His Human Soulmate

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3. Sparks

For the rest of the week, he couldn't stop thinking about her. Her sweet perfume, her beautiful eyes, all that taunting himself and his inner wild spirit, even keeping him awake at night for days on end, with each passing moment feeling himself even more and more drawn to her...

What was she doing to him? How could one, simple human being affect him so much and in such ways? Was the bond supposed to affect him so much even after such short time of knowing her?

He let out a tired exhale, those questions still attached to his mind as he mindlessly ambled towards his next course, continuously daydreaming as he entered the course room and took a random seat in the very front.

Then he grabbed his notebook and pen, barely aware when someone had taken a seat right next to him, only then finally aware as soon as that tantalizing scent suddenly hit his nostrils, making his breath hitch within his throat.

He rather timidly turned to steal a glance at her, only to notice her turning to look at him as well, her luscious lips curling up into a tiny and sweet smile as soon as recognition flashed within those doe eyes.

"Ooh h-hi again," She shyly greeted him, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Hi..." He almost whispered back in utter surprise, gulping as he forced himself not to stare.

What was she doing here? Was she a senior too? But if she was, how come he haven't seen her at any of his courses before?

"Guys, I hope you don't mind but you're gonna have to make some room for our freshman fellows. They'll be joining us for a few weeks since professor Singh is currently dealing with some private matters and the school board couldn't find someone to replace him in such short notice," Professor Snow suddenly announced, unintentionally also answering his unsaid questions.

"Thank you. Now, shall we begin?" Professor Snow added with a grin as his gaze swept over the sea of students, then turned to the white board and started to write down their lesson for the day, all the while Adrian sat there in his seat like a damn fool, still bewildered by the simple fact that his soulmate was sitting there, right next to him.

And during the entire class, he couldn't stop himself from constantly glancing at her, looking at that single strand that kept falling over the side of her face as she consciously took her notes and paid attention to their teacher, feeling his hands itch to touch her, trail his fingers over her mildly tanned cheek and tuck that rebel strand behind her ear. Yet he didn't dare for he did know of the possible disastrous outcome...

He could've scared her forever into thinking of him to be some sort of weird pervert and he most definitely didn't want that. He needed to be patient and careful if he wanted to make her fall for him.

He knew that humans didn't feel that soulmate pull like his kind did, hence he had to fight for her and make her fall in love with him before he could even dream of sinking his canines into that tender skin of hers and marking her as his, thus making her feel their bond too.

His eyes unintentionally trailed to that certain delicate spot between her neck and collarbone as he let himself think about that, feeling his gums ache as his canines threantened to extend and claim what was rightfully his.


He forcefully tore his gaze away from that deliciously inviting spot for he definitely knew that his eyes must've shifted to that wildly glowing golden.

No! Calm down, I can't scare her away!

He took a few slow and calming breaths, her affecting presence and amazing scent not really aiding his case either, almost failing to notice when the course had actually ended.

And with a few rapid blinks he snapped out of that trance and gathered his things, raising from his seat and like a true gentleman he patiently waited for her to get ready and start walking towards the end of the row.

However, as soon as she briefly stopped right at the end he saw her phone slip from her jacket pocket before she could even have the time to realize and swiftly caught it before it touched the floor, her eyes immediately widening at the sight, no doubt secretly marveled at the witnessing of his quick reflexes.

"Oh..." She stared at the way his large palm held her phone, actually seeming so tiny in his hands, compared to the way it usually seemed in hers.

Timidly raising her gaze to meet his, she expressed another smile as she gave him a "thank you".

Only the moment she finally dared to reach and grab it from his hand their fingers accidentally grazed, shots of electrifying sparks quickly travelling under his skin, making his heart beat faster and a sweet tiny tremor crawling up his spine, barely holding in that contented sigh that threatened to escape his sealed lips.

Sweet lord...

This girl was going to bring his early demise if she kept taunting him like that.

"I'm Natalie by the way," She suddenly said, taking him by surprise as she held out her hand for him to shake.

"Adrian," He quickly replied with a smile of his own, gently wrapping his fingers around her slender and small hand as beside of fearing of what those electric sparks could do to his wild spirit he also secretly felt a little scared of hurting her.

He knew that he was much more stronger than a regular human being, not to mention that she actually seemed so fragile...Maybe way too fragile for her own good. He couldn't even fathom how he would-

"Nice to meet you, Adrian," Her sweet voice caressed his eardrums again, drawing his attention back to her and thankfully putting an abrupt halt to that dangerous train of thoughts.


They suddenly heard a female voice call from somewhere close, his soulmate turning her head to look into the direction it came from, noticing one of her friends giving her a wave of their hand.

So with an apologetic smile she turned back to him.

"Bye Adrian, see you around,"

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