Possession of the Heart

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David has always lived in the shadows. Always put his own needs last. He had watched his best friend fall in love and start a family but never thought he would ever be lucky enough to find someone who understood him. When Grace Carpenter, a well know journalist who has been after the mystery of Lucas Blake gets added to his hit list he thinks nothing of it. Nothing until he faces the one person he has never been able to pull the trigger on. Book 2 of His Possession series

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The Beginning

I wasn’t sure exactly how I ended up holding a screaming 1 year old but yet here I was. Chloe was mad, and not just a little. Lucas had brought her with him to the club but what turned into a quick in and out turned into his attention being needed. Looking down at Chloe I arched my brow. “I thought we were better than this little girl.”

Chloe paused from her crying looking up at him her lip still quivering. “Daddy.”

I stood up walking her to the glass windows that overlooked the club. “He is down there do you see him?”

Chloe turned toward the window then looked back up at me. She still had a huge frown on her face but she stopped crying. Turing away from the window I went and sat down sitting Chloe on my knee. “So you’re really not going to talk to me?”

I waited untill Chloe looked up at me before I made a sad face at her. Chloe giggled reaching up grabbing at my face as she turned to stand on my lap. I couldn’t help but laugh at her. Chloe was trying to claw my frown and turn it upside down.

“Chloe Blake are you giving your Uncle David a hard time?”

Carefully placing Chloe on the floor I watched as she ran not so gracefully to her momma. “Please after working for your husband a one year old is a piece of cake.”

We both laughed as Chloe turned around to look at me. I had a feeling that we would all have our hands full with that one when she was older. She was already spoiled rotten. Reaching down Taylor swooped her daughter up.

“I told Lucas to leave her with me but you know how he is.” Taylor looked over at me rolling her eyes.

I shrugged at her laughing. I knew how Lucas was with both her and Chloe. He swore he would be the best father and husband he could be. He never wanted to see them suffer or end up where he once was. That was probably Lucas’s biggest fear, he was afraid something would happen to them. He didn’t care about what gang he pissed off, he didn’t mind telling the mafia no, and he damn sure didn’t care about the cops. Let something happen to Taylor, he would lose his shit.

Watching Taylor grab Chloe’s bag I listened to her but I also wondered if I would ever be lucky enough to find a woman that could put up with me and my world. Being Lucas’s right hand man wasn’t easy, in fact it had broken up several of my past relationships. No one could get why I put Lucas first. They didn’t know our past, didn’t know if it wasn’t for him I’d be dead somewhere. I owed him everything.

“David are you listening to me...I think you’ve been around Lucas too long.”

I looked up at Taylor rolling my eyes, “I hear you and yes I’ll be there for supper tonight.”

Taylor smiled at me walking closer and leaning down so Chloe could place a kiss on my cheek. “Good cause I’d kick your ass if you bailed on me again. Chloe tell Uncle David bye bye.”

Chloe waved at me telling me bye in her half English half gibberish language. I loved that little girl. Even though Lucas and I were not biologically related we did think of each other as brothers. Hearing Chloe call me Unky Davy for the first time about broke my heart, not that I’d let anyone see it on the outside. Chloe however knew she had me just as wrapped around her finger as her daddy.

Walking down to the bar I arched my brow at the look Lucas shot me. “Bar is short again.”

I shook my head. We had know for a few weeks that the bar wasn’t adding up at the end of the night but Lucas had never been a stickler untill the shortage rose from a mere 20 to now over a thousand in a night. They were pretty sure who was stealing too. What aggravated me the most was it wasn’t a new employee, it was Rosa. One that had been around for years. I wanted to think she was going through hard times but he knew better. Rosa had a gambling problem, one he had to report just last week to Lucas.

They had gathered all the bar employees and let them know that they were aware of the situation. Lucas didn’t just want to fire her but now that she was still stealing after he had given her a chance I knew that she was gone.

“I’ll make the call for her to come in. Will I need a crew?” My question while simple carried so much weight. It asked are you simply firing her or will things get ugly.

Lucas looked up at me shaking his head, “no that won’t be necessarily but I do have something I want to talk to you about afterwards in my office.”

I nodded walking off pulling my cell out of my pocket. That couldn’t be good, the tone in his voice alone told me he was aggravated. Calling Rosa I half expected her not to answer but right before I thought her voicemail would kick in I heard her pick up. The wail of a screaming baby in the background gave me pause but I knew I had to look past that. “It’s David. Lucas has called another meeting. Can you come in around 2?”

Rosa agreed hesitantly saying she would have to find a babysitter but would be there. He did feel a little sorry for her. She was a single mother with 5 kids. However he didn’t feel that sorry for her. She had 5 kids with 5 different baby daddies. Stairsteppers with her youngest being only a couple of months old. He understood shit happened but you have to take responsibility for your own actions sometimes. That’s exactly how I ended up in foster care. My mom had too many kids and cared more about drugs and her boyfriend of the minute to care about us.

I sighed, I only remembered one of my siblings. He was older, had always tried to take care of me the best he could. Oh I remembered others but Daniel had stuck out the most. One day he was gone and it wasn’t long after that my mother dropped me off at school and never came to pick me up.

Years of searching for my brother came up a dead end, literally. Daniel had died when he was 16 in a traffic accident. I had reached out to his foster parents but they didn’t have any information to give me and even with our best guys I had been unable to locate my mother. Best I could tell was she had went back to Mexico. My other siblings I had looked up once, found all but one. They all had a semi normal life and I had decided to take a step back and disappear.

When Rosa arrived Lucas didn’t take her to his office but sat her at the bar. I leaned against the wall listening to the woman cry and try to come up with a thousand excuses. She had fessed up easily enough but her excuses were all fake. I watched with mild amusement as Lucas gave her no mercy turning a deaf ear to her. He had heard it all too many times to count. After dealing with the underground side of the club this was nothing.

Upstairs in Lucas’s office I sat down looking up as Lucas handed me a tumbler of scotch. He sat down sighing. “I have a problem.”

I took a sip frowning, “what kind of problem?”

Lucas slid a newspaper in front of me. I looked down seeing in big bold letters, “Who Is Lucas Blake?” Scrolling down I saw the name Grace Carpenter. “Shit,” I mumbled. I recognized the name. This wasn’t the first time she had wrote about him. She was a well know up and coming journalist and it looked like she was going to try and make her career move by trying and exposing Lucas.

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