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Not every arranged marriage is forced. Two people who started their lives together as strangers may find true love in each other. A beautiful story of Hannah and Adam. (Slow Updates) (Unedited)

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Sitting in this fine restaurant in front of this cute looking guy who is watching me with an amused gaze, and my parents with his parents sitting at the table little away from us, is something that I have not imagined when I permitted my parents to play matchmakers for me.

“This is weird.” I quietly mumble looking at the intricately folded napkin placed beside the plate.

“Indeed, it is,” he agrees with me, “So, what do you have in your mind?” He asks making me avert my eyes to him.

“But before that, please tell me that you are not forced into any of this?” The genuine concern in his voice makes me actually smile for the first time since I have met him.

“No, I am not,” I answer him with a small smile, “But honestly, this is not the ideal situation I wanted to be in,” I add, eyeing the parents’ table who are pretending to look immerse in their conversation but their subtle glances in our directions giveaway their pretense.

“Yeah, sorry about my parents, they are quite excited.” He grimaces looking a bit ashamed.

“And sorry about my parents, they are quite protective especially my dad.” Raising my eyebrows, I nod. Mom quickly looks away when I catch her glances in our direction.

I know this might have been all Dad’s idea to be here so that we are in front of his eyes.

“I already have been warned by your dad, that I should keep my hands to myself.” He chuckles looking not a bit offended.

“So, now, what should we do?” Leaning forward on the table, he keeps the menu away which we were attempting to read for the past fifteen minutes.

“Well, first let’s go and tell them, whatever they are doing is weird and not working at all.” Standing up from my chair, I smooth my dress, “Then secondly, actually try to know each other to see that it will work or not.” I point between him and me.

He opens his mouth to say something, but I am already at our parents’ table.

“Listen, guys, I know you are trying to give us space to let each other know and all but it is clearly not working. It is really weird to sit just a few feet away from our parents who are acting as they are not interested in our conversation. This is not children play date under parents’ supervision, right?” I sweetly smile looking at them, witnessing the range of expressions from shock to embarrassment because of being caught, to I-don’t-know-this-girl look.

The last one is from my mother who looks like she will refuse to acknowledge me if somebody asks her.

“So, now please excuse us, we are heading somewhere else.” I look at the guy who looks surprised and impressed both at the same, “You guys please enjoy your dinner.” I lightly wave my fingers then turning over my heels I exist the restaurant with him walking beside me.

“That was amazing!” He laughs loudly when we have walked away from the entrance of the restaurant. His laugh is so contagious even I start to laugh with him.

“So even though our parents have introduced us, but let me reintroduce myself.” He straightens up and clears his throat.

“Hello, I am Adam Williams.” He extends his hand and smiles mischievously, “I don’t know anything about you other than that these last five minutes, with you, were one of the best fives minutes of my life. And I think I want to be your husband.”

“Hi, I am Hannah Prescott.” I put my hand in his, as my smile mirrors his own, “And I want to know you little by little every day. So, I guess, I would like to give you the privilege of being called my husband.”

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