Heal My Heart

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Chapter 18

I froze, half-way sitting, half-way standing, as the two of us stared at each other. I had no idea what I should do. I was stuck, comtemplating running or staying, like nothing happened.

“Lilian, what’s wrong?” the man sitting beside her asked as he gently touched her hand.

My eyes trailed over to the man my motherhad left us for and it was literally a slap on the face as my eyes met with Feoul Nights almost black, dark brown orbs. I felt that I took a sharp intake of breath at the irony, and jumped to my feet.

I had been smiling with this man not minitue before and I felt a sence of betrayal to dad at the thought.

“Feoul, it’s Sydney” my mom told excitedly, not even acknowledging Nick’s or Tania’s presence beside me.

I felt Nick tense next to me as he took my hand, in a soothing gesture. But I was far from feeling anything.

“Honey...” Lilian Nightstarted to say but I mumbled a quick ‘excuse me’ to no one in particular, before I ran out of the room. I heard chairs scrape back as I heard two “I’ll get her” and another “excuse me” before I heard footsteps follow me outside. I didn’t stop though, I kept on running - to who knows where - until I felt a pair of arms wrap around me.

“Sydney, it’s okay.” I heard Nick’s voice say softly and I stopped thrashing around in his arms. Instead I spun around and wrapped my arms around him, burying my face in his chest.

“Hey you okay” Cameron asked as I felt his hand on my shoulder.

It only made my hand tighten there hold on Nick and I could feel Cameron looking up at Nick for an answer. I wasbehaving strangely. I mean I had been perfectly fine moments before. I had been laughing with him just when we entered the dinning room, so obviously he was wondering what happened to me in such short notice

Nick sighed as he gently pried my hands from around him and turned me back around to face Cameron, who looked worried as he took in my tear-strained face - I’m positive mascara and eyeliner were running down my face making in seem hidious.

I looked up at Nick, but he ignored me and addressed Cameron. “Lilian was in there” he said as a way of explaining. “Our mother” Nick spat the word ‘mother’, when Cameron looked a little lost.

Recognition dawned on Cameron’s face, but thankfully he didn’t look sympathetic or pitying.

“Well... Then how about you go back to the dinner, I’ll take Sydney down to the kitchen and find something for her to eat” Cameron suggested, casually slinging an arm around my shoulder and pulling me to his side.

Nick looked at me for conformation, so sniffing I nodded my head. “We’ll talk about this later” he promised and giving a peck on my forehead, headed back towards the dinning room.

Once I could no longer see Nick’s retreating back I turned up to Cameron with tears silently streaming down my face.

He was digging around his pocket for something, one hand still around me. He pulled out a tissue from his pocket and slowly wiped my mascara/tear-strained cheeks with it.

“Come on, let’s go” he said softly and let me down t the kitchen, his arm not leaving my shoulder.

We walked in complete, yet comfortable silence down to the kitchen - we took the longer route, through the servants entrance, because the other one was through the dinning room - which was in a racket with everyone running here and there as they took things out to the dinning room and filling up last miniute touches of garnish and what-a-not to the dishes.

Cameron led me over to a stool by a counter and asked me to sit while he got someone to get us dinner.

In the end we both had to sit there for awhile till the dishes were served outside and cook could whip something up for us. We just sat there on the stools, out of everyones way, talking about everything and nothing at once.

Cameron was goofing around and sucssefully made me forget all about what happened at dinner and soon enough I was laughing along with him and goofing around too. More than once we had made the people working around the kitchen laugh with whatever we did and it was such a nice feeling.

It was after dinner was over that cook had time to whip us both a full course dinner that Cameron asked to send up the balcany over-looking the gardens and pulled me out of the kitchen while cook... cooked.

“You know... I never got my dance” he said conversationally makeing me freeze.

He looked back at me with a raised eyebrow, when I stopped walking.

Tucking a stray strand of hair behind my ear, I hurried to his side. “And let’s keep it that way” I told to him as we once again started walking.

Cameron chuckled. “Aw.... could it be that you can’t dance?” he asked teasingly and I looked at him biting my lip. He stopped short looking startled. “You can’t?” he asked me incredulously.

I shook my head looking at the floor embarrassedly.

