimic but I am anorexic. I know, but can't stop myself.

"No one notices I don't eat." I look at the floor, eyes filled with tears. "My parents say I don't try hard enough and Tammy is always taunting and teasing me."

His arms tightened around me and he kissed my forehead.

"Tammy is a cow. She is the reason my twin sister became sick. They were best friends, expect Tammy always had bad things to say about my sister's weight."

"You have a twin?" I looked up at him. He wasn't letting me go. Not that I minded, my arms were around his waist too now.

He smiled. "Yes, April, she's in a different school and not friends with Tammy anymore. She still struggles sometimes but she's doing well." He stroked my cheek.

"I'll introduce you when we're back." He looked me deeped into my eyes and for a moment I just wanted to kiss him.

"Tammy bullies you because you're beautiful."

I scoff.

"No, really. So you go a little drastic with the hair and clothes. It doesn't change the fact that you are beautiful."

My cheeks burn. I look down, avoiding his gaze. "My hair is a fuzzy mess if I don't and my body is... Bleee."

"Your hair is find. I used to love it when you had it down in middle school." He noticed me back then? "And the only thing wrong with your body is you need to put on twenty pounds."

I look back up at him. "You really think so?" I had hope for the first time in years.

"I know so. And I'm going to help you eat. I know we weren't friends. But there has always been a connection, a pull between us. Don't you think?"

I am surprised to hear that from him.

He is the untouchable golden boy in our school. The guy everyone wants to date or be. Expect he doesn't date, ever.

"Yes, you are so handsome," I look down mortified at my slip.

"And you are my beautiful girl." He places his fingers under my chin and presses his lips to mine.

I've never kissed but I know how to.

Holding each other, we kiss, kiss and kiss until we are breathless.

"Let's hang these out to dry," He says pulling back. He takes the towel from his bag and the pile of my things and head for the exit of the cave.

"Oh and Kiya," He stopped in the entrance and faced me with a grin. "Your kisses are like heaven."

My heart skipped a beat.

He left, leaving me giddy and confused.

Did it mean he liked me?

He returned shortly afterwards and we sat down to eat.

I ate more than I had in months.

"Good girl." He stroked the back of my hand. His encouragement alone seemed to help.

"I think speaking to someone who understands, listens helped some," I admit.

He smiled brightly. You'd never imagine he was a rich boy. He is so down to Earth. Kind.

"Keep eating well and I'll take you on a real date back home."

"A date? Like romantic sense?" He chuckled.

"Kiya, we just kissed for thirties minutes. I don't know about you. But I felt something. I know it's soon and I don't want you to think it's because we're trapped here. But I want you to be my girlfriend, Kiya? Here and back home?"

I shyly nodded my head.

"If you mean it, I'd love too. But I didn't think you dated."

"It's just that I never found anyone that made me want to date before."

Before long we are kissing again.

When we finally broke again, we found big leaves and vines to make a mat on the floor of our cave. Then, as the light began to fade we built a fire and brought in the now dry blanket and things to make our bed. Yes, we'd share. There wasn't enough for two and we could keep on another warm.

As night fell we put out the fire and used a torch from his bag to walk to the cave. It was wind up, so we didn't have to worry about batteries.

That night we held one another, sleeping in each other's arms.


The days went by fast but we adapted and learned to cope. We had each other and spent a lot of time kissing and making out.

Most our days we spent in our underwear. I was putting on weight and yes, we had seen one another naked since we bath together.

He treats me like a princess. He calls me his little princess.

A couple of weeks in, our making out turned heated and we made love.

"I am so happy you are my first."

I stared surprised. Certain he had been with girls before.

No, he told me he was a virgin too - by choice. His family were religious and he planned to save himself for marriage.

"You will be my wife. I don't have to wait for God to tell me. I know he put us together for a reason. You and I are meant to be." I wasn't really religious, but didn't argue.

I love being with him.

I was laid on our bed and he was moving inside me, kissing me and telling me how much he loved me.

Too much? No way, because I felt the same.

After that we began regularly having sex. We were committed and willing to accept that we may not get off the island.

"On or off the island, you, Kiya Dales, are my wife." He picked me up and kissed me, pressing my back against a tree and pushing inside me.

He was large and a generous lover. He always had to make me cum too or he wouldn't stop until I did.

One night I gave him oral and he returned the favour. He has a magic tongue.

By this point we had already been on island months and it was the middle of August.

