His Human Soulmate

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Werewolf/human romance •• He thought soulmates were nothing but a nice fairytale...Until he met her.

Romance / Fantasy
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1. Soulmate

“So did you fuck her or not?” The blonde young male goaded his raven-haired companion as together they approached the single black Dodge Ram partially parked on the sidewalk close to their dorm building.

“Shut up, JJ,” Brandon muttered before opening the front passenger seat door, earning an amused laugh from his friend.

“Hey man,” He greeted the third male and owner of the car with a mumble, followed by the first one.

“Hey Adrian, did you know this moron left Sonja’s party last night with Lena?” He finished with another laugh, Adrian’s head turning to give his friend sitting in the front passenger seat a curious stare since they all knew it wasn’t Brandon’s style to have one night stands, let alone hook up with someone like Lena, who by the way was their campus’ biggest...let’s say party girl.

“It wasn’t like that, okay?” Brandon quickly tried to defend himself,
“She came alone and she didn’t have a ride, so...I offered myself to give her one but that was it, I swear! I didn’t even touch her!”

Adrian felt more inclined to believe his friend’s words since he knew that unlike JJ, Brandon had swore that he would never touch a girl unless she were his destined one...Even though in the last few decades, not even a single one of their kind has encountered such thing. It seemed almost like a fairytale you would tell to a child rather than a true fact, since the last wild soul ever known to have found his destined half had died decades ago, his soulmate following shortly after almost a week of pure agony in her soulmate’s absence.

“Ugh, man I swear sometimes you’re so fucking annoying with that stupid chastity vow...Why don’t you just give up already? Do you really think you’re ever going to find her? Or him?" JJ suggestively wiggled his eyebrows after that last sentence, earning an angered growl from Brandon.

“Fuck you!”

“You’d like that, don’t ya?” JJ let out another one of those stupid laughs of his, only angering his friend even more.

“Too bad I’m not into dicks, dude. I like myself some good pussy better,”

“Don’t you want yourself some good pussy too, Brandy boy? You definitely look like you need some, man,” He patted his friend’s shoulder as he peered at the side of his face from his backseat.

“If you don’t throw him out of the car I swear I will,” Brandon told Adrian through gritted teeth as he glared through the windshield, not even sparing either one of them a single glance.

Adrian let out a chuckle at his friends’ childish bickering, choosing to refrain himself from ever bothering to comment on that topic and drove away instead.

From the three of them, ever since they were little children, he was the first one to let go of the idea of ever having such thing as a destined half. Even though he was respecting his friend’s choice, it just seemed too much of a nice fairytale rather than the truth. To him, the world itself felt like such a wrong place to have such a blessing as a soulmate.

He closed the door of his car with a mild slam, locking it then followed his friends to the entrance of the coffee shop since it was Sunday and thankfully, they didn't have any important assignments for the following week anyway, so they chose to just hang out like they always did.

He followed JJ and Brandon to the only unoccupied table inside the small coffee shop, facing them both as he removed his jacket and took a seat.

"So what's the plan for the winter break? Is your dad still giving us the keys to the cabin?" JJ asked Adrian as Brandon had gotten up and went to the bar to get their usual order.

The "cabin" his friend was talking about was actually a rather large wooden mansion in the mountains Adrian's parents only used during holidays, a several hours drive away from the city the boys were currently staying in as they were attending their last uni year.

Adrian already knew his parents weren't going to use it this year since they were going to visit some distant relatives instead, so with a small nod he confirmed his friend's question.

"Yes! Oh man I can't wait! I'm gonna bring so many chicks we'll be drowning in pussy! Maybe even our Brandy boy will finally dip his stick!" He finished with a laugh just as their friend had returned with three large cups of simple black coffee, the male only rolling his eyes in response before setting the cups on the table.

"Don't you have something better to do than concern yourself with my sex life?" Brandon rather boredly asked the male sitting right next to him as Adrian took a sip from his coffee while watching them both.

"You mean your non-existent sex life!" JJ broke into a laugh, soon earning a shove from his friend as they eventually started fighting once again while Adrian only chuckled at their foolishness, as ever, enjoying his coffee.

