Heal My Heart

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Chapter 17

Today is the new years eve party. Carly, Mina, Tania and I were lounging by the pool getting a tan for the party when I made the startling realisation that I had yet to find the perfect dress.

With the art gallery opening in just six days, it had been a hustle to get the paintings done and adding the finishing touches to my grand picture. It had been such a hustle that I hadn’t thought about what I was going to wear today at all. If Carly hadn’t mentioned it, I would have been stuck with nothing to wear.

We sunbathing when she brought it up. “So Sydney, what are you wearing for tonights new years eve party?” Carly asked casually, taking off her sunglass and peering at me, from the beach chair beside mine. The reason she asked that was because I had pulled Cameron and gone off to art gallery on the day they all went shopping.

I sat bolt upright when she asked that just remebering that I didn’t have a dress.

“What!?” Mina asked startled when I sat up so suddnely. Even Tania looked startled.

“OMG! I completly forgot to buy a dress” I exclaimed looking at the girls in horror. Mina ripped her sunglass of her face she sat up looking just as horrified as me.

“You didn’t what?” she screeched, going into panic mood with me.

“I was so caught up adding the finishing touches to that painting I completely forgot that the ball was today and I had to buy a dress.” I explained panicing as I hopped out of the chair I was lounging on.

“Oh dear god” Carly muttered standing up as well. Pulling me inside she said “Maybe we could go buy something now” she sonded desperate as she pulled me along with Mina’s trailing behind us, matching our hurried pace. Tania didn’t follow us, but I know she’d help if we ask her to.

“Buy what?” Cameron asked as we almost rammed into him in our hurry.

“Sydney forgot to but a dress for tonights party” Mina told Cameron pouting.

The look that graced Camerons feature would have been funny if I had actually not been panicing. He looked even more horro-stuck than me and that’s saying something. “But all the shops would be closed today” he muttered softly, the very thing we were fearing.

Now where would I but a dress, unless someone had smething I could burrow, I was stuck with just about nothing.

Cameron too was lost in thought as we all tried to think up something we could do. Suddenly his face lit up as he snapped his fingers. “There might be someone who could help. Get dressed and be by the garage, you two don’t wait up for Sydney” he added the last part to Carly and Mina and he hurried away pulling out his phone.

Shrugging I looked back at the girls. “I guess I’ll see you two later” I told them and waving headed up to my room to change. Taking the quickest shower in my life - since I didn’t want to keep Cameron waiting. Pulling on the first thing that came to my hand - which were a black tank top and denim jacket, wih a mid-thigh lenght short skirt that had a belt running aroung the waist - and a pair of pumps I ran back downstairs. I didn’t have time to blow-dry my hair so I let it lose, strapping a hair-tie around my wrist.

Cameron was waitng in thegarage and smiled when he saw me running towards him. “You’re quick” he complimented and slid into the silver BMW convertilble’s drivng seat. I slid into the passenger seat and as soon as I closed the door he pulled away so fast that I slamed back on the seat, which made me hurry up and put on my seatbelt.

“So where exactly are we going?” I asked peering at him curiously, once I caught my breath, from running and his insane driving. Though I was used it by now, I mean I had been in a car with him for the past two weeks, so obviously I was used to it.

“To my sisters shop” he replied grinning from ear to ear. It was clear that he loved her, but what sparked my interest it that I hadn’t known he had a sister.

Glancing at my confused face he said “She’s not my sister, sister. She’s my dads sisters daughter, we all grew up together so she is like a real sister to me.”

Nodding my head understaningly, I asked thr next thing that was puzzling me. “And why are we going to there?” I asked curiousity getting the better of me, but I did have a right to know, right? I mean he was taking me to her, so there must bea reason.

“She’s a dress designer and runs her own place, so she will have something for you to wear tonight. Besides she love get her dresses on anyone. She’ll be mpre than happy to work on you” he laughed affectionately at the last part.

“She sounds like a wonderful person” I said smiling at him.

