Heal My Heart

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Chapter 10

I got into science class just as the bell rang, luckily for me Miss Tross wasn’t in the class. I hurried to my seat on the back with Mina giving her a weary smile. I was weary because last night we had stayed up late, in Graffiti Street and at my place.

I had Carly stay at my place, because it was getting late and her curfew was almost up and no one seemed to want to leave, not wanting to break there fun I asked her to call her mom and get permission and she did. I didn’t want her to get into any kind of trouble because of me so made her do it. It had been my brilliant idea – just being good old sarcastic.

And now the both of us were paying the price. We had stayed up late even after we got home and we had gotten only two hours sleep. I was in a little better shape than Carly, because of all the practice I had gotten from staying up late most of the time. Though I have never come to school with only getting two hours of sleep.

“You look like crap” Mina state when I sat down, giving me a weary smile of her own. She must be tired too since it was almost 1:00 a.m. when we left Graffiti Street.

“Tell me about it” I muttered sleepily laying my forehead on the table so my came out muffled. “I invited Carly over last night – which you know – and we stayed up late than intended, getting only 2 hours of sleep and now both of us are paying the price for it.”

Mina giggled at my explanation on why I was so sleepy. I smiled to myself, Mina couldn’t see since I was still resting my head on the table. I loved making her smile since doesn’t do it too often or so Leo told me.

Her giggles stopped short when Miss Tross entered the class. And the lesson started. I sat up straight giving a bored look to Mina, I hated science. Even more today, because I was so sleepy and having a hard time concentrating on the lesson.

Thankfully Mina nudged me awake every time my eyes shut and I’d give her a grim smile. The best I could give.

I was so glad when the bell finally rang, dismissing class. “Finally” I muttered sarcastically to Mina packing my things and leaving for the lunchroom with her. I made it to our table while Mina went to buy food. For the last two weeks Mina had been sitting with us at lunch and now she even hung out with us.

At first it was a little weird for her and us, because she was used to being ignored and when with us she got more than one glance I could tell she got self-conscious when cheerleaders and others look at her top to bottom to see if she was Mina Carter and then there glance would fall to whoever was walking with her and they are the ones to get the evil eye and weird looks – that mostly being me or Carly, since at first Stacey refused to open up to Mina and she never walked to class with the boys, unless she had that class with them.

Then after a while everyone got used to her being with us that now we only got the usual evil eyes from cheerleaders and the other usual things. Even Stacey stopped complaining about her rep. going down because she was hanging out with the schools social reject – not that I thought of Mina that way.

“Sydney your supposed to go buy lunch” Ian said not-so-helpfully when I sat down without a word and leaned my head on the table. I looked at him in an uncertain, sleepy way. “Planning… on… sleeping” I muttered to him, pausing after each word.

Carly was already at the table, and she looked exactly like me. Ian not questioning me about my state proved that she had said why we were so sleepy.

I was just about to fall asleep when Cam’s voice called “Hey there, kiss me.”

I sleepily looked sideways to where Cam and Leo were standing with food trays in hand.

“You sure you’re alright?” Leo asked me – somewhat sounding worried – when I didn’t comment or reply to Cam calling me ‘kiss me’. Leo found it entertaining, Cam found it amusing, while I found it a little bit beyond annoying and irritating. They tease me for fun and what’s more I knew it, but I couldn’t do anything about it but try to get him off my back, which might be a little hard since he is Nick’s friend.

“’M fine” I muttered, wanting them to get over with it quickly so I could at least sleep for a while. “She’s sleepy” Ian replied shortly, getting a glare from both Cam and Leo. Leo opened his mouth to say something but I let out a yawn gaining there attention.

“So how is tutoring coming with Mina?” Leo asked me ignoring Ian and sitting on the chair beside mine that Cam pushed me over to Leo and sat on my other side. “Good” I said giving only a short answer and he grimaced at my answer. Right I’m supposed to give a proper reply but in my sleepy state I wasn’t thinking straight.

“Sorry Lee, I’m just not thinking straight.” I apologized and added “She actually doing very good. She’s pretty smart, she get everything I say quickly. So no worries.” I said all that to him with my head still rested on the table and with half lidded eyes.

“Ah that’s good to hear” Leo said stuffing him mouth with food.

“Am I really that good?” Mina’s amused voice asked as she and Stacey joined the already full table. So when they joined us we had to squeeze and I was practically being crushed by the two hulks sitting on my two sides. Yeah, I’m meaning Cam and Leo.

“Yeah, you are” I replied stifling another yawn and shutting my eyes when Cam nudged me and asked “So why are you looking like crap?” I glared at him before ticked off-ly replying “You should know.”

He looked startled at my tone. But he was quick to get over it and he raised an eyebrow asking “how so?”

Okay so it was wrong of me to snap at him when it was generally my oh-so-brilliant idea, I blame it in my sleepiness. I was just not thinking straight. Luckily for me Stacey came to my rescue. “Don’t take anything She says seriously when she’s that sleepy” Stacey said to him in a nonchalant tone, that was hard to believe.