However, a sudden and completely unexpected pulse travelling throughout his entire sistem drowned out whatever JJ said next as he practically chocked up with that small sip of coffee, feeling himself abruptly rendered completely powerless and unmoving, left at the mercy of this unknown sensation as he couldn't even understand what was going on and why.

He could feel his heart pounding inside his chest as he could so vividly feel an unidentified presence coming closer and closer, for some particular reason this presence gradually taking every ounce of air left inside his lungs, until he could no longer breathe.

And within the following moment the windchimes hanging at the entrance clinked as in stepped the most beautiful being he had ever laid eyes on, gracefully taking her steps like a goddess fallen from heavens, subtly swaying her jean-clad hips like the true temptress she were.

Oh my god.

Her luscious caramel hair fell in soft waves over her shoulders, framing a fair-sized bust and a truly angelic face, those hypnotic emerald eyes holding their attention trained ahead as she fastly made her way past their table, leaving a subtle trail of a fresh and sweet fragrance reaching his nostrils.

"Dude, put that thing away before you scare someone," JJ's voice abruptly brought him back to reality, his dazed gaze refocusing back to his friend.


"Your little friend is out," JJ subtly commented with a nod whilst stealthily taking a glance around them.

"What?" He quickly grabbed a phone from the table, immediately noticing the two golden glowing orbs staring right back at him in its reflection.

"Oh shit!" He cursed under his breath, closing his eyelids shut as he threw the phone back on the table and covered his face with his palms whilst taking several calming breaths.

Blowing out a sigh, he hesitantly opened his eyelids once again and grabbed a phone from the table, taking a glance to make sure his eyes had returned to their natural dark brown shade.

He exhaled, hesitantly turning to steal a rather long glance at the unnamed girl, noticing how she impatiently bounced from one foot to another as she waited for her order to be prepared.

What was going on? Who was this girl?Why did she make him react like that?

"Nice ass, huh?"

Pure blanzing anger instantly surged within him at the sound of those words, barely refraining himself from pouncing on his childhood friend as he turned back and noticed JJ ogling the girl.

"Holy shit dude, what are you doing? Are you crazy? Gimme that before someone sees it! Geez! What the hell's up with you today?" JJ suddenly whisper-yelled at him, quickly snatching the now completely crushed phone from his clenched fingers before shoving it in his jacket pocket.

"Stop looking at her like that," He almost growled between gritted teeth, earning a confused stare from his friend.

"What? Who? Like what?"

"Her," He pointed back to the girl.

"Stop looking at her like you want to fucking eat her, JJ!"

"What? Why? Yeah she looks edible allright, o- wait, dude are you boning that? Shi-"

"No!" He growled under his breath, feeling his inner beast threatening to resurface as he mildly slammed his fist against the table. Even if he didn't even know her, he did not like how his friend was looking at her.

"I'm not boning her so shut up allright?" He lowly muttered in grave annoyance, both his friends already giving him bewildered stares since his sudden behaviour was so out of character. He had never acted like this before. Not with them anyway.

"But what-"

"I think she's the one..." He lastly found himself saying it as he finally realized what was happening with him, both of his friends now shockingly staring at him.


"What do you mean "the one"?" Brandon quickly asked, a both stunned but also hopeful glint making its appearance into his baby blue eyes as he stared at his childhood friend.


"The one, as in..."


"Oooh! Shit bro! Are you trying to say that that girl is your soulmate bro?" JJ suddenly exclaimed with an incredulous look sprawled all over his face, earning a frown from Adrian.

"Just shut up," He complained, he himself still finding it so hard to believe, even though all his senses were only pointing towards one thing. She was his soulmate. This unknown girl was indeed his destined one.

"Fuck man..."

"But...How do you know? I mean, do you feel that weird thingy and shit?" Brandon quickly asked, earning a small nod from him. He felt it allright. All of it. That undeniably strong attraction towards her, the pure state of ecstasy his inner wild spirit was currently feeling, and that fierce protectiveness over the oblivious little being.

"Wow...Dude that's serious..." He absently murmured as he trailed his attention past him, closely followed by JJ,

"Mmm yeah..."

"And she's human..." Brandon commented after a scrutinising gaze in her direction and a subtle whiff, his blue eyes returning to his friend’s visibly distressed expression.

"Shit man..."

Shit indeed.

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