Possession of the Heart

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All Me

Grace Carpenter was a creature of habit. I found she rarely did anything out of the norm and when she did it was to meet up with her sources. Following her just a few days I figured out who a couple of them where. Some surprised me some didn’t. None of them seemed to be her contact that was giving her info about Lucas. Maybe the cop but what did they even really know.

Lucas was being patient with me, he trusted me to get the job done. I knew that it would be best for all involved for me to just bite the bullet and get it over with. Easier said than done but I was tired of her dancing through my head.

I had a routine, I followed it each and every time I did a hit. My morning started with coffee. Plain, black coffee. I don’t know why but it has become a habit. My usual morning breakfast would be skipped. Just me, my coffee, and the morning newspaper.

The newspaper wasn’t the best idea, not when Grace’s name was splattered throughout it. I ignored it, only glimpsing at her headliners to make sure they weren’t about Lucas or the club. Thankfully she was focused on politics today.

I had actually chosen to stay at the house last night and not the apartment. I had more weapons here hid and for today’s mission I wouldn’t use my normal pistols. No I had special ones for causes like this. Ones that I didn’t care if I had to chunk in the river.

Maybe I had seen Hitman too many times or maybe I was just used to wearing suits in the club but I always wore suits on hits. I always joked with Lucas that we dressed for success. I think it just made us feel more professional. Thug wasn’t a word we liked associated with us.

Normally I would be either at the club or doing other errands but not today. No on days with a big hit I took off, if you could even call it that. Lucas didn’t care if I came in or not. Some days I spent the whole day running around doing whatever wild idea came to my mind.

For lunch I had eaten a simple toasted sandwich. No chips or fries, just the sandwich. I never could eat before a hit. It was easier in the beginning to skip a meal so you wouldn’t be tempted to throw it back up. Now I skipped it because it was part of my ritual. Couldn’t mess with rituals.

I waited till dark to head to Grace’s apartment. If asked I couldn’t really say what I did all day. Besides leaving to go pick up lunch I didn’t go anywhere. Would anyone even understand if I was to tell them I was going over my plans almost as if a detective goes over a crime scene? Looking at all angles, all things that could possibly go wrong.

My fist idea has been to shoot her. Snipe her in the head from across the street but no that was too much. Would heat things up too much. I even considered strangling her but still that would have people looking for leads. None of that would work. She needed to committ suicide. That I could handle easily, wouldn’t be that messy, and wouldn’t lead back to Lucas or me in any way.

Suicide, it was the only answer that fit the puzzle. Oh and I had a good one for her. She liked to live on the edge so on the edge she would find her death. Suicides in a way were messier than just killing a target. Do you leave a note? Do you leave it up to debate.

Plus with suicide things had to be a little more up close and personal. The victim knew there time was limited and could act erratic. A fight usually perused but Grace wasn’t anything he was or would be worried about.

Grace lived in a nice set of apartments not that far from my own. The entrance was only accessed by a code that was different for every individual there. I had planned my entrance well. A popular socialite lived in the same apartments and she was usually dressed to kill. Without fail I caught her as she exited the limo.

“Camille, looking good as always,” I said looking her up and down more for her benefit than mine.

A smile popped on her face, “David? What are you doing here?”

Taking her by the arm I escorted her to the lobby door stepping in. “I was visiting an old friend and saw you. It’s been a minute since you’ve been to the club. Maybe I can hook you up with some VIP passes.”

Just as he hopped she entered her code not thinking twice as he walked through the now unlocked doors with her. “Could you? That would be great!” Her excitement was not uncalled for. She hadn’t been able to go back to the VIP section since she tried to do a lap dance on Lucas one drunken night.

Thinking of it made me laugh but I nodded. “Oh I’m sure Lucas has forgiven you by now. After all he has a wife and daughter to worry about.”

Camille and I chatted past the front lobby and I didn’t leave her untill we came to the elevators. I told her to go ahead that I needed to make a call first. Once the elevator doors shut separating us I went to the stairs and made my way up an insane amount of stairs. I had already taken out the service cameras, even now they had a repair call in but it wouldn’t come in time.

Stepping out on Graces floor I was pleased to find it empty. It didn’t take long for me to pick a lock but I also didn’t want any distractions. The click of her door let me in to her home and as I shut the door I was hit by the scent of Jasmine. It seemed to radiate throughout the entire apartment.

