Heal My Heart

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Chapter 11

I came out of my bathroom wrapped only in a towel – one wrapped on my head as well, mostly because I didn’t have enough time to blow dry my hair since Nick only gave me half an hour to get ready. Walking to my closet I pulled out my favorite blue – mixed with white – floaty tank top, pairing it with a three quarter tight.

Then I put on my blue flip-flops with three small white roses as buckles. Just then my phone rang and I answered it with a ‘hello.’ It turned out to be Stacey.

“You never check your caller ID do you?” she asked irritated-ly when I answered.

“I do, today I was just in a hurry. So how’s Carly?” I asked her.

“Nice of you to remember” She said sarcastically.

“I just got up as well, now reply” I replied.

“Oh” she said and quickly added “she’s fine.”

“Good.” I said shortly. “I’ll be there in a few, Nick said he would drop me on his way to work.” I said putting it on speaker phone and busily brushing my hair. “So what happened? After I fainted?” I asked her combing my wet hair.

“After we took her to the nurse office she lost conscious. Then don’t know what happened in because she was not letting us in. but they called Carly’s parents because she wouldn’t stop bleeding and now she in the hospital, where she is resting right now” Stacey replied me shocking me soo much.

“H-HOSPITAL???” I screamed horrified. “OMG is it that bad? She can’t be that hurt, right? But you said she was fine and… she okay right, I mean really, really-”

“SYDNEY!” Stacey yelled getting me to shut up and once I did she went on. “She’s fine, she just resting.”

I let out a deep sigh but not calming down and got out all the things I needed to know before cutting the line and running to Nick’s room where I banged on the door like crazy.

A very irritated Nick answered the door. “We need to go like A.S.A.P.” I said the minute he opened the door not letting him get a word out. I didn’t even notice he was shirtless (he had some really washboard abs – not that I’m admiring… ew, he’s my brother for god’s sake) or Bruce and Cam behind him sitting on his bed.

“Huh?” Nick went clueless-ly before walking into the room with me following closely behind. I did notice Cam and Bruce sitting comfortably in Nick’s bed but gave them no acknowledgment, nor did I reply to Cam’s “Hey there Kiss me.” This surely came of a surprise to Cam.

“Carly’s in the hospital we need to go like…now” I said to Nick following him like a little puppy. My last sentence stopped Nick short as he and the other two looked at me with shock.

“Who told you that?” Nick asked slowly, carefully picking his words. Knowing very well I’d go off like a bomb if he say something wrong.

“Stacey” I replied to Nick and launched into telling him all about the phone conversation I had with Stacey not few minutes ago. While I told him Nick made quick work of getting dressed yet listening to me at the same time.

Once I was through he sighed and looked at Bruce and Cam sitting on the bed, before turning his back to me. He let out another sigh and looking at Cam went “Cam can I ask you to get her home safely? While I’d love to stay and bring her home I have to get to work and it’d really help if you could make sure she did.”

“Yeah sure, why not?” Cam replied with a wink and sweet smile in my direction. If I hadn’t been so stuck with worry and anything registered in my brain I would have given him a distrustful look than the very blank one I gave him. Nick laughed at the way I was looking and said to Cam “ignore her, she’ll be like this for a while.”

He lightly slung an arm around me and steered me out of his room with Bruce and Cam following behind. Dustin was pretty much in the same position I had left him earlier so we ignored him and went on our way only stopping to call to mom telling that we were going out. I heard her calling a ‘be safe’ and with that we were out.

I sat in the back with Cam, while Bruce sat in the passenger seat with Nick driving. The ride to the hospital was mostly silent, except for the radio banging out a song I couldn’t make a single word out of.

Half-way through Nick and Bruce started talking about some work related thing. Now, who would’ve thought they were so into their job. Which considering Nick was a very strange thing, even Bruce. They just weren’t into work like people, so duh it was strange.

Meanwhile Cam was being eerily quiet. Eerily cas you just wouldn’t find him quiet, even more so when I’m in close proximity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling that in a positive way, since he always tease me or call me kiss me is all.

So curiosity got the better of me and I peered up at him wondering why he was being so silent.

Worst part?

