Heal My Heart

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Chapter 2

I walked into my house, banging the front door shut. “Ma. You in here?” I yelled as soon as I shut the front door., I really wanted to have something warm after my hell of an afternoon.

“She not at home you retard, now stop screaming” Tania snapped loudly, she sounded extremely pissed.

Wait - did the shout come from the kitchen? Damn... who knows what state the kitchen is in. I shruddered just thinking about it. Not really wanting to find out the status the kitchen was in I turned to the living. Only to stop short as my eyes went wide with horror.

“What the hell are you doing in here?” I almost yelled at the green eyed devil lounging in the sofa. Excuse me for being so rude, but seriously was the guy stalking me or something?

“Shouldn’t I be the one asking you that? Are you stalking me?” He asked looking and sounding just as bewildered as me. At the last part he looked at me acusingly. Like hell I’m stalking him!!! Of all the nerve.

“Shouldn’t I be the one asking you that?” I questioned mimicking him, as I crossed my hand over my chest huffing and glared at him, plotting the best way to maim him alive.

“What’s with all the yelling?” My little brother Dustin asked puzzeledly as he came inside the living room from the back garden. While Nick - who just came downstairs - seemed to think I was having another one of my attacks -I tend to get sick often.

“Sydney are you alright? What happened? Did you have another attack?” Nick shot me question after question as he hurried over to me, seeing my haggared state. Not to mention all the blood on me. There was a frown marring his face. Worry and concern etched on his black eyes.

“I’m fine Nick! And I didn’t have another attack” I quickly told him - forgetting Cam was also there - making him stop on his tracks and a look of utter reliefe to flood his handsome face. I didn’t exactly want to explain myself with Cam in the same room, but before I could change the subject myself, Cam did it for me.

“Woah, wait - Sydney is your sister?” Cam suddenly asked holding his hands up in a wait-a-minute way, as he looked between me and Nick like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing or hearing. I wouldn’t believe it myself if I didn’t know for a fact. We both looked nothing alike. Even more, because we were nothing alike. He had the whole cool thing going on whereas I was dorky. So you get why Cam looked so surprised.

I looked at Cam cocking my head while Nick just raised an eyebrow at Cam in question.

“Wow, I would never have thought that clumsy cute girl who fell at my feet would be your little sister, this so unbelievalble” Cam went on, either not noticing Nick’s rasied eyebrow or seeing it and explaining himself.

Frowning I looked at Nick. “Ur- who wins?” I asked him uncertainly scarthing my head. Cam looked confused at what I was asking, who would? It was a bet between me and Nick and obviously no one knew the rules.

“I’m not exactly sure.” Nick said just as uncertain as I did.

“Ignore the two of them. They bet on who’d be starightforward with there answer and who wouldn’t” Tania said to Cam sarcastically as she came into the living room with a cup in her hand which she gave to Cam with a flirty look.

“Anyway sis, stop avoiding the question. what happened to you?” Nick asked gruffly, narrowing his eyes at me and completely ignoring Tania and Cam. I hadn’t even been trying to change the subject, Cam’d done it for me.

“Just nothing.” I muttered waving my hands in dismissal but he kept on looking at me in a blank way, as I said, I didn’t want to explain with Cam around. It was a look I knew very well. “You won’t let go of it until I say what happened, right?” I asked wincing. I really didn’t want to repeat what happened.

I noticed Cam’s intense gaze on me, and a smirk playing on his lips. Tania looked somewhat annoyed that he was looking at me so intently instead of at her.

Nick didn’t reply, he just kept looking at me in the same blank way, arms still crossed in front of his chest. “Alright, alright I’ll tell.” I muttered and told him what happened groggily. Okay, so I didn’t tell the whole thing that happened I just told him it wasn’t my blood and that it was a cat’s and I completely left out the part where I met Cam.

Cam was waiting for me to mention him and once I was done I saw he had raised his eyebrows and was looking at me like was an interesting experiment or something.

“Was that all that happened?” Nick asked amusedly with his eyebrows raised. I gave him a confused look; I had no idea what he was talking about. Nicolas gestured towards Cam and I looked at him and he gave me a sickly sweet smile.

“I heard you had a little... fun, searching for a certain cat” he said a smirk playing on his lips and still looking amused, when I continued to look clueless.

“Urgh, leave me alone” I said frustrated; only my voice came more loudly than I had intended it to. Cam must have told Nick about the weird girl he met on his way here and Nick probably put together it had been me, after, what I told about the cat.

