Nanowrimo 2015

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Chapter 3

August 31, 2015

Dear Journal,

I did my first spell tonight. It was the cat to human communication spell. I had to speak it perfectly in Irish. It was worth three days of memorizing and practicing it with Nana. Now I can speak with my three feline shadows. Bruiser sounds like he came from the Bronx. Shadow had an Asian lilt to her voice. Grim has the voice of a southern boy. Shadow doesn’t much care for her name I am afraid. Bruiser called Caspar, that is Rosie’s white Persian familiar, a prissy pretty boy. It was was funny.

Tomorrow I start at Moonlight Hill Academy. It is the magic school in the area. Half the kids in town are magicals and attend there. I hope I can make friends and maybe even one day find my Dominick. Nana told me how they met and it was cute. She even showed me his picture. He looked just like Daddy only with a real beak of a nose.

My uniform and book bag are ready for tomorrow morning. Don’t tell anyone but I have been trying different hair styles in the mirror each morning. I am kind of tired of braids. Tomorrow my hair will be tied at the top with a bow then left to fall. Kind of simple yet cute.

Man have I changed since I came here two weeks ago with Rosie. Something about Nana’s house makes me feel more confident and brave. I even stand up to Rosie now.

There are two magical kids in the neighborhood. There’s Elvira aka Vi down the street. She hasn’t gotten her familiar yet as her family is insisting she get one from a magical breeder. That isn’t working so well as none of the kittens they keep showing her have the spark with her. Nana and I are going to take her to the special cat shelter tomorrow after school because she is a pretty cool girl. I love her side style ponytail.

Next door is Jack and he got his familiar last night. I met the cat. She is a sweet calico with thick fur. He named her Season. She is pretty and mellow.

Well journal its time to sign off for the night and get cozy with a book till bedtime.



Hazel closed it and stood up cracking her back “Need to talk to Nana about making some cushions for that chair.” she muttered. Hazel fell asleep reading with her felines all around her purring and smiling at her.

The next morning Hazel’s alarm clock went off and she groaned getting up. The cats all raised their heads. “What is that horrible sound?” whined Shadow as Hazel walked over to reset her alarm for the next day.

“Sorry that is my new alarm clock. I need to have it go off each morning so I can be up and ready for school.” Hazel grabbed her bathrobe and hurried to take a quick shower to help wake herself up. She when done ran upstairs brushing her hair out as she did. At the door of her room was Bruiser with an embarrassed air as he held in his mouth a piece of purple lace ribbon. She smiled taking it “Thanks tough guy.” she rubbed his ears the way he liked. Grimm was there at the top of her steps with a jealous look on his face.

“Grimm don’t be jealous. He just wanted to thank her for his collar.” said Shadow a small chuckle in her voice. Hazel went up into her room and dressed before doing her hair bow. “How does it look gang is it straight?”

“Its perfect.” said Shadow. “Now go feed us please and make sure you make yourself something. Its your first day at magic school after all.” Hazel smiled and nodded going down to the kitchen where Nana had made her a simple breakfast.

“Well look at you. You are certainly beautiful Hazel Joy.” said Nana kissing Hazel’s head with a smile. Hazel grinned as she filled her cats food bowls making sure they had fresh water.

“Thanks Nana. I did the spell last night. It worked I can understand the gang minus Caspar and Ashes.”

“Well that’s great. A first spell is always the best feeling. Where did you get that ribbon in your hair? It is perfect for you. While lace looks delicate its actually very strong. Suitable for a hair bow.”

“Ask Bruiser where he found it?” she said sitting down and eating the simple eggs and toast with orange juice. As she finished she heard a knock at the door. Nana smiled at her.

“Go get your stuff I think that might be Jack and Elvira.”

“Nana she prefers being called Vi.” called Hazel going up to her room grab her book bag.

Hazel came down to see the other two talking with Nana. Vi had her hair tied today with a light blue ribbon. Jack had his hair as messy as ever. The boys uniform was identical to the girls except they wore pants that didn’t have the white line.

“Thanks for waiting guys” she said “Hold on I got to get my lunch out of the fridge.”

“No prob Hazel.” said Jack with a smile. “We are just as excited as you are to go. I did my first spell this morning I couldn’t sleep.”

“Let me guess the spell to understand your familiar?” said Hazel coming back with her lunch bag. She had made sure to grab hers as her sandwich and favorites.

