His Human Soulmate

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4. Watching her

His hot breath expelled in visible foggy clouds as it met the chilly air, staring the player from the other team dead in the eye as he knew the leader blood in him would definitely intimidate his opponent, even without having to use his strength.

And before the poor human male could even blink he snached the ball from his hands and bolted, throwing it all the way through the goal post, the small crowds of people casually watching their "friendly" game from the bleachers immediately erupting into a fit of cheering and shouts.

They've been playing for a while now and he was already starting to get a little annoyed by the humans' poor reflexes and strength. They were no match for him and his boys. It felt like they were playing with a bunch of preschoolers instead of fully grown young men like themselves.

Yet he couldn't help it since his family, JJ's and Brandon's were the only ones alike within the area. There were no other supernatural families in or at least close to their city. The rest of their relatives and family friends were mostly scattered aross the globe.

Drawing a generous intake of breath, he could feel her the moment she set foot somewhere close near the field, his inner wild spirit pulsing within his chest, his eyes already searching for her through the small groups of students.

His heart quickened up its pace as his wandering gaze finally found her making her way towards the bleachers, taking in her mildly shivering frame and noticing how she kept rubbing her hands from time to time and blowing warm breaths into them, no doubt her frail human body barely managing to keep its optimal temperature, unlike his naturally much stronger one.

He lightly smiled with adoration as he watched her, barely even paying attention to what was happening around him as he absently kept playing with the humans until JJ's stupid face suddenly appeared right in front of him, effectively blocking his view of her.

"Dude...Stop being so fucking obvious will ya? You have already scored like three touchdowns all by yourself!" He whisper-yelled at him in utter aggravation, only now starting to notice the way the rest of his team and their opponents were now looking at him.


"Sorry, guess I'm just a little too pumped up," He quickly shouted at his teammates with an uneasy grin.

"I'm gonna take a time-out now," He then jogged his way towards the bleachers, completely ignoring the way the boys were still staring at his retreating form until JJ drew their attention back to the game.

His own attention was still trained on that single human being that unknowingly held his heart in the palm of her small hand.

And with a timid smile he dared approach her, not failing to notice the way her lips mildly curled up as well as soon as she saw him coming.

"Hi," He awkwardly scratched the back of his neck, peering at her beautiful face.

"Hi," She responded with an equally shy tone, blowing another hot breath into her cold hands.

"Enjoying the game?" He casually said as he didn’t even know how to start a conversation without seeming weird.

"Yeah. Kind of," She lightly shook her head with a chuckle, making him smile even wider. She was just so damn cute!

"You were killing it back there, all by yourself," She said matter-of-factly, raising her arched brows.

"Yeah," He mumbled, lowering his gaze as he still felt a little guilty for being so reckless. He didn’t want to draw any more attention towards him and his boys as it was. He couldn’t risk exposing their secret to the humans for he knew how dangerous that could be for them and their families. They could even end up being hunted like savage animals since it was very well known that humans usually tended to fear what they didn’t understand.

"Don't you have to go back?" Her question abruptly brought him back to reality, his eyes shifting to peer right into hers.

"No, they kinda kicked me out for being hyperactive," He simply answered with a chuckle.

"Why? Do you want me to leave?"

"No! I-I mean, you can stay if you want to," She hurried to answer, also feeling a little embarrassed by her immediate reaction as she momentarily lowered her gaze and bit her lip.

Oh god.

He almost groaned out loud in utter frustration as he could feel his inner spirit reacting, driven crazy by that sole sensual action and her addictive presence altogether.

Watching her visibly shiver from the merciless evening cold, he could barely rein in that desperate need to wrap his arms around her and warm her up. So instead he clasped his hands at his back, forcefully holding himself in check as he worriedly gazed at her soft pink winter jacket and light blue jeans, knowing that they didn’t help much shielding her from the cold.

"Wow you're really cold, aren't you?"

Her doe eyes rose to meet his, hesitating to give him an answer even though it was pretty much obvious that she did.

So without wasting a single second he jogged to that spot on the bleachers where he had previously left his stuff and grabbed his varsity jacket, returning to her with it.

And before she could even protest he gently draped his varsity jacket over her shoulders, the girl however not failing to feel that heat radiating from his bulked-up body and alluring masculine scent, making her feel so weirdly drawn to him.

"So are you coming to that party tomorrow?"

She stupidly blinked a few times as she was still trying to recover from whatever had just happened, staring up at him as she fought for an answer.

"Hey Yeti, leave the girl alone!" Adrian suddenly heard JJ shouting from somewhere close, rolling his eyes in annoyance as he felt him approaching.

"Ma'am, is this guy bothering you?" JJ asked her with a stupid grin sprawled all over his features as he had stopped right next to him, lazily draping his arm over his neck, immediately feeling Brandon stopping close to his other side.

She lightly shook her head in response with a giggle as she peered at his friend, making Adrian feel a little jealous of their interaction.

"Natalie, meet my friends, JJ and Brandon," He rather flatly mumbled, making her smile in amusement at the sight of his annoyed expression.

"Hi, I'm Natalie but you can call me Nattie," She told them both with a cute smile, quickly moving her hands to grab a hold onto that large jacket draped over her body as it suddenly threatened to fall off and deprive her of that comfortable warmth.

"Well then, pleased to meet you, Nattie," JJ answered for the both of them with a small bow while Brandon simply stared, still somewhat bewildered by the simple fact that this little human standing right in front of them was their friend and leader’s destined one. This only meant one thing though; that there was still hope for his spirit too.

"Now if you will please excuse us," JJ suddenly said, taking them all by surprise as he took a hold of both his friends, starting to drag them away as he told her,

"We have a friend meeting and there is a strict rule that says "no girls allowed","

She only let out another amused giggle at the guy’s childish behavior and simply gave them a small wave as they all three gave her one last glance before walking away.

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