Luna With Green Eyes

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Chapter 3

It felt like we had been walking for hours in the woods, the rest of Luca's pack stayed in wolf form. It was just easier for them, but me and Luca stayed in human form. Before he said "Shift."

I stayed silent, which was not to his liking. He turned towards me "Shift!" He shouted, which turned some of the heads of his pack members. I started trembling from fear of what he could do to me before I could say anything he tightens his hand on my wrist which I knew would leave a bruise later on.

He dragged me behind a big beautiful pin tree, pushing my back up against it. Clinching his big hand tightly around my delicate neck. "You will obey me, or so help me I'll fuck you right in front of my whole pack." He said glaring at me, his sweet breath hitting my face. My body couldn't help but get excited from his words. I knew he smelt my arousal, I could feel the heat coming off his body.

He bent down to my ear and whispers softly "Do you like that idea Cressa?" He said seductively, pulling my thigh up to his side. I couldn't say anything, my head was dizzy, his just so intoxicating to me. I feel like no matter what he does to me, my body would love it.

He looked deep into my eyes then, it was like he knew everything about me. He brought his face close to mine, our noses touching "You are mine you will do what I say.." He brushed his lips against mine causing my body to shiver with pleasure.

I hated that I wanted him so bad, I hated that my body reacted to him. This was something I never felt before, it was hard to fight back.

"Now, I will only say this one more time, shift." He continued to look deep into my eyes as I could only nod to him in response.

He let me go watching me intently "I won't run away, I made a promise to you. I always keep my promises." I said looking up at him, bringing my hand to my chest.

"I can't trust you Cressa." He said coldly which broke my heart slightly, I hate this mate bond whatever he says or does will affect me.

"Can you please turn around then so I can take off my clothes," I say softly not wanting to anger him, but failed.

He stomps towards me grabbing my hand that was on my chest "You will not give me orders! If I want to see your body, I will rip off the cloths myself!" His eyes went black which meant his wolf was in control.

"I wasn't trying to give orders! I was only asking!" I said going lower on the tree showing submission.

He glared at me for a minute before saying "You better shift, leave your clothes here, you won't be needing them." He threw my hand away which caused me to squeal slightly, but he didn't care.

Before I could say anything he left me there, I didn't want to anger him any more than I already had. So I started taking my clothes off in a hurry, I closed my eyes relaxing my body so my wolf could come out.

Once I opened my eyes I was seeing everything from my wolf's point of view.

"I'll take it from here Cressa.," Cara said taking control as I watched from the back of our mind.

"Alright, thanks Cara." I sighed softly watching as she moved from behind the tree.

In my opinion, my wolf is gorgeous, she has a white grayish coat which is really soft might I add. She also has piercing blue eyes that stand out from all the white.

After we came out from behind the tree, I could see that Luca already shifted. His wolf was still breathtaking to me and I knew Cara felt the same.

Luca came up to us with confidence, Cara didn't back down either. Which I thought was really brave of her. He sniffed us behind the ear which Cara was getting excited about.

It was when he moved away I could see his wolf was in control as well.

Cara started wagging our tail slightly showing she was excited. Though Luca's wolf acted like he didn't care. He just brushed our shoulder, telling us to walk beside him.

Since everyone is in wolf form now, we were moving faster. Though I could tell it will take a day to get back to Luca's packhouse since the sun is already rising.

A few hours passed and I could tell that everyone was getting hungry.

"Do you think he'll stop for a hunt?" I said still watching everything from the back of our mind.

"I'm not sure, our mate confuses me." She said honestly looking at him from the side, we haven't left his side since we shifted.

"Maybe we should then," I said boldly which surprised Cara.

I'm sure she thinks, why would I want to help the pack that most likely killed many of my own pack mates. Even if I do feel that way, I'm not one to starve others just because they did me wrong. The pack itself didn't even really do it personally, they were only following their alpha's orders.

Cara gave a wolfy grin saying "I'm always up for a good hunt."

I smiled watching her use all our senses to track down big game. She stopped walking once she heard hooves in the distance, which caused Luca's wolf to stop, noticing that our presence was gone.

Since Luca stopped the rest of the pack did as well, watching their alpha.

