Heal My Heart

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Chapter 19

I had only few more paintings to do and my excitement to try out something new was eating at me.

I already knew what I wanted to try. That is the reason that I hoped down to the kitchen - where everyone was having breakfast and slipped into the chair next to Cameron with a bright smile plastered on my face.

“Hey Cameron!” I called in greeting as I slid into the droplet next to him.

Carly and Nick instantly knew I was up to something by my cheery greeting and therefore looked at me suspiciously. The both of them would have answered me a lot more differently than how Cameron did.

“Hey?” he greeted me back, with a question mark behind his Hey. I didn’t really care, seeing as how I really wanted him to agree to this.

If it had been Nick, he would have gone “don’t bother cause the answer is no”. That is what comes with knowing me so well. Carly’s reply wouldn’t have been much different.

“I have a teeny, tiny, huge favour to ask you” I told him, making him raise his eyebrow in question at my teeny, tiny, huge favour. He still looked puzzeled at the same time.

“Don’t agree because it could end up destroying something.” Nick said blankly almost immediately making me pout at him and Cameron to look startled.

Okay, so imight have almost gotten killed that one - and only- time I made Nick take me roller skating. An incident, in which I had dislocated my right arm, broken and twisted both my legs along with two broken ribs and knocked my head really hard. I had to stay in the hospital for almost a month after that accident and ever since then, Nick never did any favors for me. At least not unless he was positive that I wouldn’t get even a single scratch, but he didn’t have to bring that up now.

“Come on Nick. I was 7 or 8 when that thing happened. Besides, I promise I won’t hurt a single thing or person, by this.” I told him making my puppy face at him.

Rolling his eyes he muttered a ‘wharever’ which literally meant ‘fine, do whatever you want.’ So I looked at Cameron expectantly.

Chuckling he asked me, “alright what can I help you with?”

“Not help, just agree with” I told him shrugging my shoulder as if it wasn’t a but deal. “But... um... can I... mayIspraypaintyourLamborghini?” I asked all in one rush.

Everyone looked at me puzzeled not getting what I was asking him, because I had said it all as one word. Well... everyone except Nick - but he’d understand anything I would say.

“You want to spraypaintmyLamborghini?” Cameron asked me really slowly, sounding skeptic and the ‘are you out-of-your-mind’ wasn’t exactly hidden by his tone. Surprisingly enough, he had understood what I asked.

I nodded my excitedly. “I loved graffiti - if it wasn’t obvious, from the fact I dragged all of you to graffiti street - and I’ve always wanted to spray paint someone’s car making it look really hot, but Nick never let me touch his car and I don’t have anyone else! to ask” the last part I pouted as I said it. Since I had always bugged Nick to let me do it and he never did.

“You love graffiti and had always wanted to spray paint a car, so you want to do my Lamborghini and make it look hot?” he asked me sounding like he couldn’t really believe what he was hearing. I nodded my head enthusiastically. “You actually want to do a paint job to myLamborghini?” he asked like he wanted to be sure he wasn’t hearing me wrong.

“No way” he scoffed making my face fall, but I tried not to show it. “You can do any other car on my garage but not my Lamborghini” he told me making me brighten up at the idea.

“Really?” I asked and he looked at me confusedly before he realised what I was asking.

Laughing lightly, he ruffled my hair saying “sure, why not?”

Squealing I flung myself at him - tackling him in a hug. This took him so much by surprise that the two of us toppled right off the stool he was sitting on, and crashed to the floor. I didn’t even care that he could have been hurt - since I landed on top of him - as I repeated ‘thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.’

Right then someone clearled their throat and I looked up to see Leo and Bruce, who had just come downstrairs, staring at the two of us.

“Well, well, well. Who would have ever thought that you two were more than just friends” Leo said teasingly, smirking down at us, wagging his eyebrows suggestively as he looked down at me and Cameron.

“Huh?” I muttered confusedly, before I looked didn’t at the position we were in. Instantly heat rushed to my face, seeing I was on too of Cameron, who was sprawled out on the floor, and me straddling his waist. I quickly pushed away from him, letting him to sit up.

“This isn’t what it looks like” I told to Leo sheepishly, whole he took a seat on the chair I had been sitting on. “You okay?” I asked Cameron when he groaned as he sat up.

“I’m fine, I’ve had people a lit stronger than you tackle me to the ground. ” he smirked as he commented on how light I had been compared to them. Then he got up and held his hand out for me to take - I was still sitting on the floor.

Flashing him a bright smile, I took his hand. He easily lifted me off the ground - making a statement on it’s Ian how light I was to him. I was feeling too bouncy to pout about it.

“Someones jumpy” Bruce said off-handedly, raising an eyebrow at us.

“Cam agreed to let me spray paint his car” I close jumping even as I said it, grinning from ear to ear.

“WHAT?” it was Leo that shouted that looked disbelieving. “You’re actually letting a girlto touch your car?” he asked Cameron looking pretty freaked out. Cameron merely just shurgged his shoulder, as he sat back on the still beside Leo’s.

Bruce eyebrow only raised higher, but he didn’t tell anything at first. Looking like he was processing what I told him. “So he’s letting you paint his Lamborghini?” he asked me, not looking all thatsurprised. I wonder why?

