Nanowrimo 2015

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Chapter 2

August 20, 2015

Dear Journal,

Its me Hazel. Today started pretty annoying. I fell asleep last night in the back yard hammock and woke up this morning covered in bug bites. Nana was quick to give me instructions to take a cool shower before covering my skin in calamine lotion. After I shower and lotioned I headed downstairs for breakfast. I had a healthy filling breakfast of fruit and honey oatmeal. While my sister had a cereal that was ninety percent sugar. We had a small test of wills it came out a draw. After breakfast we got dressed and headed into town.

After shopping the dollar store and thrift store we went to the local cat shelter. I adopted two black cats. I have named the smaller girl Shadow and the larger boy Grim. Rosie adopted a white Persian she named Caspar. Right now Grim is exploring my attic bedroom and Shadow is peaking out from under the bed. Bruiser my Nana’s big Main Coon Cat mix is at the door wanting in. I like that big tough guy but right now the other two need to get used to my room.

Tomorrow Nana is taking me to the store where we are going to get my school uniform. I was enrolled alone at a privet school. Rosie is going to public school sweet I go to a private school while she is stuck in a normal place. I for once am getting something better then she is other then this room.

Well Nana is calling me downstairs so for now.

Love Hazel

Hazel closed her journal and locked it up. She then relocked her desk and went downstairs. She made sure to close her door tightly. Hazel smiled as she saw Nana with three big looking pillows. One was a purple and white plaid. One was in a green and blue plaid and the last was the daisy fabric Rosie had picked out. There were also two clock radios there.

“Here are your cat beds nice fabric choices girls. I bought these clocks last week when I was out and about. They have very loud alarms and no snooze buttons. I was young once to.”

“Thanks Nana.” said Hazel smiling taking her two cat beds and her new clock. “This is a definite good thing. How about I put Rosie’s stuff by her door.”

“Thank you dear.” she helped Hazel stack the cat beds easy and put the alarm clocks under her other arm.

Hazel went upstairs and knocked on Rosie’s door. “What is it?” called Rosie through the door.

“Sis Nana finished the cat bed. I am going to leave it by the door and she also got you a surprise.” She left the more feminine looking alarm clock and cat bed by the door before hurrying back up to her room.

Hazel smiled spotting the two cats sleeping together on her bed. “Nice to see someone come out of her hiding place.” she said finding a cozy spot for the two beds she then carefully sat on the bed with her new book. Neither cat moved though Shadow did look at her. “Don’t worry girl you’re safe here. I promise you two will only have to share me with Bruiser. He’s Nana’s very big friendly cat. He won’t hurt you two.” She settled into her fantasy novel. It was rather good. She looked down when a warm weight settled onto her lap. There was Bruiser “How did you get in here?”

“He fallowed me in.” said Nana. Smiling at her granddaughter and her three feline friends. “This is Mr. Lasky from next door. You met his son, Jack, yesterday. He will be installing your cat door so these three can come and go as they please. Bruiser has really taken a shine to you. The other two didn’t even blink an eye at him joining you.”

“Well I talked about him a little before getting into my book. By the way were is Ashes?”

“She sleeps a lot in my sewing area during the day spends her nights hunting in the garden. She is a very antisocial cat. Reminds me a lot of an old friend of mine honestly. She showed up along with Bruiser last spring. I didn’t mind as I had some company again.” said Nana. She then turned her eyes to Mr. Lasky. He was the image of Jack except his hair was brilliant red and he had a beak of a nose. He was cutting a hole in the door then he installed a pre-made style cat flap. It really was just a small doggie door.

“The ya go little lady. One cat door. Now your cat friends can come and go as they wish.” Hazel smiled as the three cats purred at having a way in and out.

“Thanks Mr. Lasky.” she said “Thanks for having this done Nana.”

“No trouble dear. I had one installed on my sewing room door and Rosie’s door so the cats can go to eat and used the litter boxes. Now enjoy your book. I’ll call you down for soup and sandwiches.”

The two adults left and Hazel returned to her fantasy world.

The next morning after a quick shower Hazel went downstairs to feed her feline friends. She found Ashes awake and smiled at her “Hey there pretty girl was wondering if you were gonna join in.” She made sure everyone got the same amount of cat food. She pet all of them even Caspar was purring as they ate.

