Possession of the Heart

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Planning a hit wasn’t quick and easy. It wasn’t something you could accomplish in a night. Well not if you wanted to remain out of jail. Even though I had already planned Grace’s hit I sat rethinking it. When I had originally planned her hit she hadn’t been on to me, or at least I hadn’t thought she had. She still didn’t know how deep in she actually was but she was now watching me, that I was sure of.

My original idea still wasn’t bad but I began to wonder if her death shouldn’t look like a robbery gone bad, maybe even a suicide. Nothing seemed to fit. Normally planning hits clicked into place like a puzzle piece. Grace, well she was a piece that seemed to be out of place.

Lucas wasn’t the only one who’s file we had recovered and I honestly didn’t know how the woman was even breathing right now. She had a lot of bits and pieces on a lot of different people. Maybe because she waited untill she had all the facts to publish anything. Except with Lucas it seemed. She had put a target square on her back and for what? Did people truly care who Lucas was.

I had found out the answer to that was no. Lucas kept his outside appearances clean. He donated to charity, he contributed to the community, he had even sponsored a little league team or two. Only certain cops messed with him. Ones he had pissed off or ones who were looking for their way to the top. We both had been dragged in and out of jail so much that we didn’t really think I much about it anymore.

Taylor would always tell us we liked being bad boys. Lucas always rolled his eyes at her but I would remind her she liked bad boys apparently. I smiled just thinking of the face she would give me.

Grace’s words interrupted my thoughts. Why did I protect Lucas? People assumed I was just some lackey assistant to him. I guess I was in a way, being his right hand man had its perks though. Lucas paid me well, he paid me more than generously for both jobs actually.

We had talked about possibly stepping down from the underground side of things later on but we both knew that it would be hard to go straight. Lucas and I had sat down and debated about how much we would actually clean up when Chloe was born and while we had great ideas they just didn’t pan out. No Lucas was in too deep and even I didn’t want to fully back out.

To be honest I loved the thrill. With Grace though, I couldn’t find the usual excitement. What the hell was wrong with me? I knew I was attracted to her, I just didn’t understand why. She clearly had to go, or at least be persuaded to back off. However I knew she would never back off, she would only want it harder. Plus I doubt I could convince Lucas to let her go. If she would have just kept Chloe and Taylor out of it.

I needed a break, I needed to let off some steam. Normally I would just go talk to Lucas but I couldn’t talk to him about her. I rarely went to any other bar besides the one at the club but I found myself needing space. There was a small bar not far from my house. O’Gradys. It was perfect, small, dark, and not frequented by many. In fact it was usually filled with older gentleman just wanting away from their wives.

As I walked in I nodded at O'Grady himself as he looked up at me. He knew my drink of choice and had it poured and ready by the time I made it to him. Nodding at him I took a seat in a corner booth. I usually chose this booth because it allowed me to see the room infront of me. I could see who came and who went. Today I chose it because it was the darkest corner in the whole bar.

My attention wasn't focused on the room in front of me, no my focus was on the drink that sat in front of me. Kicking it back I wasn't suprised at the refill that appeared in front of me. I barely paid attention to the girl who slipped my used shot glass from the table.

"Funny I never thought you'd go to another bar to drink when you had the club."

I looked up smirking at Grace as she slid in the bar beside me. "So who's the stalker now?"

Grace laughed sipping the beer in her hand. “I come here occasionally. To get away or to meet up with a source.”

Shaking my head I threw back my shot, “great so now everyone here will think I’m a snitch.”

“Well you could give me some info while I’m sitting here,” she said looking at me seriously.

I shook my head, “why are you so hell bent on going after Lucas? There are bigger fish out there.”

Grace snorted, “Lucas Blake is a pretty big fish don't you think?"

Shrugging I nodded at the girl who quickly replaced my empty shot glass. To call her a girl was being nice. She was in her forties but had obviously lead a rough life. Focusing back on Grace I shook my head, "compared to some I suppose. You want information on him? I'll give you some. He is very protective over his family."

Reaching up and sliding her glasses back up her nose she nodded, "understandably."

I sighed a little disappointed that she didn't give me anything to figure out why she followed Taylor. Perhaps she had followed Taylor to simply see if she was involved but she still crossed the line. Even Lucas's enemies had left Taylor alone.

Grace looked over at me. "What about you? Don't you have anyone you are protective of?" She glanced down at her drink, "I mean besides Lucas and his family."

When she looked back up at me I looked straight at her, "Lucas is my family Grace."

She looked down, "are you sure he feels the same about you?"

I thought back to when I was shot rescuing Lucas and nodded, "absolutely."

Grace sighed aggravated, "ok well answer me one more question." She lifted her hands in defense, "it's not about Lucas. It's not about my journalism."

Curious I nodded, "go ahead."

Grace blushed as she starred at the glass she was playing with in her hands. "Why did you kiss me?"

I smirked, "Did you not like it?"

Grace's mouth dropped, "yes...I mean no. Don't avoid my question?"

"So yes you liked it? Or no you didn't like it?" I asked.

"Mr. Rodriguez, can you be serious for one minute?"

"You tell me. You're the investigator right?" I replied.

Grace sighed, "no more than you." She looked up, "Say I'm wrong. I'm sure you have to do your fair share of research."

I smiled, "I kissed you because I wanted to Grace. I don't do anything I don't want to. I'm sorry if it displeased you."

"I didn't say it displeased me," Grace said looking down.

Standing up I looked over at O'Graddy. I kept a running tab and with one nod of my head he knew I'd catch up with him later. Grace was looking up at me as I winked at her, "I'll be seeing you around Grace."

Next time I saw her it would be to complete my mission. Tonight had been a nice suprise. She was a charming girl. Too bad. I had a feeling I could have a lot of fun with her.

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