Chasing Jain

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"Are you sure it's ok? I don't want to be overdressed-"

"Jain, angel, you're hot. In or out of anything you wear. Especially out..." Julian grinned, tapping my ass lightly as he nodded at my reflection.

I was wearing a black pencil skirt with a tight silk blouse and fishnet tights. I wore my high stilettos as they made me feel more confident, and that was something I needed tonight.

I'd met Julian's parents, of course, but I think they were worried I was after his money. Now I was earning just as much myself, they had piped down. Apparently his mothers sister and her daughter was coming, and I knew they would be scrutinizing me if they were anything like Arlena, his mother. So I'd kept my make up on point, even wearing my favourite red lipstick. I knew that I needed to look confident to feel it, so I gave myself a nod of approval.

I've got this.

Half an hour later, we walked into the restaurant. We were the first there, and chose to sit opposite one another. Julian ordered wine for the table, champagne for his mother of course, and immediately stood to greet someone from behind me.

"Vada! Aunt Loretta, how are you both?"

I froze, wondering if it was possible my fiance was related to Vada the bitch that had tried it on with my ex at every opportunity. The school secretary-

"Vada, Aunt Loretta, meet my fiance, Jain," Julian gushed proudly, as I stood to meet the older womans curious gaze.

"Why, Julian, she is far too young and pretty for you."

I smiled, instantly liking the woman with a twinkle in her eye.

"I know, that's why I'm marrying her," Julian joked, winking at me.

"Jain Martin? My god, you went to-" began Vada as I cringed.

"Indeed, I did. You look as stunning as ever, Vada," I smiled politely, making her roll her eyes.

"Oh please honey. Look at yourself! All curves and lips now! Not that you weren't before. Welcome to the family," she smiled, pulling me into her arms with a crushing grip.

"Ah, finally got parked Evan? It's ridiculous, they know how popular this restaurant is and they have about four spaces in the car park! Evan had to drop us at the door!" muttered Aunt Loretta, "Julian, Jain, meet Evan, my future son in law to be, if Vada works her magic. Evan, this is Julian, my nephew and his beautiful fiance, Jain."


It couldn't be.

"Evan was Jains English teacher!" Vada laughed, as Julian chuckled.

"No way? Lucky you," he shook Evan's hand, as I felt nausea rise in my throat.

Evan's eyes had met mine, and it took everything I had not to keel over in shock. I finally located my voice, forcing a smile.

"Mr Silver, it's been...a while since I last saw you."

He nodded, as Vada reached for his hand, pulling him to the table.


I collapsed into my seat, my head spinning.

"Darling, are you alright? You look pale," Julian asked, searching my eyes with concern. I felt Evan sit beside me, and a soft moan escaped my lips. His familiar scent enveloped around me, and my heart hammered against my chest. I tried to focus on Julian, blinking at him slowly.

"I'm fine, just a little tired."

"You've been working so hard, baby. Aunt Loretta, Jain is a special needs teacher, how amazing is that?" he beamed, as his Aunt gazed at me with interest.

"How wonderful. That must be.. rewarding. But not very well paid?"

Here it went again. Money.

Luckily I was interrupted by the arrival of Julian's parents, who gushed over their beautiful niece Vada. I remained frozen in my seat when Evan turned to me.

"Why is it, every damn time I see you I feel like I can't breathe?" he whispered, and I reached for my wine glass with alarm.

"Maybe you have asthma. Or you're allergic to me," I quipped weakly, as my eyes moved to his handsome face. Immediately I wanted so desperately to touch him, his soft dark hair still in a tousled mess on his head, his green eyes raking over me so slowly it was almost painful.

"I'm not allergic to you. Maybe allergic from being away from you," he murmured, his eyes falling onto the figure beside me.

"Jain, did you not see us there? Too busy talking education? Ha!" boomed a voice as I stood to greet Julian's father Harold. He was a portly man, whose hands couldn't help but roam over my ass as he kissed me on both cheeks. I stiffened, turning to glare at Julian who was deep in conversation with his Aunt and mother. I was grateful his mum had ignored me, but finally her gaze met mine.

"Jain," she said primly, before turning her attention to the delicious specimen beside me.

"Good heavens, who is this creature?"

I continued to drink the wine as Vada gushed about how amazing Evan was. I began to smile when she spoke about how much in love they were, as I remembered him fucking me less than six months ago. My pussy tingled at the memory, and I clamped my legs shut. The waiter came and took our orders, and Vada smirked when she caught my eye. She was rubbing Evan's leg as he stared at his drink dejectedly, sighing every now and then as he glanced at me. I continued to drink, until I noticed Julian frowning at me.

"Are you sure you're alright? You-"

"I just need some air. I'll be right back."

I stood up, glancing around the restaurant in confusion when Evan stood beside me.

"I'm heading to the loo, I'll show you the exit if you need air."

I nodded as Vada smiled proudly, before turning back to her family.

"Babe shall I come with you?" Julian jumped up, when Evan held his hand up.

"It's no bother. We can talk shop outside whilst she gets some air. I'm trained in first aid so if she needs anything, she will be well looked after with me."

There it was, that authoritative tone I'd not heard in years. I smiled reassuringly at Julian who nodded in response.

"If you're sure-"

"I'm sure," Evan replied smoothly, guiding me through the busy restaurant. He pointed at the exit as I blindly stumbled towards it, leaning against the wall as I felt myself begin to cry.

"Hey, hey, what's this? Don't ruin all this shit on your face," he chuckled, tilting my head up to look at him.

"Vada?" I finally managed to whisper, and I saw his eyes crinkle with embarrassment.

"Is your fiance wearing fake tan?" he mumbled, and despite myself I began to laugh.

"I think so. He looks good, don't be mean," I laughed, when his expression changed.

"Jain, we really need to talk-"

"What about, Evan? We have history. None of those people in there know that-"

"But we know that."

I was silent then, as I took in deep breaths to try to calm myself down.

"Evan, I'm getting married in two weeks. I can't entertain any of this...this...crazy...thing we have going on!"

He raised his eyebrows at me, before stepping back slightly. He folded his arms as he gazed at me, his muscles still evident beneath his shirt.

"Crazy thing called love?"

"Evan!" I hissed, checking around us despite knowing no one was there.

"We aren't in love anymore...what we did last time was stupid. Stupid and...stupider."

"For a teacher your choice of words are appalling, I'd have gone with intense and satisfyingly electric," he murmured, glancing around us as I gazed at his full lips.

"I need to go back in, Evan, please don't..." I went to walk away when he suddenly whispered in my ear.

"What? Don't what? Tempt you?"

He was behind me now, his fingers on my hips as he pulled me against him. Immediately I sank my teeth into my lip as my fingers laced with his.

"Don't, Evan. It's not fair," I whimpered.

He released me, but not before he spoke quietly.

"No. It's really not fair."

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