His Human Soulmate

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5. The Party

"Uuuh...Are you trying to get us caught?" JJ scooted closer to the front of the car to give Adrian a pointed look as soon as they had climbed in and closed the doors.

"I didn't..." He sighed, taking a moment to close his eyelids and rest his forehead against the steering wheel.

"I don't know what happened. She's just so..." He groaned in utter frustration, leaning back in his seat to rest his head against the headrest.

"She's driving me crazy. I've barely met her yet I already feel so...obsessed with her. I didn't know that the soulmate bond could be so strong, and with a human mate nonetheless," He mumbled, mostly to himself as the boys silently stared at him.

"Well you'll have to keep your little buddy in check if you don't want to screw us all, Alpha,"
Adrian scoffed at the sound of that title, lastly turning the key in ignition.

Even though he had recently found out that he was the one with the strongest wolf spirit -thus deemed to be the next leader in line- he had vehemently refused it. He didn't believe himself worthy enough of the title itself, let alone capable of taking life-altering decisions for their pack, if the situation requested of it.

Hell, he could barely rein in his wildling around his soulmate, how would he be able to lead and keep in line almost a hundred wolves scattered around the continent? And from a distance nonetheless.

He blew out a tired breath as they had already arrived at their dorm building, his mind still reeling after what happened back on that field, barely even aware of when he had reached his own dorm room. And after a quick shower he crashed in his comfy bed, all his dreams revolving around a single being; her.


Adrian turned off the engine after parking close to the sidewalk, the loud music coming from the large mansion situated right across the street being audible even inside his car, even though all the windows were rolled up.

"Boy, this party is packin'," JJ observed with a frown as he looked at the sea of cars casually parked in all kinds of positions down the street since the mansion's driveway was already full.

They all three climbed out of his car before he locked it, together walking towards the mansion's front entrance right after.

Loud music blared into their sensitive ears as soon as they stepped inside, accompanied by strong odors of human sweat, a multitude of different perfumes, alcohol and a few types of drugs as well, all way too overwhelming for a wildling's senses.
Fortunately, they had lived amongst humans long enough to dull their natural repulsion towards such things.

Few of their classmates rushed to greet them whilst the host offered them drinks, a group of girls even following them around the place as they took their time to mingle.

They could hear them giggling in the background from time to time and whispering amongst each other as they watched them like vultures, all too eager to gain their attention.

As if he would give them the time of the day, now that he had finally found her.

Adrian watched as a bolder one eventually approached, her misty gaze trained on him in a rather predatory way as she sashayed her way straight towards him.

“Can I have some that too?” She innocently asked as soon as she stopped right in front of him, pointing towards the cup in his hand whilst hopefully peering up into his eyes.

“Nope. Sorry,” He gently refused, giving her an apologetic smile before moving aside from his spot against the counter, his gaze briefly shifting to the other girls who were no doubt already waiting to try their luck with him tonight.

He sighed, approaching Brandon before he said to him,
“I’m going outside to get some air,”

“I’ll go with you,” He replied as they both shifted their gazes towards JJ, who was already busy flirting with a small group of girls.

They exited the spacious kitchen and crossed the living room area where people were dancing and generally fooling around, Adrian’s gaze fleetingly roaming around in a faint hope to spot his soulmate somewhere in the crowd before he eventually gave up and stepped outside to hang around by the pool.

They passed by and chatted with some of their friends for a while before he got really bored and started to unintentionally tune out their conversations as his mind kept trailing back to her, even feeling his inner spirit becoming a little lifeless within as he was really hoping that he would run into her here tonight.
He really wanted to see her again.
After all, it was the only reason behind his decision to attend this party.
And maybe, he wasn’t completely out of luck as he could suddenly feel that faint stir within himself before that familiar scent reached his nostrils from the sea of different odors.

His gaze instinctually trailed towards the source, feeling his breath hitch within his throat as soon as he watched her approach, greedily taking in her attire.