"Cum, Princess. Cum for your husband." He reached beneath me and rubbed my clit as he moved inside me. Bringing me to orgasm.

"Yes, just like that. Oh lord. I love seeing you cum." It never failed to make him cum.

In the beginning, I was certain he was pretending, only acting interested in me for sex. But as time went on I learned he was the most honest man ever. He literally didn't know how to lie.

He told me how he had noticed me at school. He thought I had a beautiful face but he hated my clothes and how I did my hair. To be fair, my hair was drastic.

Now I have it loose and rarely wear clothes.

He kisses me, still inside me.

"You're filling out real well, Princess. I'm so proud."

"There's a reason for that." He looked in question but then his brows raise and he looked at me with a huge grin.

"You're pregnant. Am I right?" He sounded like an impatient child.

"I haven't had a period since we first got here and my stomach feels different. I think I'm about ten weeks. It will be due around March," I guesstimate. But then gape at his reaction. He is taking it a lot better then I expected.

"Yes. I knew it."

He pumped his fist, cheered and covered my face in kisses.

"Now you'll have to marry me."

I couldn't help but laugh. "Did you get me pregnant on purpose?"

I wasn't angry. I always wanted children. Maybe not this soon but that didn't change my feeling.

"Maybe subconsciously." He smirked and kissed me again.


The months flew by and I grew bigger. Airon became even more protective and the last month we had to sleep under the stars because I was too big to fit through the entrance of the cave. Thankfully, the nights were warm and the days warmer.

Airon could spend hours touching my stomach. He loved feeling the baby move. Weight gain and stretch marks hadn't killed his sex drive. No, in fact he seemed to want sex more.

My breast had grew large and leaked milk weeks before baby was born. His new favourite game was playing with my full breasts.

Then came the day we waited day.

24th March 2018

I had back pain for weeks but that day it was bad. I spent half the time in the water, with Airon rubbing my back.

We were sat down eating some cooked bird he had caught and killed. It was a rare treat. We mostly are fruit, root vegetables and some times fish. Birds were hard to catch. So we ate them rarely. But we did try lizard and snake once. It was edible but neither of us wanted it again.

I had just finished eating and was stretching my legs in front of me when.


My brows furrowed and he looked concerned. "Are you alright, Princess?" He knelt in front of me.

"Yes, I just had the strangest thing... It felt like an elastic band snapped down below, but it didn't hurt."

He helped me stand, then gush.

"My waters broke!"

He looked both terrified and excited.

"I hope you're ready, daddy, because you're going to be delivering your child." He grinned and took my hand. He lead me to our new outdoor bed.

And just in time of my first real contraction. I screamed in pain. But as quick as it came it went.

"It's OK, Princess. I have you," He handed me a coconut shell filled with water.

Only ten minutes later another, five minutes another, two and then one. They were coming quick.

Moving between my legs, neither of us were certain what we were doing but we knew I had to wait until I was dilated enough to push.

"How many fingers am I?"

He looked. My contractions were seconds apart now and I really need to push.

His eyes widened. "I see the top of its head inside."

"I have to push!" I scream and baredown. It was so much harder than I expected. My ass burned with every push. But he was fantastic, encouraging me.

"You have to push longer, no short pushes," He told me.

"I'm fucking trying but it's hard!"

I felt bad for screaming and started crying. I was emotional and hadn't slept properly in days.

"Don't cry, Princess. I know you didn't mean it."

I scream as another contraction hit.

"Push... Keep going. Yes. Good girl. I can see the head. Yes. The head is out." His eyes filled with happy tears.

"Baby has lots of dark hair," He laughed happily as we waited for the next to deliver the rest.

"Is it..."

"Beautiful, just like us."

He was still vein, but I didn't mind.

Another. I scream. My ass was on fire.

I pushed, Airon held the shoulders as they popped out and gave it a gentle pull.

The baby delivered but we still had to wait for the afterbirth. I knew that from television shows.

"It's a girl," Airon said in tears as the baby cried the first time. "We have a daughter, my love."

I was in tears now, he leaned down and kissed me, placing the tiny girl on my chest. She quickly found my breast and started feeding.

The umbilical cord was still attracted to but it would be alright for a few minutes.

"Airon?" An unfamiliar voice yelled in a panic and a second. They drew closer.

"I think... I think that's my parents."

Only seconds later, a beautiful woman in her late thirties came into view and a handsome older version of Airon about the same age as the woman.

