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Chapter 4

September 1, 2015

Dear Journal,

Today was my first day of school. It was so nerve wracking, fun and embarrassing. I made new friends. First was Morgan Hellbane. She is really nice and everyone was treating her badly because of her last name. Apparently one her ancestors was evil and everyone assumed the whole family was. I also met her older sisters Bella and Lulu. While rough round the edges they are actually nice girls like their sister.

I also met three guys today. First guy was Leopold Vanderbilt. I slugged him after he wouldn’t leave Morgan alone. Then I met Luke Knight. He is alright I guess. The others teased me about blushing which I can assure you I was not doing. I didn’t get the third guy’s name as I ran away face red because I kind of fell face first into his crotch. Hid in the bathroom till it was time to come home.

I also went with Vivi to get her familiars. She found two like I did. Hers are called Artemis and Orion. Orion is a purebred Cornish Rex while Artemis is a silver tabby with extra toes. Vivi is the granddaughter of Nana’s bridge partners. Nana has been trying to teach me how to play but I can’t get it.

Once we got home we found out that Rosie is a witch to. Not fun to find out. I guess it is selfish that I hate her being a fellow witch but I can’t help it.

Anyway tomorrow is another day dear journal but I better get to bed.

Love always,


Hazel closed her journal and stretched out before climbing into her bed clapping her lights off.

The next morning Hazel was up first as always. She washed up and put her hair in two low pigtails before going down to the kitchen to find her sister yawning over a cup of hot tea. “How long have you been up sis?” asked Hazel making her own tea and both of them oatmeal. Rosie had gotten a skirt to her knees when she got her uniform. Hazel walked over and redid the green ribbon into a cute bow “That suits you better.”

“Thanks Hazel and woke up when you started the shower. Nana always keeps a tea kettle of water on the stove for tea and coco.”

“Alright thanks for the tea. I should warn you the bus driver has us sitting in assigned seats. I am already with Morgan. There was only one seat I remember not taken. The bus was pretty packed. Remember outside this house you avoid me. I can’t lose the first friends I have.”

“These kids really are your first friends?” asked Rosie had she really been that bad that her sister had nobody to call friend?

“Ya ever since we were little when ever I tried to make a friend you would waltz in and make them forget about your weird twin sister. Mom and Dad ignored me as well. I had nobody to play with, to talk to and share things with. That’s why I turned to books. Inside them nobody forgot me. I became the girls and boys I read about. They had people who noticed them and cared about them” said Hazel sipping her tea. They ate in silence for a few minutes both lost in their thoughts.

Nana smiled coming in and drinking tea “Don’t forget your lunches.” she said as the twins headed to the door. She tossed the bags to them. Hazel waved “Have fun in school today girls.” she called to them as they boarded the bus Hazel taking her seat. Rosie sighed finding the one seat that had only one name on it’s card after introducing herself to Mike. The name on the card read Kellie Thompson. Jack and Vivi were confused.

“Turns out Rosie is a late bloomer. Its just lucky her powers showed up the first day so she isn’t behind.” said Hazel knowing what they were wondering about. “Guess what class she got stuck in.”

“Hazel you promised Nana not to tease me about it.” said Rosie with a sigh.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t tell them about it and let them tease you.” said Hazel “Rosie is in auto-shop till spring.”

“Man that is rich” laughed the other two. Morgan soon came on and joined in the laughter. Kellie was one stop after Morgan. She got with her long dark brown hair done in a ponytail held in place by braided hair, and her almond shaped violet eyes lined with perfect mascara showing off a beauty mark under the left eye. She also wore her skirt very short and dangling spider earrings.

“Who are you? What are you doing in my seat.” she asked rudely.

“Names Rosemary Hill. I missed yesterday due to something unexpected. This was the only seat open.” Rosie said surprised someone could be so rude.

“You related to that weirdo who disfigured my future husband?”

“I made him look better actually.” said Hazel smirking her seat right across from them. “That beak he had was hideous it made him look ridiculous.”

Kellie huffed taking her seat when Mike told her to sit down. She kept calling Hazel all kinds of names. Finally Rosie had had it. She actually punched Kellie in the nose herself. “Hazel is my sister. We might not ever be the best for friends not after all I did to her growing up but I am the only one who is allowed to call her weird.” Mike sighed handing back the first aid kit.

“Patch her up till we get to school and I have to report the punch but I must say nice swing kid. You might want to take boxing classes come spring.” He said smirking.

The bus soon pulled up to the school and the students stepped off. Kellie and her lackeys going to find the nurse to fix her face.

