His Human Soulmate

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2. Emerald eyes

Three doors of the car slammed shut at the same time as the three males got out into the freezing morning air, all sober and ready for a new day of school.

Taking in a generous breath, Adrian didn't bother to zip up his varsity jacket since the cold didn't bother him -or his two fellow friends- like it did to the non-gifted humans, all that thanks to their birth-gifted wild spirits making them stronger and faster, their entire systems generally much more enhanced than a normal human beings'. Even their every sense was much more heightened as he could practically smell and identify every other human being in the parking lot from a fair distance, a single one standing out among the others as before he could even see the owner he could already feel his inner beast stirring from within and tugging at his heart strings.

His gaze darted around, fastly scanning through the sea of cars and people until his eyes finally landed on her, watching her quickly retrieve a bag from the red and tiny Mini One before locking it, tightly crossing her arms over her chest in an obvious attempt of preserving some heat as she nearly ran to the building where the courses were being held.

She was a student here? At the same university as him?

A bewildered look crossed his features as he stared after her, failing to even notice the small group of girls that walked past them, letting out giggles here and there as they all threw him and the boys few flirty glances.

JJ threw them a dazzling smile and a wink while Brandon simply chose to ignore them, both their attention averting to their friend and natural leader.

"You ok man?"

He only nodded in response and started walking towards the building as well, closely followed by his friends.

A few more glances and greetings were thrown their way as the three were pretty popular within the campus area, obviously thanks to their naturally excellent genes as they were gifted with pretty much everything; looks, brains and pure masculinity oozing through their every pore.

He took in a deep and vigorous breath as just as he passed through the front doors, a potent trail of her subtle and enchanting fragrance reached his nostrils, gently caressing his senses. And before he could even realize, his feet were already carrying him straight towards the source.

But just as his gaze finally landed on her, he abruptly stopped himself as he could once again feel the beast threatening to get out, fighting against his human nature.

"So...are you gonna talk to her or what?" He suddenly heard Brandon ask from right next to him, only now realizing that they had been following him all this time.

"No. I can't. I can barely keep him at bay even from this far away from her," He lightly shook his head in defeat, blowing out a long breath as if to at least try and soothe his riled up spirit whilst his dark eyes still lingered on her lithe figure, watching as she casually let out a small giggle while conversing with another human female.

"So....What, are you going to just admire her from a fair distance for the rest of your life?" Brandon commented with a subtly disappointed frown etched onto his flawless features as his gaze remained trained on the subject of their conversation as well.

"Stalker stalker zombie walker," JJ quickly chimed in right after, earning a frown and a mild smack over the back of his head.

Pushing past the coffee shop’s door, he almost bumped into another person as his eyes remained trained onto his phone’s screen while reading a pretty bizarre message from an unknown number.

Wanna spend some time together later, babe?”


He didn’t even bother to reply as he had figured out it probably must’ve been just some stupid prank and shoved the phone back into his jacket pocket instead, moving to stand in the line already formed at the counter where the barista served coffee and pastries to-go.

It wasn’t like was tired and in need of a coffee or anything like that since he obviously had much greater stamina than a normal human’s, he just needed something quick to eat since he would usually get hungry quite often with all that energy constantly burning within, not to mention that even though all his courses were over for the day, he still had a lot of stuff to do and assignments to work on.

So he just went behind the last person standing in line, patiently waiting for his turn while his mind constantly flew back to the only being that has been on his mind ever since the other day. Her.

His lips blew out a sigh as a mental image instantly formed within his head, finding himself fantasizing about how her voice would sound like and maybe even their first date, barely hearing the small bell at the door clinking as another person had walked in, mere seconds before her tantalizing scent and presence suddenly hit him full-force.


His breath caught into his throat at the sound of that suave, feminine voice, already whishing to hear it over and over again for the rest of his life even though he hadn’t even turned around to face the owner. He was already very aware who it actually belonged to.

"Hey, Nattie!" The girl in front of him called as she had already turned around and was looking somewhere past him, moments before the subject of his constant fantasizing stepped into his line of sight, effectively catching his full and undivided attention.

Nattie...So her name was Nattie...Perhaps from Natalie?

"What are you doing here?" His soulmate asked the other human female with a smile, that sole smile making his heart pump harder into his chest.

"Meh, didn't wake up yet. Need myself something strong. What about you?"


He couldn't even hear the following part of their conversation as his every sense went wild, driven into a frenzy by her scent, her voice and her mere presence, failing to even notice when her attention eventually turned towards him, big doe emerald eyes gazing up right into his as she timidly whispered,


Holy god. She was perfect.

"Hi..." He lastly found himself uttering after he had finally recovered from his initially shocked state, barely containing himself from drinking in every feature and every small little detail of her beautiful face. He couldn’t risk scaring her away.

"Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to cut into the line! Here, you can go ahead if you like," She kindly told him with a rather shy and sweet voice as she slightly moved to the side, finding himself smiling like an idiot at the sound of her words. She was just way too adorable.

"No no no, it's okay, you go ahead," He rushed to reply, gazing into her big green eyes like a total goof as he simply couldn’t help himself. One glance and he was whipped. Fallen right under her spell.

"A-are you sure?" She asked uneasily, uncertainity flickering within her mesmerizing green orbs.

"Yeah, it's no problem," He reassured her with a kind smile, feeling like gathering her within his arms and never letting go again for the rest of his days as her pouty lips formed another one of those heart-warming and absolutely sweet smiles, almost turning his knees into jelly.

"Thank you...” She sweetly said before turning back to face her friend again, that stupid little smile still etched onto his features as he still couldn’t believe it.

Holy shit.

He talked with her. He finally talked with her. And he didn’t scare her away!

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