“She is” he agreed and then added “Though she can be very annoying at times.”

Laughing I said “which sibling isnt.”

then we lasped in to silence and I turned my head towards the open window, letting the fresh salty breeze inside. That’s when Cameron rolled down the roof of the convertible and I smiled widely, but didn’t say anything.

He pulled the car to the eft lane and ours was the only car on the road. Cameron was going at a much slower pace and I got an idea. undoing my seatbelt, I heaved myself up to a standing positin with the help of the windshield. Throwing open my hand I let out a loud scream, laughing. The wind tugging at my hair and whipping it all over my face, as Cameron slowed the car down.

I tossed my head back, leaning against the seat, my butt was on the head-rest and my legs on the place we sat.

I could hear Cameron laughing with me and it took him a moment to ask “What was all that about?” He was looking up at me throwing glances at the road now and again to make sure he was on course, but since his car was the only one on the road and he was going slowly, it didn’t matter.

“Ever since I watched that hindi movie ‘we are family’ I wanted to do that” I said laughing lightly, but dripping my hands to my sides.

“That’s all well, Sydney, but come on. We don’t have much time to lose” he said patting my foot, which was on top of the seat.

I quickly slid down and put on my seatbelt, as Cameron once again raced against the street. For the rest of my ride I questioned him about his sister and he answered everything without missing a beat. I learned that her name was Adriane and she had been obessed with fashion ever since he could remember. They had grown up together, because her mother is who looked after them after his mother passed away, since his father was busy with his business and grieving his wife’s death.

As it turned out Cameron was a great hairstylist, since Adriane used to force Cameron I to making her hair since they were little and he had good experince with making her hair for her.

About an hour later Cameron parked in front of a glam looking beauty parlour and got down. He locked the car after I got down and headed inside.

He headed straight to the recptionist, with me following closly behind, and asked they girl there for Adriane. She gave him a flirty smile, making me roll my eyes. I was standing just beside Cameron and she didn’t so much as acknowledge my presence, how rude was that?

Still I couldn’t help feeling sorry for her when Cameron walked away - pulling me with him - when she called up Adriane and told him shed be there with him soon. He didn’t even wait around until she scribbled down his number. My sympathy was anyhow wasted on her as she only shot me a hateful glare.

Like it was my fault that Cameron didn’t look twice at her.

Anyway, we didn’t have to wait for long for Adriane, as she hurried out to the waiting rok. from inside the saloon.

At first I hadn’t expected it to be her, when a beautiful, slim, tall, fair lady had stepped out, with her hazelnut brown eyes and dark brown andred locks, that were tied up in a ponytail, cut into a feathery style. She was dressed in a spagetti strapped, red dress, with a deep neck and reached her knees, paired off with pointy heels. Her eyeshadow was a bright red color, mixed with told, that brought out the brown color of her eyes and her nalis were done in such a red, that it screamed to be seen. She looked so pretty, that anyone could have mistaken her as a model that just stepped out the runnaway

According what Cameron had said, I had been expecting a lady with hot pink hair and wasn’t half as pretty as the lady who just came out.

You can imagine my surprise when Cameron stood up with open arms to the beautiful lady, who stepped right into his open arms, hugging him back. “Long time no see” Cameron told her as he lifted her off her feet and spun around once before she pushed him off.

“Someones excited to see me” she said flatly,glaring at Cameron as she smoothed out her dress. He smiled sheepishly at her rubbing the back of his neck.

“Okay, you told me she was pretty, not that she’d looked like a runaway model” I told to Cameron as I continued to stare up at the lady, who was obviously his sister, Adriane.

“Cameron looked at me like he had forgotten I was there, but didn’t make any movie to introduce me as his sister raised her eyebrow at us. Smaking my head at my forgetfulness, I stuck out my hand, smilling. “Sorry and Hi! I’m Sydney Blake, camerons friend” I introduce myself.

