Mated to the Alpha's Bodyguard

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Victor Romanov had always served by his best friend's side. He and his friend Ashton Lowell had been close since birth; brothers not by blood, but by a bond stronger than that. What happens when his friend's potential mate turns out to be Victor's?

Romance / Fantasy
Saoirse Rose
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

~Victor's POV~

The cold and wintry air nipped at the back of the exposed skin of my neck. I take my lower lip between my teeth as I flipped my jacket collar up in futile attempt to stave off the frostbite that could start setting in. I then jammed my hands into my pockets as I glanced up before putting my head back down.

Meetings like this have never been my favorite, yet they were critical and crucial to our pack. They were the basis of nearly everyday since the day I had been born; more so for my best friend Ashton. He was the alpha and it suited him perfectly.

I don't think we'll find our mate, Polaris said, we'll be alone for another year.

I shook my head, partially ignoring my wolf, but he had a point; I was turning twenty five in two weeks and everyone but myself had found their mate, excluding Ashton. I gave a soft sigh, watching my breath appear. I chuckled softly and shook my head again; I was so easily amused at times.

Did you remember to take your Adderall, Polaris grunts, Ashton's going to need you focused.

I know! I know, Polaris, I sigh as I quickened my pace. I shook my head and sighed softly, wishing that I could just be normal. I grunt as I jump over a fallen trash can.

In my hastened state I didn't notice those around me nor if anyone was walking. I didn't even know I had ran into anyone until the two of us were on the ground. I gave a groan as I rubbed where my head had harshly hit the ground.

"Are you alright, Hun," a soft voice asked me, "Your part of the fall looked to be more damaging than mine.".

I gave another soft groan, waiting as my vision readjusted. Once it was focused I finally noticed the young lady sitting near me. Heat rushed to my cheeks, ears and nose.

"Yeah," I quietly said, "my head will hurt for a while, but I'll be alright.".

She gave a soft smile before she placed one of her hands on mine. Her eyes seemed to be more caring than she was letting on, but I wasn't going to argue with a stranger nor was I going to let this get under my skin.

I slowly rose to my feet, then I fell back to my ass. I gave a growl in protest as I looked my right boot, feeling the swelling despite the tightness I always kept them. I shake my head, sighing softly.

You're a dumbass, Vic, Polaris snorted, walking on broken ankle? You're a special kind of stupid, Jackass.

I softly sigh as I put my head in my hands, then I softly whined. Polaris was either agreeing with me or he criticized me; he was very judgemental at times. I glanced to the woman whom I hand run into, apologizing to her, "I'm sorry I wasn't watching where I was going; I'm Victor.".

The young lady smiled softly, placing a strand of her hair behind her left ear. She had a light blush on her beautiful cheeks as she spoke, "My name's Adrienne; Adrienne Blackburn.".

I gave her another smile, brows furrowed as I glanced into her eyes. Adrienne gave another smile before she slowly stood up, offering a hand to me. She hummed softly, "Let's get that ankle looked at.".

What will Ashton think when I don't show up to the meeting?

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