Soulmate in the Midnight Darkness

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chapter 6

“Want to go swimming?” I asked.

“I don’t have a bathing suit.”

“You can go in what you have on. Your house is right there.” I said.

“Fine.” he said laughing. He then started to walk towards me. “...what...Ash? No. Don’t you dare!” I yelled running away from him.

“I’ll go in, but you’re going in first!” he picked me up and started running towards the river. I pounded on his back.

“Ash put me down!!!” I screamed.He ran over to the other side of the river, the deep end. He got over there so fast. The next thing I knew he threw me in. I came up sputtering and yelled “No fair!” he was laughing. He backed up to the tree.

“Want to see something cool?”

“Sure, just hurry up and get in!”

“Watch this!” he pushed off the tree and then I was alone. I started to panic.

“Ash?” I scanned the whole side of the river. “Ash?! he-Ahh!” I screamed and tried swimming to land.

“Whoa..chill, it’s just me.” Ash said laughing. he held me, sitting in his lap.

“How did you do that? Where did you go?” I asked.

“I never went anywhere, I jumped across the river and then swam up behind you.” he said.

“You scared the shit out of me! I thought you left! I thought you were some giant fish trying to eat me!” I said hitting him in the chest. He laughed.

“I’m not going to leave you, and I’m definitely not a fish!” We swam until it got dark. We swam to the edge and got out of the water. It was freezing.

“Here I’ll go collect some fire wood so we can start a fire.” Ash said.

“Okay” he disappeared into the woods. I started putting rocks into a circle to form the fire pit. I heard rustling sounds like the night before. “Ash?” I said grabbing a rock and standing up.The rustling continued and out stepped a wolf, I fell back terrified. Was I going to die?

There’s no reason to be afraid

I looked at the wolf and stood up. “Did Amanda send you? Turn into your human form. If Ash comes and see’s you like this it won’t be pretty.

I can not.

The wolf said into my mind.“Why not?”

I have no clothing. Yes, Amanda sent me. She was just checking up on you to make sure you were safe. She felt distress earlier. Are you okay?

“I’m fine, Ash was just playing around when we were swimming. There is no danger here so you can leave now.”

I must speak with the immortal one as requested by Amanda “Well he won’t talk to you like this, he’ll see you only as a threat. You can temporarily wear my clothing that I brought down earlier.” I walked over to him “...would you mind if I petted your fur?”

Not at all, Raven

he laid down and I sat down beside him. I ran my fingers through his thick, auburn colored fur. “It’s soft.” I said. “Here, let me get you the clothes. I walked over to where I had taken them off. I came back and set them at his feet then turned around to give him some privacy.

“I look ridiculous.” I heard from behind me. I turned around to find a man with long auburn hair, jet black eyes and a huge grin on his face. I tried not to laugh, I failed. The shirt was way to small, as were the shorts.

“Okay, take the shirt off and keep the shorts.” He did as was told. “There, still funny but not as bad as before.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem, I never got your name? Hold on, let me guess Josh?”

“Nope, I’m Justin. Good try though.”A minute later Ash walked out of the woods, carrying a giant pile of fire wood. Justin leapt up and went to help him.Ash stopped and looked around the fire wood.

“Who’s the man in girly shorts?” he asked.

“Hey!” Justin protested.

“What? It’s true, you look ridiculous.”

“Okay enough chit chat. Ash I’ll explain once you start the fire.” I said.He went over and started the fire. I went and sat down beside it, Ash took a seat next to mine and Justin sat across from us. “Ash, this is Justin. He’s one of Amanda’s guardians. He’s a wolf.”

“Ahh, that explains why he’s wearing your clothes.” he said.

“He said he wanted to talk to you. So I said he had to be in human form in order to talk to you.”

“Okay so talk.” Ash said.

“The wolf packs have been acting weird lately. I haven’t seen them in a few weeks. I don’t know why they’re hiding but it must be something big. Something’s going on and I’m not exactly sure what. Have you heard anything on your end?”

“Nothing yet, but I’ll keep my eyes open. Thanks for the heads up.

“What do you mean by they’re not around, like around here? Were you around here last night?”

“No, why?”

“Well, something weird has been happening. I was walking up from the river last night and someone was following me. Then, when I got home I found a note on my window seat.” I gave Ash a pointed look. Why would he leave that out?

“What did it say?” Justin asked.

“See you soon.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I don’t know.”

“I’ll talk to Amanda.” he said.

“Okay.”Justin got up

“Alright, well I’m leaving now. Protect her well Ash, if anything harms her it’s on your head.”

“Don’t worry, she’ll be fine with me.”

“Can you turn around?”

“Oh! Yeah.” We turned around.

Alright it’s safe to turn around now.

Justin spoke into my mind. I turned around. Justin had turned back into a wolf. He used his nose to nudge my shorts towards me.

“Thanks. Well, I guess I’ll see you around.”


He walked into the woods and disappeared. I put my clothes back on and Ash walked me back up to my house. Once home, I took a shower and went to bed.

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