“Yep though the fact that my calico speaks like a dang trucker worries me.” he said.

“Could be worse she could talk like an Igor from a bad horror movie” said Vi with a grin at him. Hazel chuckled along with everyone else.

“Now that I would freak out over someone so cute sounding so creepy.” Said Jack with a shiver.

There was a honk outside and the three preteens ran down to their bus. Hazel took a seat about mid way back. Behind her sat Jack and Vi.

“So Vi you wanna find your familiar?” she asked looking back at the red head.

“Ya I do. I really want to find them. My family is so insistent that I go to a breeder. I have been looking since my last birthday.”

“Don’t tell your parents but Nana is going to take you to the same place we found Grimm and Shadow this afternoon. They have purebreds there but mainly mixed breeds. I think Nana can handle your family if they raise a fuss.” said Hazel. There were other stops but nobody sat beside Hazel so far.

At one stop came a girl with light blond hair with a sad look on her face as everyone but Hazel put their bags on their empty spots. “Why is everyone being so rude” asked Hazel.

“That is Morgan Hellbane. Her whole family is full of evil witches and warlocks. Nobody wants to be near her. You best put your bag on the seat.” said Jack before paling at the dark look Hazel gave him.

“You should try being nicer to her. Not everyone is like their family morons.” she said “Over here Morgan.” she said shocking everyone even the old bus driver who looked like a human and a really ugly gargoyle had a kid. Morgan gave a smile as she came over.

“Thank you” she said quietly sitting down. “I am Morgan Hellbane.”

“Hazel Hill. I just moved to town.” said Hazel smiling at the other girl. “The two behind us are Vi and Jack.” Morgan gave a small shy smile to the two others. They gave weak ones back not sure about Morgan. “So what did you bring for lunch?” Hazel asked Morgan.

“A bento box of home made sushi knock offs. I love Japanese food.” admitted Morgan with a bright smile. Hazel smiled.

“I brought a basic brown bag. That is a cool sounding lunch.” said Hazel.

“Whats with the butterfly sticker?” asked Morgan as Hazel smiled.

“Its to help me make sure I don’t grab my twin sister’s lunch by mistake. She has the worst taste in food. The majority of her lunch is nothing but sugar. I hate sweet foods other then jam.” said Hazel with a grin. “Rosie is attending the normal public school.”

“Ah fraternal twins then right?” said Morgan.

“Yep you wouldn’t even think we were related if we didn’t tell people. Just ask Vi and Jack they’ve me Rosie.”

“It is true they look very different from each other. Its weird seeing them together. Rosie is a perfect blond looking princess while Hazel is more natural looking.”

“That is because our mother had pretty much programed Rosie to be a Barbie doll. She drives me up the wall sometimes but I love her. Though I think I showed I am not the little doormat I used to be.”

“What happened?”

“Who do you think dumped her over priced designer clothes onto the lawn.” smirked Hazel. “Teach her to try and take my dressers over.”

“She tried to take your dressers over? Even my elder sisters respect boundaries. Everyone thinks I am evil just because I am their little sister. Hilda and Mal are down right evil. They always make fun of me because I want to do things differently then them.” said Morgan chuckling. “I heard what they said before but I also heard your words. You really know what is going on”

“That is because my family is very different from me.” said Hazel with a grin. Suddenly the bus stopped and they all looked out to see their school for the first time ever.

Hazel and the others all were in awe of their school. It was an impressive quartet of Victorian style mansions painted in a cool green color connected by halls painted in different pastel colors. Standing on the steps of the center mansion was a very stern looking man.

Before they could get off the buss the driver stood up. “All right young ones I know your all excited to be going to your school. Before you do I want you two write your names on the cards I am passing back. The person next to you will be your signed seat partner for the next year. No switching seats just so you don’t have to stay with a person you might not have wanted to sit with you.”

The cards were passed back and Hazel took out her favorite ballpoint pen. She wrote her name down and handed the card to Morgan to write her name down. They put it in place using the sticky strip that was on the back.

“Have a good day students and I am Mike.” he chuckled flipping up his old blue ball cap. Despite his looks he was actually very friendly. “If any of you have problems you can talk to me.” he opened the doors “Now get off my bus” he laughed watching them all get off. Hazel and Morgan were the last ones off behind Vi and Jack.

