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Accidental Relationship

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An accidental mistext leads two unlikely people down a path they did not expect. This was a short story I wrote several years ago before the social media boom. I really hope you like it and tell me what you think.

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The Mistext

After a long grueling shift at work, I finally get to come home and relax. I fall into my chair in front of my computer with a deep sigh of relief. Now I just want to strip down to my boxers, lean back in my chair, and binge-watch these next few episodes of Game of Thrones, but I smell. The smell of all the different food I cooked at work lingers heavily on my body.

I spend about fifteen minutes or so taking a quick shower. Then I grab a bottle of water from the fridge before heading back to my room. Just as I am getting comfortable covering my legs with my blanket, my phone on my bed buzzes with a text message. I glance at the clock on my computer seeing it's almost midnight. I groan not wanting to get up again asking myself, Who the hell is texting me this late at night?

Just as I bring my legs down off my desk and roll my chair towards my bed, it buzzes with another message. I grab my phone and I look at my screen I see they're from one of my students, Sierra Acosta. I roll my eyes with a sigh of annoyance not wanting to deal with her at the moment. She is probably asking me some stupid question she could easily find the answer to in her book. Or, she is going to give me some lame-ass excuse for wanting an extension on her paper. I swipe the lock screen away to read her messages.

[Sierra Acosta] Hey baby u up?

[Sierra Acosta] I have been thinking about u all day.

I smirk at the fact she accidentally texted me instead of whoever she meant to. I begin to type my response letting her know she has accidentally texted the wrong person. Then a third message comes in from her.

[Sierra Acosta] Last night was amazing. No 1 has ever made me feel like that. My body was tingling all over.

I chuckle and type swiftly now before she goes into any more detail embarrassing herself further.

[Me] Wow um...

[Me] Ms. Acosta you might want to look at who you are texting.

I lean back in my chair thinking she is probably going to be embarrassed now after she realizes who she texted. She wastes no time responding back to me.

[Sierra Acosta] OMG professor Richards I am sorry!

[Sierra Acosta] That was totally meant for someone else.

I laugh and text her back,

[Me] I kind of figured that.

[Sierra Acosta] Wow I feel so stupid. Ur name is right above a friend of mine in my phone. I accidentally texted u instead of him. :(

[Me] It's okay. You really don't have to explain. I'm sure stuff like this happens all the time. Well... not like this I don't think. lol

She doesn't respond and I figure she must have moved on or too embarrassed to continue. I decide to end the conversation with one last text.

[Me] Anyways, congratulations on such a talented boyfriend.

I turn back to my computer with a smirk thinking it’s over but she quickly responds.

[Sierra Acosta] Oh he isn't my boyfriend

[Sierra Acosta] He is just someone I talk to when I am in... U know the mood.

I chuckle again at how honest she is being with me about what she does with this guy.

[Me] lol Again you don't have to explain

[Sierra Acosta] Sorry :(

She actually stops talking once again and I figure I should just let it go. I grin, setting my phone on the desk, and figure it's the end of that. I start up my show once again and quickly get immersed. Not but maybe ten minutes later my phone vibrates with another message.

[Sierra Acosta] Um Professor u aren't going to report me or anything for texting you that?

[Sierra Acosta] I am really sorry

It's kind of humorous how she feels so scared about accidentally texting me that. Why would I report her? It's also funny she thinks I am actually a professor or whatever.

[Me] lol No I am not going to report you.

[Me] And I am not a professor. I am just an online tutor.

[Sierra Acosta] I knew u were a tutor but I thought u were a professor also.

[Me] Not yet, I'm actually just a student like you. I just tutor people online for a little extra credit and a bit of money.

[Sierra Acosta] Oh... So how old r u?

[Me] 23

[Sierra Acosta] Wow... You know I have always pictured u as an overweight balding middle aged guy with glasses.

I laugh at how detailed and slightly offensive her mental image is of me. I sit forward in the chair as I get more invested in this conversation.

[Me] No I have all my hair but I do wear glasses.

After that message, she goes silent again. I get slightly self-conscious for some reason. Does she not like guys with glasses? Or maybe she just decided to go back to talking to her "friend" with benefits. I'm guessing that's what he would be from what I read.

Once again, I try to get back into the show but curiosity gets to me. I've heard of people doing stuff like she is doing with her "Friend." I've never really seen or experienced it in person. I'm kind of wondering how it all works. Without thinking I pick up my phone and text her again,

[Me] So how does it work?

[Sierra Acosta] How does what work?

[Me] You and this guy. He's a friend with benefits right?

[Sierra Acosta] Haha Oh

[Sierra Acosta] It isn't like you are thinking. We don't meet up and have sex. We just talk through text or on the phone.

[Sierra Acosta] We have never met each other. It's just phone sex.

