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•••A love stuck between two worlds••• Four people, brought together by two terrible accidents, one pair discovering sincere friendship while the other, discovering a deep, everlasting and undying love...

Romance / Drama
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I let out a small groan as the persistent buzzing kept scratching against my ears, feeling my forehead lightly vibrating in the same rythm, forcefully ripping away whatever tiny amount of haziness lingering in the front of my mind, pushing me to open my eyes, only to notice the faint light of my phone’s screen as it kept lightly moving against the desk.

The desk?

Violently jerking myself into a sitting position I quickly took a look around, finally noticing I was still at the office, the faint natural light still seeping through the large windows.

I must’ve dozed off...

I lazily rubbed the sleep off my eyes as I grabbed my phone, noticing it was actually Lola the one that kept calling me like a crazy person, a frown marring my features as I also noticed it was 6:30 p.m already.

Hmm...Why didn’t Hayden wake me up?

She surely must’ve seen me drooling on my desk on her way out...

Quickly brushing that thought off I finally swiped and answered the crazily buzzing device, only to be instantly greeted by Lola’s unnecesary loud tone.

“Dude where the hell are you? I’ve been honking outside your window like a crazed bitch for like, fifteen minutes!”


“Waaait a minute! Don’t tell me you’re still at the office!”

“I...” I tiredly rubbed my temple as I struggled to gather my still jumbled mess of a brain, blinking a few times as I finally realized something,
“Wait, why didn’t Katie come out to tell you that I’m not home?”

“Who the hell cares why didn’t she move that fat ass outside to tell me that you’re still at that freaking office working your ass off like the fucking nerd you are!”

I let out a snort, lightly shaking my head as I simply continued to listen to her,

“What I do care is that I’m on the verge of dying here because...” A small sniffle could be distinguished from the other end as she abruptly let that sentence hanging, my brows furrowing as a sudden wave of concern rose within me.


“I...” Another sniffle followed, like a scaredy cat startling in my seat as a sudden loud wail pierced right through my skull, instinctually moving the phone away from my ear for a short moment, right before I heard her cry,

“He left, Anna! He packed his junk and left me! He even took Coot with him!”

“Wait, wha-”

“He left me, Anna! That motherfucking bag of jizz left me!”

“Whoa whoa, wait what? Why?” I quickly sat up straighter in my seat, ignoring the numbness in my butt as I carefully listened to her every word,

“We h-had another fight last night after he of course, for the millionth time came back home totally wasted! And as if that wasn’t enough already, he even had the nerve to start bitching about every single damn thing he hates about me! And apparently he even had a very long-ass list!

Can you believe this shit? Boy he had some nerve! Ugh I swear to god I-” A loud, angered scream followed as I kept listening, hearing something slam repeatedly, followed by a few loud honks between curses, my lips escaping a long, tired breath right before I called her name a few times, only to have her suddenly shout back,


“Listen, I have to grab my stuff and scram before this damn building closes for the weekend, you hear me?”

“Ok yeah, you do that. Let’s meet some place to talk because if I don’t talk to someone right now I think I’ll go and search for that bastard at his mommy’s and fucking kill him and that damn cat too!”

“Ok. Don’t do that. Just text me the adress. I’ll be right there,” I hurriedly instructed as I got up from my seat, lightly wincing in pain as I felt my back stretch with a small crack, then started searching for my backpack and keys as I heard her say,

"’Kay babe, bye. I love you,” Followed by a small sniffle, earning a light chuckle from me as I warmly answered,

“Bye hun. Love you too.”

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