Now that she saw it Hazel smiled. Morgan’s skirt reached the tops of her black loafers. Morgan’s hair kept falling in her face. Hazel reached into her bag taking out the one she used for a book mark “Here use this to tie your hair up. You can’t learn magic if your hair is always in your face.”

“Thanks Hazel mind helping me tie it.” Hazel smiled before breaking the ribbon into two smaller ones. She put Morgan’s hair into pigtails.

“There we go now we can see your pretty face.” said Hazel hoping off the bus. The man seemed surprised at Morgan and Hazel smiling at each other like old friends.

“Thanks Hazel. But why did you carry an extra ribbon?” asked Morgan.

“It was an old book mark actually. Don’t worry I use a playing card these days” Morgan grinned and took Hazel’s hand in hers.

“All right you brats settle down.” snapped the teacher. “I am Professor Hooligans and I teach conjuring.” The group snickered at his name. “I know I know my name is funny. Right now is a tour tomorrow you start your lessons for real. So line up in two lines. Everyone has to have a partner.” Hazel and Morgan smirked easily finding their place at the front of the line as the others picked a partner. Vi and Jack were right behind them. Soon as everyone was in place Professor Hooligans began walking up the steps.

“This is the main hall of the school. The south wing is a dormitory for our students who attend here from other towns that wing unless you are invited is off limits. Now fallow me.” he showed them where they would be attending potions making, magical and normal history. Apparently the school had the students taking both normal and magical subjects so they could live in both worlds easier. There was even gym much to Hazel and Morgan’s dislike with a uniform sheet.

The area in the center of the four mansions was a green that the students are lunch in. A spell on the area kept it in a permanent state of Autumn as it was the most pleasant time to be outside. It also was a short cut for classes.

“Now we have an elective period for each student. These are held twice a week in the west wing.” The magical classes were in the main building’s top floor the normal ones the first floor of it. The gyms took up the east wing building. Boys had the first floor gym and the girls the top floor with a swimming pool magically kept in both levels.

Right now the groups were sitting on the lunch field. Another thing about magic school was for every hour in the normal world schools two would pass in the magic world schools so students could take many classes as possible. This made everyone groan.

“Don’t groan its done this way so you can have both lesson types and still be home on time.” Said Professor Hooligans. “Now I would like to introduce you to your Principal. Give a warm welcome to Principal Tashio.” A woman with white hair pinned neatly on the top of her head wearing a lovely blue and white checkered print kimono.

“That is a nice kimono suits her.” Hazel whispered to Morgan who was next to her. Morgan nodded smiling.

“Welcome new students to Moonlight Hill Academy. I am glad to see so many new faces this year. So much potential I hope you all have a fun year learning and growing into fine witches and warlocks. Now every October 30th we hold a dance for all of the grades.” This made everyone look up surprised. “Now this dance is a formal costume ball so ladies dresses to the ankles at the shortest and boys it means suits and ties. Attendance is mandatory.”

“That’s not a good thing for me,” whispered Hazel. “My twin’s birthday is October 30th.”

“Isn’t it also yours then?” hissed Jack on her right side?

“Mine is on Halloween” Hazel hissed back making those close to her raise their eyebrows “I was born as the clock struck midnight Halloween” Hazel smirked focusing back on the welcoming.

“Now students each marking period lasts two of the normal school. That just means you get two report cards instead of four. You will be required to take a different elective course each marking period. Sign up sheets are on the wall before you. Now all students with last names that Start with A through H are first up. Please chose wisely because you’ll be in this class till midway through January.”

Hazel and Morgan joined other a through H students going to sign up. Hazel picked Japanese cooking while Morgan went for pottery. “You didn’t have to pick Japanese cooking for me” said Morgan as she sat down again.

“I didn’t pick it because of you. I want to learn different ways to cook. Weirdly I always feel so confident when I am cooking. Drives Rosie nuts that I am the queen of the kitchen and she barely can boil water.”

While I through P went up to sign up Morgan and Hazel talked with Vi about what she would like to do. “I really like to write hope there is a creative writing course up there.”

“There is its next to the metal shop class. They offer normal electives and magical ones. I figure I do one normal class and one magical each year.” said Hazel smiling.

“That makes sense actually.” Said Morgan as Jack returned.

“What did you pick?” asked Hazel smiling at the others.

“I accidentally signed myself up for Beginning Ballet.” The made the girls break into tears of laughter even Morgan. “Laugh it up. Its not that funny. I am going to be learning how to dance like a sissy.”