“Not exactlyhis Lamborghini” I told pouting. “But...” I trailed off with a smile, knowing he’d understand what I’m getting at.

“Hmmm...” was all he said before turning back to the breakfast that cook had left in front of him.

“And you’re not even bothered by this?” Cameron’s asked his brother, wide eyed, staring at Bruce like he suddenly greeted two heard. I would’ve taken offence at this, but I couldn’t bring myself to care. Mostly because he actually agreed to let me do it.

“I’m the one who suggested dad to let her paint for the art gallery, I’d think that you’d have already guess that I know the she’s trust-able with paint. So no, I’m not at all worried.” he smiled at me and I smile right back. Okay so I beamed right back at him.

Nick clapped with a sarcastic smile. “Wow! congratulations, You finally had your dream come true.” Okay, so he was bring sarcastic, but I wasn’t about to let that spoil my told mood, so I childishly stuck my tongue out at him.

“Can we get started! Can we get started!” I asked Cameron excitedly, hopping up and didn’t making cook to smile to himself seeing me hopping behind Cameron.

“But we were going to you to the mall” Tania whined as she looked up at Cameron pleadingly.

I frowned. I don’t really like going to the mall. It wasn’t that I really Hatred going there or anything, it’s just that I didn’t fancy going with Tania - or any other girl. That’s because they spend so much time there and I can’t stay there for more than an hour or so.

Seeing me frown, Bruce said ” how about this. I’ll stay with Sydney and let her spray paint the car and once she’s done I’ll bring her to the mall to loving a dress.” he told everyone, before looking at me for approval.

“I’ll stay” Cameron volanteered out of the blue, making everyone of us to look at him. “I’ve been the one to be there when ever she painted so it’d be wrong to abonden her now” he told simply with a shurg like itnwas no big deal and maybe it wasn’t. “And it’ll actually keep me from spending too much time in a clothing stores” he grumbled for all of us to hear making me to laugh.

So everyone agreed and I literally dragged Cameron to the garage, before he really finished his breakfast. But then again, I hadn’t finished my breakfast either.

“Sound which car?” I asked Cameron all excitedly, as I dragged him into the garage.

“How about this? you paint this car I have that no one uses and if it’s any good, I’ll let you do my Lamborghini like you wanted” he suggested and my eyes grew really wide.

“Seriously?” I asked, not able to believe my ears. It sounded to good to be true.

“Seriously” Cameron stated and I once again there my arms around him tackling him in a hug so tight. I jumped up on him, wrapping my often around his waist as he stumbled, but caught his balance, and kissed him all over the face. I was that excited that he had agreed to let me do his Lamborghini.

Laughing he let me down, but I hugged him again as skin as I was back in my feet. To be honest, I really loved the feel of his hand around me, but that could just be me bring first. “Currently you are my most favorite person n the whole world” I told him as I let to of him, looking up athim and beaming.

“Should I deep happy or uses?” he asked me jokingly making my smile drop as he quickly realised that I took what he said really seriously. “No, no, no, no, no. Sydney I didn’t mean it like that. I was only joking” he told me panickedly when my face fell at what he asked.

I let out a sigh of reliefe, pouting up at him. “Don’t do that again, I really thought you were feeling used” I pouted as heard fogged my vision. I quickly blinked them away, not wanting to crumbled for a petty reason. But I really hated when people used other people for there own personal gain and I was really scared I did it to for a second there.

“Sorry, I didn’t exactly think you’d take it so seriously” he told me as he pulled me into a hug, gently rubbing my back.

“It’s okay” I muttered into his chest, really feeling upset. I let my hands to wrap around his waist to let him know that I was fine and I wasn’t mad at him.

Anyway how was he to know that I’d get upset over what he said.

“Come on” he said as he let me go and took my hand leading me over to a flashy pink sedan. I could see why no one used it since it was way too girly, even for me and I couldn’t help giggling when I saw it. Already feeling million times better.

“This the car I have to impress you with?” I teased as I let to of his hand and slowly ran my hand over the hood of the car.

Cameron just nodded his head, crossing his arms and leaning against the car he was standing closest to.

“O...may” I muttered, trying to think what I could do to it to make it look less girly. “But first we’ll have to you to the mall too since we don’t have srpay paint” I told him thoughtfully.” Unless of course you have any?” I looked up at him in question.

“Not really, so I guess we’d have to you the making anyway hug?” he asked me soudning bored and I shot him an apologetic look. Sighing he muttered “fine let’s go” and that’s how we too ended up in the mall before the rest to the others, but that was okay since I didn’t plan on staying there for long.

Buying everything we want we want back home, not meeting the others in the mall or on the way.

“Give me just two miniute’s. I want to change before I spoil this dress with covering it in paint” I told him as we got back and ran up to my room. I could barely contain mysrlf from jumping up and down and screaming everytime I thought of what Cameron was letting me do and I’m sure everyone can tell how excited I was just by looking at me.

So changing as quickly as humanly possible, I ran back downstairs to find Cameron had unpacked all the things we were gonna need. After suggesting that we cover the other cars and blasing the radio of one, we both got to work - Cameron volunteering to help.

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