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You can ask me anything but about one man. Don’t ask me, “why is he doing this?” and “Why doesn’t he do this?” because I have no answer. He is like that. He will do if he wants to. He won’t… if he doesn’t want. Justice, injustice, fair, unfair, right, wrong nothing is his concern. If he wants it, he will get it. That’s all. Arnav Singh Raizada; the man who doesn’t care about anyone except his mother. The man who doesn’t want anything except his mother. What will he do if his mother dies? What will he do if he gets to know that his mother’s heart is still beating inside another soul? Will he make the heartbeat for himself again?

Romance / Fantasy
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Heart Beat

Part 1

Arnav Singh Raizada was looking at the letter which was written by his Mother. He was continuously wiping his tears which blurring his sight.

“My Heart will always beat for you”

He read the line for forty-second time. He got the message a few hours ago that “His mother’s heart stopped its beating”. He is returning back to India from London for his mother’s funeral. She died in an accident that day morning.

Arnav never wanted to be away from her mother because they have no one except each other. Yet, her mother never wanted him to come to India because of his nature. He loses his control whenever he sees his father who betrayed his mother for another woman.

When Arnav was twelve years old, his mother got to know that she was being cheated by her husband. He has extra marital life. Ratna was so much into her husband until she knows the truth. Arvind was everything to her…. her happiness, strength, weakness, everything...

She got shattered when she came to know that he is not a deserving person for her flawless love. She couldn’t come out of the betrayal for long. “Broken trust” made her weaker like anything. She cried… cried... Cried…

Ratna got the punishment of trusting the wrong person. More than Ratna, Arnav got affected by his father’s treachery. He couldn’t tolerate his mother’s tears who only saw her smile and laugh until then. He feared to death, seeing Ratna going so weak. He thought that he will lose his mother which made him wild. He started hating his father and the woman who was the reason for everything. He left alone as Ratna was not in the state of look after him.

Arnav kept fighting with his father whenever he saw him, no matter where they met. That was the day, Ratna understood her role in her son’s life. She became his life. She completely ignored his husband and started concentrating on her son.

Though Ratna got tied up with Arnav she couldn’t put off the fire which is burning inside Arnav. As days passed, Arnav became uncontrolled. Arvind got to know the seriousness of the issue when Arnav tried to stab him once. Growth of his wildness, as well as his hatred for his father, frightened Ratna. The hatred was so deep inside his heart because he loved his mother more than anything in this world.

Ratna decided to keep him in distance from Arvind. Arnav couldn’t forget his mother’s tears. How much he sees her, he was getting wild, thinking about her sadness. And how much he keeps a distance from his father, it will be good for Arvind. Ratna didn’t want to lose his son as she already lost her husband. So, Ratna took him to London. She made him believe that she will also stay with him. After few days, she took his promise that he shouldn’t enter India until she calls him.

Arnav felt dejected but he couldn’t repugnant his mother… for anything. He also kept a deal in front of her. He asked her to drop a letter every week. If he doesn’t get her letter, no one can stop him from coming to India. Ratna agreed to it. Ratna came back to India, leaving few loyal servants to look after Arnav. She diverted her mind and changed her lifestyle by involving herself in social services. She sent those pics to Arnav to show that she is happy.

Arnav missed Ratna like hell. Her letters soothed him a little. Now, his mother is no more. He won’t get her letter anymore. Her heart no longer beat for him. He is traveling back to India by his private jet to see his mother’s face for one last time.


Arnav entered RM screaming Maaaaa… he fell on his knees in front of her lifeless body. He screamed, cried, but no one tried to near him knowing his nature. Arvind stood silently… fearing to near him.

Arnav raised his head and his expression changed seeing the WOMAN who ruined his and his mother’s life. She became horrified seeing Arnav’s wrathful glare at her. Arnav stood and rushed towards her. Arvind came in front of him, getting his intention.

Aravind: Chotte… please calm down…

Arnav (gritting his teeth): Don’t you dare call me Chotte... You are not worthy of calling me Chotte. In fact, you are not eligible to be called as HUMAN….. Just ask her to get out of here… or else…

Arvind: Just for a while… she will leave…

Arnav: Why? Why does she want to see my mother? Will she be happy seeing her going to be burnt? Then only will she be satisfied?

