Heal My Heart

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Chapter 13

I was sitting in the bleachers, by the football feild, waiting for the guys practice to get over to talk to Leo. It was almost the end of the term and there was an upcoming match with Westwood high. Cameron and coach were pushing there team hard, they sure were determined to win.

Today, as I sat there watching them practice waiting for Leo, the last thing in my mind was Mina - she hadn’t come to school today and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried. My mind was far, far away from the football feild. All my mind could concerntrat was what happened last night as Cameron walked me home.

After we left the hospital, chatting about everything, yet nothing in particular, we had come across cool it’. An ice-cream parlour that all the popular kids from all the high-schools in the area hang out in. Cameron wanted to go and not wanting to seem ungrateful, I degrudgingly agreed - not that I let him see that I didn’t want to go.

It got really late when finally left and walked the rest of the next half-an-hour home.

When we reached my house it was time for us to seperate. Stepping into the drive way, I turned to looked at him. “Thankx, for today” I said in a low voice, looking down. I was thanking him for more than coming to the hospital with me, for looking out for me. Though I didn’t tell htat to him. I din’t need to add fuel to his already big head.

Giving him one last smile turned to leave, whe he caught my hand and pulled me into him, into a hug. Confused at his sudden behaviour, I looked up - still with his arms around me - and went “Cameron” confusedly.

At that he pulled back a little, standing excaptionally close that I took a step back - for personal space - and looked up at him cocking my head to the side. “So... what do you say to make this an official date?” he asked me smiling cockily and spreading his arms out, inviting me for another hug.

I raised my eyebrow, with an dilemma going in my head. I wasn’t so sure if he was playing a joke on me or not. Then again what was he playing at? So instead of answering him I took the safe root and asked him “That’s what you call a date? In that case it isn’t any wonder that no girl sticks around for another round.” icouldn’t help by smirk at my not-so-needed reply.

Now it was his turn to raise his eyebrow, in question. “That was the most. Boringest. Date. Of. My. Life.” I said exaggerating the last five words, and adding air quotes to add effect.

“Well, why don’t I make it better and you be the judge” he asked even as he wrapped his hand around my waist and pulled me to him, banging our bodies stuck. With his free hand he lifted my chin up, with only his thumb and forefinger. Once he had me staring at his mesmerizing bottle green eyes, his fingers left my chin, trailing over my cheek then down to my neck and into my hair. Leaving a trail of sparks in the process might I add. My breath hitched slightly and very involantarily a sigh escaped my lips as my eyes fluttered close.

I might have mentioned this before, I loved it when anyone stoke’s my hair - especially when they did it so softky and gently like Cameron was - that my mind goes so blank and I don’t think of what I do or say. It was a great way to get the truth out of me,cas I’d answer just about anything of anyone stokes my hair. My thuddering heart was an entirely different matter. That was due to the fact of what Cameron was making me feel. Because it didn’t exactly speed up because of his hand in my hair.

Oh No! It definitly didn’t increase in speed bacause of that. It sped up because I knew what he was going to do -yes I knew his intentions - and I’d be out right lying if I say it didn’t thrill me. Yeah, I wanted him to do it, just the though of his lips on mine sent shivers of pleasure down my spine.

Alright so I my thinking might have be muffled by his close - who an I kidding? my body was practically sticked to his - proxcimity. And the hand in my hair, or I swear iwould not have thought that. About Cameron none-the-less.

Thank god I got a hold of my all over the place emotions before he actually kissed me. I pushed him off saying “Don’t get your head too high. You’re not kissing me.” I crossed my hand over my heart, protectively. I didn’t like how disappointed I felt when I pushed him off myself.

When I pushed him, he stumbled back taken by surprise. Thankfully he let go of me or I’d have toppled both of us to the ground. That was the only reason he was still on his two feet. “Oh ho ho!” he laughed evily once he got over the shock. “Now I’m officially going to make sure you come to me begging for kisses” he told me stepping closer with a glint in his eyes that I couldn’t place.

I smiled at him sweetly, before giving a yelp and running back inside the house, only, not even half-way there he tackled me to the grass. He sat on top of me while I spat out grass and squirmed around. “I’m not a football, nor do I play it so please don’t treat me as such” I winced shutting my eyes tightly. Damn him for being so heavy, I couldn’t even wiggle or squirm out from under him.

