Soulmate in the Midnight Darkness

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chapter four

We walked into the school. “So if you weren’t the one who left the note then who did?” I asked him.

“I’m not sure, I didn’t leave it. What did it say?”

“It said ‘ see you soon’. So I automatically thought it was you, I found it when I walked up to my window seat. The window was cracked open. I looked on the roof and in the yard but no one was there, so I went in and shut and locked the window.”

“Was that the only strange thing that happened last night?”

“No actually, when I was walking home after talking with you, I thought I heard something in the woods and then this morning I could have sworn I saw someone standing by the tree sign but when I looked again, no one was there.”

“ where do we go now?” he asked, completely brushing off the conversation. I sped up my pace and stepped in front of him.

“Do you know something? What aren’t you telling me.” I said putting my hands on his chest to make him stop walking.

“No, I don’t know anything.” he said looking down at me. My hands slid from his chest in defeat.

“Fine. Well, I usually just go to the library until the bell rings to go to first period.”

“Alright, sounds fun.” he said, following me as I walked into the library. Once in the library I saw Ashley and Amanda talking at one of the many tables, Susan and Chaten were talking by the Science Fiction aisles, and Chalen was walking towards me.

“Hey Chalen.”

“Hey” he said, giving me a hug. He stepped back, “You okay? You look tired.”

“Guess I didn’t get much sleep last night.” I laughed nervously. “So who’s your new friend?” he said nodding his head.

“This is Ash, Ash this is Chalen.”

“Hey,” they said to each other. The three of us walked over towards Amanda and Ashley. When we got closer I noticed Amanda tense up and look away, I’d have to talk to her later. “Amanda!” I walked over and gave her a hug from behind. I whispered in her ear “I’ll tell you later.” she gave me a wary look but nodded. I introduced everyone to Ash. When the bell rang, we walked outside to go to Health.

“First period is Health with Mr. Grace, Ashley is in that class too. Are you sure you don’t know who left the note?”

“Okay and again, no.” he said.

I walked up to Mr. Grace, “This is Ash, he’s new, where can he sit?” I asked.

“Well, hello Ash. Let’s see, you can sit behind Ashley.” he said, then walked off to go write something up on the board. We walked over to our seats and sat down, waiting for class to commence. I turned around to Ash.

“And that wasn’t you at the bus stop?” I asked.

“Nope, not me.” I groaned in frustration and turned back around. “Hey Ashley.”

“Hey” she greeted, then looked over at Ash.

“So how’d you two meet?”

“Neighbors” he said.

“river” I looked over at him with a scowl.

“You know the lot’s down by the river?” she nodded.

“It turns out that one of them was for sale. Well, he bought it so now I have a new neighbor.” I said smiling. Hoping my cover up was good enough.

“It’s about time someone bought one!” She said brightly.

“I know right.”

“Yeah.” we talked about random stuff, ignoring poor Mr. Grace until the bell rang, dismissing us from class.

“I’ll see you later Ashley.” I said waving bye. Me and Ash walked back up the wooden steps. We met Amanda by the doors that led to the cafeteria and walked to the AG building together. I could feel Amanda staring daggers at Ash the whole way there. “This teachers name is Mr. Lewis, he’s usually in here for the first five minutes of class and then he leaves to go and do something. The most we do is vocabulary, it’s pretty easy as long as you do the work.” I said as we sat down. I turned to Amanda,

“ You met Ash this morning right?”

“Yeah.” she didn’t seem to happy about it either. I scooted closer so only we could hear what the other was saying.

“I’m sure you already know from the look you’ve been giving him. He’s a vampire!” I whispered. Ash put a hand on my shoulder.

“Raven...” Ash warned, mad that I had revealed his secret to someone.

“Ash, it’s okay, she isn’t human.” I comforted.

“Amanda is the Devil’s Angel, I’m her self-proclaimed ‘guardian’. If anything or anyone were to try and harm her, I would attempt to protect her. To the best of my ability that is.

“Oh, um... nice to meet you.” Ash said, extending his hand across me to Amanda. I think we left him speechless.

“You too.” Amanda said taking his hand. They talked and explained themselves to each other, finding that they had more in common than they had thought. I just sat there and listened, it was actually quite fascinating. The bell rang, interrupting my silent fascination and Amanda’s story. I walked out into the hallway.

“So what do you think? I bet you weren’t expecting that.” I said, on our way to Algebra One.

“Definitely not, so what’s the next class?” he asked.

“Algebra One, but we won’t get to talk much in this class. Mrs. Haughsrath is stricter on the ‘no talking’ policy then the other teachers.” I said as we sat down. After that dreaded period we walked to the gym.

“You probably won’t have to dress, seeing that it’s your first day here. That, and we’ll probably have a free day.” I walked over to Mr. See.

“Hello Mr. See, this is Ash. He’s new here, and I was wondering what we were going to do today.”

“Hello Ash, and we will most likely have a free day today.” he said after some thought. He blew his whistle

“Alright, line up everyone.” he yelled.

“What are we doing?” Ash asked.

“He’s taking attendance.” After he took attendance, we trickled into the equipment room where I kidnaped a volleyball. I walked over to the corner by the doors and turned around to face Ash. I hit the volleyball to him and he spiked it back so hard above the door that it bounced back on the other side of the room. I looked at him in shock.

“...maybe just a tad bit easier.” I said as I walked by him to go to retrieve the ball.

“Sorry.” he said with a sheepish grin on his face. I looked around, no one had seemed to notice what he did so I think we’re in the clear. We spent the whole period hitting it back and forth that by the time we were done my arms were as red as cherries, literally! Luckily, next was my favorite period...lunch.

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