It confuses me to think she can just do this with a random stranger. I admit it would make things a little easier and you wouldn't have to worry about it as much. Also, if she has never met him, does she know what he looks like?

[Me] So you have never met this guy? Do you even know what he looks like?

[Sierra Acosta] No. We both decided to keep that part a mystery allowing us to picture who we want to while we do this.

Well, that's kind of interesting and kind of scary at the same time. You never know who you are truly talking to. I chuckle and text her back,

[Me] lol What if he is some middle aged fat balding guy with glasses?

[Sierra Acosta] Haha he could be. We have sent some pictures but we pretty much cut or block out our faces.

[Sierra Acosta] I can't believe I am talking to you about this. This isn't like your work phone that they can check your messages on?

Now I have given up on watching my show I was planning to watch. Now, I am more interested in this conversation. I stand and make my way over to my bed to get more comfortable while texting.

[Me] No it's my personal phone. The only person seeing these messages is me.

[Sierra Acosta] So you just give out your phone number to just random people you don't know?

[Me] lol You are one to talk, Ms. Phone sex. I just figured it would be easier for all the people I tutor to get hold of me if they had any questions. I can't be on the computer 24/7.

[Me] And since everyone probably thinks I am some overweight middle aged balding professor with glasses they don't really talk to me.

[Sierra Acosta] Haha

[Me] But if the school did find out I was talking to one of the students I tutor about phone sex, I guess I could get in trouble.

[Sierra Acosta] Hmm so I could possibly use this against you. What should I get my tutor to do for me? ;)

I laugh and I immediately think of all the different things I would get her to do. Most of them I would be too embarrassed to tell her. She probably has other ideas on what she would do though.

[Me] esorting to blackmail? No Sierra I'm not going to do your homework for you.

[Me] Just remember I have this conversation on my phone as well. Don't make me show it to your real professor.

I see her typing a message, then she stops. I assume she decided to go with her second message as it comes in.

[Sierra Acosta] *Gasp* You wouldn't!

[Me] lol No I probably wouldn't

[Sierra Acosta] Haha You are actually a lot different than I imagined you to be.

I start to respond with a comment about her phone sex and how she imagines what that guy looks like, and now she is imagining me. But again I decided to just keep things funny and safe.

[Me] Are you upset that I'm not a balding overweight middle aged guy?

[Sierra Acosta] Haha No.

[Sierra Acosta] But I do have you in my phone as Professor Dick.

That makes me laugh, but I'm not really sure why she called me that. Have I been a dick to her?

[Me] lol Professor Dick?

It takes her a second to respond again.

[Sierra Acosta] Yeah you never sounded like you were in a good mood and you always talked down to me like I was a child.

I smirk thinking about it. I guess she is right. People like her, being lazy or asking stupid questions all the time do kind of annoy me.

[Me] Oh lol

I figure I needed to justify my actions towards her.

[Me] Well, to be honest you did irritate me with some of your questions and excuses you made.

[Sierra Acosta] HEY all my excuses were valid!

Again she makes me laugh. Her excuses were pretty sketchy at times. She was probably out partying or getting drunk at some club. I decide to pull out the worst one she has ever told me.

[Me] You told me you couldn't do your work because your cat vomited all over your laptop.

[Sierra Acosta] IT DID!!

[Sierra Acosta] The vomit was disgusting and it smelled. I didn't want to touch my laptop for a couple of days.

I laugh again. I guess it could have been plausible but I'm still not sure if I totally believe her.

[Me] lol Suuure.

[Sierra Acosta] Dick >.<

[Sierra Acosta] I guess I can change ur name in my phone to Tutor Dick or just Dick now since I know you aren't a professor.

[Me] If you want but my name is actually Alex

[Sierra Acosta] Okay Alex the Dick.

[Me] lol Whatever

We continue talking for a while joking with each other back and forth. Before we knew it almost two hours have gone by.

[Me] Shouldn't you be talking to your "Friend" right now?

After I send that, I wish I could take it back. I am really enjoying talking to her and now she might actually decide to go talk to him. It takes a few seconds for her to respond and I begin to think she might have just dropped me to go talk to him now.

[Sierra Acosta] Oh he is out with friends he will message me when he gets home.

A brief bit of joy hits me knowing I could get to talk to her longer. Why am I enjoying this conversation this much? Am I that lonely? I begin to respond but her next message comes in before I could finish.

[Sierra Acosta] But I guess I am kind of hungry. I think I am going to get me something to eat.

I guess all good things have to end. Even though our conversation started because of an accident, I was hoping maybe there will be more. But knowing my luck this would probably be just a one-time thing.

[Me] Alright have a good night.

[Sierra Acosta] You too Alex bye bye

I smile seeing her actually call me Alex and not Professor Dick or just Dick.

[Me] Bye

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