“You know some famous football players take dance classes it helps with their agility and stamina” said Morgan blushing. Hazel and Vi grinned seemed Morgan liked Jack.

“Well your turn Vivi” said Hazel smirking at the new nickname for her friend and neighbor. “Remember the creative writing course is beside the metal shop class sign ups. The metal shop list is two down on the left side from my cooking class list.”

“Thanks Hazel” said Vi with a wave “And I will hurt you if you call me Vivi again.” she went to sign up.

“You love it and you know it Vivi.” said Hazel laughing as she got a death glare.

Once the last kid sat down again they were told it was lunch time. As the group rearranged themselves a boy who hadn’t ridden their bus started to bad mouth Morgan until Hazel stood up marched over to him and yanked him by his tie up “Shut the fuck up before I make you. Family isn’t who you are. I should know. My sister and mother I never would be like them. My father hates me because I can do magic and he can’t. So don’t you ever badmouth someone before knowing them am I clear ugly.” she yelled in his face making the taller boy pale.

“Miss Hill...” started Professor Hooligans but he was cut off by the girl with a dark look in her eyes.

“Nobody messes with those I care about. Morgan might come from a nasty family but that doesn’t mean she is evil. Everyone is a unique being who makes their own choices and actions.” The other students even the older ones who had come out for lunch were in shock at her words.

“Well said young one. I can see that you have your grandmother’s spark with your grandfather’s strength.” said Principal Tashio coming over. “Dominick would be proud of you. He befriended an outsider to. Turned out that boy was a good person and made a great leader. In fact I married that boy. While I do not approve of violence I will let it slide this once because it was in defense of a comrade. But unless it is truly no other way out try not to scare the others into using their pants for a bathroom.”

“Sorry madam and sorry jerk wad about your pants. Normally I am the gentle type of person but I hate bullies. I had to grow up with mine.”

“Rosie was really that bad with you?” asked Morgan when hazel rejoined them.

“Majorly but she is getting a wake up call called real world tomorrow” said Hazel. They all let it drop and started to eat lunch together.

Hazel and the others ate lunch everyone looking at Hazel like she was weird. She had befriended a witch from a bad family and socked a very light family’s heir in the face hard. Hazel smirked as she enjoyed her time with her new friends. The school offered free warm drinks. Hazel had a cup of mint sweetened with a plash of honey while her friends drank cider and coco. The cups were charmed to take the form that most pleased the person drinking from them and to never let the drink inside go cold.

Two scary looking older girls came over and looked down at Hazel. She raised an eyebrow at the two dirty blonds looking at her with barely hidden curiosity. “Let me guess you two are Morgan’s elder sisters” she said sipping her tea.

“Ya and we wanna say. Thanks for dealing with that jerk” said the taller one. She had mismatched eyes and braces on her teeth. “To be honest nobody has ever done that before.”

“I like Morgan and I hate bullies. Especially cry babies I didn’t even hit him that hard. Suck it up buttercup I did you a favor with that beak.” she called to the still crying boy as his nose was now much smaller after being heeled.

“In his family only the women are meant to have small noses. Its an old Italian thing I think.” Vivi said sipping her cider with a smirk. “You breaking his beak and him now having a smaller nose is actually a major blow to his pride.”

“What ever. I hate big noses as they are always getting put into others business” said Hazel making everyone outside their group look embarrassed as they had been listening in.

“You are certainly different. I like that. I am Bella and this is Lulu. You are good in our books. Anyone who will deck a bully for Morgan is. So have a good time guys we won’t bug you to much.” said the shorter girl. They both smiled and it wasn’t evil smiles. “To be honest we hate that everyone assumes we are evil just because we don’t always do the same style of magic and our ancestors were evil.”

“Foolish really. Your family is only a part of you not all of who you are. Just ask Vivi and Jack what they thought of my twin when they met her.”

“Total jerk. Hazel went to see if she was alright after a fall and she snapped at Hazel. She tried to take over Hazel’s dressers, insulted their grandmother’s familiars.” Said Jack.

“She isn’t always so rude but when Mom was around I never was even noticed. Daddy while nicer still I could see he didn’t like me that much. I was born with magic and he wasn’t. Didn’t help that I didn’t look like any of them.”

“Ya her twin is a white blond with a barbie wardrobe. Yuck.” said Jack making a face. “Never saw the appeal of those dolls.”

