Across The Field

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A pop star with a soccer captain can only end with trouble, will they make it?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Asher rushed over the field, swiftly kicking the ball away from the opposite team, feeling the adrenaline pumping through his veins. All that he could hear was the silence of the fans in the stands who were all on the edge of their seats, waiting for something exciting to happen.

It was times like these when Asher felt on top of the world. Having people relying on him, his fans cheering his name or screaming for him. Sweat was dripping down his body, his breath was heavy as he caught the ball under his foot, pausing to find a place to turn to.

Soon, he began shuffling through the players, elbowing them as they tried to steal the ball. An opposing player tried stealing it, but Asher was too swift for him, turning and kicking the ball up while running from him.

He made it to the goal and swung his leg back, shooting the ball into the net. Cheers and groans were heard all over the stadium. Asher watched as his teammate, Mike, ran up to him and pulled him into a quick hug while patting his sweaty back.

The other players ran up to him as well, giving him pats on the shoulder as he blushed and thanked them breathlessly. The clock stopped as the referee blew her whistle and shouted, "Half-time!"

Asher sighed in relief, panting as his damp fringe fell onto his red face. His teammates ran to the benches, along with the other team, where the coaches passed the exhausted boys water bottles that they happily chugged down.

Every half-time, the stadium always had a performance going, at least in the stadium they were in. Sometimes to help with charity, and other times just for entertainment. Asher never understood why they did it, but he didn't really care.

"Great job out there, mate. I thought for sure number eight was gonna steal it," Kyle said with a chuckle, sitting down next to him and running a hand through his short quiff.

Asher scoffed and raised an eyebrow, "Have more faith in me, man. I was slow in the beginning, but I definitely sped up. It was a quick start, but I pulled through. You can't say anything considering you just sit in the net till the ball comes towards you."

Instead of replying, Kyle simply rolled his eyes and remained quiet. Asher always bashes on the goalies, well, always on Kyle. It wasn't meant to be rude, just some friendly banter considering they're like friends who are always rude to each other.

The thing is, Asher tries not to hate on a sport, celebrity, or anything. He doesn't like people insulting him, so why be a hypocrite? Of course, there are certain people he doesn't like, but everyone deserves some respect as long as they don't hate on him.

Suddenly, the referee's voice echoed out through the stadium, announcing, "Here to perform his new hit song and number one single, Cold December Night, is pop sensation: Timber!"

Asher ignored the man, not being into any of these new singers nowadays. Even if he doesn't want to hate on anyone, he just simply wasn't into pop music. He doesn't hate it, but if a singer is on the radio, he'll turn it off. It's not his thing.

Last year, there was Cher Lloyd and Katy Perry, but he didn't pay much attention to them. They're both beautiful and amazing girls, and they definitely do have talent like every other singer in the world, but Asher was more into rock or hip-hop, as surprising as that is.

Maybe he gets it from Kyle. His other friend, Zach, happens to be more into pop. It might be because his girlfriend loves the genre and it grew on him, but Asher ignores them, and usually hangs out more with Kyle anyways.

Before Asher could chat up with Kyle, the crowd was shouting, screaming, and cheering loudly. He winced at the screams, grimacing slightly, but soon froze, hearing a deep and raspy voice fill the air.

"Stockings are hung with care, The children sleep with one eye open, Now there's more than toys at stake, 'Cause I'm older now but not done hoping," The voice was beautiful and strangely familiar.

Asher has heard the voice before, and he may have recognized it on the radio or maybe the T.V. when visiting Stella, Zach's girlfriend's, flat. But he can't remember the song or who the person was. Though, the name Timber did ring a bell.

The voice continued softly, so soothingly, "The twinkling of the lights, A Santa kid who's filled with hustle, Old saint Nick has taken flight, With a heart on board so please be careful"

Asher turned around, seeing a beautiful boy with brown hair. He wore some simple black shirt that was unbuttoned, only two though, and he had black skinny jeans clinging to his legs.

Asher listened intently as the man sang with such a passion. His voice is so unique, and his hair was blowing in the small breeze that came and went. The song was cute, touching, and strangely different, yet similar to most.

"Each year I ask for many different things, But now I know what my heart wants you to bring, So please just fall in love with me this Christmas, There's nothing else that I would need this Christmas, Won't be wrapped under the tree, I want something that lasts forever, So kiss me on this cold December night."

Asher was gaping slightly, his eyebrows furrowed because now he recognized him. His pictures were all over his sister's walls at some point in life. He had moved out, but he vaguely remembers going into her room once a couple years ago, and now he sees that Timber looks slightly different.

Someone elbowed Asher, and he winced, turning to see Zach sitting next to him, smirking slightly as he asked, "Liking the singer, aye? Can't blame you, he's a charmer. Or so I've heard."

Asher raised an eyebrow while saying, "Oh, no, not interested at all. I just, um, the song is really nice, and so is his voice."

"Probably auto-tuned. You never know nowadays, so many people faking their shit just to get money," Zach shook his head a bit, sipping his water as he cleared his throat. "But hey, a song is a song. And I like it, too."

