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Samuel Davis is a hardworking and compassionate doctor, who loves doing his job. His life is about to take a turn when an artist will become his new next-door neighbor and will give him a glimpse of the life he always wished to have. Will this new neighbor be able to add more colors to his life? Or will turn his somewhat steady life upside down? (Unedited) Slow updates

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

After finishing my long tiring shift at the hospital, I walk towards my apartment.

The building in which I live has four floors and two apartments on each floor. It is a quiet and secured area, moreover, it is near the hospital so I can easily make it there in time on emergency calls.

When I reach the second, I watch boxes fill the hallway of my floor, as the door opposite my apartment is open while some people are moving boxes inside the apartment.

Someone has moved into this apartment.

I walk towards my apartment carefully avoiding the stuff in the hallway.

I hope my new neighbors are not like the previous ones. Loud and problematic. Because God knows how much peace I need after my shifts at the hospital.

"Oh, for fudge sake, why are these boxes are in the middle of the apartment?!" An angry feminine voice comes from the apartment.

Amused smile forms on my lips hearing the censored cursing.

Shaking my head, still smiling, I take out my keys and unlock the door. Even before I can step inside, a loud crash halts my steps followed by a painful groan.

Instantly, I rush into the next-door apartment to find a girl sprawled on the living room floor amid boxes and the content of one box is lying outside the box.

"Are you alright?" I ask, standing in the door.

She raises her head and looks at me with her brown tear-filled eyes.

"Yes." She swallows and nods quickly.

"I live in the next apartment." I point in the direction of my apartment, "I heard a crash so, I came in to check. Is everything okay?" I softly ask, letting her know she doesn't need to fear me.

"Yeah, I fell," she says looking a bit embarrassed, which honestly makes her look even cuter.

Making my way towards her, I offer my hand to help her up.

She hesitantly takes my hand and stands up.

My eyes roam over her body to check for any sign of injury as her pained look is hard not to notice even when she masking it.

My eyes land on the broken pieces of glass and some blood on the white floor.

Looking to her side, I notice a cut on her right arm.

"Hey, what are you doing?" She frowns and tries to pull her arm back when I take her hand and pull towards me to examine it.

"Ouch!" She lightly jumps, when I examine her wound to check any pieces of glass left inside while careful not to touch her wound.

"Stop playing doctor with me." She yanks her hand and glares at me.

"I am not playing doctor with you." I chuckle, "I am a doctor."

"Yeah, sure." She gives me a disbelieving looking, eyeing my full sleeve tattoo and my black jeans and a short sleeves muscle shirt.

I am not surprised as I am used to getting this look when I tell someone that I am a doctor. Hell, when I am not in my work clothes, even I have a hard time believing that I am a doctor when I look at my reflection.

"I know it is hard to believe but, unfortunately, I am." I shrug pretending to look shocked.

She laughs lightly which brings a smile to my face as her laugh sounds carefree and genuine.

"Hi, I am Ariana Marshall." She smiles.

"Hello, I am Dr. Samuel Davis." Returning her smile, I slightly nod my head at her.

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