They stared in shock.

"Mom, dad." He was about to stand but I stopped him.

"Take the baby."

"What's wrong, Princess?" He asked worried.

"Take her!" I screamed as another contraction hit. I pushed hard. It felt like before.

Quickly grabbing her, the woman, I assume is his mother, moved between my legs. "You're having a second baby."

"A second?" Airon asked in shock. His dad had disappeared. Lord only knows where.

The calm.

"On the next contraction push hard, like you did with the first."

She was so calm, despite everything.

Another and I pushed.

"It's too hard," I cried afterwards.

"It's alright, darling. You're doing well, the head is born," She said sweetly and Airon looked down and then at me grinning.

"Another hairy monkey," He said grinning. Still cradling our daughter who was routing and trying to suckle his nipple. He laughed. "You'll have mama soon. Just a little longer, baby." He kissed her head.

Another, I pushed and pushed.

"That's it." Relief. The baby was out.

"It's a girl," She said with a smile and tears in her eyes.

Again both babies returned to me and on my breasts in seconds.

"We have two daughters, Princess." Airon grinned and looked to his mother.

It was only then I noticed his father had returned. He had blankets and a first aid kit.

Not sure how that will help, but it was sweet none the less.

"Is there anymore in there, mom?"

She touched my stomach and a mini contraction came I pushed and plop.

"I guess that's no," Airon laughed and kissed my head.

"Two is enough for now. We can have more later."

I glare at him. "You'll be luckily to have sex again. I feel I've killed my vagina."

"Don't worry, I'm a trained midwife," His mom said before examining me. "You got off pretty well. Just a little graze. It will be sore for a while and you shouldn't have sex for six weeks. But it all looks good. It appears all the placenta is here." She looked to her husband.

"Do you have scissors and string?"

He looked through the box. He pulled out scissors and the wire you use for stitches.

"Perfect." She cut some and turned both girls slightly to tie the cord off before cutting them.

She bagged the placenta and with the babies fed, I sat up blushing.

"Thank you so much." I blushed realizing I was completely naked.

"No, I'm happy to help. They are my granddaughters after all." His father walked over and wrapped a blanket around me and the babies, protecting us from the cold breeze.

I smiled to him and thanked him.

"No need to thank me, you're family now."

Airon grinned. "Yes. Mom, dad. This is my future wife, Kiya and our baby girls... Vicki and Anya." We had spoken a lot about names during my pregnancy. We decided on Victoria Anya Glover for a girl. He had split the names up.

"Kiya, we are very pleased to meet you," His mother said with a smile.

"Thank you for taking care of our son," His dad added.

"He took care of me." I look at Airon adoringly. "I wouldn't have coped without him."

"I wouldn't have coped without you, Princess. You make me feel strong."

I couldn't help but return his grin. He leaned in and kissed me and our daughters heads.

"Can you hold them?" His expression turns concerned.

"Don't worry. I just really need to pee." He picked up the babies but offered to help. His father is quick to react, placing a blanket around his son and the babies.

Standing up with the blanket around me, I quickly move to the make shift toilet.

I hiss as it comes out and lean forwards. It burns. But I could move easier already.

My stomach was still pretty big, but it had shrunk enough that I could fit in the cave entrance.

No one saw me climb in. Our new site was closer to the beach.

My clothes were tighter than before but still fit. Luckily I had a few sanitary towels in my bag from before I came to the island. They were a little warped, but they'd do the job until I could get some more.

I was trying to pull on my bra.

"There you are, princess," Airon was in the entrance.

"Where are the girls? Are they alright?" I panic.

He walked over and hugs my waist.

"They are perfect. My parents are holding them. I was worried when you didn't come back." He pressed a couple of gentle kisses to my lips. "You did so well. I love you so much."

Tears welled in my eyes. "You're not going to leave me now your parents are here?"

He smiled and held me tighter. "Silly girl. Don't you know you're my life, you and our girls? I couldn't and don't want to be without you. My parents adore you already and I'm going to marry you the first chance I get."

"But... But... Don't they think I'm a slut or something?"

"No, my mom is ecstatic about witnessing the birth of her grand-babies. Dad is happy, just a little queasy, he hates blood and gore," He laughed.

"My bra doesn't fit."

He chuckled. "I'll buy you new ones." He kisses both my breast. "I really wish I could make love to you." His hardness was dug in me. I couldn't help but laugh.