He laughed humourlessly. “Good try, but your not getting away that eaisily. I’m officially gonna make sure you come begging me for more.” For something that should’ve been sweet, he said it way too evilly. So why did it make my heart race and a burning desire to see how far he’d accomplish with his treat? Didn’t make any sence at all.

I’m seriously not gonna pretend the idea wasn’t thrilling to try, no matter how evilly he said it. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he was straddling my waist - too keep me from getting away - or the fact that he was twirling a lock of my hair sub-conciously. Whatever it was that was wrong with me, I can’t say that it wasn’t a good feeling. It has been so long since I last felt something remotely close to this.

“Not fair!” I cried trying still to squirm out from under him. He mere just c Not huckled at my try.

Oaky... so I might be really curious to know how his lips would feel on mine, but I just about refused to give in to that feeling. I had promised myself, not again, never again. I wouldn’t fall for the trap of another boy, especially not a player like Cameron Striker. Because the last time I trusted a boy with everything I had, I had only come off it hurt and broken.

Mark might’ve been different than Cameron, but in the end he had turned out to be just as much of a player. That is why I refused to give in to my hormons and kiss him. I’d fight until I can’t stand it anymore.

Cameron leaned closer and I shut my eyes tight and cranked my neck as far as I could, pushing on his chest - which was like pushing a brick wall, might I add. His minty breath fanned my face as I scrunched it up. I wouldn’t be surprised if he could hear the irratical beating of my heart. I bit down on my lip to keep it from parting and inviting him to kiss me.

He was so closed, his lips just about to touch mine. Then on the last minute he turned his face to the side and kissed me on the cheek. My eyes flew open with surprise as sparks flew everywhere from the place his lips touch my cheek. I could easily ignore the fact that my heart dropped in disappointment when he didn’tkiss me on my lips.

Cameron chuckeled - his lips still pressed on my cheek - before he rolled off of me and layed down in the grass.

I looked at him cocking my head. his chuckling turned into full on laughter, wondering why ever he was laughing that hard? I mean there was nothing funny in him trying to kiss me, was there? He noticed me looking at him and sobered up and sat up. “You shoud have seen your face” he told me cracking up all over again. I pouted at him, slightly offended that he used me as a laughing, and we were having such a good time. Before he ruined it, that is.

Seeing my offended pout-y look, he smile sweetly at me. A genuine smile - not a smirk of grin, a smile that could win awards. Damn it was breath-taking! he should smile like that often.

I was too busy admiring his smile that I wasn’t exactly listening to what he said next.

“So... friends?” he asked me, holding his hand out. It was so out of the blue that I blinked at him, processing what he said too slowly. He looked at me kinda nervously, waiting for my answer. when I wasn’t replying he fidgeted and was about to withdraw his hand when I smiled brightly at him and took his hand. “Friends” I anything but cried loudly.

he merely just laughed at my enthusiasm. Before any of us could say anything else a voice behind me said “Ah,! I though I heard Sydney’s voice.” I turned to see mom standing on the porch just by the door. Seeing us she frowned ” what are the two of you doing down there anyway?′ she asked us.

“Nothing Mrs. Blake” Cameron replied, quickly getting up and helping me up as well - I was still lying in the grass, the sameway Cameron had tackled me. Once the two of us dusted ourselved, Cameron turned to leave. “Bye Mary” he called out to mom and with a see you tommorow he walked off.

I still couldn’t get it out of my head. It wasn’t that he had almost kissed me or ow his body had felt top of mine. But rather my feelings. How much I had wanted him to really kiss me. That scared me more than amused me. For one - I didn’t want to have feeling of that kind for Cameron. For another, He’d never like me in that way. He was a player andpopular, he always went for the attractive cheerleader type girls. not for nàive, crazy girls like me.

It unnerved me even more that I had actually enjoyed it. Now that was downright creepy.

So much like Mark. He had been perfect and sweet. An attentive boyfriend that girls’d kill to have. He treated me like a princess, he knew what made me laughing and what made me angry. He’d always make me pissed and stop at the last second making me laughing uncontrolably until we doubled over and couldn’t breath anymore.

If there ever had been an dream date, Mark had made it come true. He had been so kind and caring, lovely and perfect... up until the very last minute. But then he had gone ahead and broken my heart, way beyond repair. He destroyed everything we had with ten words. Just ten words. Ten words that left a crack in my heart and made me see everything in a different light - boys in particular. Worse, that crack had never healed, it still hurt me. Hurt like hell, sooooo badly.