“Does everyone in your family result to taking a swing?” asked a voice. It was Luke Knight with his goofy smile.

“She was insulting my twin. Just because we aren’t as close as possible doesn’t mean I don’t want to make amends for the person I was.” said Rosie looking him over before seeing the blush on Hazel’s face. She smirked so Hazel had her first crush on a bad boy.

“Cool I’m Luke Knight. Well see you guys around” Hazel smiled as he left with his friends.

“So you got a little boyfriend huh” teased Rosie.

“Shut up he’s not my boyfriend. I don’t even know him.” said Hazel pushing her glasses up her nose a nervous tick of hers.

Rosie chuckled “Well I better get going I got to get going then. Later sis.”

“You know she doesn’t seem so bad right now.” said Morgan.

“She can be but I got to admit I never thought she would take a swing at someone for me.” Hazel said before laughing as Rosie got to meet Professor Hooligans. They hurried for morning announcements in the lunch area.

Hazel smiled as she finally got to lunch with her friends. She had been in plenty of classes with them all day but had been busy taking assessment tests to see what level they were at with their schooling. The magical lessons were in the afternoon after lunch. Hazel smiled opening her lunch bag before groaning.

“Whats wrong Hazey” asked Luke as he walked behind her.

“I caught my sister’s lunch bag by mistake. Sweet food yuck.” she said spotting Rosie coming in “Rosie hang on. You got my lunch.” They swapped fast and Hazel returned to her seat on the grass with the gang. She had already grabbed her tea cup. It filled with the perfect up of hot raspberry tea with a splash of milk and a spoon full of sugar. “Wish I knew the spell for this at home. This is such good tea.” she said

“I don’t like tea. It always tastes so bitter to me.” said Morgan sipping her cider “Spiced pumpkin cider for me.”

“Yuck to both of your drinks. What is wrong with normal hot chocolate.” asked Vivi as she and Jack sipped theirs.

“I am allergic to chocolate” said both girls before blinking in shock.

“I break out in hives all down my back every time I each chocolate.” said Morgan.

“I get painful leg cramps and spend the night riding the porcelain throne” admitted Hazel with a deep blush. The others laughed at her problem “Its not funny. The worst part is the leg cramps hit when I am sleeping. I wake up in pain. It also hurts for half a day after to even walk.”

“Man and I thought my hives were bad. All I got to do is to have someone rub calamine lotion into my skin and sometimes I have to take a baking soda bath.” said Morgan “It depends on how bad the hives get.”

“Less gross talk more eating.” said Jack eating his lunch. Hazel grinned as she enjoyed time with her friends but she kept an eye on her sister eating with some of their classmates.

“I hear Rosie got detention for slugging Kellie this morning.” said Morgan.

“Ya but I actually am proud of her. That was the first time she’s ever stood up for me.” Said Hazel smiling. “I have never seen that side of her before.”

“Man she is changing then.” said Jack “So when you gonna ask Luke to be your date to your birthday ball.”

“Its not a birthday ball. Its just a special Halloween party and I am not asking anyone. If it wasn’t mandatory I wouldn’t even go.” said Hazel turning red.

“WHAT?” Said all of her friends making people stare.

“What did I say?”

“Why don’t you wanna go to the big dance?” asked Vivi.

“Its nothing personal guys I just don’t do well at parties.” said Hazel. “Even at family parties I always feel out of place. That and I can’t dance.”

“You can’t dance?” said a shocked Jack. “Then what do you call that thing I saw you doing while hanging laundry last week.”

“Stop spying on me when I do my chores and that isn’t dancing at all. I was just spinning a lot” she blushed. Vivi wacked Jack upside the head for spying on their friend like a weirdo.

“It was hard not to see her. She was singing as she did her chores.”

“Singing makes the work go faster.” said Hazel blushing deeply.

“What were you singing?” asked Morgan with interest.

“I am not saying” huffed Hazel.

“She was singing the song from...” Jack started to say before Hazel clapped a hand over his mouth.

“Do not finish that sentence if you value your tongue” she growled. That was when Jack licked her hand “Eww.”

“She was singing the opening song from Walker Texas Ranger. It was pretty good to.” The others laughed at how red she was. Soon lunch was over and they headed to their first magical class. Basic potions with Professor Fielding in the one basement room.

Professor Fielding was a willowy woman with fine blond hair worn in a tight braid and sharp gray eyes. She wore an apron over her rather beat up clothes. “Welcome to Basic Potions. Now for the first week we will be covering basic safety and reaction tables. But first everyone when I call your name stand in line alphabetical order. Once she had everyone lined up “Now turn so you are facing the work stations. Then go sit with the person on your left starting with the first person in line. This will be your potions partner.” Hazel and Rosie groaned “What is wrong with my system.”