Adriane looked at me blankly, giving me the once over. Cocking my head, I waited patiently for her to say something or shake my out-streached hand. Cameron did nothing to help as he stood there and watched the two of us appraisingly.

“I’m Adriane, but I have a feeling you already know that” she said curtly, taking my hand and giving it a single, firm shake before dripping it back to her side. Her eyes once again traveled the lenght of her body, but something told me she was not looking at me the ways cheerleaders do, so I wasn’t feeling that very self-concious.

“She’ll do” Adriane finally said with a nod of her head and turned to Cameron with a strangers expression that I couldn’t place. “Though I have to say. It’s a nice change to see you going out with someone so...” she trailed off throwing me a glance before looking back at Cameron. “Full of life” she concluded. “Not that it’s a bad thing. It’s just... very weird, but a refreshing change” she was quick to add.

I didn’t understand what they were talking about, but it was obvious it was about a girl.

“I’m not dating her” Cameron muttered, his cheeks a light pink hue to it. “Anyway, that’s not what I’m here for, I need your help with something” cameron said back in his normal volume, quickly changing the subject.

Adriane merely raised and eyebrow.

“You see Sydney was busy running around painting that she forgot to buy a dress, so I kinda hoped you’d have something for her” Cameron told her, for some reason sounding excited.

Adriane furrowed her brows confusedly and Cameron quickly said “Oh right! I forgot to tell you. Sydney is the artist who’s painting for dads new gallery.” Adriane’s eyebrows rose clearly surprised and she seemed taken back for a second before she compossed herself and smiled at me. “This is clearly a first” she said as a smirk took over her smile. A smirk that looked the exact copy of Cameron it was creepy.

“Let’s just say that you’re the very first girl that Cameron had brought to me with something like this and leave it at that.” Adriane winked at me, sure to embarass Cameron, but he rolled his eyes at her. “Now let’s see what we can get for you” she told me as she took me by my elbow and led me inside. She stopped right before stepping inside to look at Cameron and asked “Do you have something to wear?”

Looking alarmed Cameron shook his head and Adriane gave him a knowing look before asking somone from inside to work with him as she led me inside.


By the time Adriane was through with me it was past Six and not long for the party to start. Thankfully, she had dressed herself as her employers pampered me, so when she came to dress me up, she was already dressed.

It wasn’t until she was done that she let me look at myself in the mirror and when she finally did I gasped looking at my reflection. I could tell now why she didn’t let me look earlier. It wouldn’t have the desired affect when I see for myself at last.

The pearly white gown that adrrhad picked for me was a perfect fit - it hadn’t even wanted alterations.

It was strapless and hugged my curves in a way that left everything for the imagination. It had a high waist, with a thick silver belt circling around - which Adriane tied into a rose at the right side. From waist down it flared out and fell to the floor.

Adriane trimmed off my hair and put it up in a swirly messy bun and let my bangs to fall freely into my eyes - something I had a hard time keeping, since I kept sweeping it off my forehead - so in the end, she clipped it up with a silver clip, but we let the two, chn lenght strands that fell on each side of my face as it was.

My neck was adjorned in a thick v-shaped, stone worked necklace that went from the hollow of my neck and touched the tip of my gown, making it look like it was attached to the gown. You might think it’s too gourdy or to much, but it fit perfectly with the gown - which was charm and plain, except for the belt around the high waist, right below my breast. My earing was just a simple silver stud as how my neck was already filled up. In my hand there was a thick bracelet that was stone worked as the necklace, only not as rich.

She let me wear a pair of pearly white pumps, with silver buckles, when I told her that I would probably trip with a heel. I know you might be thinking that a pump with a gown? but let me tell you this wasn’t any ordinary pump. It was none that Adriane had made herself and the rich exterior desing of it gave it such a rich look it fit perfectly with the gown.

She had left my make-up simple and I was thankful she didn’t cake me up in it.

Sliver and white eyeshadow with a thick line of eye liner and mascara, that brought my eyes to attention when anyone’d see. A thin coat of rosy lipstick and lipgloss, alng with a light touch of blush finished my looks.