He totally caught me peering at him, since at the same time he choose to look my way. “Something wrong kiss me?” he asked with both eyebrows raised and an amused tone of voice. Okay so maybe I spoke a little too soon.

I huffed, slumping in the seat. “Would you quit calling me that” I told him frowning at the window I was staring out.

“Come on, don’t lie. You so wanna do it” he said suddenly very close to my ear. His breath fanning my cheek, tickling them. He was a bit too close if you ask me and while I would love to say I didn’t like it, I would be lying.

I would have jumped a mile if I wasn’t strapped to the seat-belt, when I turned to face him. His face was so close to mine that our noses were practically touching. I know my breath caught and my heart skipped a beat. His breath smelled of mint and his very bright green eyes bore into mine.

I totally loved having him that close and it was also making my brain to not think clearly, because I just did not think that.

My eyes landed on his very naturally rose lips that I know for a fact that girls would kill to get kissed. And right now the idea didn’t seem that bad either. I mean to kiss that pair of smooth rose lips. That line of thought sent a swarm of butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

I sighed and lightly shook my head, very aware of Cam give all his concentration on me and that I better give him an answer quickly and to stop staring at his lips.

“Like I would ever kiss you” I told him lightly pushing him back and emphasizing the word ‘you’, anyway anything I say couldn’t change the fact my face was as red as a tomato.

Though I have to say when I kept my hand over his torso to push him back, I could felt his heart beat as fast as mine was. I still hadn’t figured out what it meant and if I liked it or not.

“Ouch! That hurt” Cam said sitting back on his seat and feigning hurt by laying a hand dramatically over his heart. But I swear I saw a slightly hurt look in his eyes before he pulled back from me. No matter it was just a flash, it still had been there and I didn’t like it much. I didn’t like hurting people, physically or mentally.

WAIT- why did he care? Why did I care? He had only been just toying with me, it’s not like he really asked me to kiss him and he sure as hell couldn’t have think I’d actually kiss him… could he?

URGH, this is annoying.

“You both are way too dramatic” Bruce commented, shaking his head at how dramatic the two of us were being. We didn’t have time to argue back since just then Nick pulled in front of the hospital and turned back to Cam (after stopping the car).

“Sorry about doing this to you Cam, but I really need to make certain she would be alright, but if you can’t just say so and-” Nick started apologizing to Cam confusing me more than I already was about this. I mean, he had said so at home too hadn’t he? So what was with the constant apologizing?

“Dude, its fine. Really” Cam assured Nick cutting across in half. He gave a half-uncertain, half-fine smile to Nick that was even more confusing.

“We are just going to the hospital… right?” I asked uncertainly.

All I got was three not-sure-how-to-tell-me looks. From all three of them, that was alluring a bit as well.

Even more I didn’t get was why Bruce was giving Cam a sympathetic look and Nick was looking guilty andCam was looking like he really didn’t want to get down from the car.

But when I asked if we were just only going to the hospital, Cam gave me that not sure look and got down leaving Bruce and Nick to explain.

“Is he afraid of hospitals?” I asked almost in a whisper.

Nick sighed and Bruce shook his head and took my hand saying “you’ll find out soon enough.” Then he patted my hand and let go.

I looked at them curiously and got down as well and gave a slight un-sure wave at the two in the car and followed Cam inside the hospital. The thing was Cam was acting normal enough. But I could tell he was walking stiffly and looking grim. We didn’t talk to each other even when we entered the elevator, or when we got close to the room.

Though an interesting thing did happen in the elevator.

The elevator was overly packed and I was squeezed in-between Cam and this other guy. So when we got in the guy smiled with me, which I returned without much thought.

Cam glared at the guy and pulled me to his other side so now I was squeezed in-between Cam and the elevator. But now I was leaning more on Cam. This made me smile even more. Not what the guy did, but what Cam did. He was genuinely keeping his promise to Nick and looking out for me. That was sweet of him.

But still he wouldn’t speak and I kinda preferred it this way. Since then I could wallow about Carly inside my head and not show it outside. Only problem is, with every step I took my worry grew like hell until finally my steps flattered and I stopped dead on my tracks, too afraid to go see how she was, and even more not to. This was puzzling and worrying all at the same time.

