Heal My Heart

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Chapter 12

“C-Cameron?” she questioned again. “It is you, son.”


At first I thought it was me who yelled that, since that was the same thing going on in my head as well. But it turned out it was Darcy – Carly’s cousin – who yelled it. She was glaring daggers at him and looked ready to kill him, if she actually gets to do it.

Things were just getting confusing by the minute and I couldn’t process a single thing. Questions were running through my head like a waterfall.

DidhermotherjustcallCamson? Not tomentionCameron?

WhywasDarcylookinglikeshe wasreadytokillCam?Didsheevenknowhiminthefirstplace?

Whywaseveryonelooking athimsoweirdly? Didanyof themknowhim?

Andmostly, washeactuallyCarly’sbrother?


URGH, this was too confusing.

“What are you doing here?” Darcy asked through very much slit eyes at the same time Stacey called “did you just call him son?” and I croaked “he’s your… brother?”

Only my voice was drowned out by Stacey and Darcy.

Cam for his part was looking so out of place and very uncomfortable.

“Darcy!” her mother exclaimed in a stern voice giving her daughter and stop-talking look.

“No seriously, what the hell are you doing here?” Carly asked her voice still weak, but loud since she was angry.

Stacey was fuming cas everyone was generally ignoring her.

“Carly, he came with me” I said lightly, patting her hand as softly as I could. When she looked at me with bugged out eyes I quickly explained. “No, no. Nick wanted to make sure I got home safe and asked Cam to accompany me” I said correcting myself quickly. I knew only too well of how much she hated Cam.

“Let me get this straight?” her dad said sounding confused. “They don’t know who Cameron is?” the question was directed at Carly and when she shook her head, my eyebrows furrowed. What was going on in here? This was just way too puzzling for words.

I looked from her father to her to Cam and back again.

Everyone was feeling awkward and I wasn’t sure whether or not I fit in there right then. Only Cam was looking the same as me, not sure if he was even wanted there then.

Finally Carly’s mother cleared her throat and said “Maybe we better go get something to Eat while Carly and Sydney catch up.”

“Yes that sounds like a very good idea” her father instantly agreed nodding her head and they all left, so that only Carly, Cam, Stacey and I were left in the room.

“How could you not tell us about this, Carly!?” Stacey demanded not a moment after the door shut behind Carly’s parents, granny, aunty and cousin.

An awkward silence filled the room and all three of us were not sure of what to say. I could feel Carly struggling to find an answer to Stacey without sending her into an anger fit.

“Aren’t we friends? Don’t friends tell? How could you just keep this secret for all these years we’ve known each other?” Stacey continued on not noticing the awkward silence that followed her first demand. Plus she was starting to irritate Cam, I could tell it in the way he was glaring at her.

Carly still looked lost on what to say. She was looking around as if the answer would just pop out or something, her eyes landing on Cam every often.

“What, did you think we would be angry at you or something? How could you hide this all along? And I thought you were such an honest person” Stacey huffed finally shutting up to take a breath, but glaring at Carly none-the-less.

Again an awkward silence settled in.

“Well…” Stacey said tapping her feet impatiently, waiting for Carly to answer her.

“Would you shut up for a minute?” Cam finally snapped at her which clammed her up instantly. The thing is no matter Cam was well known in our school for being dangerous if unnecessary-ly provoked. I was not afraid of him seeing as I knew him as did, but that didn’t mean I had any intention to unnecessarily provoke him- though I might have done that in the last few weeks I knew him and he had done nothing that dangerous, except to annoy me like hell.

“Aren’t you going to even talk?” Carly asked turning to me in a very hurt voice.

I blinked at the tears forming in my eyes and I gulped down the lump forming in my throat and asked “Why?” my voice came out hoarse and cracked.

She looked at me weakly and lightly patted the bad, I had got up when I realized what her mother had said to back up against the wall. Since she asked me to I went ahead and sat back on the bed beside her and Stacey shrinked down to the chair beside the bed, while Cam still stood by the door.

“Sorry Sydney but I kinda promised Cam I wouldn’t tell anyone who he was to me.” She said in a small voice.

Stacey’s nostrils flared at Carly since a she had answered my question but not hers. “So your gonna ignore me is it, fine I can take a hint. If you don’t want me here or to explain yourself to me just say so and I’ll leave-” Stacey said in a very ticked off tone, glaring daggers at both me and Carly.

“Leave, who’s stopping you?” Cam said in a monotone. He was leaning against the wall and his head hung down, not looking up. He was standing casually like he didn’t care about a thing. Sure it was not his problem, but he could have shown some compassion.

“W- what?” Stacey stuttered.

“You heard me. Get out” Cam said jerking his thumb behind him, pointing at the door.

“B-but” Stacey stuttered trying to find an excuse to stay while looking at me and Carly for help. But the both of us knew she was going to just keep getting angry and flip out no matter what answer Carly gave her. Though she’ll be more harder to deal with in school if we kick her out and when Carly really does explain to her.

