Five Names Of Finn Carter

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Finn Carter. The man who has five names. Kylie Jenson The woman who loved each of them. This is a story about a man and a woman who loved each other beyond everything.

Romance / Erotica
Sasha Dee
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Chapter 1


When I first met the storm in the name of Finn Carter.


The first time I saw Finn Carter was when he was singing in the middle of the campus without a care in the world. He was out of tune, sang the wrong lyrics and walked around the school hallways like a low budget Justin Timberlake.

I was stunned to see a guy who looked like him being a complete weirdo in public. I found out he was one year my senior and the campus loved him, okay only the girls and gays. The boys were either afraid of him or were his friends or both.

That day he put a smile on my face unknowingly and now today he is like a completely different person.

“You are dead meat, Johnson.”
The roar of his voice forced everyone to stop and watch the brooding man who looked lethal right now.

He was standing at the end of the corridor with lockers and a swarm of students between him and Johnson who was already sweating and trembling. Just like others, he stood where he was which was completely foolish because if someone who has a body like Finn told me he was going to kill me I would have left the country by now but Johnson was no less in that department.

The long-distance between them was covered by his long legs in seconds. The students separated on their own to allow their king to walk. His t-shirt had King 01 written on his back. His hair was insanely thick and brown. It looked tousled and super sexy. He was so tall that I had to incline my neck to see his face if he ever came that close enough to me.

“I’m s-sorry, Carter.”
Johnson is a quarterback and he’s quite muscular. I don’t know why he was pleading when with his body he could easily take down Carter. He was quite well built and fit but not muscular like Johnson.

“A little too late for that. You reap what you sow, right?”
The first punch he threw was so hard that I’m sure Johnson surely dislocated his jaw. He was down on the ground for way too long that everyone lost interest in their fight. Carter looked around and grinned like he just got his favorite toy or something.

Two girls whose names I don’t know came out of nowhere and latched themselves on him, locking each pair of his arms with their skinny ones. He whispered something in Girl 1 ear which is I’m quite sure was something dirty because Girl 1 shot him a wicked look and then started giggling. Girl 2 who had no idea what he whispered to Girl 1 also started giggling.

I looked away and started putting away my books in my locker. I don’t have any photos and stickers on it, unlike other students. I mean I don’t get the logic of putting so much effort and emotions on a locker which will be assigned to someone else next year.

Cole Sampson saw me struggling with the heap of books in my arms and offered to help me since his locker is just beside mine. We’ve been locker buddies for a very long time. Every year we get lockers assigned to each other by some mysterious fairy godmother.

Well, I don’t mind but I do mind his girlfriend who has never spoken to me but I get a gut feeling she doesn’t like me much. Actually, not many people do so I don’t blame her. I am brutally honest and a complete weirdo about some stuff.

In this world where being fake and friendly is the new realm, I survive by being the ice queen.

“Thanks, Cole. Meet you later.”
I don’t bother listening to his response because it always gets cut short by Harper Bradford, his girlfriend. I give one last lingering look to the perfect ass of Finn Carter and enter my last class for the day.

Aaron Andrews and Julie Miles are waiting for me at our usual seats at the back and I walk my way over to them. Julie’s hair reminds me of candy because they are so bubblegum pink which pops the blue in her eyes. She is a fierce worshipper of Galom Gordon, a man who created a franchise of globally awarded video games and wears his merchandise almost every day to school. She is lethal when she has a controller in her hand and Aaron, who is also a video game enthusiast, knows that very well.

With his boy-next-door looks, he surprises almost everybody when he opens his mouth because he is always swearing worse than a sailor. His first word starts with a curse and ends with it too. I learn new insults from him every day and back them up in my head because I rarely ever swear but I would love to have them in my vocabulary if the occasion arrives.

The extreme for me is Shit.

We’ve been friends for a year now. The one thing we have in common is our love for movies and tv series. We talk about the latest Netflix movie which is always in a language we don’t know. That is our common ground. We watch foreign-language movies and tv series without subtitles and we all discuss it in the break or when we need a conversation starter. We obviously come up with a different version of what we saw and then we look it up to see who was the closest to the real story. I win most of the time because I religiously watch every series till the end.

“Finn Carter just punched the jaw out of Johnson’s mouth in the hallway.”
I announce it like breaking news as soon as I reach them. Both of them look up from their phones at once. Yeah, Finn Carter has that effect on people.

“Awesome. If I had punched any guy on this campus I would be thrown out of here in minutes but Finn Carter will walk away freely even if he murders someone. He needs to grow up. This is not high school anymore.”
Andrew doesn’t really like Finn much but I understand where he is coming from and I completely agree on the last part. He used to go to school with him and he made everyone’s life miserable. Finn Carter is trouble with a capital ‘T’.

“Cool. Johnson must have done something to piss him off. Finn never hurts anyone first. He doesn’t believe in revenge, he believes in getting even.”

If Andrew hates his guts for some reasons then Julie loves him for those very reasons. She goes back to playing the game on her phone and misses the laser-sharp glare from Andrew.

“I’m with you, Andrew. She is blinded by lust like the rest of the female population of this campus. Why are we still talking about him anyway? What are you guys doing tonight?”

“I’m out. I have to attend the ‘Galom Gordon Forever Union’. I can’t afford to miss it maybe this time he will reveal his face to the world.”

“You don’t have to physically attend that. You just need to be online on your phone. He will never reveal his face to the world because he doesn’t exist. The mystery is selling their games and that’s all they care about.”

“How dare you say that to me? We are not friends anymore.”

I know she was only joking because I always give her shit about her video game obsession. At least she has a passion for something and here I am still wondering why am I doing engineering when I don’t want to have a career in it.

“I’m free. We can hang out tonight.”

I smile at Andrew, my best friend who is always there for me. The Professor enters the class with Carter following him inside. He has a smug look on his face for reasons unknown. He looks around the class for something but I’m not sure what.

“Mr. Carter, is there a problem? Please take your seat.”

He dumps his huge body at the front seat without saying anything and once again I feel irritated. What is the deal with him? I can’t seem to predict him or put him under a label as I have done with many people.

Finn Carter is different in a weird way that makes him more interesting.

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