I blinked at the mirror in complete awe and Adriane’s voice is what broke me off my trance. “Cameron wouldn’t know what hit him” she smirked and I looked at her confusedly, tilting my head to the side. She didn’t give me an explanation as she ushered me out, only saying “I can’t wait to see this.”

Adriane’s excitement was making me nervous as a fingered the ribbon belt around my torso, as we both stepped back out to the waiting area. The miniute I stepped out, my eyes met with camerons bottle green once and stuck there. I could feel my cheek tint a light pink color as Cameron stared at me kinda wide-eyed and slack-jawed. His reaction, along with Adriane’s excitement made me feel even more nervous than I already was, but I tried not to show it as I broke eye contact with Cameron and asked “What do you think?” doing a small twirl around.

He stared at me for a moment more and finally struttered “You look... erum... you look...” but he didnt finish his sentence. I looked at bis expectantly, patiently waiting for his answer.

“Cat got your tongue?” Adriane asked laughing, a soft sounded that bounced around the walls of the now closed saloon’s waiting room.

“Yeah right!” Cameron scoffed looking away and Adriane smirked sucssefully. “Whatever that, let go Sydney, before the party starts” Cameron told me with a wink and sticking his tongue out at Adriane as she muttered “somones eager to get her all alone”.

I covered my mouth to stop my giggle at his childish behaviour from spilling out, but it did nothing to help as soon enough I was in a fit of giggles.

“You needed a ride?” Cameron asked Adriane as I controlled myself, but Adriane didn’t seem to mind my bursting out giggling at nothing in particular. At least she wasn’t thinking I was insane, I think.

“Nah! Denvour is picking me up” she told to Cameron with a wave of her hand, so telling our goodbyes we left her and the saloon and made our way to camrons car. I had to lift up my dress to keep it from getting all dirty before I even arrived at the party, since the gown was literally sweeping the floor.

“Sydney” Cameron called me suddenly and I stopped looking back at him with my head cocked. He stepped closer and took my hand as he stared into my eyes. Those green orbs pullng me in as I took in how handsome he looked in his tux for the first time tonight. For once his hair wasn’t dishvelled looking, but rather combed back looking neat. Can’t say I preffer it over his messy hair.

“You look absolutely astounding tonight” he breathed, as he leaned his forehead on to of mine.

“Um... thankx?” I said uncertainly, my tone sounding more like a question than a statement.

He laughed as he straightened back up. “It was a compliment” he said before he unlocked his car opened the passenger side door for me.

Offering him a smile in thankx I slid in and once he made sure that my whole dress was inside the car, he shut the door and circled around getting in behind the wheel.

The first thing he did as he started the car was to pull the hood back up, making me to pouted up at him. I loved going with the hood pulled down, since I loved the feel of the rush of the wind.

“I’d preffer to go with the hood pulled down tok Sydney, but I don’t think Adriane would like to find your neatly done hair in a mess at the party, actually, shed kill me if she sees you hair not up the ways it had been when we left” he told me. His hand going up to pat my head before he remembered he couldn’t messed it so setteled for patting my dare shoulder.

“True” I pouted, ignoring the feel of warmth that spread my body at his touch.

We both reached for the radio station at once and Cameron pulled away letting me to tune in. Smirking truimphantly, I switched from station to station trying to find something good. I saw Cameron roll his eyes at me, but I ignored him and stopped when ET by Katy Perry ft. Lil Wayne started playing.

Sitting back, I sung softly, along with the song.

Cameron gave me look that said good said ‘good taste’ before he joined me too. To sing I mean. Soon enough we were bleating out at the top of our lungs so loud that we couldn’t hear the sound of the radio.

We sang our lungs out for the rest of the ride, bealting out the so gs wrongly most of the time, until we finally neared there house. Then we shut up,not wanting to seem mad in front of all these prestigues people.