“Oh, that still doesn’t answer why she looks like crap” Cam replied nudging me to answer. At first I just pushed him away, and tried to ignore him but his didn’t stop so I told him why I ‘looked like crap’, as he put it.

Telling it took longer than I thought since I was having trouble forming proper sentences, partly because I was angry at him, partly because I was sleepy. I finished just when the bell rang so I squeezed myself out from between Cam and Leo and started for the washroom – hoping that a splash of water would wake me up, even a little. Just enough to keep me awake thought class.

I’m not sure how it happened, because for one I didn’t know Carly was walking to my same destination as well. But suddenly I heard a loud bang behind me and when I turned around Carly was down on the floor clutching her head as blood leaked out, through her fingers. In her side was a locker that had just a bit of blood as well, explaining the bleeding.

She must have tripped and landed hard on the locker banging her head on the process.

“CARLY!” I screamed as I ran to my best friend, who was lying in the floor, blood flowing through her head. I kneeled next to her pulling her head to my lap, drenching my top in her blood as well, but then I couldn’t care less. My sleepiness flew out the window only to be replaced by concern for Carly.

I would have fainted at the sight of her blood, especially when she was bleeding so much, she must have hit her head hard than the noise, but my concern for Carly was keeping me stable. Though I wouldn’t be for long.

“We should take her to the nurse office” Richard said from beside me and I nodded my head uncertainly. I didn’t know what to do or to say, I didn’t know how to console her and that made me feel soo bad. How many times has she been there for me and the only time she wants me I was at a loss for what to do.

She was slowly loosing conscious and even I knew it a bad sign. “Come on Carly don’t faint on us now I murmured to her patting her cheeks lightly, while Ian hooked an arm around her to help her up. Richard took he arm from my side, I would’ve moved if her head wasn’t in my lap.

Some other guys too came to help and I let them moving out of the way. But I heard Carly mumble “Don’t come” to me as they carried her to the nurse office. She knew only too well about my hatred for blood and she knew that it made me sick or faint. So not wanting to make her worry anymore than she should I didn’t follow her.

Stacey looked at me, hearing Carly as well and I silently plead with her to go and see if she was alright. Stacey nodded her head and gently touching my hand she followed Carly and the others.

Now that I knew she’d be safe I felt light headed and swayed a bit before loosing my balance and fell. Only I didn’t touch the ground but felt a pair of strong hands wrap around my waist and a strong chest on my back. The last thing I saw before I blacked out was a pair of worried green eyes and I heard an awfully familiar voice call “Sydney.”

When I came to again I found myself in the confines of my bedroom. I was still feeling a little groggy. I looked to my right and the big red numbers of my digital clocked stared at me. It read 16:30. How long ago had I fainted???

I pushed aside my comforter and stood up, but I lost my balance and quickly steadied myself by catching the chair by the study table. I was still feeling light headed but not as strongly as I felt in school. So catching my head I slowly and carefully went out of my room and down the stairs.

Dustin was lying on the floor watching cartoons. Ignoring him I continued to the kitchen where mom was baking cookies. I said a weak “hi mom” before slipping into the dinning table chair.

“Hey honey, how’re you feeling sweetie?” she asked giving me her gentle smile, before turning back to her work.

“That is the last time I ever go to school with getting only two hours of sleep” I declared, grimly remembering Carly. Last time I had seen her she was in a not so good shape. “Still feeling groggy though” I added answering her question.

“Go get some more rest, I’ll make you something good to eat” She said putting some more cookies in the bowl in front of me – which was already filled to the brim with cookies. I scrunched my face and shook my head, taking a cookie and leaving the kitchen. I heard her sigh right before I left.

Dustin was still sprawled on the floor watching cartoon and not finding anything better to do I sat myself comfortably on the sofa watching the stupid cartoon with him. A few minutes late the front door slammed and Tania came in drenched from head to toe, now that was something you don’t get to see everyday.

“What happened to you?” Dustin asked her sounding startled and wide-eyed. I winced, he asked the wrong question and now is going to have to endure Tania’s wrath. Tania glared at Dustin thinking he was making fun of her and with a growl stormed upstairs. Dustin looked at me looking a little lost and I just shrugged.

But looking out told me why Tania was drenched and pissed.

Nick was washing his car. He must have poured water over her. I shook my head until I realized he was washing his car without me. “Ah! Why that-” I said pissed-ly before storming out. Right before I banged the door shut I heard Dustin say “I have such weird sisters.”

“I can’t believe you are washing your car without me” I huffed at Nick crossing my hands over my chest as I made my way down the porch steps.

Nick turned around sharply when he heard my voice. He opened his mouth to say something but when he saw me standing at the bottom step, barefooted with a pout on my face he smirked and said “I still have to wash off the soap.” He knew what I was after and why I even volunteered to help. I was looking forward for a water fight.

I smirked back at him and walked over, not minding that I was barefoot because when we are done I will have to take a bath anyway. So what was the point?

