Soulmate in the Midnight Darkness

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chapter seven

I sat up in a daze, my body covered in a cold sweat. The room was freezing. I slowly scanned the room. There was no one here, I noticed the window was open. That’s probably what woke me up. I pulled the covers aside and walked over to the window, the night breeze blew in, causing me to shiver. I remember the window being closed before I went to bed. I sat down on the window seat, I stood back up and looked down. There was another white piece of paper. I looked at it and this time it read ‘always with you...’ I looked out the window and across the street. My night gown blowing in the wind. I slipped on my flip flops that sat by the door. I quietly opened the door and stepped out into the moon lit yard. I looked around the yard and started walking. I was at the edge of the woods now; my nightgown blowing in the wind causing my legs to form goose bumps. I stepped into the woods. You would think it would be dark but the moons light was especially bright tonight so I could see everything as if it were daytime. I noticed the sound of music and I walked deeper into the woods. It was a soft kind of music, kind of like a midnight lullaby. I followed the sound of the music until I reached the place where I used to go sledding at.Strange, what’s someone doing up at this late an hour? Then again, I could be asking myself the same question. The music had only gotten slightly louder. I loved the sound of the music, it was calming. I decided that I would let whoever was playing the mystical tune go undisturbed for a little while longer. I sat down on a log. I yawned. maybe i’ll just rest for a bit and listen to the pretty music I layed down on the log. I sat up, the music was gone and I was in my bed. Had I dreamed I looked over at my alarm clock, it read 3:28 a.m. I climbed out of bed and walked over to my window seat. The window was closed but the note was still there. I needed sleep. I’d have to deal with this in the morning. I made sure my window was locked and went back to sleep. I dreamed that I was back in the woods listening to the music. This time I followed the sound of the music to the source but when I got there the music stopped and there was a man standing there. His lips were moving but no sound came out. I looked closer. I gasped in horror as I realized what they were saying. He said, ‘always with you’.

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