“Wow!” he finally said after a pause, sounding like he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “You have perfected ice-skating but you can’t dance” he said more to himself than to me. Then he looked at me with a glint in his eyes that I knew I was going not going to like whatever it is that he’s going to say.

“In that case, why don’t I teach you?” he asked looking pleased with himself.

I gaped up at him and he took my momentary shock, to take my hand and pull me along with him.

Finally shaking my head out of it, I hissed “Cameron” trying to pry my hands out of his grasp. To no avail since he had an iron grip and my attempt was anything but feeble. “This is sooonot a good idea” I hissed at him, trying to plant my feet firmly on the ground, but I just got dragged along with him.

He laughed, saying “don’t worry Sydney, it’s not that hard of a thing.”

He was trying to be soothing, but like hell it was working.

“Nuh-uh, Cameron please don’t” I pleaded with him, because I really didn’t want to dance - or learn it. But all ,y pleading fell in deaf ears as Cameron continued to drag me along with him and only stopped when we reached the balcany that he asked cook to send the dinner to.

The soft gentle music from downstairs drifted up to the balcany, so we didn’t have to bother about music.

Cameron urged me to stand on his feet and I reluctantly did so. He wrapped one arm around my waist and room my other hand in his, leaving my other hand to feet on his shoulder.

“Ready?” he asked, his vioce a whisper in my ear.

Glupping, I nodded my head lightly.

He room a step back and made me stumble and catch into him tighter.

“Easy” he murmured softly. “Look there” his vioce was soothing and gentle as he cupped my chin and lifted it up to look into his eyes. “Just glowing with the music” he instructed.

Taking a deep breath, I let him lead me into the songs as a stared into his bottle green eyes that were mesmerizing and I felt myself falling into them. Silhouette enough I was twirling with him to the soft melody of the song- that I couldn’t place - and I was dancing with him.

I’m sure I was mirror surprised by this than him.

Out dancing was anyhow cut short, when one of the ladies that work in the kitchen brought us dinner. So we ate and them Cameron remebered the teen party in the back garden so dragged me along with him. Not that I said I can’t to - it isn’t like Lilian’ll be there in the teen party, so it wasn’t a that but of a deal.

The very miniute we both stepped into the backyard, Cameron was attacked by a blonde with light brown eyes. She’s was beautiful, like model beautiful.

“Cam! Where did you disappear to!” she’s had to yell to be heard over the loud music. “I was looking everywhere for you” she’s pouted not waiting for his answer before she’s latched into his arm and dragged him away.

It was so sudden, and so bizzare, that I was stuck staring after the two even after they disappeared amoung the crowd of teens.

“They Sydney! Have you seen Cameron? Last I saw, he Tania after you at dinner” I heard someone shout at me, so I looked back to see Adriane approaching me. A champange glass in her hand.

“Um... He was dragged off just how by a girl” I told her unsurely as I looked back at the place Cameron and that girl had disappeared to.

Adriane sighed. “Let me guess, she’s had blonde hair, brown eyes, about 5 feet 4 inched tall, with fair skin and a black streaming that showed often model skin than cover it?” she’s asked me with an raised eyebrow, looking slightly annoyed - at the girl, not at me.

Dumbfounded, I nodded my head. Wondering how she’s had gotten the girl perfectly right.

“Nora” she aighed rubbing her forehead. Then seeing my dumbfounded face, Adriane smiled. “She’s my cousins friend. She’s like family and had a crush on Cam screaming since I can remember. Though, between you and me... I don’t think Cam Luke’s her as much anymore.” Then with a dinner at me she’s to disappeared through the crowd.

Shaking my head to get myself put of it, I frogot about Cameron and went in search of my two best friends who were worried about me, since I had enemies out of the dinning room without a word.

I promised them that I was find and explained why I ran out so suddenly. After that so we started enjoying the party.


The party was long since over and it was nearly early dawn. Yet all of us were sitted around on the lounge. Some asleep, some half-asleep, others fully awake.

Cameron’s family was huge.And most of them had decided to stay over for the night and leave later today. So the
lounge was filled with young adults, who were all lazing around. Mostly all of us were still in out party clothes, including me.

