Heal My Heart

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Chapter 20

My whole body ached as someone shook me awake the next morning. I groogily opened my eyes and came face-to-face with Nick. “Mmm....” I moaned out pushing his hand away and tossing around to go back to sleep.

“Sydney, go and sleep up in the bed before you get a cold or something else” Nick grunted at me frustratedly.

Ah! That’s right. Last night, me and Cameron had fallen asleep right there on the garage, after doing his Lamborghini. Bruce had texted Cameron telling that they were going to watch bike racing, out of town and it’d be dawn when they get back. So after getting the first car done, impressing Cameron, we decided to get the Lamborghini also done when no one was there. After taking a small - okay long - break, we worked on the Lamborghini all night long. That’s how we eneded up sleeping in the garage.

That’s why the garage was dark when Nick woke me up.

Sitting up, rubbing eyes, I look to my right to see Bruce waking up Cameron. He had fallen asleep right beside me. We were once again covered in paint.

“Alright, alright” I muttered pushing Nick off of me and unsteadily getting up to my feet. I winced when I stood up, my body aching all over, as I had slept on the floor.

I followed Nick upstairs and into my own room.

Seeing the big fluffy bed, I wanted nothing more than to crawl under to comforter and fall right back asleep. But I was so dirty covered in paint, so I went into my en suite and took a nice warm lavender smelling bath.

Getting out, I didn’t bother to change or blow crumbled my hair, but rather crawled right into bed in my bathrobe and was out like a light as skin as my head hot the pillow.

When I came too again, it was pretty bright outside and the digital clock on my bed-side table read 15:00.

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I sat up letting my hair pool out around me. Streatching boredly, I pushed the comforter away from my body and got out of bed. Changing into a crimson read floaty tank too and a denim short that was just an inch longer than my top. I clipped my hair back with a crimson clip, leaving it to fall loosely around me. Then I pulled on a pair of read flip-flops, before heading outside.

I found Carly and Mina in the lounge and made my way over to them. “Hey girls!” I called as I aprroached them and they both smiled waving me over.

“So how did spray painting go?” Carly asked me as I flopped down beside them.

“It was pretty awesome. I never thought I’d ever get to do that until I get my own car.” I told them excitedly bouncing in my seat.

“You’re more excited about spray painting than the fact that you spent the whole day with Cameron?” Mina asked me looking puzzeled.

I laughed lightly. “Not really, though... him bring there was better than haing to spend the whole day alone. I actually thought that my vioce is going to not work properly, by how loud we were singing” I told them.

Both of them rasied their eyebrows, so I told them everything that happened yesterday, after I dragged Cameron out of the kitchen.

After awhile the others also joined us and Bruce announced that there was a beach party, down in the - duh - beach and that we were going. Luckily, for me, what I was dressing was perfectly fine, so I didn’t have to change, but the others had to.

Once everyone was done we went down to the garage and it wasn’t until I saw all the covered cars that I remembered the Lamborghini me and Cameron had finished late last night.

“So where is the car you two were working on?” Nick asked me once we were out and I looked at Cameron puzzeled,cause it had been on the garage when I last saw it.

He chuckled and said “that’s right, you weren’t there when I put it outside to crumbled” he told me and then led us out to the back where Cameron’s shiny black Lamborghini stood. We had done it up in a way that looked like it catching fire from the down to up. On the hood I had written in firery letters, HOT and in the back CAMERON. Since we had added this shiny try of paint as a last touch, the car was gleaming in the afternoon sun and looked to be really on fire.l

“WOAH!” “Wow!” “Cool” “Hot”

I’m not sure who exclaimed what, because all of them said it at once. I and Cameron looked at each other smiling proudly at out work.

“Wait - pause. You are telling me, this (motioning to the car) was actually done by Sydney?” Leo asked clearly surprised at this discovery. He looked from me to the car like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Yep” Cameron said, popping the ‘p’ and slinging his hand around my shoulder.

“Nicely done Sydney” Bruce patted my back winking at me and he and Nick went back into the garage

Leo followed them muttering “I can’t believe it. I seriously can’t believe it...”

“If these guys are impressed by this, I wonder how Leo would react to seeing your room.” Carly wondered out loud before she too laughed and followed the three guys and Tania inside.

“Yeah, I’m sure they’ll be so dumbfounded they won’t even know what to say.” Mina giggled. “But this is really amazing Sydney. if I ever get a car of my own, I promise I’ll give it to you to spray paint it” she told me.

“Hehee, thankx” I told her giggling as the two of us made out way inside as well.

I dropped when I noticed that Cameron wasn’t with us. Turning back around I called “Hey Cameron! You coming?”

