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The Vampyr Queen

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She paled. Gasping, she took a step back, taking a sharp intake of breath, and stupidly blinked, suddenly aware of her heart fighting to break free from its cage within her chest. Unconsciously, her fingers twitched and as she instinctively reached to cover her chest. One word seemed to be engraved in her mind: impossible. She didn't understand, as if her brain short-circuited and needed to be rebooted. Around her, everything was in fast-forward while she was motionless in the middle of it all. How could this happen? She was flabbergasted. The red eyes that she had been longing for so long shone bright reflecting her own glowing ruby ones. In the midst of it all, she managed to utter the one coherent thought that her lips seemed to wonder. "...You?" He was staring at her, still as polished as ever. Not one burn mark on his sculpt- like face. As the moonlight kissed his milky white skin, his features seemed to stand out even more as if that was even possible. His beautiful red eyes held a confident spark, and his gorgeous lips were adorned by a mischievous smirk. "Me..." "I thought you were..." not able to finish her sentence, she left it hanging in the air. "Dead?" He chuckled darkly, "Darling do you not know? Even death cannot hold me from getting what I want," he answered as nonchalantly as ever even as the opponent ahead charged their way. He was back. Book 2

Romance / Fantasy
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Hidden by the dimly lit room, he could see that a small upper body kept spasming and jerking and he wondered what was wrong. As he came closer, the barely heard soft whimpering sounds combined with the sweet scent of blood attacked his sensitive senses. Stepping up even closer, the sight before him broke his cold heart to thousand pieces.

A little girl’s face who looked no more than five, glistened with freshly shed tears. Hands on her knees, the small little body shook with fervent sadness.

Where were her parents one might ask? They were away like always, leaving the poor girl in her lavish prison.

The small infant was left to tend for herself as she was now. Alone, abandoned, forgotten as she often was.

Knowing that no one would care whether she was hurt or not, the clever toddler cried silently as to not receive a scolding from her nanny. Small hiccups came out of her, as the tears of solitude came out with fierce renewal.

That was all she knew, life had never been kind to her. In all her fancy environment, surrounded by expensive toys, all she kew was loneliness. No surprises. She was an only child and so are her parents meaning she had no cousins either. Just people pretending to care for her for the pretty pennies.

“Are you alrigh Little Eve?” called out the man from behind.

Startled, the little thing jumped in surprise. Turning, she saw the most beautiful man her big doe eyes had ever seen, and as they widen, the girl was mesmerized.

Chuckling in amusement, the man asked again, snapping the girl from her trance.

" I hurt...” whispered the cute angel, exaggerating a tiny bit at the attention and the concerning gaze of the beautiful man.

“Do you wish for me to make it better?” Asked the man again.

Nodding, the pretty blonde angel unwrapped her hands from her knee, and offered it to the intruder in her room.

Taking the small member from the enfant, he placed small kisses on the injury and whispered comforting words to the sweetheart.

“It is alright Little Eve,” and just like magic, the boo-boo was gone along with the pain and was replaced by clean skin, with no mark of the once present injury.

Taking his hand from her knee, he slowly lifted it to her face and wiped the remaining of her tears.

“I will be always there when you are hurt Little Eve, I promise,” vowed the pretty mister

The little girl joyfully nodded, happy that she won’t have to suffer alone through her pain anymore...

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