I was curled up on the coner of the couch me and Mina were sharing. My shoes removed and my leg brought upto my chest, letting the skirt of my gown to pool around me. I was gossiping with Mina, Carly, and some other firls out age, when Mr.Striker came into the room.

“Cam, Bruce, Nick, Sydney. May I have a word?” he asked us, making it sound like we were in trouble for something.

Looking at Nick and the other two, who looked just as puzzeled as me, I got up following the others. Normal was fast asleep, kinda on too of Cameron, so he had to extract himself from her before he followed us.

Mr. Striker left us out of the room and upstairs to the second floor.

“What’s wrong dad” Bruce asked what’s been eating us ever since he dragged us out.

Mr. Striker laughed lightly. “Oh no, no. Nothings wrong, I just have something to show to Sydney and Nick and I thought you two’d like to be there too. That’s all” he told us with a dismissive wave of his hand.

“And this couldn’t have wait?” Cameron asked his father sarcastically as he rolled his eyes.

“It could, but I couldn’t” his dad replied cherrily. Sucssesfully shutting up Cameron.

I giggled at this, since it was so hard to shut him up. Even Nick and Bruce snickered, making Cameron scowl at us while I high-fived Mr. Striker, who held his hand up for me.

Them we reached this huge double doors and I felt Cameron stiffen beside me, making me look up at him. This wasn’t a huge deal since Bruce was in the same state and Eric looked so dad as he opened the door and motioned us inside.

We stepped in and I was instantly taken in by the paintings that covered every single space of the wall. There were so many, I couldn’t decide which knew I wanted to seen first.

I think I breathed out a ‘wow’, but I felt like my head was spinning as I tried to take in everything.

“Sydney, do you know who this is?” Eric asked as he showed jealous portrait of a lady with dark brown hair and bottle green eyes. It was a picture that I’d know anywhere.

“Ofcourse, that’s Cresida William. She’s like my favorite artist, I mean, she’s the person who today face me inspiration to draw in the chest place.” I gushed as I hurried over to stand beside Mr. Striker.

“She’s my wife” he told me softly making me gape up at him.

“OMG! I can’t believe niether of you ever mentioned that she’s was your mother, this is so unfair” I grumbled at Cameron and Bruce. Pouting as I didn’t know of this before.

Mr. Striker laughed lightly, before he placed a hand on my back and showed me to another painting. This knew was of a little angel, with mid-arm lenght, golden blonde hair, dark brown, almost balack eyes, porcelean skin and a flashing, welcoming smile. She was in a literally syndrome gown that was decorated with pearls that whined where the light caught. She had her arms already out, welcoming anyone to an embrace as She smiled up at you. Her literally white, silvery songs spread out around her, covering the whole canvas with it.

The painting was done in a way that made it seen like we were looking down at a child of about 2 years old.

“Yes, the little angel” I nodded my head at Mr. Striker, enthusiastically.

“Wait- doesn’t this look like -” Nick started as he stared at the painting hard.

“Sydney? Yes.” Mr. Striker agreed, making all of us look up at him. “I don’t know wether you remember this, since you were so small. But when Cameron was 3 we once went to the park. At the time Cresida was there too. Anyway, Cameron let to of his mothers hand and got lost. When we found him again, he was with this little girl, who was trying to help. She had a beautiful smile on her face and Cameron had stopped crying long enough to find us. Guess who the little girl was?”

“Sydney?” Nick told puzzeledly. “I remember this happeneing. It was before Lilian left, when She took us to California for holidays. Sydney found a little both crying and ran upto him inquiring what was wrong because he was crying. She tried to stop him crying and you two correctly came when She sucssefully managed it.”

“Seeing that Cresida,felt Luke She was a little angel, so asked your mother and did this painting, as a day of thanking Sydney” Mr. Striker finished.

“How did you know it was me?” I asked, dripping mesmerized by all that I had just learned.

“Feoul is Cresida’s friends and at the time, Lilian was working with him over something. So I knew it was lilan’s daughter Cresida draw so...”

I muttered a small ‘oh’ before turning back to the painting. I had a miniature version of this painting back home. After all, it was this painting of myself that had always made me want to paint every, single thing I see.

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