“Nothing just who we got stuck with” they said. “We were trying to avoid being put together.”

“Why is that?” said the teacher.

“We’re twins and we can’t work together.” said Rosie. “We always fight and end up having to be separated.”

“Saw it happen when their grandmother tried to make them cook together. Hazel is very good at things like that while Rosie can’t boil water.” said Jack. “Hazel doesn’t like sharing her space with Rosie to boot.”

“Well you two will have to deal with it as that is how this class will run. Now get to your table.” the twins grumbled but did as ordered. The others smirked at this as it soon was clear that the twins were indeed having trouble working together. When the bell rang they ran out.

Hazel smiled as the bus dropped her and Rosie off later that afternoon. Nana was smiling at them behind her were two things covered by sheets. “I thought these could help you see the town without me and have fun while doing it.” she removed the sheets to show two beautiful bikes. Both had white tires, ladybug shaped bells and big baskets on the handlebars. One was painted pink while the other was purple and had three wheels.

“Wow Nana these are great.” said Rosie looking at hers. “This is a great shade of pink.”

“Thanks Nana you even got me one with the stability I need.” Hazel had reveled she had no skill on a two wheeler when Nana had loaned her her old bike. Hazel had scraped her knees up pretty badly. Nana’s magic cream had taken care of that.

“No problem dear. I was glad to find something like that. The bike shop owner said nobody wanted it because it wasn’t a real bike.” said Nana “I had him fit the baskets and bells onto both of them. That way you had a way to carry your library books or shopping. The cats could ride in them even.”

“That’s right” said Shadow coming out. “I wouldn’t mind a ride now and then letting my fur feel a breeze though it.”

“That is a great idea. Let me change into my after school clothes then we can go for a ride.” said Hazel smiling. She soon returned in jeans overalls and her favorite comfortable purple and white plaid short sleeved shirt with. Right behind her came Grimm who jumped into the basket with Shadow.

“Just be back before dinner. You still have homework to do.” said Nana as the twins rode off. Vivi and Jack soon came out on their bikes. Vivi had a basket on her bike like Rosie and Hazel inside it were Artemis and Orion. Diamond Dust was riding in a back basket on his black bike. “Nice bikes girls” said Jack before they saw another boy biking. It was Luke and he had a saddle bag with a kitten poking her head out.

“Luke hey” said Hazel riding up to him. “Who is your little friend? She’s cute”

“My name is Marbles” said the little orange kitten. “Hey baby brother come on out” another head poked out of a smaller kitten with a black mask over his eyes.

“Well hello there.” said Hazel “Whats your name handsome.

“Bandit sissy I wanna nap.” he then returned to his place in the bag.

“Bandit is a sleepy head huh. Well this is Grimm and Shadow.”

“Nice names. Your special having two black cat familiars. They aren’t that common anymore. Its a lot of bad press even though I think they make the best familiars a lot of the time. No offense” said Luke smiling hugely at the other cats.

“This is Caspar and Ashes” said Rosie before seeing the dark look Hazel shot her. She realized that this must be what Hazel meant about her swooping in and stealing her friends. Hazel was trying to be friendly with Luke.

“Nice names. This is a great way to spend a late summer afternoon after school.” they rode around the neighborhood for a while turned out Luke lived just outside it. They waved to him as they headed to their houses.

“This was a fun time” said Hazel as she parked her bike in the garage. “Nana did forget to get us helmets though.”

“Knew something was missing” said Nana. “i need head measurements for helmets.” The girls laughed going inside “I’ll take them after supper but before homework.” The sisters laughed and went to fill the food and water dishes of their feline pals before eatting the meatloaf and vegetables Nana had made.

That weekend Hazel was out riding her bike her hair in braids again when she saw a little girl run into the road right in front of a speeding van. She peddled like the wind actually jumping from her bike to knock the little girl to safety. She was glad to have not brought the cats today as it was a trip to the library in the long run.

The little girl and her skidded on the pavement as the van driver pulled over in shock. Hazel looked at the little girl and gasped seeing a face she knew. It was a child version of Kellie right down to the mole under the eye.

“Thank gods.” said the driver. It was woman with a very big baby belly. “I am so sorry I know I shouldn’t be driving but I had to get to the doctor. This one wants out” she winced. You two get in so I can take you to the clinic with me.” She drove them there Hazel was pretty beaten up having turned mid jump so her back took the concretes rough surface over the little girl getting hurt.