By the time we made it to the drive way and into the garage it was a tight squeeze as the party had already started. Cameron said me to not use the front entrance but to pretend that I had been in the house, getting ready all along. So we carefully snuck in through the back door and upstairs through the back staircase as well. Cameron walked to to my room and the minituei stepped in I was assulted by Mina’s Carly and even Tania.

All three, who stopped short when they saw me.

“Wow” Mina muttered at a loss for words as she stared at me.

“Aren’t you looking gorgeous?” Tania asked me in a sickly sweet voice that sounded too full of venom to be sweet.

“You ladies might want to get downstairs if you all want to be fashionably late rather than, just-plain-rude late. “Cameron told us from the doorway before he left, closing the door behind him.

Huffing, Tania followed Nick out leaving me and my two best friends alone.

“Where the hell did Cameron take you?” Carly asked me, there was no accusation in her voice but wonder and awe.

“Yeah! where didhe take you?” Mina breathed as she stepped closer and took in my dress.

So I quickly explained to them where he had taken me and what had happened for the entire day today, as quickly and as brief as possible. Once I was done telling them, we decided that we should go if we didn’t want to seem rude by not showing up.

We had an grand entrance, since we had to walk down the grand two-way staircase and the room was already brimming with guests - most of whom had glasses of champane in there hand.

“An! There she is! The little artist” Mr.Striker exclaimed, standing close to the staircase as we made our way down. He gheld out his arm and I took it with a small smile gracing my lips. Eric was standing two men and lady, who were all dressed elegantly as well as richly. A sign of there high status.

Giving polite smiles to them, Carly and Mina hurried off leaving me with Eric Striker.

“Sydney, meet my colleague Christopher Hammng and his lovely wife Darla Hemming” he said motioning to the young couple who were in each others arms.

The man was standing smartly, with blond locks of hair and hazel eyes. A tall and well-built frame. The lady was petite and clung to the mans arm like he’d dissapper if she let go. With her champange colored eyes and soft brown hair she was a pretty little thing. Or she’d be if she hadn’t covered her face in make-up, though she was rather young and had nothing to hide - or cover.

Smiling politely at them I shook there hand, returning there ’hello’s and ’nice to meet you’s.

“And this is Feoul Night, a good friend of Cresida” Eric next introduced me to the other man who looked to be in his late thirties, with short light brown hair, that looked almost blond and light brown eyes. He too had a good build and a tall frame, which his kind smile made less intimidating, and a tan complextion. He was quite handsome and I’d have pegged him as the type to break hearts when he was Cameron’s age.

I took his hand too and gave it a light shake, my smile not slipping my lips, as I returned his ‘a pleasure’ with a ‘likewise’.

Just then Cameron slid my hand out of his fathers and took it into his own. Making up an excuse he saved from making anymore, polite, boring conversation.

“You owe me one Sydney” he whispered in to my ear as he led me away from his father and his colleagues.

Laughing lightly, I couldn’t help but agree with him. “How about one dance?” he asked me, but I was thankfully saved from embarassing myself by the announcement of dinner.

Letting out a sigh of reliefe, I started towards the dinnig room with the rest of everyone, but Cameron caught on to my hand and led me to the dinning room. Bending down to my level he whispered “don’t think I’m letting you off that easy.”

I grumbled, but the next minitue we were seated according to our name cards and Cameron’s chair was atleast 10 chairs down mine, so I didn’t have time to argue it with him.

Just as I was about to sit, a soft, familliar voice filled with wonder, said “Sydney”

My head whipped up so fast, I was surprised that I didn’t get whiplash. My eyes met with a pair of eyes that looked simillar to my own as I took in the rest of her features after almost 14 years. Her sprially blond hair, the same as Tanias framed her face in lushous, silky stands. Her tiny nose and perfecty shaped lips that were now caked in red lipstick. Her fair skin looked like porcelean an you could barely tell she was a lady in her late thirties. With he 5′5 feet figure, that looked as fit and shape as a young ladies.

By looking at her, you’d never believe she was the lady that gave me birth.

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