"I love you, but no. Go put your clothes on and pack up." He laughed out loud. But did as I asked.

"How did they fine us?" I thought out loud.

"They did some research and discovered the local authorities search didn't cover everywhere. When they approached them about it they were told it was impossible we'd live that far out because the sharks," He explains.

"They call this island Dead man's Island because no one ever comes here and lives. It's cursed," He said in a mocking tone.

"We not only lived but had two beautiful girls." We exited the cave, all our things except the makeshift bed I gave birth on.

"Mom and dad brought a boat and came here themselves. That's when they saw the help sign and heard you screaming."

"Was anyone else lost?"

"No. Everyone else is fine."

I didn't ask about my parents because they likely didn't care. Probably were happy I wasn't making drama. Apparently I'm a drama queen.

Not like my older sister, Kimberly. She is perfect, popular, smart, beautiful and bla bla bla. They always compared me to her and she loved the attention.

Packing the camp up, we all returned to the large luxury boat. It was like a cross between a ship and a yacht.

They carried the babies on because I didn't trust myself. Once on board Mel - his mom - lead me and Airon to a bedroom on board.

His dad, Zane, was starting up the boat. They were alone. Apparently they hadn't told anyone they were searching for us, because they didn't want to get up April's and anyone else's hopes.

As far as they are concerned, the couple are sailing around the Caribbean, a sort of second honeymoon.

Handing the girls to us, she pulled out a drawer and laid a small folded towel in the bottom. "It's not perfect but it will suit needs until we can buy them a proper cot," She explained placing the drawer next to the bed.

"How often do I feed them?" I asked worried, I know nothing about babies. She smiled sitting beside me on the bed.

They had cut up a towel and made it into a couple of make shift diapers.

"For the first few months they'll probably want to feed every couple of hours. It means lots of short naps for you. But don't worry..." She placed an arm around my shoulder. "You have Airon, me and his dad. And I know April will love to help and your parents." I didn't correct her. But my parents will probably just think I'm a failure.

"Thank you," I said teary eyed.

"If you have any more questions, just ask. We'll get you all checked over on the mainland and pick up clothes for all of you, maternity towels and baby supplies. We'll be sailing home after that. Until then maybe try feeding the girls." She stood up.

"Do either of you want any food?"

"No, thank you," We both said.

She left but returned a minute later with a couple of glasses and a jug of juice.

"I remember, breastfeeding is a thirsty job."

She left again and I feed my girls.

"I love them already," Airon said stroking the girls fluffy heads.

"Me too. But do you know which is which?" Both are identical.

"This one," He indicates to the smaller girl. "She is the second born, Anya."

Later we noticed Vicki had a little red birthmark behind her ear but Anya didn't.

It was a whirlwind. Things happened so fast. We were whisked to the local hospital who happily gave us all a clean bill of health.

At my request, she dropped me and Airon back at the boat afterwards. People must have recognized me, because a lot of people were looking, staring and making me uncomfortable.

After feeding the girls again, we laid the sleeping girls in the drawer wrapped in a blanket - careful not to cover their faces. Then lay down ourselves and have a much deserved nap.

Next time we awoke the girls are crying, it was their feeding time and both have done their first poos. Ha. Luckily Mel and Zane are back and Mel shows us how to change them.

They brought clothes, diapers, wipes, bags, baby blankets and a moses basket. The girls are small and will easily fit in together.

Vicki was seven pounds three ounces, Anya, six pounds two ounce.

They even brought some formula milk and bottles. They knew I was breast feeding. But said it was just in-case an emergency. Because we'd be at sea and unable to get it if we needed it. I understand and agree.

We dressed them both in vests, it was too warm for anything else.

And we sat down to dinner with his parents as the girls napped.

"I'm sorry if I've seemed... Rude, ignoring you," Zane apologized. "I am pleased to have you in the family. You seem like a wonderful girl for my son and the girls are amazing. I... The birth... I..." He stuttered nervously. He reminded me so much of Airon.

"It's alright, dad. I explained you don't like blood and gore."

He looked relieved. "Thank goodness for that."

"I am proud of you, honey," Mel said leaning over and kissing his cheek. "When I gave birth he puked and then passed out."

His parents were great, we bonded fast.

I had tried to call my parents at home before we left but there was no answer so I left a short message that I was alright and see them soon.

Probably at the country club.

You see, my parents are middle class pretending to be first.

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