When I was close enough Nick emptied a bucket of water over my head and I screeched, because the water was cold. “Brr…” I said shaking myself in a shiver. “Not fair. No ambushing until we start” I said glared at him, mostly because he was laughing at me. Even though I generally wanted exactly that, but it’s more fun if I’m the one doing the ambushing.

“You wanted it” Nick stated still laughing hard. “Come here” he said handing me the hose telling me to wash the car while he scrubbed, but not before holding it over my head.

When he handed me the hose I surely did hose him down as well but he was already drenched in water, so it wasn’t to much appeal.

For a while I obediently did what he asked, until I got bored and playfully flicked the soapy sponge – he had left the bucket by my feet – at Nick. It got Nick squat in the front.

“And ambushing me without warning is fair enough???” he asked with a raised eyebrow and an amused look. “Aw… sorry, here let me wash it off.” I cooed before turning the hose at him and splashing him with water. This time he couldn’t because me of not warning because I had and he was also ready for it

“Little love, 3 seconds to get yourself away. RUN” he said with an evil glint in his shining eyes. The evil glint in his eyes matched his word since he never called me little love unless he was up to no good, something that I wouldn’t like but he would do it anyway. And right now that something would be emptying the soap water over my head.

“1… 2… 3…” he said counting slowly to give me enough time to run, which was not enough really.

At one he ducked down and lifted the soapy water bucket, at two I gave a yelp and tossing the hose in the air turned around and at 3 I ran with Nick chasing me with the bucket, which he intended on pouring over my head, with the evil glint still in his eyes.

Luck was not on my side because I tripped on the hose and fell. I whirled around in the mud just when Nick straddled my waist and emptied the soapy water over me with a triumphant “gotcha.”

He tossed the bucket aside with a smirk playing on his lip and boy was he heavy.

“How can you ‘gotcha’ me when I tripped on the hose?” I whined but couldn’t exactly keep the amusement out of my voice. He just shrugged his shoulder in a I-don’t-care way.

Just then my hand came in contact with the mud under me and I gave him the same evil grin he had given me when he emptied the water on me and tossed a handful of mud at him. He gasped taken by surprise, but he got over his surprise quick and smirked telling “you do know your getting that back, right?”

I raised an eyebrow at him suspiciously. His smirk increased as he started to tickle me and I started screaming with laughter. No one came out running that a girl was screaming bloody hell because it was mixed with my laughter and all my neighbors knew it was just me and Nick goofing around.

“Are you two washing Nick’s car or playing in the mud?” an amused voice questioned. I’m not sure how I heard it over my screaming laughter, but Nick stopped tickling me and both of us looked up in sync to see who said that.

Bruce and Cam was standing in the driveway looking at the two of us amusedly and smirking there faces off. Cam instantly pulled out his phone snapping a picture of us and stated that it was going in FB, smiling at us innocently. I looked back up at Nick and he looked at me.

Nick was covered in mud as much as was and I had a vague idea how it happened. I must have – must have because I didn’t do it on purpose - splashed him with mud when he was tickling me. I was flat on the floor over the mud where the water we washed the car with had stayed. It was pretty yucky, but I knew this was gonna happen when I came to help.

Anyway… when I looked at Nick and him at me, we both had the very same idea of revenge. We smirked at each other before grabbing a handful of mud and tossing at a very surprised Cam.

Right on target the mud knocked on him squat on the chest and stomach. He looked at us shocked while Bruce burst out laughing.

“Revenge!” my brother exclaimed punching the air smugly. “-Sweet and clear” I finished for him throwing my hands up triumphantly, I would have sprang up in celebration but I was still pinned to the floor by Nick. “Bruce you have to take a pic of this” I pleaded with him and he obliged and I gave Cam a twinkling beam.

Nick and I high-fived each other smirking victoriously, our plan for revenge totally having worked.

“Seeing you roll around in the mud proves you are fine” Bruce commented suddenly serious. I looked back up at him and cocked my head to the side. “Cam told me you fainted in school and we came to see if you are alright” Bruce said helpfully.

“Aw… that’s sweet” I cooed and frowned. “I would give you a hug if my 1000 ton of a brother wasn’t on top of me” then looking down at myself I sheepishly added “and I wasn’t covered in mud.”

I was only joking when I commented about my brother being 1000 ton, though he was very heavy. But he quickly got off me and held out a hand to me, which I graciously took and he pulled me up. I looked down at myself once again this time to see if my bra was visible or any other undergarment.

I winced when I saw my top ruined and I had bought it just last week. And I was one of the few tops that I actually like wearing. “Ahh.. My top is ruined” I winced hanging my head and walked in without another word to anyone.

I walked up to the porch and turning back I asked Nick whether he heard anything about Carly. He shook his head with a sorry sis. I looked at Cam expectantly, but he also said no and now feeling defeated I turned to go but Nick stopped me. “Sydney get ready in half and hour, I’ll drop you at her place on my way to work” he said and I beamed up at him before running upstairs, where I got quickly got a hot water ready and took a nice jasmine smelling bath.

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