They arrived at the hospital and the woman was rushed to delivery “Please tend to those girls. I nearly hit the little one coming here but the older one saved her.” begged the woman before a doctor saw the ripped shirt that was barely holding onto Hazel’s form and her legs giving out. She hadn’t shown her pain but it was clear now that she was hurting.

They got her to a bed and began removing what remained of her shirt to show bad friction burns some even ripped the skin clean off. “How were you standing?” said the doctor.

“I don’t let the pain take hold by thinking of happy things.” managed Hazel “Please someone call my grandmother she has to know where I am. I promised it was just a bike ride to the library”

“What about your parent?” asked a nurse.

“They live over seas. Nana took my sister and me in.” said Hazel.

“Right whats your name kiddo?” asked the nurse.

“Hazel Joy Hill. Nana’s number is inside my wallet front pocket of my jeans. I don’t know who the kid is. I was riding my bike to the library when I saw her run into the path of a van. I reacted.” The nurse found the number on the back of a wallet sized photo of Hazel and Nana. “Took that five days after I moved here. Tell her to try to get a hold of the Thompsons. I think the little kid is theirs. She looks like this evil girl at school.”

Ten minutes later the door of the ER flew open as Nana and a woman who looked like a white Kellie and the little girl came in. Kellie and Rosie were right behind them all worried.

“Mrs. Hill I am Doctor Jackson. I am dealing with your granddaughter Hazel. She is quite a brave and strong young woman. She saved young Miss Thompson from being hit by an on coming van.”

“Hazel did that. But she is always been the sane twin.” said Rosie. “That isn’t like her to put herself in trouble.”

“Well she did. Little Miss Thompson has some minor scrapes and a bruised arm but other wise is fine. Miss Hill took more damange as she turned so your the little girl was above her but it damgaged her back. Her shirt was rubbed away and her skin in placed was eatten down. She is quite a brave girl to save another child and for the fact that she doesn’t want medicine.”

“Thank goodness you didn’t give her any right?” asked Nana.

“No but we do have it ready. Morphine..”

“Would have killed her.” said Rosie shocking the doctor. “We were found to have an allergy to it was toddlers when we both burned our hands pretty badly touching a hot pot on the stove. Daddy rushed us to the hospital and we nearly died because of it.”

“Thank you for telling me this.” said the doctor. “Your sister is going to need antibiotics and possibly a skin graft. You can go see her. I think she would like that.”

“What about the person driving the van that almost killed my daughter I want them punished.” said Mrs. Thompson.

“She was driving here to have her own baby.” said a voice. It was Kellie’s little sister. She had band aids on her arms and was licking a lolly pop. “She made us get into the van so a doctor could help us. Momma can I go thank the girl who helped me.”

“I guess if the doctors say it is okay but you are in trouble for running into the street young lady.” The seven year old went with Rosie and Nana to the room were Hazel was on her stomach with a hospital gown left untied under her for modesty. They had given her scrubs to wear on her legs. Her jeans were folded neatly beside the bed. Behind her back a nurse was filling a needle with morphine. Rosie reacted slapping it out of her hand.

“Are you trying to murder my sister? She has a deadly allergy to morphine.” The nurse was in shock at this news.

“They just informed me of this information Nurse. Besides Hazel has outright refused pain medicine. You were disregarding the patients own choice.” said Dr. Jackson angry at the nurse. She tended to think she knew best for everyone.

“But sir she is just a child how could she know whats best for her.” said the nurse before she was slapped by an angered Nana.

“You come near my granddaughter again and I will have this hospital’s head.” said Nana. “And don’t think I couldn’t. I am friends with the chairman of the board of directors and her wife. The nurse ran out of there in shock.

“Hazel someone wants to talk to you.” said Doctor Jackson letting the little girl come over.

“Hey thank you for helping me.” she said blushing.

“Glad your alright pipsqueak but swear you will never ever ever run into the street like that again.”

“I promise Hazel.”

“That’s a good kid so whats your name?”

“Mallorie.” she said smiling as Hazel gave her a one armed hug.

“Now go back to your mom and big sister. I know they have to be upset.” said Nana gently. Mallorie went waving at Hazel.

“She’s a sweet kid unlike her big sister.” muttered the twins before they smiled at each other.

“We are waiting for a specialist to arrive to see if Hazel will need skin grafts.” said Dr. Jackson.

It was another ten minutes before a man came into the area. He saw Hazel’s back and paled. “Kid how are you not screaming in aggony.” he asked her “Must have her on some strong medicine.”

“Actully she refused them and I marked in her her chart she has a morphine allergy.” said Dr. Jackson. “She is just that tough.”