Hazel heard a muffled curse from the trash area. The litter boxes were in there and it was Rosie’s chore to clean them every morning before a shower. “You lost the draw sis. You do litter while I feed the cats.”

“Still say you cheated.” said Rosie from the other side of the door. Hazel rolled her eyes as she started to make breakfast for herself and Rosie. She smiled as her eggs came out light and fluffy. Today was omelets and toast covered in jam. Nana had said the night before that as long as she didn’t use it all up anything in the kitchen was fair game. The woman had a great pantry.

“Wash your hands and eat. Its best eaten when warm.” said Hazel setting out their places. Nana came in and chuckled “Awake first again Hazel. I wonder if you even need that alarm clock I bought you.”

“I will be needing it soon enough. School starts soon after all.” Said Hazel spreading blackberry jam on her toast. Rosie came to the table and took the strawberry jam for her toast. Nana chuckled. “Whats so funny Nana?”

“You two remind me of myself and my sister. We most of the time couldn’t get along for the life of us. Though when we didn’t fight we weren’t bad. The jam thing just reminded me of how we both loved marmalade but never the same flavors. I liked cranberry marmalade while Dawn liked orange.”

“Actually I like all kinds of jam except Cherry jam.” said Hazel making a face. “Don’t know why I don’t like cherry jam.”

“I really only like strawberry and grape jam though I can stomach peach.” said Rosie as she ate her omelet and toast covered in fresh jam.

“Today you need to get your clothes sorted out Rosie while I take Hazel to the uniform store. She will be starting school a day before you do Rosie. I enrolled her in Moonlight Hill Academy. This is a great school. They had room for only one more this late in the season.” said Nana. “Rosie you’ll be going to the local public school.”

“Why do I need to sort my clothes?” asked Rosie.

“Well you need to make room for winter clothes and warmer clothes then the clothing you wore in California.” said Nana. “Winter is not always nice after all. Just pick out clothes you really don’t wish to part with. The stuff you don’t really want to keep will go to the thrift store”

“Yes Nana.” said Rosie quietly.

“Don’t look so down. Think about it you get to wear a different outfit each day while I wear the same thing everyday.” said Hazel making Rosie crack a small smile.

“Thanks Hazel.” said Rosie. She was in a decent mindset even helping wash the dishes after breakfast was done.

“Lets get going Hazel. You got to be measured for your uniform before we can buy it. We also got to buy you black dress shoes.” said Nana grabbing her keys.

Hazel smiled as she ran upstairs and yanked on her sneakers. Today was going to interesting. Once they were on she ran back down the stairs laughing as she was fallowed by Bruiser and Grim while Ashes, Caspar and Shadow sat in a sunny patch grooming themselves.

“Seems you have two very devoted boys.” Said Nana as they got to the station wagon. Hazel smiled “Listen Hazel I need to tell you something. We won’t be just going for your uniform we also will be going to a special shopping center.”

“How special?” asked Hazel as they drove. They went over a covered bridge that had defiantly seen better days. Hazel felt a funny buzz half way across.

“Well you are about to see. The shopping center is right up ahead.” Said Nana pointing in front of the car.

Hazel’s eyes popped out of her head at the sight of a whole other town before them. When they had entered the bridge she had seen a tree shaded dirt road but now before her was a town straight out of a fantasy novel.

The buildings were a mixture of different cultures, sizes and colors. The people coming in and out were all kinds of people. Large numbers though wore kilts and kimonos.

“What...How...Where?” manged Hazel. Nana chuckled and gently smiled at her.

“Welcome to the true Salem, Pennsylvania Hazel. Let me pull over and we can talk over ice-cream.” She pulled in front of a building that was pink and white with a sign in the big front window saying Peggy’s Pastry and Ice Cream Shoppe.

They walked in Hazel still in surprise. Nana ordered them two bowls of vanilla and walnut butter cookie ice-cream before sitting them down at a table.

“Nana, how is this place here? I saw a dirt road before.” said Hazel finally.

“I want you to promise that you won’t interrupt me.” said Nana. “Do you promise?”

“I promise Nana” said Hazel wanting answers.

“This town is hidden by an old spell. You see Hazel Joy. Magic is very real. Long time ago magical settlers came to the new world hoping to find freedom to practice their magic without fear. Sadly the witch hunts happened making the true magical people hide away. Since then there are Salem’s all over the country used to hide the real magical towns. There is a magic school in each of these towns.”