“Aw... your sulking” Cam said it in a way they’d say ‘cute’, but he was being sarcastic.

I glared at him and Nick who were snickering and went upstairs to my room. I heard Cam say “Dude, she feisty-” before I banged my bedroom door shut, and stormed, into my bathroom.

Where I took a nice long bath - washing off all the blood on me - and now that I was fresh and smelled of aloe vera again, I felt more like myself.

I told myself this day couldn’t get any more worse and threw on a floaty top and a short, that reached the same level the top did -which was like mid-thigh length. I didn’t bother blow-drying my hair. I was going to stay home anyway. I didn’t even bother tying a towel around it, I just left it flowing down my back and hugging my waist, getting my back wet in the process, but I didn’t mind.

I plugged on my iPod to my ear and Justin Beiber’s 'be alright' started playing. I was softly humming the song to myself as went downstairs - I forgot Cam and Nicolas were at home, I mean Cam was at my house, but my brother was not the most supportive person. He’d probably tease me along with Cam.

Across the ocean,

Across the sea,

Starting to forget the way you look at me.

Over the mountain,

Across the sea,

Need to see your face,

Need to look in your eyes.

I was correctly singing the last part - need to see your face, need to look in your eyes - when I came into the living room. I instantly stopped singing when I was in the last stair and saw Cam, Nick and Tania.

All three of them looked at me when I stepped down the last stair (the staircase is on the living room, you have to go into the living room to go upstairs). “You can look all you want” Cam said, wagging his eyebrows suggestively. “What!” I snapped, pulling my ear-phones off.

“It is soo clear that you like me” he said in a matter-of-fact tone, but he was teasing me. There was a smirk on his lips. “Need to see your face, need to look in you eyes, was it little sister?” my brother questioned me, a mocking smile playing on his lips.

I know my eyes went wide and my jaw dropped, but I couldn’t register what they had said.

“Are you suggesting I am in love with him,” I asked slowly and (hopefully) calmly. Seriously out of all the people why Cam Striker. I mean he is Cam Striker, the playboy of our school. And my brother knows I hate the guy with every fiber in my body, as if my constant complaining of the guy -and his friend- weren’t any indication. I always complain about them to Nick.

Cam started laughing when I asked that and my brother, clapping sarcastically, said “and the brightest idiot of the year goes to... Sydney Blake” he even let out a whoop at the end of his sentence.

That made me scream. “AHHHH! Why him?” I screeched and practically tore my hair out. This made the two of them laugh harder. “Sweet... she’s all choked up” Cam said between laughing. I growled at the two and stormed into the kitchen leaving them to laugh. Boys, seriously... grrr.

I made myself a hot cocoa and taking a packet with some chips, headed back up stairs. As I re-entered the living room Cam was telling “you should’ve seen her face when she looked up and saw who it was.” My brother noticed me and called me over. I stood where I was having a dilemma whether to go or not.

I choose not to go, who knew why he was calling me. “What do you want?” I asked him not moving an inch near him. “Whatever it is that you are drinking” he replied way too sweetly, gesturing at the cup I was holding.

I rolled my eyes and gave him the cup, telling to give me half. But the mean brother he was he drank half and asked Cam if he wanted the rest. “No offence, but is it any better than that coffee?” Cam asked looking very reluctant to take the cup from Nick.

“A lot better than the coffee” Nick said, clearly exaggerating to get a rise out of Tania. She was not the only one who glared daggers at him, I did too. Growling under my breath, I knew my brother was trying to piss me off, so instead of giving him the satisfaction of it I just shook my head and continued upstairs, I wasn’t in the mood to make another one for me. I had taken a few sips and that was enough.

I was about to go back upstairs when the door bell rang, since I was already standing I decided to check the door. Openning the door I found my good friend Ian standing holding a cat in his hand. No, not any cat, my cat - Saber.

“OMG! Ian, you found Saber” I cried excitedly taking the cat out of his hands and cuddling her. “Thank you so much Ee” I cooed looking at him with a gleaming smile. I had been worried about her, though I did forget about her for a moment there.

“I thought you’d be worried” he said chucking at the ways I was cuddling my cat. “So you wanna come with me down to the lake? Carly, Stacey and Richard said they’d meet us there” he asked with a smile.

“That would be so much better than hanging around with these goons” I said making my eyes wide as I let Saber down, she wondered off upstairs. Yelling to my brother that I’m going down to the lake I followed Ian outside.

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