“Miss you really tore up your back. What were you doing?”

“Saving a little girl from being hit by an oncoming van.” said Hazel making him stare in shock. “Can we get this over with I just want to know if I can go home or not.”

“You will need a skin graft thankfully your blood type is pretty common and we can do it tonight. Then you will need to stay a day for observation.”

“Rosie you mind doing my chores till I can. Just make sure the wet food is only in the morning with the cats. I give them tuna at dinner time.”

“I will sis. Though I say this gets you out of gym class for a while.” said Rosie. “Lucky you we are doing urg rope climbing and running the track all week.”

“Oh come on its only three days a week. The other two are our new electives” said Hazel. “Have fun in auto shop sis. You can learn a lot of new skills by stepping out of your bubble.”

“Well lets move you upstairs till your surgry. Thankfully we don’t have to take skin off your legs to do this.” said the speicalist. The busybody nurse came forward but was glared at by Nana. “Do I want to know?” he asked the twins and Dr. Jackson.

“She was about to give my granddaughter Morphine and that was after Hazel refused pain medicine.” snarled Nana. “I don’t want that woman near my granddaughter.”

“Understood Madam Hill.” another nurse came in and took over. Hazel liked her she was a big loud and proud black lady wearing brilliant scrubs. “This is Nurse Tasha she will take good care of Hazel.”

Hazel was taken upstairs to a room with a woman holding an infant. It was the same woman who had brought her here. With her was a surprise.

“Professes Hooligans.” said Hazel in surprise.

“Hazel what are you doing here?” He said in shock before seeing her back. “Oh lords girl.”

“I did a number on my back saving Kellie Thompson’s little sister Mallorie. Hows the baby?” she asked. Nurse Tasha smiled as this meant Hazel was one of the magical world. That would change the medicine she received.

“She is just fine. Came into the world screaming her little head off.” said Professor Hooligans.

“Good lungs for a little girl.” said Hazel smiling weakly. “So she have a name yet.”

“Janet Anya Hooligans.” said Mrs. Hooligans. “Her brother is named Robert Dmitri Hooligans.” That was when Hazel saw a second baby bed next to the first.

“How long you in for?” asked Professor Hooligans curious.

“I have to stay on my belly for a few days. I have to miss my cooking class and we were going to make rice balls this week. Man I wish I had a book to read.”

“Ah a child who likes to read I am glad to see that.” said Nurse Tasha going to the hall for a minute coming back with a thick looking fantasy novel. “You seem the type who would like the Sakura Blade Trilogy. All three stories are in one volume.”

“Thanks it looks different.” said Hazel as she started to read while she waited.

Hazel woke up the next morning to feeling bandages wrapped around her body. Nurse Tasha came in and smiled. “We have moved you and the Hooligans to a special wing of the hospital so you could be treated with magic. We will leave a scar but not as bad of one like you would have dealt with from the skin graft the normal way.”

“Thank goodness. I was worried about that.” admitted Hazel “And thanks for the book. I read the first story and was a quarter through the second one before they knocked me out.”

“That’s a good girl. Most your age don’t really read anymore.” said Nurse Tasha “You have to stay on your stomach for the day but other then that you will able to move about tomorrow.”

“You mean I won’;t miss out on rice ball making? I am taking the Japanese Cooking Class.” said Hazel her eyes lighting up.

“You will be able to enjoy that and hate gym class.”

“Really I don’t mind rope climbing its not that hard. its just hard on the hands.” said Hazel “Rosie hates hard things like that. She takes such pride in looking like a living barbie doll. She is mellowing but it is a very very slow process.”

“That I get.” said Tasha “Just tell her some vitamin e cream helps take the sting out and softens hands. You have a visitor. Shall I let him in?”

“Sure. Must be Jack. He lives next door to me.”

Into the room came not Jack but Leopold the jerk she decked. With him was Kellie looking uncomfortable.

“Hey there.” Hazel said. “I wasn’t expecting you two to visit me. Not after Rosie and me gving you knuckle sandwiches.”

“I came to thank you for saving Mallorie. She is my only sibling. I might not like you for breaking Leopold’s nose but I do owe you a big debt.”

“Tell you what help me find something I can stand wearing to the Halloween dance and we’ll call it even. I don’t like people owing me anything.” said Hazel “And I did Leo here a favor his beak would have poked out your eye kissing him.”

“Guess your right.” muttered Kellie. “And alright though I must say pink is out for you. It would make you look sickly as would yellow.”

“I would have decked you again if you tried those two colors. Those are Rosie’s colors.

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