Luna With Green Eyes

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Big Announcement!!!

Hello my Moon Children!!
It’s your favorite author Puya! XD Jk

I know it’s been like literally over 3 months since anything has been posted about Luna With Green Eyes!

This is not the end!

There are still a few chapters I need to get out to finish the story!

At the moment though Luna With Green Eyes is being contracted to go onto the Inkitt sister app Galatea!

I’m so excited! I hope to edit the story more and make it a little better!

All the character boards I’ve made such as, Cressa, Luca, Accio, Arya, Meira, and Roland. I might make all the others too! They will be on my Patreon under “My Harem of Demigods”.

So I thank y’all so much for supporting me with my first published book!

Character Boards for My Harem of Beast will also be on that Tier!

I thank all the ones that have been with me since I started, all your support has pushed me to do more and explore my creativity!

Please continue to support me!

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