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When 19-year-old Jade refuses her medication from her doctors and spend the night with ever popular lover-boy Zachery Miller, she finds out she’ll end up a teen mom before Christmas that very year, she quits school and moves in with English tutor Darik in hopes to escape a world of pain and hatred for her prophetic dreams. After a very heartfelt loss, she decides to do something drastic, she ends up deeper then she ever imagined. Can Jade find herself before she’s lost herself forever?

Romance / Adventure
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July 11, 2013.

The small girl was in a van with at least twenty other kids. She hated it. She was on her way home from Church Camp, her very first year. She was so exited! But then it was over. Her parents let her go because her best friend Sophia, her grandmother paid for the girl as well as her sister and brother to go. She was glad she went. But now...

After the first day, the girl was enjoying herself. She liked the games and the outside time. She usually sat near a tree just outside the girls dorm and read a book. This time, however, there was a boy. The boys name was Christian. The kid was hideous beyond repair. Yet, the girl felt bad for him. His parents divorced. He lived with his mom now.

The two kids sat at the girl’s tree, sharing stories.

That was the day it all changed for the little girl.

They laughed.

“Give me you’re arm.” He said to her. She gave him her left arm.

“Okay, see how you’re veins in you’re wrist make an H?” He asked, turning her arm palm up to face them.

“Yes.” She said.

“That means vampire. A V means werewolf. Get it?” He asked enthusiastically.

She nodded.

She stared out the van window from the back seat. Everyone else in the fan sang along to songs or played their phones. She glared out the window at the road.

And she saw it.

A wolf. The wolf ran along side the van. Along side her. He was grey, with golden eyes. She vowed this wolf protection. She instantly loved him. And he told her his name; Orzon.

Little did she know her life would change forever. All because of one boy and his superstitions.

Everything would change.

Her destiny was set.

Her fate sealed.

Or was it . . ?

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