“GET OUT!” Cam said very calmly finally looking up at her. It was the kind of calm before a storm. And both me and Carly didn’t want to deal with him now, me even more since Carly was sick and all.

Stacey narrowed her eyes at me and taking her bag in a huff stormed out, making sure to bang the door in her wake.

“What’s your take in this?” I asked, turning to Cam after Stacey left. I really wanted to get this straight and I couldn’t be bothering about Stacey now. I’ll get to that after I’ve taken care of this or I’d not know how to even make Stacey okay.

Cam looked genuinely startled by my question and I could tall I took him by surprise. I didn’t want to be judgmental until I hear all of their points of views. Because if this thought me something, it is to not jump to conclusions, not without knowing the whole story. And I wanted both of their stories to get a conclusion.

I cocked my head waiting for him to answer. “It was just too new and I had no idea of how anyone would take it” Cam replied with a shrug, but in a small voice.

“Admit it, you just didn’t want anyone knowing the schools social reject is your sister” Carly scoffed narrowing her eyes at Cam, almost daring him to say otherwise. Venom filling her voice.

“Okay stop!” I said holding both my hands up before Cam could say anything in reply. Luckily Cam didn’t start, either listening to me or because it was the true reason. I motioned for Cam to sit on the chair Stacey had vacated.

“Wait- but you kissed her during school” I said shocked, covering my mouth with both my hands. Cam turned a very bright red and Carly shuffled uncomfortably, red on the cheeks as well.

Yes it is true. He had kissed her once long ago on school. All just because he wanted some random girl to leave him alone and he had told that girl he had a girlfriend and to prove he had he kissed Carly in the middle of school. He had played her like a frigging guitar and Carly had been teased about it for days to last. He hadn’t given her a single glance at her ever since that incident and it turned out a joke to everyone.

It happened when they were freshmen, before I joined school. So I hadn’t been there when it happened, but I heard the whole story pretty much from everyone, Carly included.

When I first joined and became instantly close friends with Carly I had been wondering why she hated Cam so much, so Stacey told me why. It had been my main reason to hate him as I had. Now I wasn’t so sure. Sure I didn’t like him that much but I don’t think I hate him either.

“That was before I knew she was my sister. And I apologized to her anyway” Cam grumbled looking very uncomfortable to admit it out loud. Now this was something else Carly hadn’t told me so I looked at her with raised eyebrows.

“I would’ve told you if Mr. popular here hadn’t made me promise I won’t tell it to a single soul. He said it wouldn’t go very well with his bad boy image.” Carly said quickly before I could tell anything. I couldn’t help giggling at the way she phrase it, though.

“You should’ve been there when he did apologize.” Carly said outright laughing now. “He looked as if he wanted to be anywhere but there and it was the worst apologize I have ever heard.” Carly said still laughing. “Now that was hilarious.”

“You didn’t think so when I did apologize” Cam growled a barely visible red in the face.

I smiled but then what Cam had said sank in and I frowned. “What?” Carly asked seeing me frown.

“Cam said before he knew you were his sister” I said unsurely, wondering if I didn’t hear right.

“We learnt that we were sister and brother one and a half year after that incident. When mom finally decided it was time to tell us. You have no idea how damn pissed I was at her for never telling me this before. That the person I had been calling ‘father’ wasn’t even my real father. I wanted to rant out everything to you, but I couldn’t. Thanks to a stupid promise I made in the heat of that moment” Carly said, there were tears in her eyes as she replayed that incident.

I felt guilty for asking about something that made her want to cry. But what could I do? I wanted to know the truth. I could have not asked at all.

It also explained why she had been so distant for some time. I knew it was due to some family issue and I hadn’t pushed for an answer. But it was around that time that she started to run away every time she saw Cam, or even start crying if he so much as utter an word to her.

Then I had thought it was because he kissed her, but now I knew it was because of that. Since he had apologized and she had accepted it and that meant she always ran away because…

“You always ran away when you saw Cam because you two… you two… hate each other” I muttered dejectedly. It was a statement, not a question. I was trying to make sense out of it by saying it out loud. Only I didn’t know if it made it worse or not.

This realization brought tears to my eyes and both Cam and Carly reached out simultaneously and rubbed my hand. This made me want to cry even more, because it reminded me so much of myself and Nick. He was the closest family I had and I wouldn’t be able to take it if he hated me as much as Carly and Cam hate each other. He was the only pillar of sanity I had when my life came crashing down on my. He had been the one to always be by my side. To always support me, through rough and smooth. He helped me get through when I have had a rough day. And he was who knew me inside out.

“Aw… come here girl” Carly said holding out her hand for me, inviting me for a hug, a sweet gesture that set my tears falling. I didn’t need any urging since I flung myself down at her -none too gently- and buried my head on her shoulder, crying my eyes out. “Hey, hey, it’s ’kay sweetie. I’m not hurt by it” she said to me, rubbing my back with one hand and stroking my hair with the other. It always helps if someone strokes my hair.