Arvind looked at Asha, who was standing with her daughter Tina, glaring at Arnav.

Arvind: Please listen…

Arnav: I saaaaid… get oooout……

He roared.

Asha clutched Tina’s hand and started dragging her from there, all the way spitting fire through her eyes. Uttering, “mental” looking at Arnav.

Arvind stood humiliated. But he has to face this. Because of him, his son is suffering from mental illness. he knew that.

Arnav cried when he gave fire to his mother’s body. He refused to attend any phone calls. He was not in the state to deal with anything. His manager Aman was in full swing. He took Arnav’s all the responsibilities on his shoulders.

Arnav completed all the formalities. He ordered the servants to make Ratna’s favorite food every day to offer her, without leaving a simple thing that Ratna liked. Be it cashew cake or be it Jujube fruit. He left nothing. Her final rituals got over.

Arnav couldn’t believe that his mother is no more. He became mad that he couldn’t see her ever. He is an orphan. He has no one who he can say HIS. He broke things. Sometimes, flower vase… sometimes, mirror… onetime, even Ratna’s photo.

Hari Prakash faced a tough time to clean RM. He heard “breaking sound” even in mid-nights. In those breaking sessions, Arnav also got hurt. But no one dared to near him, even after seeing him bleeding. Would anyone go near a wounded lion? It’s not at all possible though.

Arnav decided to go back to London as his mother’s memories killing him.


Hari Prakash knocked Arnav’s room door. Arnav looked at him weirdly.

HP: Arnav baba, people came from Lion’s club.

Arnav: Tell them, I’m not interested to meet anyone.

HP: They want to talk about Ammaji….

Arnav’s face became calm. He nodded yes and went downstairs.

Lion1: Sir, we are here to thank you.

Arnav: For?

Lion2: Ratna ma’am was so generous. She wanted everyone to be happy. She always says that we should live on the earth, even after our death.

Arnav gulped. Won’t his mother’s word come true? Won’t she live on the earth in any form?

Lion3: Yes sir. Ratna madam’s contribution was limitless in ORGAN donation. She made hundreds of people donate their Organ and she helped many people to get their lives back.

Lion4: And she did the same in her life too. She saved a girl’s life by donating her HEART.

Arnav jerked.

Arnav (frowning): What did you say?

Lion4: As per Ratna ma’am’s wish, we did Heart transplantation for a girl on the same day when your mother died in the accident.

Arnav(excitedly): You mean, my mother’s heart is still beating?

Lion2: Undoubtedly…

Arnav: Who is the girl?

Lion3: We don’t know the girl. We informed the hospital, they had done the operation and handed over Ratna ma’am’s body.

Arnav: Can I get the information about the girl?

Lion3 (hesitating): But why?

Arnav (composing): I would like to spend all her medical expenses.

Lion1 (feeling elated): I will help you, sir.

He took his mobile out and dialed the hospital.

Lion1: This is SudhakarRajmohan from Lions club. (pause) I want information. Our club member donated her heart to a girl before fifteen days. We want the girl’s details. (pause) Our club is going to take over all the medical expenses. That’s why. (pause) ok… (pause) ohhh…. (pause) ok sir….

He wrote her address down and disconnected the call. He extended her address to Arnav.

Lion1: Sir, that girl is from Lucknow. This is her address.

Arnav took it from him happily.

They took Arnav’s leave. Arnav called Aman straightaway.

Aman: Yes ASR…

Arnav: Note down the address. I want this girl.

Aman: “you want a girl?”

Arnav: yes… Khushi Kumari Gupta…

Aman stunned. Because this is the first time, Arnav is talking about a girl. And he wants her? For what? Who is she? Why he wants her? Aman didn’t ask “why?” even though he had many questions in his mind. He knows, Arnav won’t like it if anyone questions him.

Aman: I will get her ASR.

He cut the call. Arnav became restless. His mother’s heart is still beating... He remembered his mother’s words. “My Heart will always beat for you”. So, his mother didn’t leave him alone. She left her heart with someone to beat for him.

His lips uttered “Khushi Kumari Gupta” again. He felt like, the name became his breath which is unknown to him, a few minutes ago. He didn’t know, he is going to face restless days and sleepless nights in the future because of this girl.

To be continued...

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