He looked away from the car at us. “Actually, you’recoming with me” he said as he walked over and grabbed my wrist, before pulling me back towards his Lamborghini. “Mina, be an angel and tell the others Sydney is coming with me” he called back to Mina who giggli, agreeing with him before running off.

“I didn’t even agree” I mumbled as Cameron held open the door for me, but still got in without fighting. He just chuckled at my fumng and closed my door before getting in behind the wheel.

The drive to the beach wasn’t long, but it seemed like it since everyone was staring at out car. This made me very thankful that the Lamborghini had tinted windows.

Once Cameron parked the car, l was having trouble removing the seat belt.

“I never told this to you earlier, but thankx” Cameron told to me making me smile up at him. When I looked up from the seat belt, he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

I was so shocked I sat there frozen. Ruffling my hair Cameron got out, leaving me in the car, staring at his closed door.

Blinking and shaking my head - he just only kissed me on the cheek - I looked back down to see that my seat-belt was already undone. Huh? I didn’t even notice Cameron doing that. Knocking myself on the head a time or two, to get my head straight, I got out of the car as well.

Cameron was already regrouping with his friends from California with Bruce Nick and Leo. Tania had ditched us for some hot guy who dragged her off, so I, Carly and Mina were the only honest left by the cars.

“So... what now?” I asked the two girls as we walked into the beach.

“I’m not exactly sure. I’m not a can of parties, especially once that are filled with teens” Mina admitted looking embarased.

“Ditto, I’m totally there with you” I agreed sliping my arm around Carly’s and leaning my head on her shoulder.

“I don’t think the teen party’ll start until night, since the beach is filled with families and little kids now, so let worry about that later shall we?” Carly suggested and I and Mina couldn’t help but agree.

We walked around for some time until I spotted the ferris wheel.

“Oooo! Can we go? Can we go? Can we go?” I asked them excitedly bouncing in front of the two, pointing in the direction of the ferris wheel.

Mina laughed as Carly agreed with a sigh.

“You really are like a little child” Mina said, shaking her head as I beamed up at them and ran in ahead to get in line. I wasn’t exactly looking where I was running and ended up ramming into someone.

“Sorry” I said to whoever it was smiling sheepishly, but it was instantly wiped away when I looked up at came face to face with a familliar blond headed guy with and met with the bright blue eyes.

My heart thuddered painfully in my chest and I was so surprised that I almost fell over fainting - thank god I didn’t.

“That’s okay” he said with an easy smile, as my eyes roamed over to the blonde in a bikini hanging on his arms.

Muttering one last sorry, I ran away. Years fogged my vision and I fought to keep them in. It was so over-whelming and not in a good way. It took everything I had to not just turn back and run right back into his arms. I hated myself for still feeling this way. After everything he had done... He didn’t deserve my love.

Yes, I had run into my ex, Mark. My very first love.

The worst part about out break-up? I still love him. Even after how much he hurt me. He could’ve rather stabbed my heart and then dragged it across the floor, it wouldn’t have hurt any less. I had loved him way too much for my own good and right then, it hurt more.

I shook my head hard, sending my hair all over, but the window was pretty much doing a better job at it than me.

The head start I had in my two friends gave me enough time to compose myself before they got there. Plastering a smile on my face, we got in line.

I’m sure Carly noticed how unusually quiet iwas being but thankfully didn’t pester me about it as she continued whatever conversation she was having with Mina. I pretended to be listening to them, but was in fact looking for signs of Mark, so I could hightail it out if there before he saw me.

As the carried wheel dropped at the very top,, to let whoever was under us out, I saw the familliar blob of blond hair that I oh so lovingly used to run my hand through. I quickly looked away, trying g to discreetly wipe my eyes.

My day was already dampened, no need to make the others day to dampen too. So I kept seeing Mark to myself for the rest of the day. I know they all noticed something off about me, but none of them asked me what was wrong, For which I was thankful for.

It wasn’t until the sun started to set and only the young adults were hanging around the beach that we re-grouped. There was this beauty-peagant contest and Tania instantly wanted to join. There was one was boys as well, but no one wanted to join that.

I urged Mina to participate if she really wanted to, but she thought she had no chance against Tania, but when Leo was all ‘go’ she asked me to join too. Considering the fact that you had to be wearing a swimming suit to participate, I diclined. After all, I hadn’t been planning on coming down to the beach today, so I wasn’t dressing a swimming suit underneath my dress.

When Nick and Bruce joined us, Nick had a really pretty girl, with short blonde hair and a perfectly natural tan, on his arm. She had her hand hooked around my brother’d, but I hardly noticed that as I clung on to his other hand as skin as he approached us.

“Nick! I want cotton candy” I whined looking up at him with my puppy eyes.