“Sorry to break my promise but how is that possible and where do we come in?” said Hazel as she stirred her ice cream.

“Those are good questions to interrupt me with Hazel so I will let them pass.” said Nana as she ate some of her own ice-cream. “Our family came over here from Scotland before a revolution. I was born with magic as were you. Magical power seems to skip generations as does the twin thing. Rosie is a normal girl so she would not be able to come here. You were enrolled in a real magic school. We are here to buy your school things. We got the majority of things you need for notes and such. But you need spell books wands and the like. Your sister will only see normal text books when she looks at your magic books.”

Hazel was in shock she had magic and Rosie didn’t and apparently she came from a long line of witches and warlocks. She fallowed Nana out of the store and soon they were at a uniform shop. “Nana I can’t believe this is all real.” she admired as she went into the small shop.

“It takes some getting used to. Your father hated that I had magic when he couldn’t do anything. He decided to keep you girls away from me because he thought you were normal. Rosie was born normal but you are something special. I just knew it when I saw you. You were born on midnight All Hallows Eve and a shooting star fell that moment. I knew that you carried magic inside you and it was proven to me when at two you summoned your toy back after Rosie stole it and then threw it when she knew she had it.”

“I really did that?” asked Hazel before a woman came into their sight line. She wore a measuring tape around her neck like a necklace and a pincushion on her wrist. Her black hair was tied in a ponytail using another measuring tape like a ribbon

“You did dear and I knew you would find your way here when the time came.” said Nana. “Libby this is my granddaughter Hazel and she is in need of the uniform. Try to keep her skirt to about the same length as her current dress.”

“Of course madam. Come on back Miss Hazel. We have another student being fitted now.”

“Okay now I feel like I am a bad Harry Potter Parody.” said Hazel falling her to the back area.

Standing on a stool was Elvira from down the street in her panties and bra. “Hey its Hazel right?”

“Yes nice to see you again Elvira.” said Hazel smiling as she saw a familiar face at least.”

“Call me Vi. I am so glad your the one going to the school with me. No offense but you sister isn’t my cup of tea.” said Vi.

“Miss Hazel I need you to remove your dress so I can get accurate measurements. Don’t be shy nobody but girls can come in this area.” said Libby gently. Hazel turned red as she removed her simple light green summer dress showing her simple white and pink flowered patterned panties and bra set.

“Love your underwear Hazel.” said Vi making Hazel turn pinker in the cheeks.

“Thanks I am not used to being in just them outside the shower or my bedroom though.” Libby waved her wand and two tape measures started to measure the two young preteens. Hazel blushed as it went around her small bust. Vi was larger in size already.

Soon the measuring thankfully was over. “Alright ladies lets get you into the basic uniform. That is an olive green sweater vest with a single white stripe, white long sleeved dress shirt, olive green tie, olive green skirt with a white stripe above the hem, white socks with olive stripe and black dress shoes for you girls. The skirt length varies from girl to girl. As do the style of the socks and shoes. Now try on these shirts and vests.”

Soon Hazel had her uniform in quintuple and five pairs of black Mary-Jane style shoes. She had desired on skirts that fell just above her knee and socks that folded over at the ankle to show the green stripe. Vi had gone for a shorter skirt, black tie shoes and her socks were sporty looking.

“Hope to see you soon Hazel.” said Vi going to join her mother and grandmother. Hazel waved as Nana paid for her uniforms.

“Where next Nana?”

“Your wand of coarse then we can get your books and potions things.” said Nana walking out of the store with Hazel. They bought Hazel’s school books at a small used book shop as the books from last year were on the list for this year. “The wand shop is farther then I remembered sorry dear.”

“No worries Nana.” said Hazel smiling at her as they finally got to the wand shop’s door.

“Nana were are we headed?” asked Hazel fallowing her grandmother to a very small shop tucked between a dress shop that sold kimonos and a small restaurant that sold Scottish foods.

“This is the wand shop. Much like Harry Potter we all have our own perfect wand. But unlike in his story we pick the materials for our wands while blindfolded. This is done so that the wand it truly in tune with the witch or warlock who uses it. Nobody else can create that exact combination ever.”