Cara didn't care that Luca's wolf was looking at us intensely, she was in full predator mode. Once she gets like this no one can get her out, even I can't.

She flattened our ears and started stalking slowly into the woods where the hove sound was coming from.

I was surprised Luca's wolf didn't do anything, he just watched us. Once we went deeper into the woods Luca started following after us, but Cara didn't pay any attention.

Cara started crouching down which meant we were right on top of our pray. It was a herd of deer, perfect for the pack.

Luca came up beside us, understanding what we were finally doing. We could hear the other pack members behind us.

Cara finally looked at Luca who nodding his head agreeing to let us start the chase. I could tell Luca's wolf was still in control, I wondered if Luca himself would of let us go first.

Cara looked back at the herd getting ready to pounce, once one of the deer cracked a twig. Cara leaped into the air landing on one of the bucks before they could start running.

After Cara started Luca's wolf went in after her, so did the rest of the pack.

Cara clamped her jaw around the bucks neck bringing him down to the ground quickly. Cara could feel his life draining from him as his body went limp.

Cara pulled back once she knew he was dead. She looked around at the other pack members taking down deer together.

It was then she noticed Luca's wolf had been watching us the whole time.

"Did he watch us take it down?" I said curious, watching him from across the meadow.

"I think so, our mate looks rather proud.." She perked up her ears showing him that she can see him watching us.

He starts to stalk over to us proudly, alpha's usually want a strong female to help run their pack. Showing him that we just took down a buck all by ourselves shows him were strong. Which means we will have strong pups...

I completely forgot about pups, but before I could think more about it Luca's wolf was standing right in front of us.

He moved around us, check us out from every angle. It was then that I could smelt his arousal.

It wasn't uncommon for mates to well, mate in wolf form, but I wasn't gonna stand there even if Cara wanted it.

I took control before Cara could give off the same scent, watching as Luca struggled with his wolf. Luca gained control and looked at my kill, walking over to its belly.

I looked out to the other wolves seeing them eat their kill. It looked like two wolves eating one deer from what I could see. I'm guessing they don't want to wast anything.

My pack did the same, so I let Luca eat my kill with me even though I did all the work.


After we all had our fill we continued towards Luca's packhouse this time running with full belly's. I could see the other wolves getting excited to go back home.

All I could do was look down, wondering how my life would be now. I started to think about my family and how they were doing...I hope dad's ok. I couldn't hold back a whimper that came out, not knowing how their doing kills me. My family were my everything, and now they're gone.

I could sense Luca looking at me, I'm guessing it was because of my whimper. I just continued to run with all my being, hoping that the run could make me forget.

A couple hours passed before I could see a packhouse up ahead and little houses surrounding it. I saw people coming out to welcome their loved ones back home.

I started to slow once we started getting closer, watching other wolves shift and embrace their loved ones made me happy and sad.

Luca shifted once we were almost at the packhouse, I was going to shift too but Luca said: "Don't shift yet, follow me." He started heading in a different direction from the packhouse which confused me but I followed him.

We stopped at a house that was about as big as my old one. Luca walked inside holding the door for me to come in. I hurried onto the steps and hesitated before going into the house. I've never gone into a house in my wolf form before, it felt disrespectful.

Luca noticed my hesitation "You're fine, come in." I looked up at him surprised that he said such sweet words before walking in.

Luca let go of the door once I walked in "Shift." He said before going upstairs, I watched him go up as I started to shift back to human form.

I was on my knees covering my chest looking around before he started coming back downstairs wearing some shorts. He stopped on the last step looking at me shocked like he had just seen me for the first time.

I looked up at him nervous and exposed "Is something wrong?" I said timidly looking up at him, he had a pair of clothes in his hands.

He blinked, coming back to his senses "No, follow me." He said coldly before walking back up the stairs.

I got up quickly following after him, my arms still over my breast. He stopped at a door and opened it, walking in I followed after him.

"This is our room, you will be sleeping in here with me." He said sternly like I was a pup, I nodded to him as I watched him throw the clothes onto the bed "You can wear those, but first you need a shower." He opened a door on the right leading to what looked to be a bathroom.

I nodded my head again and said: "Alright thank you." I lowered my head in submission as he walked pasted me leaving the room with a slam, which caused me to jump a little.

