Soulmate in the Midnight Darkness

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chapter fourteen

I opened my eyes. My head felt cloudy, I sat up slowly. I looked around the dark room. I slid off the bed and walked over to the bedroom door. I opened the door slowly and looked out into the hallway, it was dark and empty. I walked out of the room, the floor was cold on my bare feet. I shivered and wrapped my arms around myself. I walked back into the room and grabbed a purple blanket and wrapped it around my shoulders. I decided that I was going to do some exploring of my own; without Elliot knowing. I shut my door and walked towards the right, since I already knew that the left would lead to downstairs. I didn’t want to wake up anyone who might be sleeping in these rooms. I decided that I shouldn’t opened any of the doors up here. I walked back the other way and down the stairs. I was now in the living room, all the lights were off. The only light was coming from a hallway that I hadn’t noticed earlier. It was behind the stairs. I walked down it, looking around, making sure Elliot wasn’t around. I didn’t know what he would do if he caught me snooping around. I know its my house, but it just doesn’t feel like home. I turned a corner and bumped into someone

“I’m sor-” it wasn’t Elliot, it was someone else. “I’m sorry.” I said again.

“It’s quite alright, what are you doing up so late?” the man asked.

“, couldn’t sleep.”

“I could always make you a cup of hot chocolate.” he offered.

“No thank you, I’m just going to walk around a bit more until I get tired. Thank you though.” I smiled and walked away.

“You’re welcome, be careful.” he said.

“Thanks.” I turned around but he was already gone.I came to the end of the hallway to find a set of stairs leading to somewhere that I assumed was the basement. I started to walk down them.

“Raven?” I turned around to see Elliot leaning against the wall.

“ I thought you were asleep.”

“I was, but I woke up.” I gave him a knowing look.

“What are you doing down here then?” He took a step towards me.

“I was just taking a walk.” I took a step back only to feel air. I fell backwards, closing my eyes from my impending doom. I waited but the fall had stopped; I opened my eyes. Elliot had caught me.

“Here, let’s head back upstairs before you hurt yourself.” he said, setting me back on my feet. He didn’t let go of my waist.I pulled away. He looked at me surprised.

“ What’s down there?” I asked.

“Just storage.”

“Then I should be able to look right?” I continued down the stairs. He caught my hand.

“Not tonight, how about I show you the whole house in the morning?” he said.

“What if I want to see it now?”

“Raven...come upstairs with me.” he said, looking me in the eyes.

“I think I’ll go watch a movie.” I said walking past him, up the stairs.

“Alright,” he sighed. I’ll go and make us some hot chocolate.” he said defeated.I smiled, glad that he hadn’t forced me to go back upstairs. He came back with a tray that had two cups of hot chocolate and mini marshmallows on a plate.

“Thank you.” I said picking up my cup. I blew on it, the steam momentarily fogging up my glasses. I took a tentative sip, hoping it wouldn’t be hot.

“Are you okay? You’ve been acting strange ever since we were at the pond.”

“I’m fine, just exhausted.”

“I thought you weren’t tired.”

“It’s not physical exhaustion, it’s mental.”

“Oh. I see, well sleep can help that too.”

“Yeah... I met someone earlier.”

“Oh? Who was it?” he asked.

“I’m not sure, he didn’t say. I didn’t get a good enough look at him. He had offered me hot chocolate too, but I turned him down.”

“I feel special then, for you to accept my offer.”

“No, I just didn’t want to be around him any longer than I had to be. The people around here make me nervous.”

“Do I make you nervous?” he asked.

“’re fine. It’s just the one’s that I don’t know.”

“Well, you know them, you just don’t remember them. I’ll re-introduce you to them.” he said.


“So how about that movie?” I asked.

“I’ll put it inn” he got up and opened the cabinet. He put in the movie Dracula from 1931.

“Really?” I laughed.

“What?” he said returning to his seat beside me.

“Nothing.”About halfway through the movie I asked,

“Can you turn into a bat?”He laughed,

“Ha ha, don’t be ridiculous, that’s only a myth.”

“What else is a myth. It’s already obvious you can go out in the sunlight.”

“Well that is only if I’ve, um, fed.” he said looking sheepishly at me.

“It’s alright, I’m not judging you. You can talk about stuff like that, it doesn’t bother me.” He looked at me curiously.

“You have always been a strange one.”


“Nothing, I’m kidding. Why don’t you go to bed now.”

“I guess...” I said through a yawn. I stood up. “Goodnight Elliot.”

“Goodnight, Raven.”

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