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Oakely here is just your average boy in the closet unknowingly. Literally, the closet is kind of his special place. With his life going upside down since he not only moved to another state but his family possibly might be torn apart. Then Oakely discovers something new which causes feelings to sprout and confusion to fill his head. Well life as he once knew it is gone, now he has the internet.

Romance / Drama
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I was leaving my home from Chicago, Illinois to Alabama. Where in Alabama? I had no clue at all. My dad's job is getting transferred so we were moving, end of discussion. Oh well you see that's not exactly true. My mother on the other hand didn't agree at all so you know what happened? That's right, he left her and took me. I can imagine my mother's expression right now when she reads that letter dad left. I sighed as I thought about it. This wasn't the brightest choice, they might split because of this. And that means fighting over me.

"Dad?" I said as he drove past trees and he hummed in reply.

"What about had two days to decide if you were moving or not." I said and he didn't say anything for a while.

"And I chose to move, don't worry in a month you'll go back with your mother if she decides to stay there." he said and I shook my head sighing.

"Dad no, we should have waited for mom." I said when in all truth I didn't exactly want to move either but I don't really like to get in arguments especially when it comes to someone else's future.

"Your mother will be fine." he said and right on timing his phone began to ring. Dad ignored it and kept driving making me close my eyes sighing. Dad was getting himself in trouble. I was probably going to be in trouble for going with him. I felt my phone vibrate and I opened my eyes taking it out my pocket then turned it on.


Where are you?

Did you seriously leave?

I swear when I get a hold of your father

Young man you better answer your phone

I sighed and texted back.


Sorry mom

And instantly she called my phone. I bit my lip hard looking at it as it rung. I glanced at dad in the mirror but he didn't look at me. Of course he pretended he didn't notice and kept his eyes on the road staying silent. I took a deep breath closing my eyes letting it out as I slid the green button to the left. I put the phone a little bit too close to my ear.

"He-Hello?" I said chewing my lip.

"Oakely hand the phone to your father please." she said calmly.

"Dad..?" I said softly.

"Driving." he said.

"He's driving." I said imaging my mom's eye twitching which is a thing I got from her when someone irritates us badly or my eye twitch sometimes when I try to lie.

"Bluetooth." is all she said and so I turned bluetooth on my phone and it instantly connected to the car then my phone vibrated. I glanced at the notification.


Cover your ears honey.

I did as she said but I knew covering my ears would probably not block anything out. I had ears like Dumbo...of course not literally, my ears are an average size I guess.

"William." I heard my mother say and my dad glanced at me in the mirror nervously.

Oh, so he is nervous and scared. He didn't act like it a minute ago.

"Ye-Yes dear?" he said gulping.

"HOW DARE YOU FUCKING TAKE OUR SON I SWEAR I SHOULD CALL THE POLICE! GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!" I jumped at mom's outburst and so did dad, she never hardly cursed. Then he took a deep breath letting it out.

"Maritza...he came along with me and I'm not going can stay there or come to Alabama. It's your choice." he said and it was silent afterwards until mom finally spoke.

"I can't believe you... I moved here for you I moved from my home to where you lived and you're doing this to me again." mom said and I frowned glancing at dad who blinked looking a bit shocked but hurt all at the same time. "I'm done, good bye William. I want my son back or I will hunt you down." she said and hung up afterwards.

Dad gulped closing his eyes. I frowned more then looked out the window. There was awkward silence. I know what I said before that this could split them up....but I didn't know they actually would. Them getting a divorce after so long... I stayed quiet the whole ride until I fell asleep.

When I woke up it was dark out and I checked my phone it was eight-thirty p.m. I sat up glancing at dad who drove silently until he pulled up to a house. I looked around and the other houses looked slightly bigger or smaller. They all had their own special look to them. Dad turned off the engine and finally turned around looking at me.

"This is it." he said smiling slightly and I only nodded before opening the door, getting out the car.

He soon did the same and popped the trunk open. I helped him get boxes out first then our luggage. After lifting heavy boxes into the house and with all our luggage in I finally looked around the place. It was big, bigger than our old house...which mom was still in. I shook my head to clear my thoughts. As dad closed the door behind him and locked it I decided to go upstairs to check things out.

"Oakely." Dad called for me and I turned my head slightly to look at him.

"Yeah dad?" I asked.

"PB and J day?" he asked and I nodded before running up the rest of the stairs.

PB and J day is something dad and I said short for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner. We mostly had this day when dad was upset or in trouble with mom sometimes if he was too lazy to cook. And I guess today all of them are the reasons.

