Soulmate in the Midnight Darkness

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chapter eight

I woke up the next morning to find Ash sitting next to me on my bed, he was holding the note I found last night. “Ugh, Ash? What are you doing here?” I asked, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. “Would you mind explaining what this is and where you went last night?” he said, sitting the note on my lap.

“I woke up last night and found this. Then I took a walk and came back.”

“That’s not what I saw.”

“What do you mean that’s not what you saw? That’s what I remember!”

“Raven, you walked out of your house and into the woods. What were you even doing in the woods that late?”

“I heard music, so I followed it.”

“You layed down on a log, I didn’t hear any music. Someone was trying to lure you in to kidnap you. They probably would have if i hadn’t carried you back to your room. Anyway we have to leave, right now.” The urgency in his voice was startling.

“Why? What’s going on.”

“Get dressed, we have to go.” he said again, still no explanation. “I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what’s going on!” I looked over at my alarm clock. “It’s five in the morning! What would my parents think if I just up and left.”

“Listen, everyones lost it, they aren’t listening anymore. Go look outside, they’re reaking havoc as we speak! We have to get out of here! And about your parents...remember what happened to you last night? Well a few hours before, the same exact thing happened to them except they weren’t so lucky.” I got up and opened my curtains. Outside everything was on fire, burning...dying. How did I sleep through this

“They’re gone Raven, I’m sorry.” he tried to hug me but I pushed him off.

“No! It can’t be.” I ran out of my bedroom to find that the whole house was just like outside.

“I made it to where you wouldn’t have to see any of it happen. I protected you and this house.

“You couldn’t protect my parents too?”

“By the time I got here, it was too late. I’m lucky I got to you in time.”


“I have a car waiting for us outside, get dressed and meet me down there.” I nodded. I threw on a tee shirt, pants and sneakers. I walked out to the car that Ash had waiting and got in. He started driving; after a while I asked.

“Ash, where are we going?”

“Somewhere safe.”

“Where’s that?”

“Russia.” he stated simply.

“Russia?! I can’t go to Russia, what are you, out of your mind?” “We have to go somewhere where they won’t find you, somewhere far away. I won’t let them hurt you.”

“Wait who’s them? The people that lured me into the woods?” “No. They call themselves the Verdict, they’re the head vampire clan. They sent all of theses smaller magical beings here to reek havoc and kidnap you for them.” For a while I didn’t say anything, and neither did he.

“Can we pick someone up?” I asked suddenly.

“Like who?”


“I suppose so, where does she live?”

“See that road over there?” I said pointing. “go down that road and I’ll tell you when to turn.” he turned down the dirt road, passing by a few houses. “There it’s that one!” I said pointing to a medium sized, white roofed, brick house. He pulled up and I jumped out of the car and ran up to the house. “Amanda, are you here?” I yelled as I walked inside. No answer. “Amanda? Hello, answer me!” I yelled throughout the house. All I got back in return was an empty echo. I ran up to her bedroom and flung open the door. “Amanda?” She wasn’t in here either. The walls of her room were painted a deep red. She had a red carpet with a smaller fluffy, white rug by her bed. She had a desk in the right corner, and a cherry wood dresser. Her bed was a canopy style; the bed had a white bedspread and red pillows. The canopies overthrow was grey; the sheets under the blankets were black. She had a ceiling fan going on over head that was black wtih gold trimming on the edges. We had made a promise a long time ago; that if either one of us had gotten into any trouble, that we would write a note and stick it under the floor boards of the closet. I rushed to her closet and flung open the door. I bent down and moved a shoe box out of the way and began pulling up the boards, there was a note, it read; ‘Raven, I hope you get this note, I don’t know what happened. It’s like the whole other world has gone bizerk. I can’t reach Jake or anyone, it’s like they’ve all vanished. I couldn’t get ahold of him last night either. There are people trying to get in my house. They’re downstairs help!’ Ash walked into the room.

“Raven, are you okay?” “Ash, they have her... they have Amanda.”

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