Carly knew exactly what made me cry so looked up at her with my face tear strained and tears still leaking out. I rubbed my eyes and wiped my face sniffing a bit and asked “So, why do you hate each other? I know you two are not the best of friends, hell which brother and sister is? But to go as far as… to hate each other” I winced at the last part breaking of. It was hurting way too much to even think of it.

Just then Carly’s mom popped her head into the room. “Can we come in?” she asked softly. And I nodded my head not trusting my voice. So did Carly, but Cam’s only acknowledge was to get up. Not in a way of respect more like he didn’t want to be in the same room as his mother. With that I could sympathize, I felt the same about my mother.

“I’m so glad you actually came to see your sister Cameron” there mother gushed as she came in. Cam looked about ready to snap, but seemed to containing himself with difficulty.

“Yes, what the hell are you doing here anyway?” Darcy asked him huffing. This was surprising since she was usually a cheery person who got along with most people.

“We should probably go Sydney, it’s getting late” Cam said to me, ignoring everyone else, and I nodded my head, knowing he just wanted to get out of here. And I didn’t blame him, the atmosphere turned dramatically awkward.

But it really was getting late and the sun had already set.

When I nodded he hurried out not even waiting for me. “Guess I’ll see you later” I said to Carly. “Call me if you get out the hospital today, tomorrow or any day.” I added to her giving her a tight hug. She really did look tired. “Bye Darcy’ I said to Darcy but before I could tell the other she stopped me asking “is Cameron your boyfriend or something?”

I stared at her for a minute before shaking my head.

“He seems to be somewhat close to you” Darcy said flatly.

I smiled and said “we are not even friends, and before you say anything else. I only came with him because my brother asked him to accompany me, since I have no other way to get home.” I told her and she finally smiled, so said bye to all of them and went out.

Cam was waiting for me near the entrance to the hospital and when I joined him we both started walking back to my place, in a strange silence. It wasn’t uncomfortable, though. I walked sticking close to Cam somewhat afraid of the dark, but he didn’t seem to notice or was ignoring it, since he didn’t tell anything about me walking so close to him.

“So you never really answered my question” I said conversationally. I didn’t like walking in silence cas if I stay like that for long I would start remembering the one person I don’t want to be thinking at a time like this.

“What question?” he asked me simply.

“Why you hate Carly so much?” I said frustrated-ly.

“Sydney I know she is your best friend and you love her very much. But you have to understand that when my mother walked out on me and Bruce and dad. She went with her. Why do you think we didn’t know who we were to each other?” he asked with hatred in his voice and his eyes narrowing dangerously.

“Oh!” was all I could think to say as I looked down, not sure I wanted to know anymore.

“Hey, you just called me Sydney” I exclaimed happily. Changing the subject since he too didn’t seem to want to talk about it. I was cheering, hopping up and down happily.

He chuckled and said “apologies, kiss me.”

I stopped hopping to glare at him. And he let out a laugh ruffling my hair. I ducked under his hand pouting that he messed up my already messed hair.

“So your name is really Cameron, eh?’ I asked smiling widely. He flinched when I said his full name and stopped to tell me “please don’t ever call me that. I hate that name.” when he said that I smiled evilly up at him, now I had the perfect name to get back at him.

He grunted when I smiled and muttered “let’s go’ and started walking, leaving me behind. Horrified I ran up to him and slipped my hand into his. He looked up at me with raised eyebrows. But he had really freaked me out when he just left me. “Not my fault I’m kinda afraid of the dark” I said in a small voice so no one, but Cam, would hear me.

It wasn’t exactly the dark I am afraid of. It’s just that when it’s dark and silent it think, and when I think I remember Mark. And remembering Mark always makes me want to cry, so I don’t like to stay silent. But when it’s dark and silent it brings back memories I had with Mark and I just hate remembering all the wonderful things he’d done for me, with me. It just hurts too much, so me being afraid of the dark is just an excuse to make myself distracted.

Cam let out a sigh and surprisingly didn’t tease me about it. He gave my hand a gentle squeeze as if to assure me he was there with me and I smiled up at him. So we walked hand in hand talking like really good friends.

“I like the name Cameron, it’s much nicer than just Cam” I told him frowning a little as I sticked close to him.

“I don’t” he replied shortly and I could tell there was something behind that name for him to not like it.

“Why?” I asked him cocking my head to the side, I wasn’t exactly watching where I was going. I was curious to find what was behind that name so much that he didn’t like it, with a passion.

“You’re too curious for your own good” Cam commented, but then he sighed and said “only my mother ever calls me that, when I was still little. Before she abandoned us.” He shrugged like he didn’t care, but I knew better than that. He cared, or he wouldn’t be so mean to Carly.

“Oh!” I said looking down at my feet as I walked. I couldn’t help trying to picture Cameron when he was little. How would he have been, naughty? Nice? Was he cute and sweet or notorious but adorable? A straight picture wasn’t forming in my head.

“Well, I like Cameron better than Cam” I stated with finality, looking back up and dismissing the thought of a little Cameron.

He grumbled something that I didn’t understand, but he let the subject go and I too dropped the subject of that and we talked about many other things, walking home hand in hand, almost like a couple. Almost…

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