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Complicated Love

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Meet Elizabeth Jones, hardworking, kind, determined and extremely selfless. When Elizabeth's world ends up going haywire, as well as those involved in it, the only conclusion she could come up with would be the result of her life's demise, figuratively. Meet Cameron Dawson, The screwed up player. His life is far from perfect. Abusive home, struggles in school as well as the fact that his moved around quite a lot. How will he cope once he moved permanently back to his hometown? With secrets that will haunt him... Let's not forget the player he is... Throw in some girlfriends, and some pretending, some illnesses, some love, some confusion, some projects, some cheating as well as some nasty arrangements... How will these two end up falling in love with their complicated relationship? Let's see shall we?

Romance / Drama
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On a rainy day she sees a boy trying to comfort her. She cringes away from the boys attempts. It's not to say she doesn't appreciate it, but rather that the tears running down her eyes aren't meant to be seen,also she doesn't know this stranger. She thought she was alone,as she always is these days. For the past few weeks she's labelled this section of the park hers because no one really played or attempted to sit there. It was lonely and she found solace in a place that looked exactly like how she felt, this place automatically made her feel not do alone anymore,so when this strange boy ended up by her place she felt defensive.

"Hi," the strange boy said with so much enthusiasm, she couldn't help but let out a sound that's supposed to be a laugh yet with the hoarseness of her voice due to the crying, it ended up sounding like a snort. She couldn't care less though. This guy looks like dork anyway, she could beat him up with one hand. He reaches out once again to wipe the tear tracks off her face only this time he succeeds because she was so deep in thought. When he touches her, her instant response would be to grab his hand and punch him for being a brave dork but she's floored by his concern. Here is a guy who hardly knows her but looks so worried for her that it confuses her, it floors her and she doesn't know what to make of it. She's never met someone like him. He looks at her longing to take her pain away, his eyes shows how he wishes to make her feel better,and she realises she feels comforted,which is something she hasn't felt in a long time. When he sits next to her,she doesn't protest. She shifts a little providing him with space and she knows she wants this to lead somewhere. "Don't cry, my mom says that if someone cries they're sore. Are you sore?" he asks and suddenly she's laughing because that was such a dork thing to say and yet it's true. He just has the simpler version. She realises she hasn't said a word to this boy so she decides to change that, "it's just a family problem, I can handle it". He suddenly takes her hand and her immediate thought is 'cooties' because they're only 7 years old, so she retracts it immediately. When she looks up at him, she expects to see him angry at her reaction only to be stunned by his relaxed face that has a smile. "I'm Cameron," he says with his hand ready to greet her and she realises she wants this friendship.

"I'm Elizabeth. Liz in short."

History has been made. Each and every day they'd meet at 'their' place. Learn about each other. They became best friends. Until she learned he had to move, she made sure to spend as much time with him before he leaves. When he moved she never heard from him again leaving her once again lonely.

"Everyone leaves at the end of the day. "

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