My love is a gangster

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Eva queens, eva is a gorgeous beautiful woman who can make men fall on there knees with just one look, her black silky hair sways on her hips with every move, but what nobody knows is that eva was different, very different , she might be beautiful but she is strong , she might have a sexy body but she knows how to fight with it , and more importantly she was part of one of the biggest mafia around the world(what's here story why don't u find out) Nicholas royal , a famous businessman, who doesn't have a heart, who works 24 hours a day , he believes that emotions are only weaknesses, but still deep down he can't wait to find that woman that will make him a bit weak, he might look like a gentleman but he controls most of his country, with the click of his finger he can destroy you What happens when these two meet up , and can they get along , well nicholas is in need of a PA and eva is in need of job.... "Okay guys writing this wasn't the easiest task ever ... I suck at it , any way please give it a try I know you will like it " Warning: mature content, strong language, and more please read at your own risk

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Her breathing was chaotic, her forehead was filled with sweat and her blouse was full of blood as her shoulder was shot, she took a deep breath in and counted to three she pulled herself together and decided to fight ...

with her black smooth hair dangled on her back, she looked at the three men in front of her she puts smirk on her face and stared at the men in front of her and said:

" I will be nice enough and give you a chance to run away but if I finish counting to three and you're still here I can't guarantee your safety"

The man laughed at her

"hey beautiful girl why don't you just give up، your already hurt, what do you think you can do to us like this... wouldn't it be easier for both of us ! after all the boss is paying us a lot of money to kill you and I want to end this fast , all though its such a shame for such a beautiful lady like you to be killed, so why don't you let us have some fun with you I will make sure you don't feel any pain while I cut your body to parts " the strange man said , with a look of lost on his face ... eva was disgusted with the sight but she had seen worst, being a woman she was always understimated, and since she was beautiful people thought she would be like a doll , but they were wrong, she was strong , she didn't need a man save the beauty , she was no princess.

Eva laughed out loud while pushing her hair to the back "don't say I didn't warn you...."


Hey guys this is the first chapter its really short

(Its something like an epilogue ) and I know its not that good , but I am getting better I promise so please make sure to give the other chapters a try ... and thank you guys!!

for the cast

Megan fox for Eva queens

and Christian Hogue for Nickolas royal

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