She wore a knitted blouse that loosely hung over her delicate shoulders and a plaid skirt, barely reaching her mid-thigh, her legs though covered by a pair of grey knee-high socks with lace endings, leaving only a small portion of bare skin showing, still just enough to keep him on edge and so eager to see more.
He could barely wait until that moment when he will be finally able to touch her and make her his.

He intently watched her, like a predator following its prey as she made her way towards a group of already drunken girls, her arms crossing over her chest in an obvious attempt to preserve some heat since her choice of clothing wasn’t exactly fit to shield her from the biting cold of the evening.
He lightly shook his head with disapproval as he watched her visibly shiver whilst talking with her friends, barely reigning in his primal instincts as they were pushing him to just go to her and trap her into his warm embrace; to protect her from the chilly air.

She will surely catch a cold if she keeps walking around like that.

He thought as he kept watching her talk with her friends for a few moments longer before she turned around and as soon as she casually noticed him standing there, she immediately started walking towards him with a tiny smile etched over her beautiful features.

His heart leapt and started to pump harder in anticipation, returning her smile whilst his inner wild spirit was practically jumping around inside of him with joy as he waited for her to circle the pool and reach him.

Yet she barely got halfway there when a drunken male suddenly appeared out of nowhere, blocking her way whilst trying to get her attention.

“Hey honey, where are you rushing to?”
Adrian listened in to the human male’s words.

“Ugh, not in the mood, Cam,” She flatly replied, giving him an annoyed look before trying to go past him.

“C’mon, at least have a drink with me first,” He insisted, making Adrian’s inner spirit go wild with anger as he noticed him taking ahold of her arm.

“No thank you,” She denied him, trying to free herself from his grip yet to no avail as he refused to let go.

“C’mon, you’ve been ignoring me ever since you got here,”

“I said I don’t want to, Cam,” She repeated, once again trying to free her arm whilst Adrian heatedly watched, ready to go right over there when a hand suddenly touched his shoulder, noticing it was Brandon the one who had touched him as soon as he turned his head to the side, giving him a mild shake of his head.

He was pretty much aware that he could draw unwanted attention, yet in that specific moment, he did not care. That idiot was bothering and touching his mate!

“Come on honey, let’s go have a drink,”

Adrian could feel his anger increasing tenfold, barely containing his wild spirit as he watched the drunken human male who kept touching and tugging at her arm even though it was pretty obvious she didn't want anything to do with him.

"Will you please let go of me," He heard her plead whilst lightly struggling to free herself from his hold, that distress in her voice tugging at that last string of control he had.

And before he could even realize what he was doing he had already stopped right in front of the said male, throwing a solid punch at his face and sending him flying into the pool.

He heard that gasp coming from her, noticing her staring a little shocked at Cam who was now struggling to get out of the freezing water before her doe eyes trailed back to him.

He lightly swallowed, struggling to mantain his cool stance as he rather timidly peered right back at her.

He could sense that thick silence that had fallen around them, feeling so many pairs of eyes trained on them yet he did not care.
His spirit was now calm and satisfied that he had saved his little soulmate.

"Are you okay?" He found the courage to ask after a little while, earning a small nod from her.

"Do you...need a ride home?" He awkwardly scratched the back of his head as he noticed her still staring at him without a single word.
"Or not..." He sadly mumbled, only to suddenly hear her finally answer,
"Actually, I kinda do..."

He immediately perked up at the sound of those words, his brows involuntarily raising up in almost disbelief as he most certainly did not expect her to be willing to ride with him. Not after what he had just done anyway.

"Okay..." He quietly mumbled out, noticing that she was still shivering from the cold night air.
So he took his jacket off and draped it over her bare shoulders, just noticing how perfectly she fit in between his arms. Like she was made for him and only him.

"Thank you..." She timidly whispered, his breath hitching in his throat as he watched those long lashes flutter over her emerald eyes, those taunting pouty lips so close to his as she gazed up at him.

He swallowed,

He took a moment to look into those beautiful eyes before his attention briefly averted to Brandon, earning himself an almost imperceptible nod as he gently placed a hand over the small of her back, coaxing her to walk away with him.
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