The store while small was neat and warmly inviting once inside. The counter was thick oak wood with beautiful scroll work done into it. The man behind the counter remind Hazel of old drawings of Scottish men in museums that her mother would drag her and Rosie to. “Welcome lassie it is nice to see that magic hasn’t been lost in the Hill line after all.”

“Funny Arnold.” said Nana smiling at him “Arnold is an old classmate of mine and always had a crush on me.” Hazel giggled behind her hand at this news. Her grandfather had died when her father was a young boy.

“Miranda you spurned me for many years even after Dominick’s death. Oh I will never stop trying to win your heart.” he said “But right now is time for your granddaughter to be blindfolded and let to pick her wand’s own special materials. Lets take you to the rooms. This place is bigger on the inside then it looks outside.”

“That I can understand” she said fallowing him to a room.

“We let the new magical pick their own blind folds.” He showed her a big rack full of different color and material scarves.

Hazel smiled her hand going to a black fabric with small white snowflakes on it. “This one is nice soft feeling.”

“Been a while since someone picked that fabric. Shame really is is nice like you say.” he tied it around her head making sure her eyes were covered well. “Now hold my hand and I will lead you to the room were we keep the focuses. A focus is a speical stone added to the end of the wand to as a place where your raw power is turned into controlled power. Now just let yourself wonder around till something feels right when you touch it. Hazel walked around until she came to a small box full of rough feeling stones. Her hand wrapped around a small rather smooth for the box of rough stones.

“Aw that is quite a special stone. To find it in a box of rough stones is quite a treat.” said Arnold taking the stone from her hand. He then guided her to another room “Now this is were we keep the wands outer forms. Do as you did before now Miss Hazel.”

Hazel walked around but then climbed a ladder to a top shelf and reached into a box feeling all sizes of sticks and branches. She soon warped her hand around a thin smooth twig. She came down and held it out.

“Oh my been a while since someone has climbed into that corner. Shame this wood is made for magic.” she smiled hearing Arnold’s words. “Next is the core of the wand and then a handle.”

The core room took longer then any of the others. She finally found a soft yet strong feeling thing in another dark corner. “Seems you’re a very unusual for your age.” The handle was simple feeling but had a butterfly carved into it.

“Now keep that on while I use the spell to make your wand dear” he lead her back to Nana and said “She is a rare one Miranda some of these things haven’t been seen in wands in years.” He said making the wand with a chant that Hazel assumed was ancient Scottish. “Done you can take off the blindfold now.” Hazel removed it to see her wand. It was lovely thin thing with a simple handle and at the base of the handle was a black striped with white stone that was round and smooth looking. She took it and smiled as it felt nice in her hand.

“What is her wand made of Arnold?” asked Nana.

“The focus is a polished piece of black moonstone, the handle is black walnut with a delicate caving of butterflies on it, the outer shell of it is made of weeping cherry wood and the core is the hair of a southern Pacific mermaid willingly given. These together mean you are a rather special young lady.” Hazel smiled as they paid for her wand and a wrist holster.

“I bought your potions things while you were in there. We can head home now dear.” Nana said as they went to the car but Hazel stopped suddenly her eyes drawn to a beautiful pair of of antique gold and stones broaches. One was a butterfly and the other was a dragonfly. “They are lovely. Would you like them?”

“Actually I was thinking about the dragonfly for Rosie’s birthday. She is so hard to shop for sometimes. But that dragonfly reminds me of her. Beautiful and delicate looking but actually a deadly hunter.”

“That does fit Rosie when she is in one of her sour moods. You are the butterfly dear. You were a shy caterpillar now your growing into your wings.” Nana went in and bought both brooches for her granddaughters’ birthdays. Hazel was born on Halloween right as the clock struck twelve and Rosie was born ten minutes before her on October 30th. This was cute as the second Hazel had been born a star fell from the sky.

They then returned home to find Rosie going crazy as she tried to make herself get rid of her clothes.

“Rosie it isn’t that hard to decide on the clothes to donate. Look pick out the ones you bought but have never worn.” said Nana with a sigh as Hazel took her stuff up to her room.

Hazel smiled as she felt a furry body rubbing her ankle. She looked down she was carrying her bag of books up right at this minute and chuckled it was Bruiser. Grim and Shadow were in her room napping on their new cat beds. The door opened to show Nana coming up with the bags holding her uniform.