Asher nodded slowly, not saying anything because Zach is right. He knew singers all had some talent in them because looks can only get you so far, and they can't auto-tune all the time. But, for some reason, he was positive this was Timber’s real voice.

There's no way in hell he was faking it. Timer sang the final verse, voice cracking slightly as he closed his eyes. Asher stared at him in awe, shocked at his angelic voice, knowing that's definitely real.

"So please just fall in love with me this Christmas, There's nothing else that you would need this Christmas, Won't be wrapped under the tree want something that lasts forever, So kiss me on this cold December night." Timbers voice cracked slightly at the last line, his eyes closed a bit as he let his passion overtake.

The music faded and the stadium was silent. Asher was amazed, simply taken aback by the talent in the room because how the hell is this boy real? He was perfect. His looks, his voice, and, hopefully, his personality.

Soon, the place erupted in cheers, and Asher absentmindedly smiled. The singer waved goodbye and the announcer spoke, saying half-time was over. But Asher wasn't focusing, no, he was too busy watching the boy walk off stage.

Timbers voice was haunting him, filling his mind like a ghost. It was as if Timber somehow sneaked his way into Asher’s body, taking over him, and Asher was infatuated already. It was love at first sight, some may say, but Asher didn't think much of it.

"Ash, come on, the game is starting again," Mike’s voice drew Asher out of his daydream, causing him to sheepishly nod and awkwardly stop staring at the empty spot where Timber once was.

He shook his head and ran after them, Zach snorting, seeming amused by everything. Asher ignored him, shoving him and running a hand through his fringe as he saw Kyle go back into the goal.

The game started again, and Mike stole the ball not long after, dribbling it down the field. There were only a few minutes on the clock, and Asher found himself at one point, glancing around in the audience.

He wouldn't admit it, but he was hoping he could see Timer. He occasionally kept looking back, sometimes focusing on the game, but it was hard to do so with a song stuck in his head, but more importantly a voice.

It wasn't long till he spotted the curly boy. He halted, staring as his jaw dropped in surprise. Before he could process it, Mike kicked the ball towards him, causing him to snap back and run with it towards to goal.

He constantly looked over to Timber and wished the boy would look up from his phone that, Asher assumed, he was texting on. And his wish came true, because their eyes met, and Asher froze. Bright blue eyes meeting a shimmering golden brown.

Much to his joy, Timber’s blank face was suddenly grinning causing Asher to blush bright red, noticing the lad had dimples. He was in one of the first rows, so Asher could see him pretty closely, making him want to giggle like a teenage girl looking at her crush.

Butterflies filled Asher’s stomach, which was strange since he has never felt like that in a long time, but he couldn't help it because he then heard Timber cheering for his team, putting his phone away. It was like his attention was taken, and Asher was the cause of it.

Suddenly, he felt the ball being kicked from under him from when he saved it a second ago. He gasped and grimaced, watching the other player run down the field and the opposite team cheer.

"What the hell, Asher? Get your act together and focus!" Zach glared at him, scoffing. He must have seen Ash staring at Timber.

Ash sighed, stealing a glance at Timber who was watching with a frown as the game continued. Time was running out, and the clock was getting closer to zero with the score being six to both teams. A tie. The next team that scores will win.

Mike passed the ball to Asher, and the latter dribbled it down the field, keeping a sharp eye on the goal. He got closer, and the goalie had an intense look on his face as he guarded. Ash swung his leg back, and the power put in the kick caused it to slam against the net.

Ash grinned, cheering as Zach wrapped an arm around his shoulder in a quick side hug. The stadium erupted in cheers, aside from the opposing side who were groaning, leaving angrily.

The players ran over to Asher, congratulating him for his winning goal, the coach patting his shoulder. Kyle exclaimed while taking off his gloves, "Wow, for a second I thought we were gonna lose. You seemed out of focus, Ash."

"Yeah, I wonder why," Zach grumbled, looking at the blushing boy.

Ash nervously laughed and scratched the back of his neck, "Ha, I guess I just got a little tired there. Couldn't keep my mind straight, but whatever. We won, right? That's all that matters!"

A suspicious look appeared on Kyle’s face, but he nodded slowly and the three walked over to where the others were. Their coach was chatting up the boys, saying what they needed to work on for the next game.

But then, everyone was going towards the locker room, and Mike rushed over, shoving between Ash and Zach with his arms around their shoulders as he shouted, "Party at Zach’s, right, lads?"

"Yeah, we're celebrating tonight! Should be a nice one, too, tons of celebrities are gonna be heading there," Zach grinned, eyes glancing at Asher, giving him a knowing look.

Ash frowned, but then Zach was motioning over to where a certain pop star was chatting with some lady, probably a person he works with. Ashers breath hitched as Timber looked up at him. The wavy haired lad smiled, giving him a small wave, and Asher shyly waved back.

He heard a loud laugh from next to him, and he turned around, glaring as Zach rushed into the locker room with the other boys. Asher sighed, quickly looking back to where Timber was leaving, and then going after his blonde haired friend. His mind kept drifting to Timber, and wow, there's something about that boy.

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