Heal My Heart

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Chapter 16

The first week of our stay in California, me and Cameron were too busy driving around, looking for sceneries to paint. The smallest of things gave me inspiration because everything around here was so new to me. Different from what I saw back home.

By far, my favorite painting was the one of the lighthouse, that I had painted at dawn. The rising of the sun looked so much more different than the setting of the sun that it gave the picture more class. And it had rained heavily the previous night, that the morning dew and the mist from the rain gave the picture a complete different vibe to it.

I even had done a painting of Cameron.

It had been on our second night here on the roof that I got the idea - the second night because I had wanted to buy the perfect colors to paint that scenery. Cameron had been up in the roof, sitting beside me - I was standing - with his back against the wall. One leg proped up, head turned the other way, his silky black hair - looking even dark in the night - covering his face and looking so peaceful with his eyes closed. Seeing that I had wantedto do a painting of him.

And let me tell you that it isn’t very often that I want to do paintingsof people. Sure I sketch people, but rarely I’ve ever done paintings of actual people. Mostly because paintings of peope don’t come out as perfect as sketches do. And for once in a longtime I had wanted to paint someone - I wasn’t going to let it go.

So early the next morning, I had gone knocking on Cameron’s door, made him change into something nice and dragged him out to the garden. Making him sit under a tree in the same position he had been the previous night.

I did the paintings in an angle where the sun caught behind him, his face turned away from me. The sunlight kissing his hair made the silky black locks looks a golden brown color and was framing his silhouette, so it looked like he was sitting right in front of the sun.

I think he fell asleep while I drew, as we both missed breakfast, since I wanted to finish the paintings before the sun changed it’s position. Then I’d have to wait for next day to finish painting.

It wasn’t until, after I was done that I let anyone see it, because I hated when anyone see my half-done anything - paintings, sketches, drawings, ect...

Cameron himself was surprised at seeing the painting, No one could believe that it was Cameron that I had painted, not even his father. They all told me that I had painted him in a complete different light and exaggerated the painting, but done a marvelous job.

But I know that I hadn’t exaggerated anything, I had painted it the ways I had seen it. The sunlight kissing his hair turning them a golden brown color, the soft breeze ruffling it or the bed head look. Not even the ways the sun had framed his silhouette, giving the painting an other-worldly feel. Or the ways the grass touch his jeans, dancing to the rythem of the wind. The ways his light red t-shirt clung to his fit body and showing off the muscles underneath.

No! None of that, had I exaggerated though no one believed me. I didn’t see what they were seeing in it so much, but whatever it was, Mr. Striker made me promise to put that painting it the gallery as well. So I agreed.

I had been so busy with my paintijngs that I never got the chance to step foot on the beach and we would be leaving in only two weeks. I know I had two weeks, but I wouldn’t have time. The new years party was at the end of the this week and on the fifth was the opening of the gallery and then we left the following Sunday. So not much time, since I had a few more paintings to do to fill the gallery.


Saturday morning I woke to the light of the sun, streaming through the window and to my face. It was clearly well past 8:00 and Nick was no longer beside me. The bed felt too comfortable - way too comfortable - and I felt too lazy to get up. Boredly opening my eyes, I streatched my hands as far as they’d go. Letting out a loud yawn, I turned to my side with the intention of going back to sleep. In my defence, the bed felt too comfortable to wake.

I never got the chance as Nick stepped out of the bathroom just then - wrapped only in a towel and hair dripping with water - and saw that I was awake.

“Mornign Pet” he called to me as he flopped down beside me, ruffling his hair, sending droplets of water all over me. Freezing, cold water, that managed to wake me up. “Time for you to wake up” he announced and in one swift motion lifted me right off the heaven like bed. I let out a protesting moan, wanting very much to get back to sleep.

Nick didnt even sympathise as he let me down on my feet he gently pushed me out of the room saying “Go get ready.” and shut the door in my face.

Confused at what he had said, I stood there rubbing my eye staring at Nick’s room door. At least I was until Cameron came strolling down the hallway. “That’s not your room, you know” he called as he saw me standing cluelessly in front of Nick’s door. I whirled around to see Cameron striding towards me and suddenly I was very concious that I was only in an old white top and pijama bottom. Not to mention I surely must look a sight with my bed-head and I had morning-breath.

Laughing sheepishly, I made a dash to my room, never having been more greatful for Bruce, for making sure my room was in front of Nick’s.

Once in the confines of my own room, I let out a sigh of relife and started towards the bathroom. Now that I’m awake might as well get dressed and go down. Besides, I could work on my paintings.

So taking a nice long bubble bath, I stepped out of the bathroom in a nice fluffy, purple bathrobe and a nice fluffy towel wrapped around my hair. After two days of not unpacking, Bruce had a maid unpacking my bags, the contents of which were neatly folded and inside the wardrobe.