“Neither did I.” said Hazel “But growing up Rosie had every new Barbie available nothing but the best for the normal perfect daughter. She never got into trouble with Mom around. Even when it was clear she was being a bully. She could steal my things right in front of mom but if I took them back I was the one who got in trouble.”

“Man that is rough even our parents don’t show that kind of favoritism.” said Bella as she at her lunch with her kid sister and her new friends.

Once lunch ended the kids were given their personalized class schedules and maps to their classes. The normal teachers handed out books for their classes. The new kids also got their locker combos and such. The rest of the afternoon was a meet and greet.

Another boy came over “Nice swing for a runt.” he had bandages on his face, a head full of messy strawberry blond hair, almond shaped green eyes and three earrings in one ear. He had a smart-assed smirk on his face. He wasn’t wearing a tie instead he had a skull and crossbones necklace. Hazel felt her cheeks heat up and hurried to hide it with her hair before the others saw her blushing at a boy.

“Thanks. I have said it before do not like bullies. Hazel Hill at your service.”

“Nice name. I’m Luke Knight. I like it when a girl knows how to throw a punch.” he smiled “Well see you around Hazey”

“Don’t call me Hazey.” she yelled after him as he ran back to his group of friends.

The others came over with smirks on their faces well the other girls Jack just was smiling at her. “So Hazey barely knows you for a minute and he already nicknames you.” teased Bella laughing as Hazel gave her a death glare. “That don’t work on me shorty. I mean I live with the queen of death glares.”

“Mom does have an evil one. So whens the wedding Hazel” teased Lulu.

“Shut up. He was just talking about me slugging that jerk.” said Hazel glad they weren’t there when she had blushed.

“Right says the girl with a blush” said Vivi and Morgan. “Hazel has a thing for bad boys.”

“I do not” said Hazel hating her freaking blush.

“Right sure you don’t. We will stop shorty.” said Bella and Lulu. The others sighed and let up. The rest of the day went pretty smoothly other then Hazel tripping and ending up face first into an older boy’s crotch. Everyone died laughing as she ran to the nearest girls’ bathroom her face a beet red. She hid out there till it was time to head home.

She was still looking at her lap red in the face as they rode home.

“Come on it wasn’t that bad Hazel. He just laughed it off.” said Morgan taking Hazel’s hand in hers and squeezing gently. “You are the sweetest and toughest girl in school don’t worry nobody thinks any less of you.”

“That’s right Hazel. It was actually cool. He had a deer in the headlights look on his face” said Jack. “So what you doing when you get home?”

“I was thinking of reading in the hammock with the cats after helping Vivi get her familiar.” said Hazel talking now that the subject changed.

“You don’t have your familiar yet?” said a surprised Morgan. “I have mine. Her name is Skyla. She is a sand colored street cat that clicked with me.”

“My family is driving me crazy as we are rich I should go to a breeder. I have been trying for a year to find one that way. Hazel’s Nana is taking me to the shelter so hopefully I will find one that clicks with me.”

“Good luck with that. Well here’s my stop.” said Morgan getting off at a big cabin style house painted an ugly shade of green in a small clearing.

Hazel and the others said later. The ride was pretty peaceful now that Hazel was back to normal.

They got off the bus at Hazel’s house and saw Nana in the driveway waiting “See you later Jack” said the two girls getting into the car after they got off the bus.

Hazel smiled at Nana as they drove to the special cat shelter. “So where’s Rosie Nana?”

“I gave her a book to read. She has become an avid reader since she found out I don’t have a TV or computer.” Hazel remembered that fit. She had been tempted to slap her twin for acting like a toddler. Hazel had waited till later that night before giving an old paper back to her twin to read.

“I’ve created a monster” Hazel said with a dramatic groan. Since that night Rosie had been snapping up book after book. Hazel had no problem sharing but her sister was a faster reader then she was. The other two laughed as they arrived at the shelter.

Hazel laughed to as they went in. It took nearly an hour before Vivi found her cats. One was an orange and white Cornish Rex and the other was an extra toes mixed breed cat with soft silky silver tabby fur. She had named them Artemis and Orion after her favorite story in Greek myths.

“So how was you’re first day girls?” asked Nana. Hazel told her about making friends with Morgan, Bella and Lulu.