He raised an eyebrow at me and I quickly said “I didn’t have one since I got to the beach so I’m not on a diner rush.“I pouted up at him, hanging on his arm. The reason I hadn’t had any cotton candy still was because, this is the first time I saw him since we got to the beach.

“Are you sure you’re not on suger high?” he asked me smirking and I glared at him, making a pouting face.

Cameron laughed beside us and said “if you wanted cottong candy, why didn’t you asked so earlier?” he asked me and I smiled sheepishly at him. Let’s just say that I’m not used to asking things from anyone beside Nick. “Come on, I’ll get you some cotton candy” he said holding out his hand and I beamed at him, instantly letting go of Nick’s arm and taking Cameron’s out streached hand. “Anyone else want anything?” Cameron asked the others and they all shook there heads.

Just as we were about to leave I turned back to Nick and cocking my head curiously to the side I asked “who’s this?” motioning with my head at the girl he was with.

She was already looking at Nick with a raised eyebrow,ever since I clung on to Nick.

He merely just rolled his eyes and said “Sydney, this is Dolly. Dolly, my annoying little sister” he introduced us boredly.

“Ah! you’re Sydney. It’s nice meeting you” she said nodding her head.

“Likewise, well.... I’ll see you around” I told her, then dragging Cameron ran to the consession stands.

Laughing he caught up to me with his long stirdes.

The line wasn’t very long, but he asked me to wait aside until he buys the cotton candy and come.

It was when I was standing around waiting for him, that some bus whistled at me. I looked up at them annoyedly and instantly my palms started to sweat as I started hyperventilating.

Mark was amoung those boys and I seriously didn’t want to have to talk to him. He had clearly forgotten all about me, since he hadn’t even realised who I was when I bumped into him earlier.

“Hey Sydney, everything okay?” Cameron asked me concernedly as he approached me with my cotton candy in hand.

Taking in adeep breath, I turned to him with a small smile. “I’m ’kay, just annoyed at those guys” I told him somewhat truthfully, jabbing my thumb in there direction.

He scowled at the guys, before handing me the pink, sugary goodness, and slung his arm around my shoulder. “Might as well, give them something to look” he muttered to me and I laughed.

I got a devious idea and said “go along would you?” with a while smile. I ripped of a piece of the candy and Macey’s a show of taking abite of it, before bringing it to slowly to Cameron’s lips. He raised an eyebrow at me, but thankfully played along. A devious smirk playing on his lips.

He carefully opened his mouth and I pushed the candy inside his mouth. He caught my hand before I could pulled it out and closed his mouth around my finger. Out of the corner of my eyes, I noticed Mark looking at me mind of suspiciously and that only made it all the more better.

Cameron made a show of moaning when he licked my hand and I could stop the giggle that managed to escape.

“We Should probably go before they all start wondering where we went to” Cameron said after he released my hand.

“How about we give and ending to this show we started?” I asked playacting the seducing. I slowly dragged my hand along his chest and stopped at his shoulder. I leaned up on my toes and his arms want around my waist. I leaned closer to his lips and, in the last miniute, pecked on his cheek and quickly started running back towards the others, laughing all the while.

Dumbfounded at what I had done, it took Cameron a while to catch up, and by then I was already seated inbetween Bruce and Nick. I smiled sweetly at him as he glared playfully at me as he sat down on Bruce’s other side.

They all gave the two of us puzzeled looks, but I ignored them and Cameron did the same.

It might have taken my mind off Mark for a while, but as skin as the beauty contest started, my mind wondered back there and I was having Sydney a hard time keeping my tears at bay and to not look upset, I missed the whole thing.

It was when everyone started clapping, that I came back to see Tania wearing a tiara and Mina standing beside her with another on her other side, that I realised that I missed the whole thing.

Obviously, Tania had wonder and Mina was the runner-up.

Quickly plastering a smile on my face, I went up with the others to congradulate them. After everyone was done, they were all in the mood to party out late and it didn’t seen like they had any plans to leave.

I signed, before I could stop myself and everyone looked at me.

“Everything oaky Sydney?” Bruce asked me concernedly and I nodded my head, lightly kneading my forehead. “Just a smal headache, I’m sure it’s fine” I told him with a shrug, but I really didn’t want to stay. “Can I go home?” I asked looking up at them through my lashes.

“I’ll take her home, you guys stay” Cameron volunteered, looking at Nick to see if it was alright. I felt bad for making Cameron leave, but I just couldn’t stand to be around anymore when there was a bother chance of seeing Mark again. I don’t think I’d be able to hold it all in - or stop the tears from falling - if I see him again..

That’s why I stayed silent as the two of us headed back to the parking lot, to his Lamborghini. Away from the beach, and away from Mark.

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