“Your potions stuff is set up in the basement with mine. Don’t worry the school has supplies and cauldrons for student use.” said Nana kissing her forehead. “Your spell books have a perfect first spell. It is called the familiar speech spell. It will let you and any other magic user hear your familiars speaking. I tried it on Bruiser but apparently he isn’t my familiar.” Hazel chuckled “It doesn’t let non magic users hear anything other then meowing.”

“That’s great Nana.” said Hazel smiling. “I’ll work on that after I put my stuff away.” said Hazel putting her stuff away.

Hazel the night before her first day at school made two lunches marking them each with a sticker. Hers had a butterfly and Rosie’s had a dragonfly. Rosie was shocked when she saw the handmade lunch. “You’re on your own for a drink but otherwise its all there. A peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich, an apple, sting cheese and some of those peanut butter oatmeal squares I made with Nana this afternoon.” said Hazel “I start a day ahead of you I know but I wanted to make yours today.”

“Thanks Hazel its so sweet” said Rosie smiling “So what are you doing tonight?”

“Going to write in my journal, read a book and make sure my uniform is hanging.” Rosie nodded smiling at her twin. Rosie knew that this was for their own good being in separate schools. Hazel since the move had changed a lot. She some how had become more open. It was strange to Rosie to see that there was a lot more to her formerly quiet shy twin then she had ever seen.

Hazel smiled waving as she went upstairs and setting her alarm clock for the next morning. She then turned in her desk lamp and bedside table lamp to give her light to see by and light to do her first spell by. She had read and reread her book to make sure she knew how to do it right. All three cats were in the room wearing their new collars. She had used scrap ribbons to weave one for Bruiser the day after she came back from her first magic shopping trip.

“Okay time for my first spell” she took out her cherry wood wand and cleared her throat. “Draíochta ársa a chloisteáil mo focail. Deontas mé féin agus mo familiars an chumhacht na cainte , Tabhair deis dúinn a labhairt le chéile go dtí an deireadh ár laethanta go léir.” She said focusing her magic through her wand and out around her feline friends. It came out of the want in a white mist that swirled around all of those in the room before fading away.

“Well that was an odd feeling” Bruiser said in a Brooklyn Accent.

“So you have a tough guy voice after all.” said Hazel smirking as Bruiser jumped into the air in surprise. “Don’t be so startled Bruiser. I did a spell that lets us speak to each other. It also wrapped around you two. I know your not sleeping. Grim you snore and Shadow you always have a smile in your sleep.”

“She knows us that well already” said a surprised sounding Grim as he stood and stretched. His voice was smooth as silk with a southern accent to it.

“Told you she was special” said Shadow in a clearly Asian accented voice. “I must ask why though did you give me such a clique name as Shadow.”

“I thought it suited you. I didn’t know you then. And it does suit you. You are always fallowing Grim like a shadow.” said Hazel with a grin. “And sorry I stepped on your tail this morning Bruiser. I was barely awake.”

“Don’t worry bout it. Beside you at least make sure your sister cleans out the box and you give us all a thing of tuna at dinner time.”

“Of course I do that. You guys are my friends. I am so nervous tomorrow I go magic school. This is first time I will be going to school without Rosie. I’ll be alone.”

“Don’t be nervous Miss Hazel. Its a new adventure.” said Grim rubbing against her as she sat on the bed with them. “You won’t be alone that boy next door will be there and Vi to. We understood you when you talked to us. Thanks for not using the baby voice on us. Well other then on Bruiser when you stepped on him. Hate when humans do that.”

“Hey gang mind translating for me with Caspar and Ashes? The spell doesn’t work on non magical felines.”

“Sure though I dislike that prissy pretty boy Caspar.” muttered Bruiser making Hazel laugh herself silly. “Whats so funny?”

“Sorry but you are the one wearing a collar made of woven ribbons and some of them are pink. Hearing you call Caspar a prissy pretty boy is pretty funny.” The other two were snickering as he pouted about being teased. “Relax Bruiser. Now I have everything set for tomorrow so I might as well write in my journal.”

“Good idea a journal is away to speak without speaking” said Shadow jumping down from the bed. “I will deal with Caspar and Ashes. At least I think Caspar is more then a prissy pretty boy.” she then went down the stairs.

Hazel walked over to her desk smiling as she set up to write in her private friend.

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