I looked down the left hall then the right. I went down the left hall that wasn't too long and opened a door. It looked like it could be an office since it didn't really look like it was big enough to be a bedroom. It also had shelves and a bookcase. I closed the door then opened the last door which was at the end of the short hall. It was pretty spacish and had a closet so I assumed it would be either my or dad's room.

"Oakley I think I forgot the jelly!" he yelled startling me as I closed the door.

"Okay dad!" I yelled then walked down the hallway to the right hallway.

I stopped midway when I realized there was a door. I turned the knob about to open it when I heard a loud noise making me jump again. I groaned when I realized it was my phone and got it out my pocket.

"Hello?" I said.

"He seriously took you?!" a voice shouted and I rubbed my ear pulling the phone slightly away from my ear.

I already knew who it was, it was my aunt Tammy. The only people in my phone are family members and aunt Tammy yells a lot.

"No...yes...I don't know." I sighed rubbing my shoulder.

Things spread like wildfire with that side of the family. Meaning mom's side. You can't tell aunt Tammy anything or next thing you know the whole world knows.

"Don't worry hun, things will be just fine. Me and your momma will come get ya." she said and I cringed at grammar.

Hey I'm not a grammar freak but there's just times I can't help but cringe. Plus mom homeschooled me and hated it if I talked "country" as she would call it. Even though her side of her family lived in the country including her.

"I'm fine aunt Tam." I said sighing again but she of course paid no mind to what I said.

"That damn basterd." she grumbled.

"Bye aunt Tam, love you." I said hanging up before she could even respond.

I know, it was kinda rude I felt bad but I didn't really want to hear her talk and talk about my dad. He messed up, I get that but I just want peace and quiet to clear my mind and hope mom and him will be fine.

I headed back down the steps to see the light was on in what I would guess is the kitchen. I walked in and saw dad spreading peanut butter all over a slice of bread.

"I think you're overdoing it." I said walking over to his side and he chuckled giving me a smile which I returned.

I helped dad spread peanut butter on the other half as he hummed. "Do you think raisins can replace the jelly?" he asked and I turned up my nose grinning.

"Ew, no dad definitely not." I said laughing and for once since this move I felt relaxed but it didn't last too long.

"Do you think your mom hates me?" he asked and I glanced at him with wide eyes.

Asking your kid this dad? Shouldn't I be asking if she hates you and you say no she's just mad then woopty doo everything is good again and mom comes and live here with us. But no, this is real life. My life, where dad asks me things I should be asking him.

"Umm I don't know." I said honestly as I spread peanut butter on the slice of bread slowly making sure to not make eye contact with him. No way did I want to see his facial expression when I said that.

It was silent after that. I bit my lip just tempted to look up at dad, at least a tiny quick glance. So I did just that. I was kinda speechless. He was spreading the peanut butter over and over again on the bread, not putting more peanut butter onto the knife.

"Dad?" I said and he stared blankly making me look away from him. "Okaaay then." I said more to myself than him.

Eventually we were both on a blanket laid out on the floor eating peanut butter sandwiches...well with raisins. Yeah, I tried it and it's not bad I guess. But I wouldn't eat it the way I eat PB and J. I chewed slowly since the peanut butter was sticking to the top of my mouth. I glanced at dad who also ate slowly but slower than me. Slow as molasses as people say, maybe even slower.

"Hey dad?" I said and he looked my way. "Mom will come around." I said and he smiled softly.

That's his job to say not me. I love dad but I'm not use to acting like the grownup. Without mom he's like a kid. But even if I say mom will come around I don't know if she will. So this is what parents feel when they tell us things like this, everything's gonna be fine...she'll come around...he just needs time...they feel guilt. Because they might just be giving us false hope like I'm doing to dad. But then again maybe I'm right. It's like flipping a coin, it's a fifty fifty chance of getting heads or tails.

"Night Bug." he said laying down pulling a blanket on him.

Bug, the nickname he gave me because when I was a child I was fascinated by bugs...well I was until one day dad took me into the butterfly house, then I was freaking scared of them. Long story short, a butterfly crawling on you out of the butterfly house and trying to get in your ear can terrorize a child.

"Daaad I'm not a little kid anymore." I said and he chuckled.

"Everybody grows up but a child to their parent will always be the little baby they saw when they first came in the world." he said.

"A bloody baby, man what a view dad." I said laying down looking up at the ceiling and I knew he was probably rolling his eyes at me.

"Night." he said and I rolled over on a pillow wrapping myself in my own blanket.

"Night dad." I said and the only noise I could hear before going to sleep was annoying chirp noises from crickets.
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