As I did my sweep for hidden cameras or other devices I took her house in. She decorated in what a lot of people were calling gaudy chic. It reminded me of old Hollywood mixed with the medieval era in a way. How I even knew the term gaudy chic had to have been Taylor and her dining room conversations.

Grace’s apartment wasn’t big. A simple two bedroom one bath apartment. Her living room lead out to a balcony that over looked part of the city and that was to be her last view. One last goodbye to New York.

When Grace unlocked her front door she had no clue someone was hiding inside. I watched from the shadows as she locked all four locks to her door before throwing her briefcase and laptop on the closest chair. She let out a sigh as she headed back to her room signaling the long day she had and I couldn’t help but think it’s all over now.

I needed her relaxed and comfortable. In silence I waited as she bathed and changed into a long T-shirt and panties. Not what I had expected from her but who was I to judge. She had turned on some soft music from her Alexa before she walked to her kitchen to retrieve a glass of wine. She never noticed I had unpacked her laptop and has it sat on her coffee table. I needed to quickly type up her note and get out after she fell. Things would go crazy after that.

As if a shadow I fell in step behind her as she went to walk into her second bedroom she used as an office. The poor girl never knew I was there untill my hand went across her mouth and my fun was pressed into her side. “Guess I’m the stalker after all.”

Grace went into full panic mode. Her drink fell to the flow as she started clawing at my hands but my words seemed to freeze her. “David?” She mumbled out from under my fingers.

I nodded not caring that she was missing it, “you’ve messed with the wrong people Grace. If you’d have just left his wife and child alone maybe things could have been different for you.”

Once again Grace tried to fight against me but as I stuck the gun harder up against her until she let out a cry. Not in the mood for dramatics I lead her toward the living room and the sliding glass door that lead to her balcony.

“David,” she cried. David please talk to me. We can work this out. I was never going to bring them into it. I just...” she let out a sigh. “David please don’t do this.”

Funny how even the hardest begged at the end. It was something I had come to expect. The ones who cussed me till the end I respected them a lot. Defiant till the end. As I reached out to open the sliding glass door Grace quit walking and stood like a rock.

“Come on sweetheart,” I whispered to her, “it’s time for some fresh air.”

Pushing her through the door I had to almost drag her to the walls of her balcony. Knowing she had nowhere to go I released her. “Scream and I’ll just shoot you now.”

Grace was shaking tears rolling down her face, “David please we can come to an agreement. We can talk this through.”

I laughed, “I’m not stupid Grace. After this you’ll be hell bound and this time you will drag me down with Lucas.” Nodding at the bench she had pushed up against the wall I nodded at her, “up you go.”

Grace looked at the bench then back up at me in horror as she realized my intent. Surprising me she turned to face me wrapping her arms around me. “David you can’t do this. Did that kiss mean nothing to you?”

Shaking my head I took her shoulders pushing her off me. “Now Grace really I expected better from you.” Pointing my gun at her I nodded back at the bench, “no more games. You had to know this was coming.”

Grace let out a shaky breath and as I cocked the gun more for the effect than need. She hesitantly jumped up and stood on the bench before she took her glasses off holding them tightly in her hand. “David please? Tell me you haven’t been able to forget that night. Tell me I’m not the only one who’s been reliving that moment.”

I ignored her words, “come on Grace. I expected you to go out with a little fight, not try to lie your way free.”

Grace’s hand shook as she pointed in her apartment. “Go look in my notebook in the pocket of my laptop bag. You will see. Would you really kill me for him? Did you not feel a thing?”

Why I wasn’t sure but I reached up dragging her off the bench. “This better be good Grace or I’ll throw you over the mother fucking balcony myself.”

I held on to her firm but as promised she went straight to her bag pulling out a blue notebook. As she flipped though it I could hear the soft sobs of her crying. “Look.” She pointed, “do you think I would have down this for no reason.”

I looked down shocked at what I saw. It was something you’d expect more from a teenage girl. She had wrote my name over and over. All different ways, different sizes, even different colors. Hearts were scattered throughout the page. Looking up at her I frowned, “this means nothing Grace.”

My word stung her and even as I said them I knew it was lies. Had she been as stuck on me as I had been on her? Was this just a trick she had set up in the chance I did come after her?

I was ripped from my thoughts by her grabbing my face and kissing me hard and passionately. As we separated she looked at me sadly, “tell me you didn’t feel that David. Tell me this is all me.”

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