I felt soo lost and even more that Nick wasn’t with me to turn to. Cam not noticing I wasn’t behind him went on.

I was standing in the middle of the way, getting annoyed looks from peoples who I was blocking the way of. But I couldn’t bring myself to care. I was worried about Carly and that was all I could get to my head. I mean, it must have been pretty serious to bring her to the hospital right? But then again Stacey had said she was fine.

“Hey, you all right?” a voice broke into my thoughts and I looked up to find Cam standing in front of me. He looked worried and it was surprising to see it was directed towards me. As he asked it he traced his hand down my arm sending a trail of hot fire along with it.

I felt a shiver go down my spine as that happened and shuddered slightly. “I’m scared Cam” I admitted begrudgingly, I would heave like to tell. But at that time I was too caught up in my worry that I didn’t think twice about admitting something like that to him. Especially to him. I just didn’t want to show any weakness to him.

Though I kinda said that in a voice so low that he had to bend over to hear me. And that meant he’s forehead was generally colliding with mine.

“Hey, hey… it’s okay, don’t worry she’ll… just fine” he reassured me rubbing my arm gently, sending sparks flying in addition to the already burning trail of hot fire, but not in a bad way. That was the problem, it was not in a bad way and that meant it felt too good. I didn’t want to feel that way towards him since a very nagging feeling said if I did, I would only end up getting my heartbroken all over again.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, willing myself to be strong for Carly. “I will NOT cry when I see her” I said mostly to myself strongly and determinedly.

Cam chuckled when I said that and taking another deep breath I opened my eyes to find Cam’s bright green one looking directly into mine. I felt my lips tug up slightly when mine met his, so slightly I could barely call it a smile.

I couldn’t bring myself to look away and Cam didn’t do anything to remove his gaze from mine either. I have no idea how long we stood in the middle of the hospital gazing at each other, but I finally pulled my gaze away taking a step back.

“Thank you Cam” I uttered still in a small voice. He smiled back at me and ruffled my hair not saying a thing.

I burst into the hospital room Carly was kept in, unable to go in any less slower. I so badly wanted to make sure she was okay, but I was scared to do it because I don’t want to see her very badly hurt.

Everyone in the room looked up at me startled-ly, but when they saw it was just me they went back to whatever conversation they had been in before I barged in. my eye were only on Carly and I didn’t notice anyone else there. Plus everyone there pretty much knew me and how much I loved Carly that was why no one uttered a word about me banging the door open so hard, that it actually banged on the wall in the force I had used.

“Are you alright?” I asked worriedly as I made my way to the hospital bed and hugging her tightly but not tight enough to do any damage.. “Not too very exceptionally hurt right? I’m soo very sorry, I would have come in earlier but I woke only about half an hour ago or something and then I learnt from Stacey you were in the hospital and-” I was started ranting

“Came as fast as you could” Carly finished for me with a smirk playing no her lips.

“Obviously” I gasped feign shock, but it was no big surprise she knew that. She was my best friend and all after all. “So are you really, really okay. Not that very banged up are you?” I asked concernedly, pulling back from her and examining her properly for the first time since I stepped into the room. I couldn’t help flinching a bit when I did do that.

Her head was wrapped around in bandage and she was looking paler than she usually did. Hell, she looked as if she had very little blood left in her, practically drained. Just how much of blood did she lose? I couldn’t help thinking. There were also dark circles around her eyes and was looking totally weak.

“I’m fine, really, really” She replied in a voice so weak that it brought tears to my eyes, making my vision blurry.

I told I wouldn’t cry with in front of her, keep together girl, I told myself strictly. So I shook my head slightly and turned back to Carly to drill her with more questions when suddenly her mother went “Cameron?” in a broken voice.

I looked up along with Carly, noticing for the first time the others in the room. Just her parents and granny and a lady I knew to be her aunty and her daughter I knew to be her cousin and Stacey. I also noticed everyone looking at Cam in a weird way.

Hold on a minute… did Carly’s mother just call Cam, Cameron? Puzzling.

“C-Cameron?” she questioned again. “It is you, son.”

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