Taking A Shot ( Boston Series #1 )

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Amy Hayes has always been coddled by her parents and protected by her older brother. She is finally living her perfect life with her roommates at Boston University but it all comes crashing down when she finds her boyfriend of one-year cheating on her. Instead of crying and feeling sorry for herself she devised a plan. A revenge plan. But as they all best-laid plans go awry so did this one. She destroyed the wrong Porsche and it belonged to none other than Dean Hamilton. She had no idea who he was because she has never been to any hockey event of the Uni. Now, Dean Hamilton wants her to become his chauffeur otherwise he will report to the authorities. The biggest mistake of my life: I made a deal with the devil.

Romance / Humor
Sasha Dee
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Chapter 1 : Amy Hayes

Chapter 1: Amy Hayes

20th April 2019

Neil Morris is going to regret crossing me. Mark this date because today he is going to go down.

Two days ago I caught my cheating boyfriend red-handed with his dick in one of the football groupies mouth. When he saw me, he shoved the girl away and I wished she would have taken his dick with her teeth. Brutal, I know but I’m so angry at him. He made a fool out of me. We have only been dating for a year now but I deserved better than this douchebag.

I’m not going to bawl my eyes out for him because he doesn’t deserve my tears but I have all this pent up anger which is making my brain burn. So, I made a plan, to take revenge on my ex-man. The one thing that Neil Morris loves more than himself is his precious Porsche. Even though I have nothing against his car which has carried me to numerous places a countless number of times, someone has to give the sacrifice. Tonight is the night.

“Are you ready, Amy?”

My best friend and my partner in crime walk in my room looking like a goddess that she is. She has beautiful golden skin, dark black hair and brown eyes that knows all your secret. The girl is wicked smart and a total player. I don’t think any man or woman is capable of winning her heart. She is above us all.

“Damn girl. You look like you are ready for some action.”

Okay, I may not have Aisha’s goddess looks but I have my mom always told me that I have the face of an angel. I look at the mirror to admire my full look, a sleeveless black bustier bodycon dress goes well with my black leather jacket and boots. I tried to recreate Angelina Jolie’s Mrs. Smith look but no one can pull that look better the OG herself.

“I was going for subtler but then I realized this is MY revenge plan and I will fucking own it like a boss.”

Aisha was busy typing something on her phone but I know she is listening to me. We have been living together for two years now as roommates. I have an older brother who is on the hockey team of UMass and was very against the idea of me living off-campus. He’s a hypocrite idiot because he lives with his friends not a few blocks away from me. I’m grateful that he is not finishing his degree from Boston. I tried everything in my power and beyond until my sweet Dad agreed. My Dad comes from old money and he already had this apartment in his name so he just gave it to me. I try to pay him some rent money but he refuses every time. My Dad is a sweetheart and my favorite person in the whole world. Even though Shawn was always the star kid among the both of us, he always treated us equally.

“Mia just texted me that Neil just entered the bar with Andrea out of all the people. I hate this man so much. He knows you had a huge fight with Andrea in the freshman year. He’s an asshole.”

I curled my fist in anger. Andrea Leeds is my mortal enemy. The girl has always pretended to be a good girl when she is clearly not. She was always jealous of me and I don’t know what made her hate me but she is doing her best to show her hatred. Back in high school, she told everyone in the school that I used to bully and make snide comments on her looks and money. I remember how no one believed me in school because they already thought that I was a spoiled little brat. My parents were called and my dad took one look at my face which was enough to convince him of my innocence.

She started talking shit behind my back and gained all the sympathy from the teachers. My brother got into a huge fight because her boyfriend pushed me to the ground when I was shouting at Andrea for crossing her limits.

“I want him to suffer Aisha. My blood is boiling just thinking about them together. Let’s go before it’s too late.”

We called a cab and soon we were riding towards Michael’s Club where you can find almost every Boston student hanging out and drinking till the sun comes up. I climb out of the cab and my eyes immediately search for shiny precious than his own jewels Porsche. I can’t really remember his car number but it will hit me when I will see it.

“Amy...Bad news. Mia just texted me that Neil and Andrea are about to leave the club. You need to find his car fast and do your work on it faster.”

“Shit. Distract the guards.”

I run towards the parking area ignoring Aisha who was calling my name. The parking area was big as a field but I know Neil’s parking spot. This is going to be a piece of cake. I look around and there are hundreds of cars belonging to all kinds of automobile companies. I turn my phone torch on and look for the Porsche. I rest against a car for a few seconds and that is when I saw the shiny Porsche and I grinned evilly.

I took the knife and spray faint out of my bag and started chipping the black color off it. I shake the bottle before writing cheating asshole on it accompanied by some not so nice words. I pull back and admire my handiwork but I am still not feeling satisfied. I notice a metal rod lying there on the side like an offering. Something just went off as soon as I held the rod. I slammed it straight on the mirrors and the started denting the car as much as possible.

I quickly put my knife and spray back in the bag. I took my phone out and clicked a selfie just so I could remember this forever. After a few minutes, I sent a quick text to both Aisha and Mia and attached the selfie. I quickly scanned the place and notice some people coming towards the parking lot. I proceeded to run and only got two cars away when I get rammed right into a solid chest. I looked up and found myself staring at the most intense ivory-colored eyes I’ve ever seen. I swallowed but my throat was dry. I kept staring at his Adonis-like angular face, the sharp structured jaw, those full puckered red lips that I wanted to feel all over my body. He gave me the wickedest smile and said something like “Hey Gorgeous” but I’m not sure about it. The guy was built like an athlete or maybe he was and I just wanted to climb all his six foot two inches’ body.

The moment which went for a year in my head but it actually lasted for a few minutes before he dropped me to the ground in shock.

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