Like those ten words hadn’t been enough, he had gone on and shattered whatever little hope I had of recovering from breaking up with him. Made me regret ever being with him. Made me promise myself that I would never ever falk so inconspiciously in love.

Okay so even I knew that it was a spur-of-the-moment promise to myself. I just didn’t expect to break it so fast. Plus I didn’t think Cameron was the right person to break that promise for. Because I’d be heafing straight for heart-break then.

The coach shouting at someone broke me out of my review and brought me back to earth. My vision had gone bluring, fogging my vision just like Mark had. I was thankful that none had spilled, only just fogged my view of the football feild.

Quickly wiping away my tears I got up seeing as football practice was over. Cameron was shouting something encouraging to his team and then he let them go shower. Seeing this as my chance I quickly got up and ran into the field shouting for Leo. Most of the guys stopped to see who was shouting but when they saw me, they walked away. Leo and Cameron anyhow stayed back for me.

“What’s wrong?” it was Cameron who asked me that, concern and worry filling his tone of voice. Leo looked as equally worried and concerned as Cameron though - why ask the same question twice anyway?

“Nothing” I breathed as I bent over to catch my breath. The two of them waited patiently for me to catch my breath. Finaly when I did I straightened up. Leo raised his eyebrow up questioningly - I was kinda avoiding having to look at Cameron. WHAT! I just didn’t want to turn into a tomatoe, so sue me.

“Mina didn’t come to school today, so I just came to inquire how she is. It’s nothing too big right?” I asked him in a small voice, exceptionally worried, peering at him anxiously as I waited for my answer. She was sick, that much I knew and not knowing what was wrong bothered me. Sickness was also something that made me worry worse than... let’s say, if someone gets kidnapped. And not knowing what was wrong with Mina, or whether I should really worry or not, put me on edge. I guess it’s my sickness that makes me this way.

Leo let out a strained laughing and then looking at me amusedly asked me “you stayed all this time just for that?” Cameron looked just as flaggerbastered as Leo. I cocked my head, looking at them confusedly, what was so surprising about that? Isn’t that what friends are for? would Leo not worry when Cameron was sick and he knew not what is wrong with him? would not Cameron do the same? so what was so aurprising about me worrying for Mina? Boys, you just never get them.

I nodded my head trying not to figure them out. “Oh! she would be fine right around now” Leo told me smiling somewhat sadly at me.

A sigh escaped my lips, a sigh that came from the soles of my feet. “Hmm... I guess I won’t be able to tutor her today, but with finals coming up and all...” I trailed off, but I’m sure they got what I was trying to say. “And I was looking forward to pull her out to the sleepover at Carly’s” I pouted at the unfairness of the situation.

“Well, why don’t you stop by my place then? You can tutor Mina and I’m sure she’d like to see you visit, later I’ll drop you off at Carly’s. sound lie a plan?” Leo asked me brightly, slinging his arm casually around my shoulder and pulling me to his side. He was grinning down at me so happy of what he said that I laughed and agreed withut asecond thought. I really wanted to see Mina too and this was a win-win situation where no one is left out, I liked it.

Then the two of them went into the shower room to take a shower and change - after giving me Leo’s phone to call Carly. I walked off to wait by Leo’s car while taking to Carly, telling her that I’d be a bit late, but I’d make it. I told her that I was going to visit Mina and after promising to tell her how she is, I hung up.

It was as I was hanging around Leo’s car that I saw Paul - Mina’s boyfreind - walking to his car with a cheerleader attached to his hip. I didn’t think too much of this thinking he was just giving her ride.

Soon enough both guys joined me and the three of us piled into Leo’s car with me on the back-seat and Cameron driving shotgun. “So you never told me what was wrong with Mina?” I asked conversationally.

Cameron and Leo exchanged worried glances and they weren’t exactly being discreet about it either. Leo sighed and said “I don’t think it’s my place to tell you that. Sorry Sydney.” I could tell theyreally didn’t want to get on this topic, so I dropped it.

“Fair enough” I said cheerily and settled back in my seat, looking out the window.

Not long after Leo pulled into the driveway of a two-story house, with a cute little lawn that my mom would go nuts over - it was that nealy kept. He didn’t even stop by to drop off Cameron so he was obviously going to Leo’s place as well. Not much of a surprisesince the two of them were close friends after all. As close as me and Carly or closer - since I knew that they both knew each other since they were kids.