“I am proud of you for making friends with those girls and standing up for Morgan. The Hellbanes are actually cousins of yours from my husband’s side Hazel. Leona Hellbane is your third cousin and her daughter’s are fourth cousins to you.” said Nana as they came to the largest house in the neighborhood.

They got out as Mrs. Rivers came out hands on her hips. She did not look happy. “Take those mongrels back to the shelter where they belong.”

“Now you listen here Stephanie Rivers. The girl has tried your way for nearly a year now. She found two familiars who click with her. One might not be a purebred but the other is. You let that girl keep her connected familiars young lady or I will talk to your mother and your mothers in law about this. Ellen, Hilda and Jane do not take well to you being in your daughter’s way to becoming a true witch.” Snapped Nana making Mrs. Rivers pale then redden before she stomped into her house. “That is what happens when a spoiled child grows into a spoiled adult. She is why I refuse to spoil you girls.” Hazel nodded smiling at Nana helping Vivi bring Artemis and Orion inside.

“Thanks for today Mrs. Hill.” said Vivi her mother’s dark look coming from the door frame leading to the living room.

“Of coarse dear and call me Nana. I have watched you grow up like my own grandchild. Stephanie I will be watching for these two cats so no forcing her to get rid of them the moment we leave. Don’t forget I live down the street and I play bridge here with Ellen, Hilda and Jane.” Mrs. Rivers pouted hating that this was true. Her mother in laws owned the house and lived there with them.

“Nana you are good” said Hazel as they drove back to their place.

“That’s nothing. Stephanie is a brat always has been because she was her mother’s youngest daughter and always got her way. She’s not used to dealing with having two mother’s in law. Her husband was raised by two lesbian witches who own the house she lives in. Ellen was called Auntie Ellen till it was more acceptable to be homosexual.”

“That is cool” said Hazel smiling. She blushingly told Nana about the face plant into that boy’s crotch and the others teasing her about Luke. Nana chuckled.

“Well that’s one way to introduce yourself to a classmate.” she said as they went inside to find Rosie looking nervous.

“What happened Rosie?” asked Hazel kindly.

“I keep hearing voices in here. I swear the cats are talking. Bruiser is speaking in a Bronx accent.” Hazel and Nana looked at each other in shock.

“Oh dear we got a late bloomer.” Said Nana making Hazel pale her sister was a witch too. She hated this she was now not the speical one. She ran up to her room. Nana sighed “Rosie you and I need to talk then I have to go talk with your sister.”

Two hours later Nana came into the Attic bedroom to find Hazel all curled up on her bed looking at the wall. “Hazel honey are you alright?” asked Nana gently.

“Why did she have to be a witch to.” she asked her voice cracking. “For once in my life I was the special twin.”

“I know its not fair Hazel.” said Nana. “For a change you had something that your sister couldn’t have. But Rosie has magic now to. Please sweetie help me with this. Rosie is still your sister.

“Now she will go to my school. Now I will be forgotten again just like always. She has never let me have friends. She has always stolen them away.”

“I didn’t mean to you know” said a voice at the steps. Rosie stood there looking around taking in the look of her twin’s room. “I just was always so much more open and friendly. It was never personal. I wanted to make friends to.”

“You always drew people in. No matter how hard I tried I never could compete and once you get to Moonlight Hill it will happen again. Every time we start a new school you do that.”

“I am willing to stay away from you. Just because we go to the same school doesn’t mean we have to see much of each other.” said Rosie “Nana has to take me to the shopping area for my school things so do you wanna come or stay here moping” Hazel raised an eyebrow before a weak giggle came out. “I’ll make dinner while you’re out.”

“Thanks Hazel” said Nana kissing her forehead. She and Rosie soon left and Hazel began making dinner. It was simple pasta and vegetables. Bruiser came in and saw the dark look she gave him before leaving.

“Hazel what has you all cranky?” asked Grimm behind her as she stirred the pasta.

“I am not ready to deal with it yet Grimm. But lets just say my sister can understand you four legged fools. She understood Bronx breath over there”

“Shit we didn’t mean to let her hear us. But isn’t her having magic a good thing?” asked Shadow from her spot on a kitchen char.

“I don’t care that she has magic. It just oh forget it I need to focus on this.” Grimm sighed rubbing against her leg.

“You are unhappy and we just want to help you Hazel.” He said.

“I know guys but right now I just want to cook in peace it calms me down when I don’t wanna read.”

“Alright we will let you cook.” Hazel still was in her uniform though she had removed her vest due to the heat in the kitchen.

