Soulmate in the Midnight Darkness

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chapter 5

We walked out of the gym into the hallway. We were one of the last ones to walk out of the gym because Mr. See had to give Ash some kind of form. We were walking by the glass windows that look into the cafeteria, both lines were long.I sighed.

“Which side do you want?” I asked.

“, I don’t actually eat.” he said.

“Alright, then we can just go down to the library.” I said as we walked down the steps.

“I’ll introduce you to everyone.” I pushed open the double doors that led to the library. I walked over to Mrs. Kenny’s desk.

“Hi Mrs. Kenny, this is Ash.”

“Hello Ash, be sure to sign in, okay?”

“Alright, we will.” we said as we scrolled our names on the sign in sheet. Once Ash had finished writing his name, I turned him around and scanned the library for my group of friends. They were at the back table, I navigated him over there and sat down. “Hey guys.” I said.

“Hey” they said, then turned to stare at Ash.

“Oh! Sorry, this is Ash. He’s new but he will be down here with us from now on, okay?” I said, not really looking for an answer. “This is Kodi, Susan, Shayla, Billy, and you met Chalen this morning.” I said introducing them.



“Riveting conversation guys, really.” I said sardonically. They laughed, which finally broke the ice. I walked over to the book shelf and pulled down the board game “apples to apples”. I walked back over to the table. “Hey, want to play?” I said holding up the board game.

“I will!” Kodi said. Everyone else said the wanted to play also. “How do you play?” Ash asked.

“You’ve never played before?” I said kind of disappointed. “Nope.” “Then I’ll teach you.” I smiled.

“Okay I’ll be the judge” I opened the box and got out the green cards and made a pile and then I made a pile of red cards. “Okay, everyone gets seven red apple cards.” I said as I dealt them. “Once all the cards are dealt the judge, that’s me, picks up a green card and puts it face up on the table. Look at your hand and try and find a card that would go best with the card on the table. The slowest person, meaning the last person to try and put a card down does not get to put a card down this turn.” Everyone looked at their cards. Billy was the first to lay his card down. then Shayla, Ash, Kodi, and since Susan was last she doesn’t get to put a card down. I gathered up all of the cards. I looked through all of them and picked my favorite among the bunch. I held the card up; it turned out to be Kodi’s. I handed her the green card. “That’s pretty much all there is to it. Do you understand it?” I asked Ash.

“Yeah, it’s fun.” We played until the bell rang, then Ash and I separated for the first and only time today. He went to German and I went to band. I walked down the hallway and saw Kristen at her locker.

“Hey Kristen.” I said, walking up to her.

“Hey, who was that guy sitting next to you on the bus this morning?” she asked, putting books in her locker.

“That’s Ash, he’s our new neighbor. He bought one of the lots down at the river. How he got on the bus before us I have no idea.She grabbed a book and put it in her bag.

“Oh, I see. Cool. Well, my class is this way, I’ll talk to you later.” she said pointing towards the door that led to the stairwell leading to the science wing.

“Alright, see you after school.” I walked up the stairs and into the band room. I walked over and sat my stuff by my chair. I went and got my flute out of my band locker and grabbed a stand off of the stand rack. I sat back down and got my flute out. We warmed up and started practicing the music for adjudication. Before I knew it, the bell had rung. That class always seems to go by so fast. I put my flute and stand away and met up with Ash again and we walked to seventh period.

“So how was band?” he asked as we sat down.

“Good, we’re just practicing the music for adjudication.” “Adjudication, what’s that?” he asked.

“We go to another high school, usually Mussulmen. From there we go into their band room to practice one last time. Then we’re escorted to their auditorium. There are three judges that give us one score each. They can either give us a one, two, or three; one being the highest and three being the lowest. Last year we got two ones and a two.”

“That’s great!”

“Yeah it is.” Lark sat down.

“Hey Raven.”

“Hey Lark, this is Ash, he’s my new neighbor.”

“That’s cool. I didn’t think any houses were for sale over there.” “There aren’t, it’s one of the river lots.” I explained.

“Oh. So last night I finally finished my drawing of the tree with the eye.”

“That’s cool, you’ll have to show it to me the next time I come over.” I said.


“Hey, can I listen to your mp3 player?”

“The batteries are almost dead, I’m going to listen to it on the bus ride home, sorry.” she said, smiling sheepishly.

“That’s fine.” When the bell rang to go to eighth period, I said goodbye to Lark and then walked into the English room with Ash.

“So what do you think of the school?” I said, taking the seat next to him.

“I like it, all of your friends seem nice.”

“They are.”We really didn’t do much in this period, except watch a movie. When the bell rang everyone bolted from their seats and ran to their busses. We got on the bus and sat down. After everyone was on the bus we pulled away from the school. We didn’t talk much on the bus ride home, I could feel myself falling asleep. The bus stopped and I awoke with a jolt. I had fallen asleep and landed on Ash’s shoulder. I gathered my stuff quickly and got off the bus. Ash got off the bus smiling.


“Nothing.” he said looking away.

“No, tell me.” I said.

“Fine. You’re cute when you sleep.”I blushed. Kristen stepped off the bus.

“Hey guys.”

“Hey Kristen, this is Ash. The one I mentioned this morning.” “Oh, hey.” she said smiling.

“Hey” he said, returning the smile.When I got down to my house I parted ways. Kristen went to her house and Ash went to his. Later that evening I put on my bathing suit and walked down to the river. Ash was sitting on the picnic table when I got down there. On the way down I had stopped by Kristen’s house and grabbed two fishing poles.

“Hey Raven.”

“Hey, want to go fishing?”

“Sure.” I walked over to the docks and sat my pole and tackle box on the bench. I went over to the edge of the dock and started digging for worms. When I felt like I had enough worms I walked back over and sat them on the railing. I cut one in half and put it on the hook.

“Could you stand to the side a bit? I don’t want to hit you with this.” I said. He scooted over a little bit. I held the pole back and cast it.

“Nice cast.” he said coming up behind me. He put his arms around me and my stomach just about plummeted to the floor. I could feel my face turn red. I suddenly felt a little bite on my pole. I reeled it in a little bit, when the fish bit again it got caught on the hook and I reeled it in. It turned out to be a little sunfish.

“So are we going to fry him up and eat him?” he asked.

“NO!” I said moving out from in front of him. “ I don’t eat fish, I just like to catch them and then let them go. I feel bad for them, actually.” He laughed.

“Oh, okay. I won’t eat your friend.” he said teasing.

“Ha Ha.” I said punching him jokingly in the arm.

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