I searched for my favourite, white and blue floaty tank top with they leafy/tree-y pattern on it. Pairing it with my denim short, that was only an inch longer than the top - which reached almost mid-thigh. Towel drying my hair - since I was too bored to go asking Tania for her blow-drier - I let my hair down to dry. Throwing on a pair of flats and looked at the clock to see that it was 9:15 already.

By the time I got to the kitchen, everyone were already up and I seemed to be late.

“So nice of you grace us with your lovely presence” Tania muttered sarcastically as I took a seat beside Carly. Cocking my head I raised an eyebrow at her, but she merely just ignored me.

As soon as I sat down, cook put a plate in front of me as well as a glass of lemonade with garnish. What caught my attention the most was the sandwitch that was oozing with cheese and mayonnaise. After being here for the past week cook already knew of my obession over cheese and mayonnise.

“Oh, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou so much ” I gushed, beaming at cook for the special sandwitch. Cook returned my smile and went back to work just as Bruce said “I have good news specially for you, Sydney”

My smile widened, when I took an bite of the cheesy goodness. “Wow, it’s amazing. I love it” I complimented the cook making Everyone laughing with amusement. Laughing heartily, cook said “Anytime you want young miss”

Then turning back to Bruce I asked “What’s the good news?”

“If I remember correctly, I promised you take you to the beach the very minitue you set your eyes on the ocean.” Bruce asked to which I enthusiastically nodded my head. Laughing lightly at my enthusiasm, he went on. “Well todays your lucky day since dad told me to give you a day off to have fun. so we’re going to the beach, because you need to enjoy your vacation” he said, making me squeal in happiness.

“Really?” I asked not able to believe my dream was finally coming true - okay, so maybe not dream come ture, but I had wanted to do that since I got down from the plane. Funnily enough, I and Cameron had been cruising along the beach all along, when we go scenery hunting, but any of those times I hadn’t bugged Cameron to stop to get down. That might have been on account of the fact that I was looking for something great to paint.

Cameron leaned over the table and wiped the cheese on the side of my lip with his thumb. “Positively” he said, before licking the cheese off his thumb. I would have caused a huge fuss at him for stealing my cheese, but since they were taking me to the beach, I settled for sticking my tongue out at him and pouting.

Finally. I’ll be able to go to the beach (insert dreamy sigh)

“That’s wonderful” I squealed jumping in my seat. Unable to contain my happiness.

“Yeah, so eat quickly. Then we can go already” Tania snapped grouchily at me. Since I was the last to get down to the kitchen I was the only one left eating.

Once I was done, we bid cook goodbye and made our way down to the garage. Even after all these days I just couldn’t get used to all the cars that were parked in the garage. BMW’s, Porshe’s, Audi’s, Honda’s, Lexus’s, etc... And of course, my favorite car, Lamborghini. There were only two Lamborghini’s though, a silver one and a black one. The silver one was a venon. I preffered the black one which was such a beauty.

Cars weren’t the only thing in the garage there were bikes too. Which is to be expected, because there were two boys living here. Thought there weren’t a lot of bike, there was a fair few. They even had mud riding bikes.

My knowledge on bikes were pretty nill, so I didn’t recognise half of the bikes in the garage - which wasn’t much - but I did recognise the dark blue 1800 CBR that was parked in the garage. The only reason I even recognised it was because I loved that bike. Well... I love all the CBR bikes, since I love there style.

“OMG! You guys have an CBR 1800 Yamaha” I cooed as I ran up to the bike, running my hands along the leather seat. Sure this wasn’t the first time that I had been inside the garage. I had been down here on numerous occations, when I and Cameron went out.

But in my defence, I had been too excited to go out painting to pay attention to any of the bikes. Besides, my attention had been too absorbed on the Convertibles and Lamborghini.

“Want a ride?” Cameron asked as he came to stand beside me.

My head snapped up in his direction and not expecting him to be standing so close, I ended up smacking my face on his chest. I stumbled back at the force I had hit and thankfully didn’t fall over the bike. More like Cameron caught me before I could fall top of the bike.

“You alright?” he asked me worriedly as the others were busy seperating into cars.

Scratching the back of my head sheepishly I nodded my head just and Leo called “you two coming?”

“Well...?” Cameron asked turning back to me with an raised eyebrow. My eyes lit up as I bobbed my head up and down. “Yes, yes and yes, with a capital Y-E-S” I said jumping up - I sure am jumping a lot today, aren’t I?

Laughing at my over-used enthusiasm, he shouted to the others, “Me and Sydney are taking the bike. We’ll see you guys there.”

Nodding, Leo got into the car and whoever was drivng drove off, as did the other car - there were too many of us to fit into one car.

Handing me a helmet, Cameron helped me strap it on and got into the bike. I got in behind, but made sure to wrap my hands around him tightly.

“Scared?” Cameron asked he started up the bike.