“Mind if I open the back door guys?” she asked “Let some of this heat out there.”

“Sure the yard is spelled so nothing gets in unless allowed in by the house’s people.” Hazel opened it and returned to cooking in the silence.

Hazel sighed as she heard Nana’s car pull back in. She took her bowl of dinner into back yard to eat alone not ready to be nice. The cats fallowed her to the hammock where they tried to comfort her. Hazel gave a weak smile at the cats “Thanks for trying guys. Right now though I just can’t enjoy this.”

“Try talking even if you feel like you can’t” said Grimm in his silky voice.

“I hate this my sister always has to be perfect. For a change I was the one who stood out who didn’t get shoved into the back. For once in my life I had something that she couldn’t take from me.”

“Oh I get it your for once being selfish and not liking it.” said Bruiser rubbing against her leg. “It shows what a good person you are Hazel.” She sighed looking into her food.

“Get up here tough guy.” she said “Sorry about the death glare earlier but you guys hadn’t been talking around her I might have had a few more days to enjoy school without her.”

“Sorry Hazel” they said realizing that they did help this happen.

“Will you guys please join us for supper” came a prissy sounding male voice with a French accent. Hazel looked up and saw sitting on the back step was Caspar grooming himself.

“Now I get the prissy pretty boy thing” muttered Hazel as she ate her food “I’ll give you dinner once I finish mine.” she said smirking at him while he frowned. “You won’t starve to death to wait.” she then ate her dinner quietly enjoying it. “So what does Ashes sound like.”

“Why don’t you ask me your self” said the gray feline coming outside with Nana. She had a quiet voice with an accent Hazel couldn’t place.

“Sorry Ash it was rude not to talk to you myself.” said Hazel before covering her mouth as she burped. “You really need to come out of the sewing room more often though.”

“I like it in there. Its peaceful and the fabrics are so cozy to nap on. Plus I don’t have to deal with Bruiser flirting with me.” This made the two human females laugh. “It isn’t funny. No offense Bruiser but I like more sophistication in a cat I am with. Your idea of a fun time is eating out of an old dumpster and chasing rats. I am more dignified then that.”

“More like a brat.” muttered Hazel and Grimm. Ashes and Caspar looked insulted. The feline and his mistress went inside. Hazel filled their food bowls remembering the portion of tuna in each. Rosie was upstairs in her room already reading her new school books.

“Well tomorrow your sister will be joining you at your school She even signed up for an elective.”

“What one?” asked Hazel grabbing an apple for desert.

“There was only one with an opening. Look go easy on her but the only one with an opening was auto shop.” This made Hazel crack up her girly girl sister in auto shop was hilarious.

“Ya laugh it up. What class did you get into?” came Rosie’s voice. In her hand was a coffee cup. “Thanks for the tea Nana.”

“I signed up for Japanese Cooking.” smirked Hazel. “It was something different. Next marking period I plan on taking a magical elective. Give my self a rounded school year.”

“Hazel don’t forget to pack your lunch. The magic school does offer a warm lunch but its not always very healthy.” said Nana chuckling as Hazel hurried to get her food ready for in the morning.

“Thanks for reminding me Nana. Got to ask sis what is your wand made of? Mine is weeping cherry with a black walnut handle, black moonstone focus and Southern Pacific mermaid hair.”

“Mine is weeping willow wood with a white walnut handle, a white moonstone focus and Northern Atlantic mermaid hair.” said Rosie smiling at least Hazel wasn’t making fun of her for her decidedly male elective anymore.

“That is different. You two while different have very similar wands. My wand is white ash with a white pine handle, a ruby focus and a Chinese dragon scale. You two have a rare gift. Rarely do fraternal twins both posses magic. Last time was when the Hellbane and Hill split happened. You better be nice to Morgan Rosie. She’s distant family.”

“Yes Nana.” said Rosie “I am going back up see you two in the morning.”

“Don’t forget to set your alarm sis. You still got to do your chore before we head out.” called Hazel smirking at the groan heard from the stairs.

“You are rotten I know you used a double sided coin” said Nana.

“Its for her own good and I always want to puke at the smell of a cat box” said Hazel before going up to her room. Shadow, Bruiser and Grimm fallowed her upstairs while the other two remained to groom themselves.

Hazel went to her desk and opened her diary grabbing a normal pencil over her fun ink pens for a change.

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