I grabbed the clothes that looked to be a big T-shirt and shorts and walked into the bathroom. It was a big bathroom, I didn't think it would be this big. I decided to look around before getting into the shower, it had a stand-in shower and a hot tub looking bathtub on the other side of the room.

It also had a walk-in closet on the right, but since I saw all I wanted I put the clothes down and hopped into the shower. It felt so nice to just relax in the hot water. The only shampoo I saw was for men, liked I cared anyway.

After my shower, I dried my body and hair with a towel that was hanging on the rack. Then put on the clothes Luca gave me, I looked at myself in the mirror for a bit thinking I might be crazy.

Even after everything Luca has done to me, I haven't gotten mad at him for any of it.

I placed my hands on the countertop of the sink looking down, crying softly so he couldn't hear me.

I've never been an angry person, the last time I remember getting really angry was when I was little. It was because dad didn't tell me goodbye before he left in the middle of the night. My poor mom couldn't handle me because it was so out of character of me, but once my dad came home he put me in my place and I never got that upset again.

I took a deep breath and wiped my tears away, putting on my game face before walking out of the bathroom to find Luca sitting on the bed. I froze not sure what to do before he got up and grabbed me by the waist which caused my body to shiver in pleasure.

Luca buried his face into my neck, running his nose alongside my neck and shoulder taking in my scent.

"Luca." I breathed out my body getting excited from him being near, I hated how breathless he made me from just simple touches.

He tightened his grip on my waist which caused me to yelp slightly, his eyes darkened as I heard a low growl coming from his chest. I looked up into his face seeing that he was fighting with himself "Get out of the way." He said with a low growl, dropping his arm from my waist.

I looked at him in shock a bit before moving to let him pass, he shut the door with a loud slam which caused me to close my eyes.

I sigh heavily laying back on the bed, listing to the sound of the shower running. I got up under the covers closing my eyes, hoping to fall asleep before he came out, but to my surprise, he came out wearing a towel.

I looked over to him, laying on the bed to see heat coming off his body "I can't take it anymore, the feeling to make you mine is killing me." He came over to me in werewolf speed, ripping the covers off of me.

"Luca?!" I looked up at him panicked as he leaned down running his hand along my side. "Say it again~," He said so softly looking into my eyes, it was then that I saw sadness and vulnerability.

My heart hurt for him, even though I have no idea why he would make such a face.

"Cressa.." He bent down kissing my neck softly, intertwining our fingers.

He was being so gentle with me, I had to take another look at him just to be sure it was Luca. My body melted into his every kiss, I don't know what he was doing to me.

I moaned softly as he nipped at my neck which caused him to groan in response. I was losing myself but I wasn't scared, I could feel myself wanting this just as me as he did.

"Luca, I've never done this before..."I said breathlessly, looking up at him helplessly. He looked down at me shock slightly spread across his face.

"You've never had sex before?" He said softly looking into my eyes curious. I bit my lip slightly nodding my head.

He leaned back which caused me to whimper, he continued to look down at me while running his thumb across my bottom lip.

"We won't do this tonight then." He said tenderly looking down at me with soft eyes, starting to get off of me. I leaned up before he could move pulling him closer to me "Please Luca.." I said helplessly placing my hand on the back of his neck, forcing him to kiss me.

He didn't fight me, he moved his lips along mine like we had been doing it forever. I don't understand why I want him to comfort me, he hurt me but I need him.

I push my body up against his causing him to groan "Cressa.." He started to push me away gently. "Luca Please.."Tears started falling from my eyes which he saw and stopped kissing me.

"Cressa wha-.." I didn't let him finish before saying "You won't have sex with me because I'm a virgin right?!" Tears falling off my face as I look up at him.

"Cressa that's no-.." I cut him off again "I can go find one of your other pack males to help out with it!" I screamed upset which caused him to push me down onto the bed growling.

"Cressa listen to me! Don't EVER talk about yourself like that again you understand me!" He breathed heavily from anger, glaring down at me. I looked up at him silently tears still falling down my face. "You did this to me.." I said emotionless which caused him to look down at me with a hurt expression.

He got up off me "I know I did..." After he said those words he left the room and never came back that night.

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