“A little” I admitted, because honestly, I didn’t expct him to go slow. He’d go 1800 p/h if he could and that was a well known fact. I seriously wasn’t disappointed on that account. He didgo fast, but I could tell he was holding back - all-be-it very slightly - for my sake.

Either way we arrived waybefore the other, even though they had an head start. I had no patience to wait for them, so I dragged Cameron down to the water.

Not long after, the others joined us and I joined Carly and Mina sunbathing. I hadn’t gotten to spend much time with them because I hadn’t a breather from all that paintings. To be honest, this is the first time I haven’t been burried in paint since the day we got here.

Laying between Carly and Mina we gossiped while Tania was flirting with hot guys and the boys were off surfing. I’d have loved to join them, but my girlfriends deserved my time too.

So sipping on coke, as we sunbathed, I asked them about there week. As it turned out it wasn’t as eventful as mine. For once Bruce had been busy setting up the new years party and the other things for the art gallery and Cameron had been driving me around. No one could complain because that was the reason we were in California and Cameron was only too willing to help.

But they still had things to do. Like going shopping, sunbathing on the beach, watching movies in the den - that had every movie imaginable.

“So how has your week been?” Mina asked suggestively wagging her eyebrows. “Only too many girls would kill to be in your shoes. It’s not everyday that anyone get to spend the whole week crusing through the streets of California with Cameron” the last part she added when both me and Carly gave her confused looks.

I scoffed, rolling my eyes. “Please, it wasn’t like anything happened. If any he annoyed the hell out of me while I painted, but I can’t tell he kept me from my work. I don’t think any girl would kill to be in my position.” I told Mina, layng back down on the mat we had layed out.

Mina giggled, while Carly merely rolled her eyes. “So what wasyour week like?” Carly asked me as she to layed back down.

“It was interesting, you wouldnt believe the ways you can make the smallest things look like they mean so much...” and started my rant. Carly really shouldn’t have asked me that if she didn’t want to know an in-depth answer about all the sceneries I painted. But she knew what she was getting into when she asked me.

As lunch rolled around, the guys came back and we packed up to go out for lunch. Tania was missing but no one bothered too much about her saying that she could take care of herself, so we all walked to the little diner right off the road, on the opposite side of the beach.

I Fell behind the others and completely stopped walking as I saw something that gave me a brilliant idea, for my grand picture at the art gallery.

“Hey Sydney! What’s wrong?” Carly’s voice called back to me from a few feet away, breaking me out of my trance.

“Nothing” I called back, looking back at the thing that gave me my idea. “Anybody got phone?” I called back to my friends forgetting that we were in the road and I could attract unwanted attention by shouting somethng like that.

“Here you go” a sand haired guy held out his phone for me, with a mischievous smile.

“Um thankx but...” I stuttered not accepting the out-streached phone since it’d be useless to take a picture in an unknown guys phone, because it won’t be re-useable. And I wanted the picture to paint the grand picture for the art gallery.

“It’s alright I got it” Cameron said to the guy, coming to my rescue as he handed me his phone and slipped his arm around my shoulder, pulling me to him. He smiled sweetly at the guy, which looked too fake.

“Thankx” I muttered taking the phone from him at the same time the sandy haired guy - whoever he was - muttered something to Cameron that suspicously sounded like “I got to her first.” I’m not sure I heard him properly cause I was already digging through Cameron’s phone finding for the camera.

Cameron raised his eyebrow at the guy, but ignoring that I turned away from them and to what I wanted. I didn’t hear the conversation that followed, but I knew that the others had left me and Cameron behind.

After taking two pictures, that didn’t come out clearly, I whined “Cameron” turning back to him and the sandy haired guy, they both must’ve know each other since the guy was still around. Handing the phone back I pouted, telling “your stupid phone is not working.” I stated crossing my hand over my stomach annoyedly. I had totally missed my chance to take a photo by now.

Raising his eyebrow, he took the phone from my hand as the sandy haired guy looked at us disbelievingly. “What do you want to take?” he asked as he crouched down beside me - I was sitting on my ankle to take the photo.

“I missed my chance ” I pouted at him standing up, dusting my shorts.

“She’s your girlfriend?” the guy asked finally as he snapped his mouth shut. We both looked up at him confusedly. “Well why didn’t you say so” he said before I could correct him - saying Cameron wasn’t my boyfriend - and he slauntered away.

l watched his retreating back like he was demented. Where the hell had he gotten thatidea? I looked up at Cameron puzzeled and he shrugged his shoulder not looking bothered by what the guy had said.

“Where are the othes?” I asked Cameron as I too shrugged what the guy said off and the two of us started walking again, heading for the diner. “I asked them to go on ahead that I’ll bring you since you seemed a little too distracted” he winked at me. “What could it have been that you were so desperate to take a snapshot of?” he asked genuinely souding curious as he peered down at me.

Because he had been the only one - besides his father - to see each and every one of my drawnings, I decided it was okay to tell him. I didn’t of course know that he would find a solution for my problem so fast...

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