Cameron got down and opened my door while I was gusy cheeking out the lawn. I got out with a small smile to Cameron and the three of us went inside, with me bringing the rear. What can I say? His mom’s gardening was kinda distracting. But as we reached the door, Leo pulled me to his side. I looked at him questioningly, but before I could question it he threw open the front door and pulled me inside with him, Cameron trailling behind us.

The door bounced off the wall with a loud bang at the same time that Leo yelled “Hey mom! guess who I brough home with me?”

By now I was looking at him amusedly, deciding not to question whatever they did, but rather to just go along with it. It’ll save everyone a lot of trouble.

“Cameron?” a voice called from somewhere inside the house, from what I’m guessing is the kitchen because a really nice smell was coming from that direction. Immediate also guessing it was his mother who replied, I wouldn’t know cus this is the first time I’m coming here.

“Hey Elisa!” Cameron called back to her from behind me and then pushed past us to go to the kitchen - or what I’m asuming to be the kitchen.

“Come on mom, why would he be so special” he called back as he led me inside, his arm still around me and keeping me stuck to his side. I couldn’t help the giggle that left my mouth at his grumbling and Camerons’s ‘i take offence at that.’

“Did you bring home your girlfriend?” Elisa called to her son sounding excited. Leo groaned as a lady came running outnof the kitchen, wiping her hands on a hand towel. She had bleach blonde hair and blue eyes - a lot like Mina’s and Leo’s. she was fair andwas about my same hight. Seeing her appearence, I’d say she was their mother.

“No mom, I brought Sydney Blake” he said the last part excitedly, pushing me forward by the small of my back. He did it so gently that I only went front a few steps and didn’t even stumble. At the simple mention -more like yell - of my name, there was a loud thud from upstaris and a small shreik from the kitchen. Elisa’s eyes widened as she looked at me and I smiled nervously at her. “Hi!” I said with a small wave looking at Leo for some support - I got none.

Elisa quickly tossed aside the towel and came over to me. “Well this is a nice surprise” she said to me before eveloping me in a hug. “It’s nice to meet you honey, I’m Elisa, Leo’s and Mina’s mother.” she said into my hair.

“Hi! I’m Sydney as your son ever so gently said, a plasure to meet you Mrs. Carter” I said to her laughing softly, patting her back gently. “Nonsence darling, just call me Elisa” she told me and before I could reply a small voice interupted us.

"YourSydney?” a little voice to my right said. I looked to my right to see a miniature version of Leo standing halfway down the stairs, crossing his arms over his chest and eyeing me up and down. “I thought you’d be much cooler than this” he said sticking his nose in the air.

“Watch your tongue young man” Elisa told the mini Leo in a stern voice. “yeah watch it runt” Cameron said to him as he and Mina came to the hall as well.

I let out a small shriek seeing him - yeah I was a little slow to place him. “OMG! Mi, you never told me you had a mini Leo in your house” I cried excitedly, jumping a little in my excitement cas I didn’t want to cuddle him - what if he didn’t like it? “Is he your brother, damn he’s cute” I went on not exactly waiting for her answer.

Mina laughed when i looked at her expectantly. “Yeah he’s my brother” she told me at the same time that Leo asked me “did you just call me cute?” and he sounded really freaked out at the prospect of being cute. Cameron merely burst out laughing at his expence.

“WHAT! No! I meant your brother is cute” I exclaimed throwing my hands up in exaggeration.

“I’m not cute” little Leo said, stamping his feet in protest.

Elisa laughed at her little son and shaking her head, she went back to the kitchen with a smile in my direction.

“So what’s your name?” I asked mini Leo. “I seriously can’t keep calling you mini Leo,can I?” iasked him bending down to his level, he had got down the rest of the stairs.

“Um, Micheal?” he said, only it sounded more like a question than an answer. “Okay, nice to meet you Mike” I told him beaming and ruffling his hair before hopping over to Mina and pulling her into a bear hug.

“What happened to you? it’s been two days since you last came to school. These two jerks weren’t telling me anything. Me and Carly had been so worried, you practically just disappeared on us.” Okay so I was ranting, but I really had been worried.

“Sorry” she said to me wincing at my confession. I pouted at her and she gave me a sheepish smile.She knew how much I hated it when she said sorry. It made me feel like we weren’t friends. maybe because i tell every single thing that come’s to my mind out and people tend to take offence at things that I say. She was my friend, that meant she was supposed to know yhat I don’t exactly judge them when I do that, I just speack my mind. “Right sorry. Come on let’s go to my room and we can talk” she told and led the ways upstairs to her room.

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